[BTS] BOTM 225: Joao, Emperor - First Spoiler - 1AD


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BOTM 225: Joao, Emperor - First Spoiler - 1AD

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD. Did you declare war on anyone? :lol:

Reading Requirements
If you are participating in BOTM 225, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
  • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
  • You have submitted your entry

Posting Restrictions
  • Do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
  • Do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
  • Do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
  • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
Liked my result with this one a lot, so have to post right away. :)

Settled 1S as planned which was fine I think. Almost immediately meet WvO, wow that's fast, didn't expect that. Killed his scouts with my archer.
When it was time to decide where to settle next city I noticed I would have to get like 4 more techs to make anything work. So, with the nice copper surprise I decided Amsterdam would be a nice 2nd city.

While preparing I capture a worker that tried to run back from improving flood plains:
I march out with 6 axes and:
Spoiler :

3 archers killed, 1 axe lost + another worker captured, a super result

After my 5th city 1440BC + conquest gold all eaten I have to consolidate for a while to improve my economy. I use these turns to get up infra and start wonders, Oracle(MCasting), GLH, Colossus, couple of turns before 1AD GLib. Around 1000BC Ragnar's workboat finds me. At 1AD no one else, apparently they cannot reach me. It plays like isolation actually.

Expansion resumes 675BC. By 1AD I have 9 cities + 3 settlers on the move, planned to finally settle some other land masses, including one very close to Ragnar. Close to finishing Calender. I do not have Alpha/Curr/CoL yet, I do have Monarchy.

The Portugese continent (spoiler alerts: iron locations + minimap shows northwest explorations) :
Spoiler :

(3 settlers south of Lisbon, galleys await northwest)


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I also settled south of the starting hill. Conquest of Amsterdam will require cats (currently working on Construction), although I have completely stifled it and stolen 3 workers. 8 cities, 39 pop (vs around 50 by Powerfaker) with one city on the island iron. #2 went on the ivory, #3 S of the gold, #4 on the floodplains to the SW with 3 silks and fish. I think the most recent ones are two icy seafood sites way down SW (one on Powerfaker's "c" site). GLH 1240 BC, Colossus 75 BC, but no Oracle or GLib. No AH, Meditation, HBR, Monotheism, or Alphabet, but I do have Math and Monarchy and bulbed Currency with a GM. Deity might actually have been, well, not totally impossible given all the forests around Amsterdam, tailormade for worker swiping and safely shouting insults from outside the city walls.
Did you declare war on anyone? :lol:
No, I think I'll play the role of the much aggrieved pacifist in this one. :crazyeye:

Contender save. I settled in place, then built my second city on the floodplain to the SW. When Willem built Utrecht on a hill between us and guarded it with a lone archer...that became my third city. After one of my axes pressed on and discovered that Willem had chariots, I had to resort to axe/spear teams to pillage his improvements and pick off the odd unit moving by. I've also razed Rotterdam.

By 1AD, I'm up to five cities. A crashing economy means I'll have to attack Amsterdam before I have quite enough to take it. One of Ragnar's workboats also found me and delivered his declaration of war, but I haven't tried exploring where he came from. If the other two AI stay undiscovered for a while longer, that's fine with me.
Settled 1S as well, which seems to have worked out well so far, and will be nice for irrigation purposes later. Met Willem's scout in T2, which surprised me. Didn't think we'd share land with another civilisation. I settled two cities pretty early. On the ivory and on the PH between us and Willem. Stole a few workers too. Didn't manage to take Amsterdam as early as Powerfaker, and I took quite a few losses. City was smaller too. But it's a nice one, so I'm glad to get it, and get rid of Willem. I noticed the would-be horses (before AH), so made sure to trap a worker there before he could improve it. An archer guarded him trying to get back to Amsterdam, but we nailed them.
Spoiler :
BOTM 225-T59 Amsterdam capture.jpg

The very early scout died in a 70-ish percent fight. Then later that warrior got attacked by a wolf.
Spoiler :
BOTM 225-T18 wolf kills me.jpg

Cool. Doesn't at all hurt in the super early game :cringe:

Had 15 axes when I declared on Willem, which was probably overkill despite the heavy losses. That cost a fair bit, so I had to delete warriors and use axes as MP. The archer got to live too.

Built GLH in Amsterdam, used most of the forests for it (if not all). Should be a great wonder for a map like this. Ragnar found us with a workboat, which was promptly destroyed by a galley that had started to explore the coast. So he doesn't know where we are yet. Seems like the DOW caused him to make many more units, though, and I assume he is the one with most power in the world currently (but we're not far behind). Also built Colossus. Ended up with a GM from GLH (40% chance), and I used him to bulb MC. Am working on MoM now, and hope we nail that one. No forests left to speak of, so it will have to be slow-built. Just got Aesthetics and have queued up a few wonders. Think I'll try to get Great Library once we get Literature. Not sure where to go after that, but possibly CoL-CS. Music is probably safe a while longer, and the capital isn't terrible for Buro.

Seems like we can't reach Ragnar, and none of the others have found us yet, so don't think we can reach them pre-Optics either -- unless it's possible via expanded cultural borders somewhere. I've sent a trireme to check out a possible path, but since nothing else has come that way, not even Ragnar, I guess it's just a one-tile island or something.

We got 9 cities and doing over 200 beakers at full tilt. The barb city on top of Iron helped, which we captured a while back. It recently got out of revolt. A settler will found city #10 next turn, and two more are just about out. One will probably settle the banana, and maybe I'll send the second guy on a sea voyage. Shame about no food on the fairly big island to our NW, so I may have to send them further. Always a bit risky, so perhaps it was a mistake to send the trireme off exploring. Oops! Haven't settled the southern iceballs yet. Some nice locations down there, but figured I could backfill it instead.

A couple of overview shots.
Spoiler :
BOTM 225-T115 north map.jpg

BOTM 225-T115 south map.jpg

No Oracle for me, it went quite early. Mids went very late, so almost sorry I didn't try for it. Crazy expensive without stone, tho!

Cities aren't very big yet, but plenty of room to grow now with Calendar resources online, so I'm trying to grow the capital a bit more. Same with the silk city. That one could have been a pretty excellent Buro city, but probably not worth moving.

As mentioned above somewhere, it kinda plays like isolation. I'm not sure how to play out this one, whether to go for early Optics or sit back and develop our land more. I'll probably go for the latter tbh, since I've already invested into marble techs, and not gone for HBR+construction yet.
Playing this on challenger, rushed Willy with Axes which was rather easy.
(AIs are not that scary on deity light)

As mentioned by you guys, plays a bit like Iso now.
AIs must be small just Rags doing okay..wonders take forever to build which tests my patience for failgold.
Even finished MoM myself for a nice GA with Paci.

Doing a long bulb line with 5 GS (or that's my plan).
2x Astro..1x Gunpowder, Chemistry and MS each.
Yup even MS works without Paper unlocked.

Big starting plan was Grens + Cannons + Frigates, judging from demos i might not need Cannons thou.
It's not scary tbh when i look at land area.
Yup even MS works without Paper unlocked
This is a bulb line I wasn't aware of, and quite a beauty. Only needs full-teching of steel on top of it ..... normally. Even better that cannons are not that urgent on a map like this with frigate bombard power.
I will try this out some time. Avoid Civil Service (and Theo) needs to be ''reasonably acceptable'' of course.
I finally managed to install Buffy correct so I can partake in BOTM for the first time ever! :)
Probably going to play through a couple maps, so far its a really fun way to go with the games thx @DynamicSpirit !!

In this case of this map! I SiP'ed.. and my warrior found 2x scouts from WoV on flatland and I got attacked by a wolf! So wood II guy early!
Was figuring out to steal a bunch of workers and that stuff.. ended up stealing 3 workers and got another worker and settler from capturing amsterdam.

Not to happy with the slow play actually.. ended up using alot of hammers (on axes.. they just died from time to time) and unit maintenance to drain value out of WoV.
Considering the potential in choking him, I averaged out in such a way that he was no gain or loss to have as a harass able neighbor.

In retrospect i would much rather have axerushed him and focused on the game.

Anyways.. got GLH, and Code of Laws.. then around @300 BC MoM. Saw a buch of calendar happiness and went for that over monarchy.
Will do some chain golden ages. and se where we end up.

Ragnars boat found me @1000 BC ich. Not sure what we will do with the others... :)
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