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[BTS] BOTM 274: Catherine, Emperor - Final Spoiler (Game Submitted)


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BOTM 274: Catherine, Emperor - Final Spoiler - Game Submitted

Use this thread to tell us what happened in your game, particularly anything after 1AD

Was the Trans-Siberian Railroad useful or harmful to your goals? If the latter... you should have pillaged it while you could... LOL!

Did you win?

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After conquering Pacal's capital in the BCs, the first milennium of the ADs was mainly about getting tech going and building up new forces for the conquest of Mayan lands. I didn't declare until 960AD and proceeded to capture all but two of his most eastern cities, with mainly medieval units. After peace, he immediately vassaled to Huayna, who was my source of elephants to bring him down in the first place. Then I just turtled along for a traditional libbing of MT with subsequent push to rifling, so then I brought the various flavours of Americans down on their knees in appraisal of Mother Russia. First I vassalled the blue Americans, who after the war were again pleased with Catherine's appearance. Then I eliminated the Aztecs completely, Monty had actually declared on me as a help to Washington. I followed up with Huayna first over Sitting Bull, in order to get rid of the last Mayan cities and was pleased that HC folded quite quickly, despite being relatively large still. Then all eyes went on SB, I captured three cities when I hit domination, the elimination of a culture bombed city close to the former American border took me over the finish. The Trans-Siberian Railroad certainly wasn't harmful, it surely helped with the transport of troops. Thanks for the game! :)
After we conquered the Mayan, the prebuilt railroad was indeed very useful to speed up troop travel on their way to conquer the next targets on the west (Aztec and Inca).
We stayed on good terms with the northern and native american civs for the whole game. Reached 50%+ land and cruised to yet another space race victory.
Thanks for the game!
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