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[BTS] BOTM 155 - DeGaulle Hub, First Spoiler to 1 AD

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by Deckhand, Jun 13, 2018.

  1. Deckhand

    Deckhand Procrastination at its finest GOTM Staff

    Sep 22, 2008

    How did you do in the BC years?
    Which save did you take?
    Where did you settle?
    What are you doing with all that grassland? Sorry not tons of food or other resources. Did you put some cities in the deserts to the south?
    Any interaction with other civs?

    Stop! If you are participating in BOTM 155, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
    • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
    • You have submitted your entry
    Posting Restrictions

    • Please do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
    • Please do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
    • Please do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
  2. Noble Zarkon

    Noble Zarkon Civ IV Emperor EQM Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Sep 6, 2012
    Fife, Scotland
    Settled 2N1E (between the two lakes) for the fresh water bonus. Was aiming for a cultural win but teams has super charged research despite the AIs being a bunch of unit spammers and the level being Warlord! Will try for a sneaky AP win.
  3. lymond

    lymond Rise Up! (Phoenix Style!) Hall of Fame Staff

    Mar 11, 2008
    Quick update for me here. SIP as don't like blind moves and that spot seemed adequate enough for food. Next spot over by wheat/furs/marble for Oracle CS (thought about off on for like Edu but didn't want to chance it with teams) Stole a worker from Native Nappy, only to find that strats were quite far away. He would never take peace so I just stayed at war with him forever, sending over cats and melees once iron/copper were online. Used cats on Dogs and then killed him. Took peace once I think bu then Dow later to take it all.

    But this is the kicker...ha..surprised the heck out of me. I actually temporarily lost two cities to Napster at one point. The NapCaesar sent over a few praets to my fairly new stone city with stone online for mids. I had some Mace but most were congregating towards Native America. But still an axe and couple of mace nearby. Killed a Praet with a mace while have the mace in the city. He won every battle against the maces.which shocked me a little. Had some more mace on the way though to take it back shortly thereafter. In other instance, I had moved a stack to attack Cahokia. I had a fairly new coastal city north of wheat/marble - empty but for a treb on the way north. Some Pikes nearby. Roman Nappy - again -had sent a stack - like 5 or 6 horse archers through Native American and the swoop under my Cahokia stack toward my city. Killed a couple with nearby Pikes, but no way to stop them from taking the city. Took it back right after with nearby Pikes. Anyway, surprising that I lost cities but the not a huge loss except for the delay in Mids (which I was actually in the process of building before the city fell and still built int there afterwards..lost some chops though..ugh)

    The Shakas love me - same religion and other things - plus I bribed him on the Nappies twice. (Shaka did absolutely nothing though and peace out quickly..stupid really.

    GLH in Paris. Oracle in marble city and Parth too I think.

    Not sure what I'm going to do yet, but interesting game. Actually pretty good land except low food in the Hub below Paris. Probably will just stay buds with the Shakas and eliminate all the Nappies and Rags.
  4. MarleysGh0st

    MarleysGh0st Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2008
    I settled in place. By 1 AD, I have five cities and I Oracled Machinery. I've ignored the desert, so far, since I want to settle as much of the hub as I can before the AI get it. All has been peaceful, so far. I'm cautious about attacking a team, especially when there a chance another team might attack me at the same time.

    And, as usual, when I read how much others (like lymond) have already accomplished by this time, I just shake my head in amazement...
  5. Fine_Distinction

    Fine_Distinction Chieftain

    Jun 1, 2018
    I did not have a plan for this game, the research rate was indeed scary fast, so I was just trying not to fall behind in research and survive, playing very cautiously. Even thought it was a Warlord game, due to teams felt much more difficult than the Hattie Monarch game I played before, where I took control early on, and other than driving my economy into the ground due to city maintenance costs, had no other problems.

    I played until 350AD, had 10 cities and a base score ~1000 and was #1 in all important categories other than soldiers. I managed to get a tech lead, AI was several techs behind me and I had all they had. My military was also better than Ragnars and Shakas. I was debating whether to start conquer the AIs, go for a religious/diplo victory (I got all AIs to friendly) or even for space (I settled aggressively toward AI, having a lot of land under my control for later settling. I went out of time due to holiday travel, planned to submit unfinished game, but internet connection was too poor. Was definitely an interesting experience, first time playing teams, although I was struggling with unrestricted leaders on the top of teams, I was often confused who is who.

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