[BTS] BOTM 223: Montezuma, Deity - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

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    BOTM 223: Montezuma, Deity - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

    Did you win?

    Reading Requirements
    If you are participating in BOTM 223 then you MUST NOT read this thread unless
    • You have submitted your entry

    Posting Restrictions
    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games.
  2. MarleysGh0st

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    Mar 12, 2008
    Continuing with my Adventurer/Emperor report...

    While I built up my economy, Genghis fought a war with Willem. They made peace in 350, then I resumed the war with Genghis on the following turn. I captured two more cities, and Genghis bent the knee in 720.

    Meanwhile, Ramses had built the (Hindu) AP and later peace-vassaled to Ragnar. Hinduism had spread to everyone but Willem, who was obviously everyone's next target. I attacked in 780; and AP vote brought everyone else into the war in 920. By 1050, I had captured all of Willem's cities. (Annoyingly, one later culture-flipped to the Vikings.)

    I planned for QSH being my next target. He had researched gunpowder first, and he also had a large army of knights, so I went for Military Tradition and cuirassiers. But meanwhile, as I spread Hinduism to all of the cities I had captured, I surpassed Ragnar in AP votes. And, surprisingly, the polls showed that Ragnar favored me over his own vassal, Ramses. I was elected to lead the AP in 1170. In the next vote, Brennus joined Ragnar in endorsing my Religious Victory.



    Much easier that I'd thought it would be! :smug:

    Incidentally, you might notice that Ragnar was plotting at the end of the game. He was friendly with me and Genghis, so I'm guessing QSH would have been his target, as well as my own.
  3. jnebbe

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    Dec 14, 2019
    1260AD conquest win.
    I was thinking you could do something like running rep and get every city to size 20 but you wouldn't have enough happiness to run the scientists. So instead I just whipped an endless stream of elephants. Brennus peace-vassaled, I vassaled Qin and Ramses. Finally vassaled Ragnar which gave me both a Dom and Conquest victory at the same time so that's kind of cool.

    Highlight of the game was Brennus voting to give TWO of ragnar's cities back to genghis which made my job a lot easier

  4. Pangaea

    Pangaea Rock N Roller

    Sep 17, 2010
    Continuing on Contender.
    Spoiler :
    We had survived the Chinese attack and retaken the city they took, and then signed peace. I wanted to have another go at Qin, but he took off with cho-ko-nus, castles, and even Chitzen Itza. Up comes Genghis for a chat.
    BOTM 223-T117 Genghis demand.jpg

    Rejected, and he declares war. Okay.. I guess we move north :popcorn:

    I wasn't perfectly ready, but ready enough, and this meant I didn't have to declare on him and suffer penalties with his friends. Instead, he suffered some hits from my friends. A nice change of pace. Pretty sure he already was in a war at this point as well, so he's quite the nutter!

    First target is New Sarai, and it went well.

    BOTM 223-T121 New Sarai taken.jpg

    Soon enough some elephants arrive at the front, which makes me feel a bit safer against his Keshiks. But I also have spears in the stack, leftovers from the Chinese war, where he came at me with a big force of chariots. It's a slog of a war, and it felt great to take his capital Karakorum. It has a whopping 4 settled GGs. Genghis has been his usual self, I see :D
    (Also, notice the lucky first attack. Think the CR2 cata had 30% chance against a fresh longbow without fortification bonus)
    BOTM 223-T134 Karakorum taken.jpg

    A turn later, and we finally discover the wonders of Monarchy! :lol:

    100 years later, Brennus wins Lib and picks Nationalism. I'm feeling just a little off the pace here.

    Felt like the war was going well, but then he manages to kill my medic with a lucky strike. Very frustrating. He was in a city.

    Then it was Genghis' turn to funk up. Willem has declared war on him, he's fighting Ragnar as well, and we're moving in on his last stronghold near our borders, having taken cities in a more or less counterclockwise fashion. I'm worried about the timing, because there is a real chance Willem will cap him at for example 2 cities left. I bring in a few more attackers, but they lag behind the catas and elephants. Genghis decides to counter them.
    BOTM 223-T140 Genghis counters.jpg

    He is a little lucky to kill the axe, I think it was a shock+CR axe, and in any case it was a river attack. But notice the longbowman attacking as well. Here I was lucky to survive. But oh-oh.... now the city is 'guarded' by two Keshiks. Against several elephants! :D

    BOTM 223-T140 Turfan taken.jpg

    Genghis isn't having much more luck on the other front. Ragnar takes Delft, which Genghis earlier took from Willem. Meanwhile Willem takes Old Sarai, and wipes out the Mongolian empire. Before that happened, I signed peace with him in exchange for Feudalism+CoL+60g (he wouldn't include Monotheism). I desperately needed some techs, so that was great. Could have gotten Delft, but it was culture crushed and size 2.

    We're terribly far behind in techs, but getting CoL was great, and I could then snap up Civil Service in 3 turns. Now it was time to sort out this land, which looks excellent. Some of these cities are great.
    BOTM 223-T141 techs.jpg

    At some point Qin built the AP, which became Hindu. Once we finally get Mono for OR, I build some missionaries and spread it to all our cities, and erect some temples and monasteries for AP hammers. Qin seems to be in full culture mode already, and I'm struggling on all frontiers. Losing food and tiles suck. With better whips on buildings, many citizens have a bad day, but it's needed as almost no buildings survived capture. Eventually I put the National Epic in Ning-hsia (on the coast with double fish) and the Heroic Epic in Karakorum (with 4 GGs). Unfortunately Willem was a naughty boy and I wasn't even able to blink before he was there with a settler. So now I'm losing 'my' tiles in the north as well.
    BOTM 223-T142 Willem settler.jpg

    After the war, there is a big lull, at least for us. I get busy getting the economy sorted, and Buro certainly helps. Brennus stays peaceful too, and techs like a mo-fo, with long golden ages and even more wonders. He's a beast. I send some units to check out their land, and see some huge stacks. Willem is actually the most dangerous, with a big force of knights and maces.

    In 1000AD it has dawned on me that diplo is looking quite nice here, if only I can get open borders with Ramesses and infect one of his cities. Qin messed up by going free religion, removing him as the natural AP leader, and we're gaining votes on Brennus. He's still ahead, but we have a few more cities, and his pop is probably getting near max by now.

    It took several gifts and cheap sells, because Optics+Philosophy for all his GM gold of 1140:gold: gave me no bonus. Thanks for the cash, tho! Thankfully the first missionary succeeds, and diplo should now be open. However, disaster strikes. Ramesses declares war on Ragnar, and Ragnar bribes in Brennus. There was an AP vote that very turn, and the Ragnar war was broken off before it really started. For an eternity, Brennus has been sitting on probably thousands of gold due to a 17-turn golden age (normal + Taj with overlap), three shrines and just about all the economic wonders in the game. I bet he was running a 100% slider and still gaining cash. Suffice to say, Ramesses 40-man stack of mainly knights, horse archers, maces and catapults are going to have a really bad day...
    BOTM 223-T172 Brennus rifles.jpg

    The turn before, those were knights and maces, and Ramesses may actually have gotten somewhere with some luck. Brennus didn't have a big stack from what I could see.

    Brennus asks me to join in, but I didn't want to rock the boat too much, and turn him down. We're still good pals. Instead I decide it's time to launch a golden age. I'm working on Oxford and am trying to catch up in tech. For a moment it looked good, and I even had a brief spell of having access to Cuirs while Willem and Qin did not. I considered whipping everything into the ground and having a go. But didn't. It proved wise, because... well... Brennus.

    Then a vote comes up, which surprises me. Figured there would be another vote to stop the war, or nothing at all. I'm trying to bide my time here, not mess up too badly, and hopefully become AP resident in the next cycle. Qin thought otherwise.
    BOTM 223-T175 AP vote.jpg

    With big smilie faces on Brennus and Ragnar (who I have signed a defensive pact with), I'm feeling pretty darn good about this!

    BOTM 223-T176 AP win.jpg

    Not every day I manage to win on Deity, so I'll take any win I can get -- even AP.

    The more longterm plan was to get out more great people to extend the golden age, and see if I could catch up in techs, or at least get to cannons. Upgrading catas is very expensive, but it was an option. Not too far off rifles either, so it may have been possible to do something with that, unless Brennus and Qin were at infantry by that point. Or had won culture. Both were in culture mode I think -- despite the war in Brennus' case. Qin's tech speed seemed to fall off while my cities were losing tiles. If I had been able to deal with Willem and Qin, maybe Brennus would have been doable too.

    But tbh, more likely Brennus would have ran away with the game, and the others got to rifling as well, which makes even a cannon war a tough affair, but doable if you have the numbers. This AP win may have been the only realistic option, so I'm very pleased with the win :)
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  5. Pangaea

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    Sep 17, 2010
    A few more...
    Spoiler :
    Ramesses timing could hardly have been worse. That big-ass spike on Brennus is a few turns after the war started.
    BOTM 223-T176 power graph.jpg

    The kill counter doesn't look terribly impressive to be honest, but it sure felt like a bloody affair with so much warfare. First defensive, and then offensive.
    BOTM 223-T176 kills.jpg

    The tech situation doesn't look great, I'll grant you that, but for the time being only Brennus is truly dangerous with access to rifles and a step from cannons. He's way, way ahead of me.
    BOTM 223-T176 techs.jpg

    However, had I got cannons, plus the cuirs I could have built, Willem and Qin may have been touchable, plus Ramesses ofc.

    Also, there is something fundamentally amusing about Monty winning diplo! :lol: :D

    BOTM 223-T176 Monty diplo win.jpg
  6. 5tephen

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    Oct 4, 2018
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  7. Xcalibrator

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    Sep 4, 2008
    Indeed. I tried playing again and did no better than my first attempt--quickly boxed in and teching way too slow to do anything about it.

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