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Sep 22, 2008
BOTM 162: Pericles of Greece, Deity or Emperor

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD!

How did you do in the BC years?

Stop! If you are participating in BOTM 162, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
  • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
  • You have submitted your entry
Posting Restrictions

  • Please do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
  • Please do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
  • Please do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
  • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games


Aug 25, 2011
This was awhile ago now, but I did a short writeup at 1AD.
Can't partake too much here now, since I have finished the game. But the following was writted at the time:

T0 SiP. I considered to settle on corn for a long time. But I thought that it wouldn't really accelerate the speed of getting GLH THAT much,
and the long term prospects of SiP I liked better.
I was prepared to bash myself about this decision alot, if I didn't manage to get GLH first! :)
Worker scouted abit north before he returned to mine the gems.
After that he took a quick detour up to spawnbust for a turn while waiting for bw.
Had two lions spawn at the golden peninsula, and stationed the scout there to keep that part barb-free.
Abit worried that barbs are going to hassle the settler in transit toward the gold...

Worked corn turn 0-5, and 2F 1H T6-7 to pop2 (wb 10/30) After that I worked two 1F 2H tiles for 3 turns and then gem and 1F 2H. To get a WB done at turn 12.
When WB was in transit to fish, I worked the corn and gem.
Now from memory... I did build two more WBs in rapid succession with the aid of a chop, while both these wbs was in transit i revolted to slavery.
I did these whips: 2pop lighthouse, 3pop settler (almost full OF) and then I did a final 2pop whip of the GLH and ended up building it at turn 47 (BC 2120).

After that, my "empire" was quite fragile.
I had managed to tech agri->AH->archery. The lack of both copper and horses was abit of a dissapointment.
I took a gamble and rushed with my lone settler and the worker to the gold, and 1 turn after settling a barb archer appeared out of the fog in the north.
I had no archer done, and the MP warrior in Athens could not get up in time. I could save the worker however.
I could have tried to defend the city with the scout, but the odds for success was probably extremly low, so I didn't bother.
So I lost my second city just a few turns after settling it! :(

I settled that site again soon, and after that just north of capital, to reach the sheep and share the capitals corn. Fourth city was out on the peninsula in reach of the crab and reach of one of the golds.

Lincon settled "My" continent alot, and soon granted independence to Ragnar.

I continued teching TW->Pottery->Writing, but I did get OB with Fredrich earlier and 3 times 3C trade routes was lovely.
After writing I went for aesteth and got a GMerch.
I was thinking back and forth if I should use him to bulb MC or if I should try to pull some stunt and save him for bulbing CS...
Did some trades and got Alfa and IW.
Teched Math and then saw a HORRIBLE barb galley and quickly went for my GMerch, OFCOURSE i need metal casting.
But now I could just bulb currency... Argh.

The barb galley hunted a AI workboat, and I was saved for a short while, it soon did a comeback,
but with a whipped galley of my own, I "only" lost the two crabs and my galley won the fight. Phew!

I felt bad for not bulbing MC for a few turns, and then I bulbed currency. I figured that the extra trade routes and the possiblity of trading for some gold would outweight the prospect of a trade mission.
My galley was occupied with other tasks as well.

Fredrich was willing to trade Ivory, so I teched construcion and HBR (traded for ivory the turn before HBR finished, I think that the cost for trading increases as you gain in utility from the resource.)
But I soon realized that I didn't have near the production and whipping potential that I needed to get enough units quick enough. And also I had alot of city sites left to settle.
Self-teched MC and then went for drama with the intent of opening up a philo-bulb.

Teched myst, medidation. And now I saw that I was still too far behind schedule with my GScientists so I made a new plan to self-tech philo.
Went priesthood->CoL for maximum discounts on the teching.
My second GMerch had time to scout Lincons main island a few turns before he needed to do the trade mission in Washington (with ToAR) since my gold started to run out.
Did get Philosophy at turn 112. Taoism was founded in Corinth, which was playing right into my plan to put culture pressure on ragnar.
Since he is a vassal, I think this is safe play. Perhaps I can get a city to flip, but in the case of a war later on, I will have easier access to his cities.
I also built both theatre and odeon in Thebes (sheep/corn-city).

At 1AD I'm not halfway to CS, I have a scout+galley pair moving in east and west directions (Noone seems to have circumnavigation yet).
I have still one AI to meet, which I think is the founder of both hinduism and judaism. Likely someone who is placed NW of Fredrich.
Fredrich has almost all of the wonders built, and Peter is worst enemy of both Lincoln and Fredrich. I also assume that the last AI (Some religious one, Isabella/Saladin/Justantin?) will hate both peter and Lincoln since they have founded their own religions.
Last AI probably also teched theology at BC275. I don't know if that is really fast or not, but I know that AI isn't really backwards.

Diplomacy is working ok, I'm not the prime target of anyone, and I'm at pleased with everyone but Ragnar (Who is a vassal that I plan to wage war against later on) and
Sitting Bull, which is safely far away.
I still have at least 2 more nice city sites east of my empire, and I prioritize to get them and will whip my poor capital down again to get settlers out.
I am in a tech lead, and I don't think I have any problems winning lib, not sure yet if I can get something juicy from it however... I would like to get steel afterwhich I would probably start to make war to take ragnars cities.
I do need to get Lincoln into some war before that though, so that he doesn't have a ton of units to counter with. That shouldn't be a big problem as Peter is already willing to be bribed to Lincoln although the price is high.

Plan in bullet form:
Continue scouting to try get circumnavigation, and meet the last AI.
Settle 2-3 more cities eastwards.
Tech toward Lib/Steel.
Make a caste-push.
Build up population to a whipfest.

Empire overview:
Spoiler :
1AD overview.jpg


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Jan 27, 2006
I settled (where no one else probably did) on the south shore (to cram more cities on my island).
GLH as T63 meant that my expansion was slow. No big deal, let the AI expand and capture cities.
around T73, gold appeared in my 2nd mine. :thumbsup: Silver would have been better, but I shouldn't complain.

Lincoln created the Dutch in my game.
like krikav, I also traded for Ivory and did the elepults (again)
I plan to take all of the Linc/Willy land and then we'll see.

I wanted the circumnav bonus, so I sent boats east and west. I even sent a galley instead of a wb, in case he ran into trouble....which, IIRC, he did.
I can't recall if I got circumnav before 1AD.
The exploring helped by meeting the AI for when Alphabet started to appear. Trade rts were nice too.

1st GG = super medic
2nd GG = two, five movement galleys.

Major Tom

Jun 1, 2005
After moving scout and saw gold I decided to SiP, as a second/third city could work northern fish and gold. Got great lighthouse T51. Teching alpha, currency, then aesthetics, got great lib, Parthenon, music. Bulbed MC with the merchant. Think I did some caste and scientists poured in. Played peaceful. Paper 1AD.
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