BOTM 252: Roosevelt, Noble - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted


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Mar 12, 2008
BOTM 252: Roosevelt, Noble - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD.

Did you win? Was it a bloody game, or did you break the mold of the movie and find a peaceful path to victory?

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Jul 22, 2014
Cultural Victory in turn 330.
It was very pleasant game, all AI civs did SIP.
AI didn't build single WW :wow: I've settled my capital SE from starting point, 2nd city near sugar/clams, 3rd NE near silver. I've build first few wonders there (especially after getting marble) and focued on those 3 cities in cultural progress.
I've managed to found all religions except 3 first, and almost won diplomatic victory - I've missed one vote in Apostolic Palace voting :yuck:. That's because Tokugawa got my religion in on o his cities and immediately spread it across his country. Next voting wasn't that close so I give up this path.
After getting liberalism, when I saw that AI is not doing so great, I've put cultural slides to max, spreaded my religions and build Cathedrals for this sweet 50% cultural bonus.
And rest is history :)


Lord Croissant
Jun 21, 2008
An extremely easy game for me.

Once I got Feudalism, the AI had so few cities I could just give them four of my cities and capitulate them with a quick 40 war success capturing my cities back.

England died to barbarians.
Spain peace vassaled since I had her at Friendly.
Ragnar capitulated once I had some War Elephants whipped.
Sitting Bull capitulated after I whipped more Elephants.
And Japan put up a bit of a fight with 6 cities, but gave up after losing one of them.

Whipping military to get the power rating up got me the fast win!, but my score... :sad:
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Jun 1, 2018
That was the way to go, I realized it too late, trying to just kill-them-all, old-fashioned way. Like LowtherCastle, I suspected it can be done around 1AD that way, but it took me much, much longer :(. I underestimated the ingenuity @MarleyGh0st put into making fast travelling on this map a nightmare, I also guessed wrong some properties of the map. Nevertheless, finding AIs and overcoming all these obstacles was a fun challenge, thank you @MarleysGh0st !

I was also thinking of some shenigans of exploiting AIs low city number to make them accept city gifts from across the world. I was however thinking more about making AI walk defenders there, but since their cities were poorly defended anyway I decided it was not worth the trouble and complicating already complex logistics. Also, in my test game AI was actually not walking any defenders there, although I remember the behavior from my previous espionage game.

Anyway, congratulations to @Kaitzilla on this very elegant and creative conquest win, which I am sure was much faster than mine brute-force attempt. I switched the research off early on not expecting the game to last long and spending a ton of $$$ on effectively scouting with troops also capable of killing AIs if needed. With one AI left to kill, I wondered what to research since there was no need to build troop or anything else, perhaps wonders, but my score was going to be poor anyway. And then I realized I could have feudalism in a couple of turns and realized if I were to beeline it, I would get it much, much earlier and could conquer some Ais remotely instead of covering map with my troop, we live and learn, maybe another time ...and at least I almost for sure win in the category of most axes build ;)


Ultraviolet Catastrophe
Sep 4, 2008
Culture win (old fashioned, no espionage nonsense) on the "Deity" save in 1820/turn 280. My only claim to optimality is that I ended with juuuuust enough cash to sustain 100% culture all the way to the end, mostly by getting lots of failgold from World Wonders (with one of my 3 Legendary cities finishing the Great Artist Wonders early and one of the other Legendaries building most of the other Wonders late so they'd provide culture points (and often failgold) but not too many non-Artist GPs). I ran 3 Golden Ages plus one from the Taj. One of my three cities was on the west end of the Cornucopia island. It was fun to go the Culture route for a change, but having done that I think I'll stick with good ol' "kill 'em all" in the future.
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Jun 21, 2007
Stockholm's B.F.C.
I did Diplo in t250 (1700AD). I had built the UN two centuries earlier, but couldn't get a victory vote because I was too big to fail. So I whipped, drafted, and starved my people, and vassal all but one civ until the vote is possible. Unfortunately, I spent about 20 turns pivoting to a culture VC before I realized that starving 20+ cities to lose 1 pop each for like 6 turns straight was the least messy way to win. Had I gone for conquest, this would not have been challenging or fun, and I'd still finish centuries after the best players. I like building WW too much for my own good. I am most proud that no other civilization built a single wonder in the whole game. Dang... that isn't an award, is it? :hammer2: :dance:
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