BOTM 220: Saladin, Monarch - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

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    BOTM 220: Saladin, Monarch - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

    Did you win?

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  2. dontworryabouttsunami

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    Sep 4, 2021
    I settled a couple more cities, one for the Iron east of Mecca and the other way up in the ice for fish and copper. Teched to Liberalism and took Steel (1340 AD), but I could have gotten something more extravagant if I wanted -- I was at the Steel prereqs with plenty of time to spare before the AIs got close to Liberalism. So I teched to Rifling in the meantime and got it 10 turns later than Steel. The whole continent was under the Arab thumb by 1820. I think this was all OK up to this point, but I definitely floundered here and got a later end date than I could have. What I should have done is spread Buddhism (the AP religion) to one of Sury's and one of Hatty's cities, but by the time this idea occurred to me I had already declared war on him (he was master of Hatty) and he would never open borders again. I wasted ~100 years and many Arab lives fighting a pointless war against him before I finally wised up, teched Mass Media and built the UN and won the game. If I'd beelined to Mass Media instead of fighting Sury and Hatty (maybe even instead of fighting at all -- Joao and Justin were friendly with me and I could probably have gotten Sitting Bull and Hannibal friendly too) I certainly could have won much faster.

    So, this game was a lesson for me in how to convert a dominant advantage into an actual win -- something I have very little practice at, because I lose interest with the game when the outcome is clear, so I've actually finished very few games of Civ.

    Edit -- no Events really to speak of in the game for me. Got a free scientist in the capital and a free artist somewhere I think. That's about it.
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  3. krikav

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    This was one of the more brutal games I have played in a looong while.

    Built SH in a forward city to get wheat/ivory from the spot sitting bull stole. Also built pyramids in capital which was a life saver.

    I was planning a rather smooth elepult against Sitting Bull, but Hannibal declared on me so I went for him.
    Got currency from him after I took all but two cities from him, in a slow and out drawn struggle.
    After that I had a brief stint against sitting bull where I took his capital but incurred absurdly high losses. He constantly refused to talk and I was eventually saved by Justinian who held a "stop fighting" vote.

    Hopelessly behind I just continued with elepult at around T160...? Against Joao and his vassal Hannibal.
    I did bulb engineering with a GEng I got from pyramids so I could supplement my outrageously outdated stack with trebs at least.
    Tech rate was rock bottom for so long I don't want to think about it. Had it not been due to Colosuss+GLH in Sitting Bulls old capital I would probably not have made it.

    Once I took Lisabon with MoM i started a golden age at T201... And 2-turned feudalism and got Joao as a vassal.
    This is the situation at that point... and I write abit more up to T272 too, and the game is far from done at that point. But I'll write that later. :D
    Spoiler :

    Lisabon was a godsend, and it was party the reason why I stuck to my guns and just continued to push with elephants and catapults/trebs forever and forever.
    Parth+MoM was just what I needed to recover.
    Notre Dame was huge throughout the game too.


    I almost always say that you should prioritize getting land first, tech is always possible to catch up in.
    Well... Now I have some land, in 1430 AD... :D

    Just a "little" bit behind!

    50 turns later I was catching up in tech. Spi was very nice for this purpose. Special thanks to Hannibal who got me the Hindu holy city.
    Getting these techs from Justinian (Tech leader by far) was huge.
    10.6k espionage points where from jails, nationalism and 100% EP slider for a long time.

    Got stuff like steampower, assembly line and railroad. Nice techs I could trade with Hatty for biology and physics. Got to parity here and later attacked sitting bull with infantry+artillery.

    He was sort of kind and put some units into Snaketown, but it wasn't all dance and roses. But eventually I got him to bend his knee and join my side.

    Not before the evil fiend rode into my culture and insta-gibbed the GSci and GMerch I had standing there. The GSpy where out and scouted and I thought I had these guys safe and covered. But apparantly Justinians insane culture had pushed the tile 1S of Utica to him, and Sitting Bull found a way in over railroads and crushed my hope of ever getting a GA again.
    Had so many cities up at 1000 GPP that I couldn't get out because of this. Must be the worst mistake I have ever done in any BOTM so far.

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  4. Powerfaker

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    Mar 30, 2016
    Moving on from 1AD I decided to try a religious win. Unfortunately that was too late to spair the GE I had for Apostolic (hurried Parthenon earlier). When I finished CoL and send the missionary to Justi, he had already switched to Theocracy, so couldn't spread confu. So the only alternative was Buddhism that everybody had adopted. Hindu was on the other continent, I think Judaism also
    The 2nd GP was a low odds GS, that was nice. Switched to caste now to set the cap on more GS production. Bureaucracy had no value, so I could easily skip CS and go for Astro bulb. While I got there I finally got Theology through trade as well. Started a GAge immediately afterwards (GA from Music) and tried to squeeze out Apostolic. That was, probably expectable, too late, be it by 1 tiny turn.

    So now since my empire was too small a reli vic had turned impossible. I wasn't all that confident that I could have gotten enough votes, so I didn't consider it that painful. I could smoothly move on towards Mass Media for a UN vic. My competitor would be Surya and all buddhists would vote for me, a whole lot easier process. I was far enough ahead to Lib Radio. I got another GE to hurry UN partly. Slightly improved my date from the Lincoln game.

    Because on our continent everybody was buddhist not a single war broke out. Surya capped Hatty while I was close to the end. I stayed happily and easily at 7 cities killing just 1 barb, which I even didn't have to.
    Didn't get any significant events. Just paying to hold off some bad stuff and got some culture somewhere. I do appreciate playing with events on. Quests are fun.
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  5. MarleysGh0st

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    Mar 12, 2008
    In 375, my elepult army began my second war with Sitting Bull. By 880, I had destroyed his empire. Just in time, too, since Hannibal finished the AP in 900 and was elected to lead it. No pesky votes to end the war or give back cities!

    Now, with everyone left on the the continent on good relations with their Buddhist neighbors, I concentrated on building by economy and trying to close the research gap. When I made contact with Hatty and Sury and saw how backwards they were, I beelined for astronomy and made plans for an invasion.

    I declared war on Sury in 1505 and conquered all of his cities by 1600. In 1605, Hannibal became my peace vassal. This was actually a clever move on his part, AP-wise. I had improved my relationship with Justinian and Joao enough that I'd have been elected to lead it. Once the diplomatic negatives for having a vassal were factored in, Hannibal (said vassal) was back ahead in the polls. :rolleyes:

    I declared war on Hatty in 1605 and captured one city. In 1615, an AP vote for war passes and Hatty finds herself at war with the whole world. So she immediately bends the knee to me. :D

    Now I concentrate on spreading Buddhism to all the cities on the smaller continent, hoping to get elected to the AP. I temporarily lead in the polls (with Justinian and Joao still backing Hannibal), when Hatty converts back from Buddhism to Judaism. I can finally get her to convert back on the turn the next election is being held. I'm still not sure if that will give me enough votes, but Hannibal inexplicably helps me out by converting to Confucianism! Now his own votes are halved and Joao votes for me, too. :crazyeye:


    Now it's just a matter of waiting for the next election. I build up my military, just in case I need to go to war with my friends to round up some more votes, but it turns out not to be necessary.


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