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[BTS] BOTM 129 First Spoiler: 1AD

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by DynamicSpirit, May 12, 2017.

  1. DynamicSpirit

    DynamicSpirit Fear him of the pink tie Moderator GOTM Staff

    Dec 23, 2005
    London, UK

    BOTM 129 - First Spoiler to 1 AD

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD!

    How has the game gone so far?

    Stop! If you are participating in BOTM 129, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
    • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
    • You have submitted your entry

    Posting Restrictions

    • Please do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
    • Please do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
    • Please do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD. (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
  2. Pangaea

    Pangaea Rock N Roller

    Sep 17, 2010
    Like I speculated in the launch thread, this could be semi-isolation, and that's how it turned out (everybody who has played to 1AD will know this). With Isabella being the one, I naturally hoped she would found a religion. Got a little worried when both Buddhism and Hinduism went elsewhere, but thankfully she snagged Judaism. I've stopped playing this game and am focusing on another one (hope to complete this one, though), so memory is fuzzy, but looking at some screenshots, we are not on friendly terms yet. By 1AD, she still hadn't got Alpha, so that was a letdown.

    Don't recall my exact tech order, but I settled in place, which turned out to be a very good decision, as otherwise a clam would have been killed, and the city simply wouldn't be as good, particularly given the circumstances. 2nd city went SW due to gold. Got Pottery early, so by 1AD I have 2 towns and 2 villages.

    Bad luck with some actual events, like losing a pop in a city I had earmarked for library and GS duty. As it had low food, that event alone basically ruined those plans. But I had great luck with a random non-event, and popped Gems from an early mine. Wooohooooo! :thumbsup:

    Oh yes, and I Oracled MC. Didn't want to risk something frisky as CS, and since MC unlocks our unique building, it made sense. Got the Music GA too, and looking at the 1AD screenshot, we're doing 180 :science:, with the capital size 10.

    As is the norm in these games, I can't decide what win to try to go for. Still not sure, so I started another game instead :undecide:
  3. Minou

    Minou Chieftain

    Apr 19, 2013
    After reading the pre-game thread I decided to settle on the Wine. Since it is a Small map and Space would be slow, I am planning to try and redeem myself for my failed AP Victory attempt last BOTM. Starting Warrior had lots of adventures battling animals in several close fights, getting an Event for +1XP and healing, then swiftly moved South through Isabella’s land with Woodsman II. Second city went between the Corn and Gold. I forgot that Goody Huts were available, and so was surprised to find one in the ice quite late - it yielded 87 gold.

    Planning to get some GPs, I built Stonehenge in 1760BC and Oracle 1720BC (CoL). Isabella was kind enough to spread Buddhism into my lands, so I decided rather than warring to get her to Friendly for trades. I jumped the gun by gifting techs too early so my +4 faded to +3 before the religious bonus or resources bonus kicked in and I essentially gave one tech away for free. I was a bit surprised how slowly she was teching on Emperor. I used a GP for Philosophy to get that tech for trade and go Philosophical for more GP.

    There was some slight panic when Christianity was FAD, but it turned out to be in one of Isabella’s hidden cities. I teched Monotheism quickly and traded Philosophy for Theology, allowing me to use my extra GP for Civil Service instead. Beuro+OR helped get building of AP underway.

    At 1AD, I have 5 cities and am 6 turns from AP (with chops) which should be a comfortable margin against Isabella finishing it. Just finished Compass but it will take some time to get through MC, Machinery, and Optics.

    My ultimate plan is to stay Buddhist, get to Optics ASAP and then quickly Caravel Confucian Missionaries to the other continent(s). I’ll send Confucianism to my best buddy Isabella’s smallest city so she is not my opponent, but pop three more missionaries in larger cities the turn of the vote to give myself the win. My game may come crashing down if I get some spread failures or if spontaneous religion spread muddies the waters, but for now that is the plan.

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