[BTS] BOTM 227: Kublai Khan, Immortal - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

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    BOTM 227: Kublai Khan, Immortal - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

    Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

    Did you win?

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    If you are participating in BOTM 227 then you MUST NOT read this thread unless
    • You have submitted your entry

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    • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games.
  2. nocho

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    Mar 10, 2009
    The early ADs were spent getting the empire into reasonable economic shape on the way to Engineering. Managed to get the MoM, GLib and National Epic in Karakorum, the Heroic Epic in Beshbalik and also the Parthenon in Turfan. By 760AD I was finally ready to declare on Joao/Justinian with a reasonable stack of mainly trebs and maces, aided by veteran keshiks. Justinian's hold-out was acquired, while I signed peace with Joao after capturing Oporto and Lisbon, the latter holding the Pyramids so I could go with representation. The AP was about to finish the war anyway and couldn't really afford the unhappiness from defying. Meanwhile made the standard play for cuirs, libbed nationalism in 900AD while still at war with Joao. By 1090 got gunpowder and MT and while prepping for Rome, Joao voluntarily offered to be my vassal which I gracefully accpeted. By 1180AD declared on Rome and got all his Middle-Eastern and Asian cities, leaving him with northern Africa when he bent the knee. Rome was quite the city at size 21 with 6 wonders and a Scotland Yard. The French had once again been dragged in against me, so acquired all their continental cities which was enough to get him on board too. The Mayans had come to France's aid so were duly punished and he pleaded for forgiveness soon enough. That left the Babylonians so after rerouting units from Siberia to Central and Southern Africa the last AI was added to the empire by the mid-15th century. By then the Mayans had 2 cities in Northern America and Hammurabi one in Southern America, so on time for conquest before I would have had to bother with their colonies. Fun game, thanks DS!
  3. MarleysGh0st

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    Mar 12, 2008
    At 1 AD, I was waiting for Joao to go to war against DeGaulle, before I attacked him on a second front. Instead of attacking his worst enemy, Joao declared war on Pacal in 175. He captured one city from the Maya before I attacked in 560. On the following turn, Pacal made peace with Joao, but DeGaulle joined the war against him. Joao lost one city to the French and three cities, including Lisbon, to me, before I accepted his capitulation in 840.

    Looking at the map, Julius was a logical next target for me, but he was far surpassing me in tech. I tried pushing my researching for cuirrasiers, switching to Caste System and Pacifism to try to generate some GMs. (I had captured the Parthenon in Lisbon, for an extra 50% boost for GPP.) Well, I had far too many military units at this point, so the extra support costs of Pacifism really hurt my economy. And I had polluted my GPP pool too much, so I generated a GS and GP (which went to a golden age) before I got my first GM. Also, I had nothing to counter Roman privateers, which started choking all of my coastal cities. By the time I get Military Tradition it's 1290, and Julius has increased his tech lead. I think I've missed my window of opportunity.

    But on the religious side of the game, Julius has built the AP. I've spread the religion and have more votes that him, but all the AI have been supporting him (at least until Joao bent the knee and had to start voting for me). I attack Hammy in 1400, capture three cities and accept his capitulation in 1460. In 1490, I'm elected to head the AP. (DeGaulle had switched his votes from Julius to me; I'm not sure why, because I hadn't taken any actions directed at improving our diplomatic relations.)

    I repositioned my army and attacked Pacal in 1630. I only had to capture one city before he bent the knee. Now I had enough votes for a religious victory; Julius would increase that margin of victory by switching to Free Religion, reducing his own votes. Victory comes in 1695.

    Spoiler :

    Incidentally, the New World ended up having no real effect on the game (I never set foot there) , but Pacal had done the most, with a handful of cities in North America. Julius was first to circumnavigate, but only had one city in South America (too busy harassing me with privateers to send out settlers and conquer some barbs?). DeGaulle had set up Roosevelt as his vassal in Australia, while he kept a string of Pacific islands for himself.
  4. Conquistador 63

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    Mar 30, 2006
    At 1AD, we were at war with the Byzantine. In 175AD we captured their last city.
    Of course Joao was the next target, and this war was a long one: it lasted from 275AD to 720AD (20 turns), leaving Portugal with 2 cities when we accepted their capitulation.

    While keeping an eye on a potentially dangerous Rome, we decided to continue targeting the weaker AIs next. In 820AD we declared war on Pacal but the war was halted 5 turns later by the AP (should have defied it).

    Never mind, we took advantage of the unwanted peace treaty and went after De Gaulle. Or more precisely, we declared on him and waited for his big stack to come to us. Said stack was utterly annihilated, which was enough to get his capitulation in 6 turns (1000AD to 1060AD) without even taking a single French city. I know De Gaulle is famous for easy vassaling in the game, but he surely did it in a style this time.

    Then we turned our attention back to the Mayan, taking a couple more cities including his capital and accepted his capitulation in 1150AD. This time we did defy the AP resolution.

    At this point the game could probably be won by any VC, but at the same time I got a bit tired of all those wars and got curious about our ability to colonize the entire New World to ourselves on Immortal level. Of course we still needed the right tools for the job - Astro and Communism for SP to avoid colonial expenses.

    We got Astro in 1120AD, took SciMeth from Lib in 1140AD and learned Communism in 1200AD. Then the colonization phase started, we sent most of our army (and workers) there to capture the barb cities and a few more settlers to fill the empty spaces.

    While it might have been possible to reach Domination land limit by filling the New World, I was too lazy to count tiles and opted to take advantage of our big pop count (and vassal votes) to win by Diplo (UN). We had 36 cities and 448 pop when we finally won in 1550AD.

    Spoiler :
    Sid Meier's Civilization 4  Beyond Sword Screenshot 2022.01.01 -
  5. jnebbe

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    Dec 14, 2019
    Rq. Fact that I can attack Justin and he can peacevassal to De guille and force me out of war is so unbelievably broken.
  6. MarleysGh0st

    MarleysGh0st Prince

    Mar 12, 2008
    What??? Are you sure DeGaulle wasn't also at war with Justinian? Or perhaps you already had a peace treaty in effect with DeGaulle, so that it was impossible for the two of you to go to war? (I can't recall ever seeing that happen, but it might make sense.)
  7. Pangaea

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    Sep 17, 2010
    At 1AD Justinian was dead and I was searching for Joao's last barb city. With such a nice start, it made sense to aim for conquest or domination. Wasn't sure whether to dare going for Julius, but it was mighty tempting. That question kinda sorted itself out due to a lovely game mechanic:
    Spoiler :
    All this happened in the same turn.
    1. Julius gets Feudalism
    2. Joao peace (LOL) vassals to Julius
    3. Julius declares war on me and De Gaulle

    BOTM 227-T117 JC auto-DOWs.jpg

    However, it's not really that bad, it's quite good actually. Ofc annoying I couldn't wipe out Joao to remove unhappy citizens and a tiny AI for easier later caps, but with De Gaulle forced into the war as well, he will help out. And the decision on what to do in this game was decided for me. So off we go!!

    Cumae falls quickly, and a few turns later we assault Rome. Only one longbow in there, but holy **** that guy caused us no end of problems. Half the army is wiped trying to take him down. It was still worth it, tho, and the prize is MoM + GLH.
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T122 Rome taken.jpg

    I had already started to produce cats at this point, but this was definitely a lesson showing us clearly that Keshiks are great, but do have their limitations. While this is going on, Hammurabi has sailed a galley along our coast. I assumed it was for scouting purposes, but apparently not. A settling party lands in England :( Should have prioritised getting out a galley+settler earlier, but we've been in war since turn 30 or something, and I thought it was safe for backfilling later.

    Pacal is first to Music, and ofc sends the lousy artist over to a turd of a city. We lost a thousand tiles, including food (rice). Pacal should have read up on Human Diplo Modifiers. This is at least a -10 :mad:

    Meanwhile, de Gaulle thought it was a stellar idea to put a cottage on his only copper tile. Okay, he does have iron, but still. What the f*** man! :lol:

    Julius gets a Great Prophet and shrines Confucianism, the world's major religion. The city has a pack of defenders, around 5 longbows. But they keep deserting it from time to time, then coming back. I don't get any updates because we don't have vision on the area, but later it turned out that De Gaulle was besieging a city further south, and eventually captured it. Despite being at war with both Julius and Joao, De Gaulle suddenly offers to peace (again, LOL) vassal to us. Thanks, buddy! A turn or two later, we punch through and capture shrined Antium. It's a nice city.
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T137 Antium taken.jpg

    I take a look at the stats, and see something funny. Can't help but laugh at that worker build count :D
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T138 worker count.jpg

    Ofc possible this was a mistake, but 1-city Julius and 1-city Joao have capitulated. Little choice with Julius because we kicked him off the continent and he had another city in Australia. Turned out Joao kinda had too, which he gifted to us, so he then only had the former barb city left. I kept his lousy resource-less off-shore city, because it gave us good trade routes. Sadly the nice worker count got ruined because I built another one there, to chop out a courthouse. Two tiny civs like this kinda bit me in the arse later, but don't think I had all that much choice either. Getting galleys down to Australia would have taken forever. Besides, he had iron down there, and therefore Praetorians.

    In 700AD it is the culture bomber's turn. The economy is still broken and the plan was to get Engineering from De Gaulle, but it took too long. We had to spend the gold we had to do it ourselves. No trebs for the first few cities, but they are added later, and certainly help. Thankfully Pacal didn't have engineering either, so no naughty castles. He gets it during the war, but it was too late for him.

    Hoped grabbing Mutal would make him grovel, but probably due to tiny Joao+JC, he kept fighting. Mutal is a mighty fine city, though, with another shrine. Never wrong to capture Great Library either :) Once Lakahma falls, with 5 wonders, Pacal has had enough. This war took much longer due to one-movers, and it's almost 1000AD, plus we need to move all the way down to Hammurabi now. Some units have been on the way, but we need the main army down there too. To help out a little bit, we finally trade for Aesthetics and Literature around 1000AD, and the designated city can 1-turn Heroic Epic with the help of two chops. We grab Lib->Military Tradition in 1020AD, and knights in the queue get upgraded to Cuirs (after 1-turning Gunpowder).

    1020AD we declare war on Hammurabi too. Not many units down there, but enough to take one city next turn due to culture pressure.

    Gotta say I really like this guy. He had around 40XP when the Keshik got upgraded to a Cuir. A handful or more others got upgraded too (plus elephants), but this was the star performer.
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T166 level 7 keshiks-cuir.jpg

    Not very exciting stuff at the end. We get boned by the RNG again and fail to take a city, with a 0.5 health longbow left, so that kinda blew. Funny to have city view on the AI, though. Hammurabi, in his infinite wisdom, decides it's a brilliant idea to build a worker in his HE city that is threatened by Cuirs. Looks like he completed him too :crazyeye:
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T167 AI HE worker build.jpg

    As per usual I probably lay out way too many details here for people to glance at, WT's approach with all that mystery and no real info is probably wiser. Oh well. Pretty clear I've been going for conquest here lately, we don't have enough land to compete for domination, and nobody in the world knows Compass never mind Optics yet, so the barbs can feel safe. We failed to take his HE city due to bad luck, but the effort there and elsewhere was thankfully still enough to convince him he didn't stand a chance. So in 1110AD the world is ours. Half of it anyway. Finally get England too, a stonethrow from our capital. Cheers, Hammurabi!
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T170 Hammurabi caps.jpg

    Quite a few units killed, and eventually many longbows too. Shame that nice worker count got ruined, because it would have been funny to play a game this long with only building a starting worker.
    Spoiler :
    BOTM 227-T171 units killed.jpg

    Thanks for a fun map. Always nice when these HA/Keshiks rushes succeed. The economy was ruined for almost the entire game due to it, but with Rep it's still possible to slow-tech half-decently.

    Seems like we had a 10-turn golden age left, and two more GPs that could have extended it with another 12 turns. Oh well, what's you gonna do :mischief:
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