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[BTS] BOTM 137 Final Spoiler: Game over

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by DynamicSpirit, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. DynamicSpirit

    DynamicSpirit Fear him of the pink tie Moderator GOTM Staff

    Dec 23, 2005
    London, UK

    BOTM 137 - Final Spoiler

    So how did your game after 1AD go? Did you lose? ;)

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  2. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Jag är Viking!½ GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
    I finally got a tech lead with Infantry and arty... took a near legendary city about 85t from culture defeat from Pacal. Had strategy for Internet and Ethanol Corp. Then Charlemagne takes Pacal as vassal (and takes the AP in booty) and he and his vassals vote Charlemagne the king of the world in 1905 AD. Never seen Immortal AI win by AP vote that late. So it was interesting in that respect. But with better diligence I could have won this. Deadlines forced some fast and careless play. High distance penaltues for city maint is a big hinder here.

    Interesting mix of AI, Brennus keeps us busy with early war while Charlie builds a tech lead and Pacal goes wonder-mongering. A better player would have orchestrated the diplomatics, rather than be as passive as me.

    Thanks for a fun game!
  3. nocho

    nocho Chieftain

    Mar 10, 2009
    I had a very enjoyable game, so thanks for that!

    I nearly went bust after the initial expansion phase. Cottages and the one silver saved the day, but I was already crawling to reach writing.

    HRE, Pacal and Brennus were in a bud lovefest with Hammy the lone hindu. Then Brennus went into war-mode and he started accumulating a scary amount of units in one of his border cities on my border. So that was alarm phase 1 and I just started spamming axes and spears in the idle hope of doing something against the coming onslaught. I also converted to bud myself, convinced that it was too late anyway, but I thought why not.

    Then the miracle occurred and Brennus didn't attack me the weakling, nor Hammy the lone hindu, but his beloved neighbour Pacal. I monitored the exodus of units from that border city towards the battlefields S/SW of it. :crazyeye: By now I was stuck with a whole regiment of units that I had meant for containing Brennus, so the proper thing was to use them on Hammy. By 1AD I had conquered Babylon and another decently sized border city. I took peace momentarily for some tech and finished the Babylonian off around 400 AD IIRC.

    With that I had a commanding position with everybody in bud. I didn't have a very clear plan on what VC to pursue, so I defaulted to cuirs and domination, thinking of snatching religious if that would come up. However, HRE converted to Tao and Brennus the turn he finished the AP he switched to judaism, so that option was out of the door. Being the most erratic of the remaining opponents anyway, that also made Brennus the first target for the cuir rampage. With the entire north of the map in German hands I was still a bit short on land, so I invaded Pacal next. Very conveniently the turn before I attacked, Pacal had declared on HRE, so his SoD was totally out of position. As he lost all his cities, he did gain Prague on the HRE and in the end I vassaled him with only that city left. :) I had to wait some turns for cities to come out of revolt, but hit domination in 1480AD with a reasonable score of 351k.

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