[BTS] BOTM 203: Wang Kon, Monarch - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

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  1. DynamicSpirit

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    BOTM 203: Wang Kon, Monarch - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD
    Did you win?

    Reading Requirements
    If you are participating in BOTM 203 then you MUST NOT read this thread unless
    • You have submitted your entry

    Posting Restrictions
    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games.
  2. MarleysGh0st

    MarleysGh0st Prince

    Mar 12, 2008
    After a slow start in the BC, I continued with a slow and unfocused expansion in the AD. Stalin became the first AI to make contact, and I discovered that he was the one spamming most of the wonders, in 1000. After keeping my galleys close to home, I finally sent one on what turned out to be a comically long voyage around Stalin's continent. It would get wounded sinking a barb galley, then have to flee another barb to the shelter of one of Stalin's cities. Heal up, venture back out, rinse and repeat.

    Along the way, I discovered that our fiendish mapmaker really had something against the circumnavigation bonus. Well, I finally built a city on the east coast of my continent, built a caravel there, and earned that bonus in 1505. So there! :p

    Eventually, being financial built up a tech lead that let me build a couple wonders of my own, Notre Dame and the Taj Mahal. Stalin attacked Justinian in 1635. Lincoln brought in Hannibal as seventh AI in 1675, by setting him up as a vassal on a western island. And I finally committed to my usual domination/conquest strategy. Attacking my neighbor H.C., who controlled the AP, would have caused problems, so Stalin was my first target. I went to war--finally--in 1716. I captured six cities (including Moscow with nine wonders) and accepted his vassalage in 1750. Founding Mining, Inc. in the same year helped boost my hammer output tremendously, although the outcome was inevitable at that point, anyway.

    Repositioning my forces, I attacked H.C. in 1760. With the next AP vote being dedicated to reelecting him as its leader, he never had an opportunity to cause trouble by demanding an end to the war, before I had taken enough of his cities to block any such vote. It never came, and he capitulated in 1802.

    Justinian followed, in a war lasting from 1806 to 1814. Lincoln/Hannibal next, in 1816. Lincoln actually capitulated first (I thought AI were resistant to doing so, as long as they had a vassal) in 1828, and Hannibal immediately followed. I declared war on Joao, and Mehmet finally saw the writing on the wall and declared on me. Both would capitulate in 1841, giving me a Conquest Victory in 1842.

    So, OK, there's my victory report, slow and uninspiring, but still a victory. Now the rest of you can post your reports showing how much faster and easier it was for you.
  3. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Jag är Viking!½ GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
    So, OK, there's my victory report, slow and uninspiring, but still a victory. Now the rest of you can post your reports showing how much faster and easier it was for you.
    I didn't get conquest victory until 1867AD, much the same, except Russians were the last to fall iirc. Too many tempting sites to settle, and couldn't resist my builder tendencies... not smart for the economy nor conquest goals, but an enjoyable relaxed game.
  4. nocho

    nocho Deity

    Mar 10, 2009
    Well, yeah, somewhat faster, got conquest in 1590AD. But I'm sure I'll be beaten to that date by someone too.

    In the end it turned to a fairly standard cuir/cav rampage. At some point got to MT and Astronomy and declared first on HC, somewhat late, I think around 1330AD. However from there war didn't cease until the last AI kissed the ring. Went sort of counterclockwise in HC, Justinian, Stalin, Lincoln and then Mehmed and Joao who both kissed the ring the same turn. Poor Joao already saw enough after just two turns, seemingly he had lost Oporto to the barbs early on and had been the weakest AI in the west all along.

    Thanks for the game DS!
  5. Conquistador 63

    Conquistador 63 Deity

    Mar 30, 2006
    Nice and relaxed game here, when I ran out of space to expand I started building some cuirassiers to annex Inca lands, but he peace vassaled when I was about to attack. I accepted and moved on to Justin. I quickly took 4 or 5 of his cities including his capital and accepted his capitulation. I then cruised to a space victory, finished 1804AD.

    Thanks, DS! :)
  6. Powerfaker

    Powerfaker Warlord

    Mar 30, 2016
    Similar game progress for me ending in conquest 1530AD. I too think this date can easily be beaten. I overdid teching, way more than I usually do.:)

    Took the time to settle + take over barb cities in the eastwing. I teched to Communism and even Railroad building before I went MilTrad/Astro.
    With the east transformed to production paradise it was easy to build an army and conquer all fast. In 23 turns they all bowed.

    Nobody seemed interested in wonder building btw. I got Oracle 50AD => Civil Service. For example Mids and Parthenon went 13xxAD. (for me Hereditary Rule was more valuable than Representation)
    Huayana had volunteered to peacevassal. This gave me access to marble for HE and Taj.
    Joao, Memeth and Lincoln seemed to have no problem expanding. A message told me 3 unknown AI were bigger than me in the early AD's. Much, much better than the pathetic 3 we met.(but equal in tech rate).
    Stalin had visited me very early in the BC's. I was surprised at the location I found him. He must have started with a workboat east of Justinian (?).
    One odd thing: I had 10-turn golden ages , while I expected 12-turn (8*1,5=12)
  7. Frederiksberg

    Frederiksberg Deity

    Apr 28, 2006
    Denmark, GMT+1
    Made it to 1650 AD before I ran out of time. Korea was number one in score with 31 cities, but still a long way from victory. A stack of 25 infantry, 2 machine guns, 2 rifles, 19 cannons and 8 grenadiers supported by 8 airships and a couple of destroyers were ready to strike against Joao. But the deity AI's had around 10 units per city and I would have to conquer maybe 70 cities to achieve domination. That's 700 units. Couldn't figure a way to win through diplomacy as I didn't have any great engineers to speed up the UN. I could have tried Space but Korea wasn't set up for that either.

    Had a fun game nevertheless, and I guess that's what counts :). Thanks to the mapmaker for selecting epic speed. It makes warfare more workable - especially on such a large map.
  8. Pangaea

    Pangaea Rock N Roller

    Sep 17, 2010
    Earlier in the game I had kinda wanted to try for space, but in a desperate attempt to beat the deadline, I went for diplo instead. Then kept failing to get enough votes, so it took much longer than I hoped. Eventually I changed some civics for a little bonus there, and gifted back Tiwanaku to HC. Barbs had captured it, and it was the holy Jewish city, so that was kinda funny. Judaism actually auto-spread to another barb city, which I have not seen happen before :crazyeye:

    Don't think this actually mattered because I ended up with a 9 vs 7 :) advantage, but on the turn of the vote Stalin DOWed Justinian, which got him some "declared on my friend" negatives. Stalin was the other UN candidate. Think it's fair to say it was a close vote
    Spoiler :

    BOTM 203-Diplo win votes.jpg

    Many barbs tried to kill us. I didn't declare on anybody for the whole game, so all these units are barbs.
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 203 stats.png

    Not a colossal amount, I suppose, but definitely uncomfortable at times.

    The AI had issues too. Tiwanaku was one of 5(!) AI cities lost to barbs. The four others were razed (probably brand new).

    I completely messed up the Lib race. While trying to play way faster than I'm comfortable with, I forgot to deselect Liberalism. Had to pick Nationalism instead of something nice like Radio :sad:
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