BOTM 240: King Arthur - Noble - Final Spoiler


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Mar 12, 2008
BOTM 240: Arthur, Noble - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD. Will King Arthur live on in legend? Or will he just be remembered as that guy who used to live here before we moved in? Please include reports of any monster encounters. Did you notice anything else that was unexpected*?

*Or very expected, by at least one of you in the pregame discussion. :mischief:

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Nov 8, 2020
Really fun game, thanks mapmaker. It was quite an adventure finding the Faerie Realms lands (I avoided the monster traps at sea so never actually found out what was in them), but luckily my finally finding them lined up with my takeover of the last local opponents in Scandinavia (after already defeating the Welsh, Scots, Irish, French and then Germans), securing a conquest victory at 1450.


Nov 8, 2020
I should add, I started playing last night to see what it was like, but got so invested that I just kept playing until completion this morning.


Mar 10, 2009
Mmm, I get an error trying to upload the file. Got a space win in 1520AD.


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Mar 30, 2016
Like @NickTrofimuk kept playing till finished, once I got to 1AD, so straight to the end report.
Contender. The map looked nice enough for a challenge, but I avoid the Deity level ones. I'm confident that I could survive, but just don't like that level.

With the easier levels I tend to go for different vic types than I usually go for, with this one Culture. I did spread to more cities than typically optimal for culture. By 1AD 15 cities, of which 1 barb conquered and 2 from Wales, one more to go of both at that point (conquest by maces).
I should have built more wonders in my to be legend cities, ended up building some in helper cities (Mids/MoM/Taj) A minor blow when Scotland snatched HGardens, raising pop and healthcap is a big thing here.
Reached Lib=>Nationalism around 600AD. 5T later first golden age, the start of all out culture mode and artist pumping.
Was able to set up a few more cities (while keeping slider 100%) till I reached 22 and held all of Southern England up to and included Anthrax Castle. Reached 3 legendary simultaneously with the help of 16 artist bombs.

Nice job on the city (and unit/leader) naming. Looked all very authentic to me. I've always wondered if Camelot = Camulodunum, but never seen that being mentioned.
Should have known ''old woman'' defending Anthrax Castle could never deal a punch, and have attacked earlier ... :lol:


May 13, 2018
AD1590 domination victory. Got 9 great generals and 5 g ages. Thanks for the game~
Spoiler statistics :


Jan 16, 2008
Challenger save

I roleplayed a little on this one, given the theme and real-world (ish) map. I wanted complete control of Great Britain - and probably Ireland too.
The early game saw peaceful expansion to 12 cities, including the Isle of Wight and both premade Barbarian cities. I got the Great Lighthouse but narrowly missed the Oracle.
Scotland built the Pyramids so he was my first target - in 200AD with Classical/Medieval units, finishing the war with the capture of the Shetland Isles to the northeast in 1000AD.
Wales was next, with Cuirassiers and Cavalry - from 1080AD to 1380AD.

By this time, everyone generally caught up in tech, and had Rifling in particular.
My goal was to tech up again, and generally outproduce everyone.
With the scarcity of luxury resources, but abundance of mining resources, this pointed me towards a one-corporation play with just Mining Inc (1605 - as soon as I finally popped the GE).
Building all the radio wonders also helped - cities could generally get to size 12-13 after Emancipation unhappiness.

While I was doing this, Hengist (Saxony/Germany) absorbed and then vassaled William (500AD), Harald (1180AD) and Canute (1520AD) to wind up on 23 cities. Brian Boru also took Morgan le Fay as a vassal.

This all meant that I couldn't be sure of winning the space race - especially since the small city size would dampen tech rate significantly when building anything (e.g. space parts!)
Instead, I would use my production advantage, and conquer the world!

Brian Boru declared war on me in 1720, after I had started building an invasion fleet.
No AI can cope with marines, jet fighters, battleships and carriers in sufficient numbers - I decided to annex all of Ireland and the Faroes for the Mining and luxury resources - this was complete by 1795, at which point they all sailed back home to Dover for the big showdown.
(Note - a cheesy Diplo victory was available at this point, by leaving Morgan le Fay in control of the UN-city so she'd be my opponent... but that's no fun!)

By 1814, we had rough parity in power rating, and my 370-unit flotilla set sail. Well, technically not all of it - some of the land units stayed behind due to lack of transport capacity and would be ferried over later.
Two large fleets were ambushed in their harbours, Oil was disconnected, and every single defending fighter was shot down on the first turn of war. From there it was just a case of draining him of excess units, and then pummelling everything from above (including a spaceship - launched 1822, aborted 1830).

The last AI capitulated in 1838 for an 1840 Conquest Victory.


Spoiler :

Thoughts on the map:
  • The thematic map was a fun way to go. Cornwall felt a million miles away which was very true to life!
  • The barb cities were briefly fun, and then behaved like every other barb city.
  • The low number of happiness resources was an interesting challenge - if you wanted them you had to explore and conquer them because nobody had duplicates!
  • There were loads of Mining inc resources.
  • It was a very land-heavy map - and my mouse-hand certainly appreciates why people use nukes instead of air-power to fight these modern age wars!
  • The mixed-up place names were funny. Why couldn't they anticipate this and teach the AIs geography when they made the game?

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Sep 6, 2012
British culture conquered the world in 1814AD.

Was pretty peaceful, apart from a single war when a Nordic alliance declared on me. Popped a GE on the first turn of the war, revolted to Nationalism and had a couple of rounds of drafting. Lost one city but soon managed to stop the war via the AP and the next vote saw me win a vote to assign the city back to me :)

Never properly met Morgan le Fay, in fact the only boats I built were work boats lol, I did find out where she was when I bought a map from King Canute.

Actually there was a second war - William declared on me the turn I won lol.

Really cool concept and fun game.
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