[BTS] BOTM 260: Asoka, Noble - First spoiler to 1AD


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BOTM 260: Asoka, Noble - First Spoiler - 1AD

Easy peasy lemon squeezy?
Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, up to 1AD

Reading Requirements
If you are participating in BOTM 260, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless EITHER
  • You have reached at least 1 AD in your game, OR
  • You have submitted your entry

Posting Restrictions
  • Do not disclose ANY events or information gained post 1 AD.
  • Do not reveal your final result if that happened after 1 AD.
  • Do not discuss the location of resources that may not show up before 1 AD (Iron is OK, coal and oil are not)
  • Do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual games
A new record for wasted opportunities. Lost Oracle CS slingshot by about 2 turns. Ultra low expansion. I really should stop playing Civ4 and die. Well I'll give it some time :old: ⚰️...
I settled where the warrior stood after the latter discovered the pig. I got beaten to Stonehenge by 1 turn which was somewhat annoying although the extra cash helped of course. For some reason I built the GLH which on this map probably is not all that useful but I can't help trying whenever I have coastal cities and it hasn't been built yet. I did get the Oracle CS-sling. I declared on Boudica shortly before the ADs with horse archers after having stolen a worker from her early on. In between those hostilities she had converted most of my cities to buddhist and I took the religion. I just conquered a first city, she should be gone in the near future. City count stands at 10, 53 pop, 11 workers. Tech is up to calendar, paper, monarchy, machinery.
Got to 1AD a while back already, so had to visit my save to refresh my memory.

Took the noble save with the idea to found a religion first, for the fun of it. But I ended up walking with my settler (searching for farm resources) and settle T4 , too late for such a thing.

There is not much to say about how things progressed. At 1AD I'm at 12 citites / 72 pop.
Oracle => Civil Service, the only wonder I built.
125BC the Celts eliminated with HA. Almost in position to DoW Aztecs. I do not know what they have, there could be a nasty surprise, my army is not that big.
I also forward settled towards Gilgamesh, took a piece of his flood plain region.
Working on Philosophy. Also have MC / Calender / Drama and such. Thinking of going the culture path, so I need the marble and stone in the north east corner.
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I also really wanted to find corn for the capital. And when I was ready to agree to the pig-cow capital, I still found it. I wandered as a settler for only 2 turns.

This game reminded me of how I played about 16+ years ago - a bunch of workers, a bunch of setlers, no units. Then in multiplayer I found out why you don't need to play like that)
But when you have fast workers, org trait and noble AI level - that's how you should play!

When in 2120 bs AI built Stonehenge, I was really surprised and upset. I was really counting on free monuments in new cities and I was sure that I still had a lot of turns in reserve on Noble. I got 60-70 coins and Oracled CS in 1080 bc.

In 1 AD I have 15 cities 88 pop, 23 fast workers (on serfdom), 19 warriors and 1 scout. And I am 1 power ).

In 6 turns I will start building knights....
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The economy supports itself, because it is noble, because org trait, because "full river land" and of course 2 gold helped at the start. I'm not doing anything special

I planned 18 cities ) but Boudicca took 1 good place, and Gilgamesh put the city in area where I planned 2, when my settler was already in the place of one of them
I decided to play this out real quick. Settled in place hoping for extra food, but got second gold instead. Went for Oracle -> CS, and built library in capital early, so I could get huge early research. Didn't build other wonders.
I decided to go for early conquest with knights. Settled 13 cities - more than enough for that. Last city was settled on T97. I used Caste artists for border popping.
Popped GA with Great Prophet. I don't expect to have other great persons here.
At T115 I have 13 cities, something like 75 pop, Guilds (right this turn), Theology, Calendar. I will halt research after Construction -> Engineering.

I've spoiled this thread to myself before starting (didn't get any information here, though), so I will not submit my final result. So I play casually.
My second game of the month after my 15 year Civ-less dark ages…

This looked like a great game for attempting a cultural victory – and I was burnt out from my last war mongering game. No barbs meant I could also go full builder mode at the start which helps nicely when setting up for culture.

I had a couple of early goals, secure three or more religions, set myself up for a possible axemen rush, and circumnavigate the inland sea to get trade and diplomacy going.

I saw “No technology brokering” and thought that this meant no tech trading so I didn’t go for Alphabet at all. Was very surprised in the little BCs era (75BC) to get approached by a few Civs wanting to trade me alphabet and iron working - my neglected techs. I had self-researched everything else - a bit of everything from every branch of the tech tree!

A big questions for me was – what would my three legendary culture cities be like? I decided to go for three different specialised cities: a commerce city (bureau capital and for when the slider hits 100%), a production city (for all the juicy cultural wonders), and a food city (for my GPs). Hopefully these would generate culture in a way that meant I could spread my Great Artist bombs across all three.

The quality of the Indian lands were amazing and made for a very rich-feeling game and set me up for the three culture cities I was looking for.

I settled my capital on a floodplain 1W of the Warrior, a perfect commerce city with the gold and river floodplains. This meant the cow could support my 2nd city down by the forests and gold – plenty of grassland and hills here to support my production centre. The flood plains and fish to the north would perfectly set up my GP farm city, which could share the capital food tiles when needed.

Everything was joined by rivers – which combined with fast workers meant we saved a lot of early turns getting the land improved.

Next question for me was about axe rushing – where is the copper and how close are my neighbours? Unfortunately the copper wasn’t in a viable BFC for any of my expansion cities so I would have to be OK with missing the hammers and just connecting it up for resource value once my borders expanded.

Boudica and her Celts were close enough to attempt with axes and her land looked pretty great too. I would definitely be sending axes her way, once my copper comes online. Probably good that I didn’t have copper right away since it meant I put hammers and chops into early wonders which turned out nicely.

I was able to get Judaism, and Confucianism, chop the Pyramids, and build the Oracle for Civil Service (675 BC). I couldn’t have planned it better with Judaism spreading across the inland see to Saladin, and Zara Yaqob; and I converted Gilgamesh with a missionary to get an excellent Jewish block. Conveniently Boudica founded Buddhism, so I would get my three religions, and would be almost certain to get a fourth with the easy tech lead. I got a GE from the Mids city so was able to get an early Sistene Chapel which was a lovely cultural prize.

It’s not particularly fun spamming missionaries to spread religion but that was obviously a major focus of the empire once I had enough troops to get the job done with Boudica.

At 1 AD I had taken all Celt cities through axemen, spears, and a few horse archers and was starting to prechop around Boudica’s ex-capital. I've spotted the marble inside Monty's border and am surveying my options for grabbing it. I also need to decide if I am going to build cathedrals in two of my cultural cites or expand to 9-10 cities so I can also cathedral my third. And of course there's many many missionaries still needed ASAP.

Cities: 7 (my 4 plus 3 from the Celts)
Population: 47
Wonders: Pyramids, Oracle, Sistene Chapel and almost Parthenon
Temples: 8
Big techs: Civil Service, Paper, Music, Philosophy (Got my 4th religion)

Next tech: Education or Theology
Challenger. 12 Cities. 35 Citizens. 3 Religions. 1 turn to Music. 1 Academy.

I have a State Religion in 11 of those Cities and Courthouses are being built.

In comparison, I have mapped out Monte's lands, and he has 47 Citizens. He also fields roughly 20 Jaguars, Axemen, and Spearmen, in addition to his Archers. Interestingly, I haven't spotted a single Chariot from him, even though he has at least one Horse Resource connected.

Boudica built a City by 2 Ivory Resources, beating Monte to what looked to be the same location by 1 turn. This stroke of luck is likely to be quite helpful, meaning that neither of them are likely to be able to build War Elephants, if I have my way.

Gilgamesh already has Feudalism and thus Boudica will be the most likely first target. I have only just started to create an "army," with 5 non-City-garrison Military Units in hand. It's rather slow for me to go to war, but with most of the recent Challenger games which I had tried being on Deity Difficulty Level, there was a different option available of peaceful expansion in this Immortal game.

Most of the AIs love each other, meaning that any warring is going to take a heavy diplomatic penalty. The map appears to have a well-distributed amount of Strategic Resources, meaning that there are unlikely to be easy targets. All of the AIs also appear to have early-game or mid-game Unique Units that will probably all see the fields of battle due to the positioning of the AIs (but perhaps not for the Noble Difficulty Level with a beeline of militaristic rushing).

The AIs have spread the Wonders amongst themselves, leaving none for me, yet.

I might have a chance at the Aesthetics-and-beyond Wonders, since my tech beeline has given me a timing advantage, but with a lack of Marble, they will be expensive.

There do not appear to have been any wars as of yet, but Zara's and Monte's mutual hatred looks like it will spark tensions. Monte's Spy was caught by Zara, further deepening the distrust.

I expect that any warring will be at tech-parity, meaning that I'll have to rely on tactics instead of a technological advantage. No "Knights pwn Archers" chance for me. More like "Axes and Horse Archers take on Gaellic Warriors and Catapults," then later likely "War Elephants, Catapults, and surviving Horse Archers versus War Elephants, Longbowmen, and Vultures," if I can secure Boudica's Ivory.

Any Victory Condition is still open, but I will likely be faced with a Time Loss--running out of real-life time to complete the game. It has been a fun blast, though, so, thanks for the game!

A new record for wasted opportunities. Lost Oracle CS slingshot by about 2 turns. Ultra low expansion.
No worries. It is Noble. You obviously already have Code of Laws and Mathematics, meaning that Catapults are at most 1 tech away.

Copper and Horse are near enough that you probably already have at least one of them, and a City in the far south-east will net you Iron if you haven't already secured it. Build Courthouses and then build up a stack of Catapults and supporting Units and take on Boudica. Go to war once you have 30 attacking Military Units, with about half of them being Catapults. Target her Iron with a Pillaging party or with Spy Sabotage at the start of the war.

You are Spiritual so you can give in to AI Demands to switch Religions or Civics to keep them off of your back.

In my game, I appear to have even Given Tribute and Given Help to Boudica, which keeps her pacified, giving us the time to build up a force to take her on.

With that much land in hand, spread the Apostolic Palace's Religion around in your own Cities and see if you can please enough of the AIs to land a Religious Victory.

Just be prepared to ask an AI who knows Feudalism and who is Pleased or Friendly toward you to give you 1 Gold (you can type in a value lower than 10 Gold by deleting the zero) as a Gift when Boudica's empire has lost about 3 Cities, since there is no diplomatic penalty for asking for for a Gift from a Pleased or Friendly AI, and doing so can prevent Boudica from Peace Vassalling to one of them and thereby landing you in a war which you had not planned to fight.

Just realise that there's a random amount of time before you can ask for a second Gift without receiving an automatic refusal, with an incremental counter increase of automatic refusals that would need to each randomly wear off before you can successfully ask again. Usually, you can ask for a second Gift roughly 50 turns later.
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