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[BTS] BOTM 201 First Spoiler - 1AD

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by Noble Zarkon, Nov 18, 2020 at 4:37 PM.

  1. Noble Zarkon

    Noble Zarkon Elite Quattromaster - Emperor (BTS) Moderator Hall of Fame Staff Supporter GOTM Staff

    Sep 6, 2012

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD. Which save did you pick? How have the barbarians been? How have you been finding it?

    Reading Requirements
    If you are participating in BOTM 201, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER

    • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
    • You have submitted your entry

    Posting Restrictions
    • Do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
    • Do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
    • Do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
  2. Lawrence

    Lawrence Warlord

    Apr 8, 2002
    Beta Centauri
    Let me kick this off.

    I played but didn't submit BOTM 200 since I got wiped out by the first barb wave, and saw Poseidon pounded equally heavily by barbs (I did replay after not submitting). Hence, I would like to be very careful with barbs this time. I started with 4 fog busting warriors watching out all directions. And for that I also started with Animal Husbandry instead of Fishing at the beginning to get to work the horse tile and grab the extra shields from the first 15 turns for a warrior. Maybe this is over-zealous fog-busting. But barbs never come to me. Zero. They all went to Zeus, who survived multiple hard punches indeed! We have to research Archery for him so that he can fend barbs off and connect to some resources. Once I tried to send a Chariot to help him, but it got killed with a 95% win-rate by an archer in its second combat :(.

    Afterwards, beelined to IW as it has to be. Chopped jungle like crazy with 4 workers, whipped settler at population 2 I believe and I got to 4 cities without any room to expand due to Barb cities everywhere. And then I lost the chance to take out the first barb city since I didn't dare to attack with 2 swordsmen against 2 barb archers -- Sarpedon had a Chariot parked right next to the city so I'm afraid he will take it if I lose 1 battle. Then, my third swordsman arrived 1 turn later than Zeus, who managed to use 2 swords to won the battle against 2 archers:mad:. I did manage to take out the second barb city easily with 3 swords. So at 1AD I only have 5 cities, 23 pop. 4 swordsmen and 1 more coming next turn. Great Lighthouse built at Dyme, iron city working on Moai, teched to Currency with the goal of getting Construction -> CoL, and planning for a Swordsman takeover of the people of the bushes. My scouting galley found that he hasn't connected his copper yet. Maybe I would have a chance to take his land with swordsmen only?
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  3. MarleysGh0st

    MarleysGh0st Prince

    Mar 12, 2008
    I took the Contender save, hoping for a peaceful victory. My experience with BOTM 200 proved that a military victory against the Cyclopes team is impossible for me, while my subsequent "for fun" play with the Adventurer save proved that was an easy walk in the park. As for beating my head against the wall with the Challenger save...no thanks!

    Playing as a team against the raging barbs was an interesting experience. By positioning one fog-busting warrior to the south and one to the north, I managed to avoid the barbs completely. Not one wandered into my territory! On the other hand, watching my poor teammate, Zeus, deal with them was terrifying. Wave after wave attacked his capital, while (with my dismal starting position) I was in no position to send anything to his aide. His super-archer was promoted to Combat 1, City Garrison 2 and Guerilla 2, before it dies around 2360 BC. I was afraid Zeus would be eliminated and I was wondering if there would be any point continuing that game if that happened. But somehow he survived and started expanding.

    At 1 AD, I've just completed the GLH and I have four cities, including one captured from barbs, after Achilles and Sarpedon conveniently bled the defenders with their own attacks.

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