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[BTS] BOTM 273: Qin, Prince - Final Spoiler (game submitted)


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BOTM 273: Qin Shi Huang, Prince - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

How did you do? Is it good enough for an award?
Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

Did you win?

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I settled in for a chilled out culture victory with a lot of mindless end turning and wonder building :bump:
Win date was 1832AD which was pretty terrible for this map and difficulty but I had fun!
Wonder wise, I missed out on the AP in 1320AD cause I forgot it was a world wonder for some reason :hammer2:
Also missed out on Three Gorges Dam and the space elavator cause my tech pace wasn't high enough. Was only 2 turns from plastics but Three Gorges would have been a ~18 turn build cause I skipped the production techs
Got all the other wonders after 1AD. Thanks for a fun game!
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I hadn't noticed the explicit call to wonders, but sure wouldn't have beaten Mairt's conscientious effort anyway. :)

I decided to go for domination and reached that in the 15th century, could have been sooner if I had committed to it earlier. After having cleared out the Romans in the BCs, I got all Sumerian possessions in Eurasia and vassaled Gilga with his belonging in Africa. Mansa for some reason was really pissed with me, so I had no hard feelings to conquer him next, followed by the Koreans and the Carthaginians. Meanwhile I started colonizing Australia and the islands in between, a good chunk of North America, and some spaces left in southern Africa, picking up some barb cities in the process. Finally also attacked Spain with the idea of leaving them 1 city, but I hit domination before the war was finished. Fun game, thanks kcd!
Terra is definitely my favorite mapscript, for me it adds some historical or roleplaying flavor.
That said, in this game my goal was a space colony victory, and despite having fun conquering or vassaling almost everybody, I ended up with a pretty mediocre finish date.
Also liked to play with events on, I would vote for keeping them on the lower difficult level games.
Thanks for another nice setup, @kcd_swede ! :hatsoff:
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