[BTS] BOTM 272: Darius, Noble; Final spoiler - Game submitted or abandoned


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BOTM 272: Darius, Noble - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Yada yada... tell us how you did. And remember, it isn't the mapmaker you had to beat, but the other humans who played and had as many advantages as you were given. If you failed to win... well, there is always next month.
Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

Did you win?

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Stayed on the warpath for the rest of the game. Hannibal eliminated next. Lost a lot of Immortals against the hilltop city of Carthage so started to add more horse archers to my stacks and even a few catapults to deal with the more well defended cities. Declared war on Joao and finished Bismarck en route (he had a culturally crushed city in the northeast). By then I started adding knights to my stacks so it was really easy to capture cities as the AI didn't have any longbows or pikes. Finished the game with the elimination of Suleiman. Turned up the culture slider for the last ten turns and achieved domination 680 AD.
I went for space.
After eliminating the Inca in the BCs, I went for Sumeria in the early ADs, then Germany (who had the only gold source in the map). @ Evil mapmaker, why no usable fish in the nice Swedish flag map? :lol: At least we got a very nice UB to counter the lack of health resources.
Portugal was the next on line and I took a few of their cities but then they vassaled to the Ottoman, before we could finish them off, which meant insta war vs Suleiman. Took a few Ottoman cities including Istanbul but had to give them peace before we could cross the land domination limit.
Libbed ALine and spammed the cheap factories, our spaceship landed in the 1600's. Not brilliant, but have done worse before :lol:

Now playing some old BOTM from 2020 while waiting for a new one... :mischief:
I think I attacked too late. As my sword rush was ready to start, almost everyone declared and I couldn ´t stabilize the situation.
probbaly should have rushed much earlier, settler elsewhere

any way to look back at the mao, how it was initialy?

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