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BOTM 48 Final Spoiler

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Game of the Month' started by babybluepants, Nov 19, 2011.

  1. babybluepants

    babybluepants Chieftain GOTM Staff

    Feb 5, 2009
    Vancouver, Canada

    BOTM 48 Final Spoiler

    So how did your game go after 1AD? Please tell everyone and discuss it in this thread, subject to...

    Reading Requirements

    Stop! If you are participating in BOTM 48, then you MUST NOT read this thread unless
    • You have submitted your entry

    Posting Restrictions
    • Please do not post any savegame file from the game. Discussions and screenshots are fine but not actual game saves.
  2. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Chieftain GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
    Space race victory. I didn't start heading for space until I had captured all cities of all three permanent war AI. By then I was doing enough science to get Future Techs in 3 turns. I couldn't build parts as fast, though... somehow I always mess that up. :rolleyes: Anyhow, its late enough in the 1900's that the 9 turns extra won't affect my placing in the standings much. As for score... well, I didn't even beat the AI score, so I'm no threat there, either.

    I only founded 4 cities the whole game. And one of those I lost to the green team at least 4 different times due to not paying attention. Didn't finish those guys off until Tanks.

    This one took me a looong time. Lots of fighting. I always had tech superiority. Maces first, Cuirs next, Cavs next, then artillery, and finally tanks. None of my war opponents ever got infantry, but I did see 1 or 2 artillery when I had 2 or 3 cities left to conquer. Killed over 100 riflemen and about as many LB's and Grens combined.

    Stalin was a monster, but teched slowly. He made up for this by generating GSpys every other turn which he used to steal techs like Fusion and sabotage SS parts until I set up proper defenses.

    Whew... a tough game. Would have been more challenging if the peace AI were notorius culture hogs, though. Nobody came close to a culture or diplo victory, and my late SS was far ahead of the competition (though Stalin was catching up quickly).

    Fun game! Although I decided what to do with the forced war, I really had no clue how to handle the forced peace... should have expanded more.

    Thanks for a very interesting (and exhausting) game! :goodjob:
  3. Kime11

    Kime11 Chieftain

    Feb 26, 2004
    Similar here. Late space. Could win diplo, but I thought it might be better to win 30 turns later, when newly conquered cities get culture and there is that thing that it takes 10 turns to calculate in score new cities or something like that... Indeed, I did get some 5k points more then I would if I won diplo as soon as I could (when conquered them all).
  4. mc-red

    mc-red Chieftain

    Dec 2, 2007
    Took the monarch save for the challenge and won by culture around turn 403 as it was getting late. I could have won domination by spreading culture but got tired of the micro and finished of my last two legendary cities at that time I had just over 50% of the land. Initially turtled up and built wonders and the sistine and just defended. Managed to oracle construction and I think managed to lib chemistry which allowed me to defend with better units and used a couple of great generals to create powerful warlords.
    Thanks for a really enjoyable game and set up.
  5. glxbg

    glxbg Chieftain

    Jan 6, 2011
    Diplomatic victory - 1822.
    Early in game I lost my first setlers to animals and then I decide reload game and play not for competition but for fun.
    I had so strong opening that I had never before and I decide post my result here.
    1665 built UN.
    1710 destroy all enemies.
    1755 Apollo Program finished
    Finally after 4-5 votes in 1822 I win diplomatic victory.
    88909 point.
    In 10 turn finished space ship.
  6. MarleysGh0st

    MarleysGh0st Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2008
    I thought I'd win the war and lose the peace, but--three years after Stalin launched his space ship--I managed to win both with a Diplomatic Victory in 1998.

    I spent most of the game on the defensive, with my tech lead on the Central Powers being just enough to hold them off. Advances came slowly, in an accurate re-enactment of the Great War. I razed an Austrian border city in 150 AD (I knew I didn't have the force to hold it). In 1320, I recaptured the barb city that the Bulgarians had taken from me and held for over a millennium. In 1570, I captured the Austrian border city that Franz Josef had rebuilt on the ruins of the first one I razed.

    Finally, in the 19th century, I was able to begin a sustained offensive. Hamburg fell in 1836 and the rest of Austria followed, with Franz Josef's last city falling in 1916 (fittingly, the year he died in real life). I then began the offensive against Bulgaria, which was eliminated in 1969. Next was Germany's turn, falling in 1983.

    In the meantime, the peaceful powers had long since surpassed me in tech and begun their space ship construction, with Churchill, Stalin and DeGaulle completing their Apollo programs in 1892, 1934 and 1946, respectively. (Even Wilhelm built Apollo in 1931! Those hammers would have been better spent building panzers.) Stalin launched his ship in 1995.

    I had been elected Secretary General after Churchill built the UN in 1944, but all the other powers abstained when I tried for a diplomatic victory. In a final bid to curry DeGaulle's favor, I abandoned Free Religion and adopted his Hinduism as my state religion. That did the trick and in the final UN vote of 1998, my 436 votes and DeGaulle's 186 gave me 6 more than the 616 I required. Churchill had 139 votes for himself and Stalin's 234 abstained. Whew!

    Thanks for an interesting and challenging game!

    Incidentally, Stalin turned out to be a capitalist imperialist! :) After he founded Mining, Inc., he began spreading his corporation to my cities. When Churchill founded Creative Construction, it became a race for them to see who could expand their own corporation to each of my cities first. That was great for my production during the war, but because many of those cities hadn't built courthouses yet, it severely depressed my economy until the war was over and I could finally begin a building boom.
  7. jesusin

    jesusin Ant GOTM Staff

    Aug 26, 2005
    jesusin, contender. Goal: cultural victory. Result: 1660AD cultural victory.

    After all the problems in the first spoiler I was breaking even at 0% research and no way to get out of the whole, while slowly losing wars on all fronts. Construction just got in.

    I concentrated on war only, feeling remorse for the unfocused way I had built my scarce units in the early game.

    Only capital has cottages. Bureaucracy+OR 300AD. I had founded Confu. After GS for Acad, GPro in 01 from Oracle, bulb Theo for my second religion. Churchill sent me his religion. Third GP was a GS that bulbed Philo for the 4th religion.

    WW: AP in 01, NE in 02, Parth in 03 (my only distraction from war efforts). Then Sistine's in 01.

    War: units building all around with continuous whipping. Franz felt easily 660AD thanks to Cats. My N stack was undecided, weaken Will by taking 2 or 3 small cities or go directly for the capital with Pyramids? I chose the later, taking Berlin (with Pyramids, GLH and Colossus) just 1000AD.
    Revolted to Representation but continued in slavery and OR, as there were many missionaries, temples and cathedrals to whip.
    War success also brought my 5th and 6th religions.

    1000AD Stats: 10 cities, 76 pop, 10 workers, 50units (13Cat), 4 strategic resources, 4 luxury resources, 5 health resources, 4 great persons, 4 world wonders, 2 national wonders, food/production/commerce=212-110-259, 73 sustainable beakers per turn, 145 culture per turn(useful), 41 great person points per turn, 340 gold. 6 religions. 7/7 cottages used, 30 Techs: Music, CS, Philo, Theo, no MC. 1 civs killed. 15 hours played. reli/city, temples, caths== 19,10,1

    Quickly took Drama, whipped theater in every city and hired 2 artists in every city. At last research started moving.

    Paper and 3 cathedrals by 1150AD.
    Educ and 7 cathedrals by 1250AD.
    Natio from Liber and 8 cathedrals by 1300AD. Will is history now, but I lose my Eastern most city.
    1450AD: city recovered, all units in the East, 11 cathedrals.
    1500AD: TajMaj and Hermitage are in. Last whips take me to 16 cathedrals, revolt to Mercantilism+Castes+Pacifism, grow pop and hire artists. Go 100% culture.

    As I had settled my cities looking for maximum food, I started to pop a GA every 2 turns. Also my cities with 6 cathedrals each had a high culture output. I should have revolted to Mercantilism+Castes+Pacifism 10 turns sooner; two reasons withhold me: tha uncertainty of the East war and the inability of the GPFarm to produce cathedrals without the whip.

    Everything moved so fast that in the end I had 2 spare GA that couldn't help my victory in a single turn :(. I could have kept putting out an artist every 2 turns for a while yet:(.

    All in all:
    Culture victory 1660AD. 31 realtime hours. Multipliers 6-5-5, bombs 0-7-6, base cpt 250-150-150, total of 3000cpt.
    22GP, 2 free: 2GS bulbed+Acad, 2GM joined+GAge, 3GPro bulbed+2GAge, 15GA 13bombed+2unused.

    I should have put mote attention to war early, saving me a lot of later efforts.
  8. Xcalibrator

    Xcalibrator Ultraviolet Catastrophe

    Sep 4, 2008
    Challenger Religious win, 1860 AD (T300), 57691 score
    Getting the religious win was a relief, as my other ploys either wouldn't work or would take a looong time. As I said in my 1 AD post, I started out hoping for Domination, but at the end Stalin had 17% land and the others probably not much less; I figure once my borders popped (I had just killed off the last of the Hostiles the previous turn) I'd have maybe 55% of the land. I'd founded Sid's Sushi hoping I could use the culture to push on the peaceful AIs but there wasn't much seafood or rice in this game so I doubt it would have worked. I also used about 5 culture bombs to little effect; got 2 cities to revolt once but they stablized and wouldn't flip. I also settled some cities up close to the peace guys' borders after taking out the bad guys but 2 of those attempts were soon swallowed by AI culture.

    I kinda figured that was a long shot. My backup was to go for a culture win (I'd built several cathedrals to apply cultural pressure and had 5 religions to spread if needed) but that would take a long time. As would Space. I got lucky with the religious situation. Bulgaria had built the AP under Hinduism and it had spread a fair amount to Russia. France also had a few cities and was my buddy so I infected a few more cities (but kept the French voting weight under Russia's so DeGaulle wouldn't be my opponent) and spread Hinduism to 1 English city. Once the bad guys were gone, all remaining civs had a vote. I wasn't sure at all, though, that I could get a religious win. The forum info I could find said that the non-resident opponent had to be a Full member (i.e., have the AP religion be the state one), but that wasn't the situation here; in fact, nobody was running Hinduism. After I'd been elected AP resident and the first resolution vote came up I was surprised to see that it would work (and that I was the only candidate)! But France wouldn't vote for me, even though DeGaulle was at +9 relations. For the next vote I bribed him into Nationalism (his favorite civic) and switched myself--problem solved. :)

    But let's back up to 1 AD. I had 7 cities but was being harassed in the east and couldn't expand further, although I knew there were horses and dye not far away. I finally got the upper hand and could escort a settler, but Russia beat me to the horses/wheat site by a few turns. I was a day late and a dollar short again when I realized there was still a sliver of unclaimed land to the north of there, but Russia's borders popped before I could get there. D'oh! Soon after I captured 2 Bulgarian cities south and east of there and set off a couple culture bombs. I got the horse city to revolt once, and even claimed the horses for a few turns (enough to build 2 knights) but that was my high water mark.

    I was making steady progress against Bulgaria while literally holding the fort(s) against Austria-Hungary and Germany in the north. I didn't settle a city in the mountain gap in time and quite a few units entered my lands. During some breaks in the action I sent up a couple units with workers and managed to build forts on the jungle hill and the forest to its SW. Once I got Woody and/or Guerrilla units in there it was great! :) The enemy would just suicide themselves and I could usually clean up anything that dared venture into the gap between them pretty easily. By the end of the game I'd birthed 9 Great Generals and killed 52 maces, 45 pikes, 47 LBs, 73 XBs, 46 knights, 93 cats, ... I finished off Bulgaria first, then AH, and finally Germany. Willy got artillery about 10 turns before the end but it was too late; I had infantry, which were enough, especially coming out of Ankara with 11 XPs.

    Misc: Built MoM 720 AD, Parthenon 740, Taj 1130. Got Liberalism 1130 and took Constitution since I was running so many specialists. I actually ran Pacifism for most of the game to boost my GPs, although I switched to Theocracy about halfway through Bulgaria. GPs were 1 GP, 6 GA, 9 GS, and 5 GM.
  9. Sleepless

    Sleepless Chieftain

    Feb 11, 2006
    Fun game and managed a space win in 1824. Must be the first game I've played after wiping out all the enemy AI I realised I didn't need any military so apart from one mp per city had to go round deleting all my units and I had a lot.. :)
  10. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007
    Domination ~1700s

    Had a great start, had Maces going at a good date, but I just planned my war terribly. Didn't whip enough at the start, changed to Caste when I thought the wars were won, but they were just getting warmed up. Defeated Austrians easily, but the Germans were a bit more trouble. After a very long war, with heavy losses on both sides, eventually conquered the bloody Bulgarians, and squeezed the others for culture to trip Domination in the 1700s.

    Someone will do it properly, and smash this date by 400-500 years.

    Fun game, interesting setup with the relentless stacks coming at us the whole game until the AI were smashed.
  11. zamint3

    zamint3 Chieftain

    May 18, 2003
    At 300 AD I started 24 turns of GA with a switch to HR+Bureau+Caste+Pascifism :)

    Stayed at 10 cities as of 1 AD until 1100AD, when my Cur's (assisted early on by cats and trebs) started the real war after a switch to Vassalage+Slavery+Theocracy! :hammer:

    1150AD: Austria-Hungary dead
    1270AD: Germany dead
    1390AD: Bulgaria dead

    After the war I had to put a little cultural pressure on my friends to reach domination ;)

    67 cities in the end :)

    Not having counted any tiles I expected it to be harder to reach domination, so I already had plans for building cathedrals :crazyeye:
    I should have used the whip and killed the AI much sooner... :mischief:
  12. Xcalibrator

    Xcalibrator Ultraviolet Catastrophe

    Sep 4, 2008
    neil and z3, congrats! And tell us more about how/if you pushed back the peace camp with culture to gain the required land for Domination. :)
  13. SilentWatcher

    SilentWatcher Chieftain

    Sep 11, 2009
    Hi. Just wanted to know if anybody else had spotted this. I keep a shortcut to my CIV save folder on my desktop, that way I can just double click the last save file and load up the mod that saved it automatically. Being that that folder is called Single I have a folder that reads: Shortcut to single.

    As I am now on my 3rd attempt to beat botm 48 and have put in 70 odd hours since it was uploaded I think they might have a point.
  14. neilmeister

    neilmeister Lentils have feelings too GOTM Staff

    May 4, 2007
    Pushing back culture is all about spreading a bit of religion about, so you can build monastaries, and settling lots of little filler cities. I managed to get a cities in a few small gaps, and by the end of the game, it looked like this:

    Spoiler :

  15. kcd_swede

    kcd_swede Chieftain GOTM Staff

    Jun 21, 2007
    Stockholm's B.F.C.
  16. zamint3

    zamint3 Chieftain

    May 18, 2003
    I built quite a few temples preparing for cathedrals, but that was not necessary at all. :crazyeye:

    With all those mountains, the AI left a lot of small spots for filler cities. In some I built a theater and ran a few artists but mostly I just build culture and kept the culture slider as high as possible. :)

    Spoiler :
    My last city in the French mountain range, actually this city delayed my victory for a turn or two, as my first settler got caught by a barb archer hiding on an alpine top. :mad:

    The Russian mountain area:

  17. pnp_dredd

    pnp_dredd civ junkie

    Jan 23, 2002
    Canberra, Australia
    Thanks for an interesting and fun game!

    I got a cultural victory, very close to Jesusin but I think one turn slower.

    My LCs were SIP, one to the East with FPs and lots of hills, and one to the north with some sugar, riverside GLs and hills. My non-LC GP farm was on the FPs to the West. I built lots of wonders, and got a CS sling, but missed a few nice Wonders because of that focus. I missed Mids, and MoM went before I teched Calendar.

    I mainly played defensivally, using axes, maces, pikes and finally janissaries. Lost a city to the East at one stage, but due to stupid AI not garrisoning it's stack in the city, I took it back a few turns later.

    I founded Conf and Tao, but needed to go to war to get an extra religion (in hindsight I probably should have just teched Theology and Divine Right instead). That war stalled after taking two of Austria's cities, due to enourmous German stacks and LBs. A more aggressive war strategy would have resulted in a better outcome, with earlier wars as a high priority; or alternately no war at all and many saved hammers, although in that case there wasn't space for 10 tasty cities. I took a middle ground approach that wasn't optimal.

    In the end I had just the 3 religions, so my multipliers were fairly low and I spent a long time building culture in my LCs.

    I had good luck with Great People, considering all the pollution from the wonders. I think I got 3 GSci (Academies and bulbs), 2 GPro (1 shrine, 1 GAge), 1 GEng at low odds (Taj) and the rest were Artists.
  18. da_Vinci

    da_Vinci Gypsy Prince

    Jun 13, 2004
    Maryland, USA
    1903 Diplo win. 323 Turns Base score 6039 Final score 55,617

    Contender save, settled in place. Turn by turn details in the spoiler tab.

    Once I saw the mountains and passes, plan was to get cities in the N and E passes, to block invasions, fill in my space there and west, get to jans, and go after the perm war enemies. There are a couple of classic desparate defenses of Bursa, my eastern pass city, detailed in the spoiler tab. Stalin settled a city between me and Bulgaria in the east, and getting him to close borders with Bulgaria for a time took some pressure off there for a while.

    Spoiler :
    BOTM 48 Notes
    Turn 0: Istanbul founded in place. With food, marble, hills, floodplains, forests, who could ask for more?
    Mining first tech. Worker first build.
    Turn 8: Mining done, next AH for the pigs.
    T 10: Worker done, heading for the corn. Warrior build. Switch to oasis for faster tech (AH from 9 to 7 turns vs. the forest hill worked for worker build).
    T 15: Bud distant land
    T 16: Franz Joseph converts to Bud, so we know who.
    T 17: Warrior built, make another. Send him north.
    T 18: AH done, no horses in sight. BW next. Istanbul is size 2 working corn farm and oasis.
    T 21: North warrior kills a lion. Meet Russia from the East
    T 23: North warrior kills another lion, gets woody 1 promo. Looks like a mountain pass in the north I need to occupy with a city. Istanbul hit size 3 a turn or two ago, working corn farm, loose pigs, and oasis.
    T 25: Istanbul size 4. Now working oasis, loose pigs, two flood plains to get BW in 4 turns.
    T 26: Warrior 1 from Istanbul in north killed a panther a turn ago. Warrior 2 found that we have a mountain wall protecting our northwest corner.
    T 29: Warrior 1 (Istanbul) kills a wolf. He’s one point away from woody 2. Two turns ago moved citizen off the finally pastured pigs (worker built roads on the way) so warrior and growth match to fix no defense unhappy. BW is done, pottery next. Copper NE outside fat cross.
    T 30: Revolt to Slavery. Building settler for the copper, before Russia gets it. Warrior 1 (Istanbul) finds Autro-Hungarian Empire in the north.
    T 31: Met a French scout in the west.
    T 37: Founded Ankara north of the NE copper. Warrior confirms NE mountain wall as well. Istanbul about to complete worker build after the settler.
    T 42: Copper mine and road done. Feeling better about defense.
    T 44: Henge built far away.
    T 45: Granary in Istanbul. Start second settler.
    T 47: Writing done. OB with France and Russia. Research Math
    T 48: Granary in Ankara, barracks next.
    T 50: Setter whipped for two in Istanbul, (4>2), now library.
    T 51: Founded Bursa 2 west of the east fish for fish and floodplains.
    T 54: Whipped library in Istanbul (4>2). I’m going to work scientists for early academy.
    T 59: Whipped granary in Bursa (2>1).
    T61: Math done, now masonry.
    T 64: Academy in Istanbul.
    T 65: Masonry done, Alpha next. Get Hammam in Istanbul, then chase ‘mids.
    T67: Whip Hammam in Istanbul (4>2). Mids next.
    T 71: Serbia has the score lead at 219 vs. Germany’s 209
    T 72: Gaziantep founded NE of the northern corn, to put culture into the north pass.
    T73: Whipped settler into ‘mids (5>3).
    T 75: Jud distant. Barb warriors appear to our west. Get an axe quick out of Istanbul in 3 turns.
    T 76: Diyarbakir founded south for the clam and spice.
    T77: Bulgaria is the founder of Judaism. Aus-Hung is Bud, Russia is Hindu. Alpha is in, let’s see what the world has for techs. Wow, no one that I know has writing yet! Hmm, no one will trade. Currency next.
    T 81: Franz Joseph’s scout shows up in the eastern pass. Kaiser Wilhelm’s archer shows up in the northern pass. I have an axeman in each place. North axe waits, but east scout and a west barb warrior fall to my axes.
    T 84: Wilhelm’s archer dies attacking my hill fortified axe across a river in the north. Traded math to de Gaulle for hunting and fishing (every little tech helps).
    T 86: de Gaulle beats me to mids and he converts to rep. I get 174 gold.
    T 87: Axe finds Essen in the north, where Franz has several chariots. Time to make some spears.
    T 88: Lost the axe at Essen to a chariot.
    T 90: Axeman finds the Bulgarian border in the east.
    T 95: Currency is done. Aesthetics for Parthenon.
    T 96: Currency to de Gaulle for sailing, archery, iron working and 10 gold. Iron under Istanbul.
    T 98: Whip Hanging Gardens in Istanbul (8>4).
    T 101: Barb warrior provides opportunity to generate a medic 1 spearman.
    T 102: We meet Churchil … and he is in last place score-wise. Only tech he has to trade is myst. Get that myself in 1, see what else he might have.
    T 106: Founded Kayseri west for pigs clams and floodplains. Looking like GP farm.
    T 108: Confu distant.
    T 111: Lit done. Calendar for some happiness. Wilhelm is bringing sword, axe, three archers to north pass. Bulgaria brings 3 axe, 2 spear and 1 archer to the east pass. Time to withdraw to defenses, research construction.
    Turn 115: While I am busy killing the Germans (swords, axes and archers) at Gaziantep, Austria has sent four chariots toward Ankara. Archer, spear and warrior defending. Need the whip and the upgrade quick. Bulgaria has retreated in the east.
    T 116: So of course my spear loses a 99.4 win chance attack on a chariot as it moves adjacent to Ankara.
    T 117: Franz returns the favor by impaling all four chariots on my two spears in the hill city. We have held, no pillage, nice unit promos, and first GG in hand.
    T 120: Parthenon in Istanbul.
    T121: GS in Bursa. Gems discovered at Istanbul.
    T 122: GS starts golden age. Convert to Confu, as de Gaulle is that and is best tech partner. Get Monothetism in one turn for OR.
    T 127: Const done, COL next. Get calendar from Churchill for mono, poly and aesthetics.
    T 129: COL done.
    T 130: GA ends, GArt in Istanbul. Ten Bulgarian units arrive at northern pass. Five axes, four spears, one archer.
    T 133: Great Lib done in Istanbul. Bulgaria impales all his axes on my two fortified jungle axes. Five axes and two spears fall before my brave defenders fall. The remaining four units (spears and an archer) fall to my cats, swords and axes. The homeland is safe once more. Trade aesthetics to de Gaulle for monarchy. Revolt to H rule, as Istanbul is size 10 and needs it.
    T 134: Priesthood done, CS next.
    T 136: Meditation to Stalin for 50 gold. Priest to Churchill for 40 gold. Barb galley in the Med Sea is killing my fishermen, so time to build a navy.
    T 143: Wilhelm and Franz are sending a combined force through the northern pass: Willy sending 3 swords, five axes, and two archers. Franz has a cat, and archer and 8 chariots on the same tile, with two archers and a chariot one tile behind. Just completed CS, used GS+GA for golden age, revolted to Bureau. MC>Machinery for maces, then paper, edu, gunpowder.
    T 145: Franz and Willy don’t bring the whole stack, only about 2/3 of it. After five cats smash it, I wipe it out.
    T 148: MC done, mach in 3. The Bulgarians are at the eastern pass with a sword, two axes and two spears.
    T 150: Founded Denizli west for iron two floodplains (to farm) and lots of hills (for hammers).
    T 151: Mach done. Paper next. My GA ends. Cats attack Bulgarian stack, we wound it and kill one.
    T 152: The wounded Bulgarians fall back as I whip a mace in Bursa.
    T 153: Feudalism and 40 gold from de Gaulle for CS and literature. My north army, which is 15 units strong, moves on Essen (Aus Hung on my border).
    T 158: Essen falls.
    T 162: Detoured to Theo to get the AP. Bulgarians have 15 troops coming in east pass, while Germans have 10 coming in the north pass. Have to scramble for the east defense.
    T 164: German north army is destroyed. Bulgarian invasion is dicey. Bursa might not hold.
    T 165: Bulgaria diverts to hit a small army (4 units) coming back for defense … it assures that Bursa will hold.
    T 168: I build AP in Istanbul.
    T 176: Education done, now Gunpowder.
    T 179: Razed Austrian Capital (German army on scene prevented holding it). It was said to be Hamburg, but we all know it was really Vienna.
    T 180: Now defending a German army and a Bulgarian army in the north pass.
    T 183: First Bulgarian army in north decimated, but a second Bulgarian army there, and one in the east pass.
    T 184: Traded philosophy and … I forget what, to Churchill for engineering. Wilhelm impales a couple axes against Essen.
    T 185: Gunpowder done. Now Guilds.
    T 186: East Bulgarian army decimated. My big north army leaves Essen, no point holding a size 1 city. I’ll send it east to kick Bulgaria while holding in the north pass.
    T 187: Bulgaria impales the small north army against my main north army. Hmm … maybe I keep that army in the north, since I gave Stalin Theo to stop trading with Bulgaria, which seals my east pass.
    T 209: Cologne falls (Austrian)
    T 211: So-called Leipzig (really Vienna, the original capital site) falls.
    T 216: Steel from Lib. Now let’s get this party started with cannons! Picked up maps from de Gaulle and Churchill.
    T 222: Bremen falls (AusHung)
    T 226: Stuttgart, the exile capital of Austria, falls. The hated enemy is destroyed. Found Mugla 3 west of Stuttgart to claim some land (in the culture vacuum).
    T 230: Munich falls. Founded Eskisiher near Cologne to claim land. Bulgaria has tech parity (Jans, can research rifling). I am finishing rep parts in 2, then rifles. Art, Rockets on way to UN for better troops.
    T 232: Rep parts done, now Rifles.
    T 237: Oops, Stalin went OB with Bulgaria and I missed it. Small army in my east, my defense is thin. Got Stalin to close borders again. Might lose a city.

    T 238: The battle of Bursa. Bulgarian Rifle, 3 Jan, 3 Knight, 2 Mace face off against my Jan (just whipped), CG 2 LB, Cannon and Super Medic Spear (forgot to up to pike) with 60% defense bonus in city. I survive! LB kills two maces and lives. Jan kills rifle, knight, and dies to a Jan. Cannon kills a knight and two jans. Supermedic spear kills a knight. Arriving reinforcements mop up the wounded Jan, and the threat is over.
    T 239: Rifling done. Hmm, relations screen shows OB still on for Staling and Bulgaria. Indeed, Bulgaria is coming with 30+ units at the eastern pass. Time for nationhood.
    T 240: Berlin falls. The eastern Bulgarian stack moves on Bursa, it won’t hold this time, but we will take as many down with us as we fall.
    T 241: Defenses at Bursa taken down to 12%, but no assault. Last turn and this we have hit it with four rounds of cannon, and he’s down to about 25 wounded units, with his rifles and jans killed. We’ll see what happens.
    T 242: Second Battle of Bursa. We survive again! 9 Rifles, 2 Knights, 1 Mace and 1 Pike, with the rifles and knights wounded from attacking the stack pre-emptively, withstand 11 rounds of collateral damage (9 cat, 2 treb) killing 4 cats and 1 treb, and 14 other attacks: 4 HA (2 kills, one w/draw, one killed a rifle of ours), 4 KN (3 kills, one killed a rifle of ours), 2 CBow (one kill, one killed a KN of ours), 1 LBow (killed our mace), 1 PK (killed a rifle of ours), 1 rifle (we killed it), and 1 chariot (we killed it).
    Losses are 3 rifles, one mace, one KN. Kills are 4 cats, 1 treb, 1 rifle, 3 KN, 2 HA, and 1 CBow. Our survivors are 6 rifles, 1 KN, 1 PK.
    T 243: Now its our turn, as reinforcements arrive at Bursa. The conscripts are seeing heavy action.
    We kill 4 cats, 2 horse archers, 2 trebs, 1 Cbow, 1 LBow, 1 PK and 1 KN. The final attack by our strength 2 KN against his strength 0.6 HA killed the second treb by flank attack. The once mighty Bulgarian stack is gone, and Bursa is safe, for the moment.
    Corporation from de Gaulle for Chemistry.
    T 248: Dusseldorf falls. Democracy and 100 gold from de Gaulle for rep parts and I forget what else.
    T 250: Sci meth done, now communism. Trade mission to London for 1300 gold.
    T 255: Frankfurt falls. Found Inebolu west of Frankfurt to claim land. Bulgaria bringing 10 rifles and 7 Knights through the east pass. I have 4 cannons and 23 rifles waiting for him. HE and IW cities pumping a cannon each every 3 turns.
    T 256: I found Sinop south of Frankfurt to claim land. Vasil only brings 5 rifles, 7 knights and 3 trebs through the east pass.
    T 258: 4 rifles 7 knights and 3 trebs of Vasil advance on Bursa. 6 cannons barrage, 3 die and 3 retreat. Then my rifles mop up the whole stack.
    T 261: Dortmund falls.
    T 262: Now running state prop, emamcipation, bureau, pacifism, and U Suff.
    T 278: Hanover falls, and the first Bulgarian city, Anatalya, falls.
    T 281: Kremlin in Gaziantep
    T 287: Assembly line done. Now the run to mass media. Have artillery as well, upgrade time.
    T 291: Zhou (German) falls in the Far East. My north army that invaded Germany swung clockwise to the east to get there.
    T 293: Saxon (Bulgarian) falls.
    T 295: Assyrian (German) in the Far East falls, Germany is destroyed.
    T 300: Izimir and Teoihuican (both Bulgarian) fall. The Bulgarian resistance is broken, as there are barely a half dozen defenders in the remaining cites. Now the question is how to get the votes from de Gaulle and Churchill … they aren’t listed as voting for me in the AP (but maybe I need to be out of free religion to see that?) Might need to coax them back into their favorite civics. Radio is 3 turns away.
    T 302: Radio done, now Biology in 2.
    T 308: Mass Media done. (1876)
    T 314: Bulgaria is destroyed by mighty Serbia. The last battle has been fought. We built Cristo a few turns ago, went to nationalism, got Churchill and de Gaulle into it for fav civ points. UN in a turn or two.
    T 316: UN Built by Serbia (1892).

    1903 Diplo win. 323 Turns Base score 6039 Final score 55,617

  19. Greeder

    Greeder Chieftain

    Dec 1, 2010
    I didn't have time to finish this BOTM! Amazing, isn't it?
    As I wrote in first spoiler at 1 AD I was close to failure. I lost northern city to Germans, but recaptured it one turn later. Bulgarians on the east where stupid enough to come in small stacks instead of one huge which would crush my defense. So I happily continued building Wonders (Parthenon, Hagia Sophia) and researching. Around 1300 AD I had small army of Jans and was ready to crush Bulgarians when I saw big German stack in the North. I'm not sure if I could defend my city there. Anyway it is academic discussion as I won't finish this game.
    Even if I would finish this game it would be my usual disaster - victory in 20th century.
  20. Kime11

    Kime11 Chieftain

    Feb 26, 2004
    well, that counts also, you don't have to be the best :)...

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