Boy watches in horror as teens hang his dog


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Aug 30, 2001
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Just got this off the DRUDGE REPORT, this is really sickening --

Boy watches in horror as teens hang his dog
Edmonton Journal
Sun Feb 03 2002 14:37:13 ET

A 10-year-old boy had to watch in horror Saturday afternoon as the dog he had grown up with was hanged from some playground equipment by a group of teens.

``I've never dealt with anything like this before,'' said Const. Mike Moulds of the RCMP. ``This is quite disturbing to think that people could do this.''

The attack happened at a schoolyard in the Edmonton suburb of St. Albert.

The boy was playing with his dog, Sheba, on a slide at around 2 p.m. when the teens approached.

Moulds said the teens took the eight-year-old German-shepherd cross from the boy and used the leash to hang it from the top of a piece of equipment.

When police arrived the dog was dead. The boy's mother, who only wanted the family's first names used, told the Edmonton Journal that her son David had been crying uncontrollably since the dog was killed.

``There are sick kids out there and they need help and they need to come to justice,'' said Donna, David's mother. ``They traumatized my 10-year-old son. He blames himself for this because he couldn't do anything.''

David told Donna that, when the boys approached, they were taunting him.

David yelled for help and ran to a nearby skating rink when they hanged his dog.

He found a stranger with a cellphone ``and said `please call my mom and dad because my dog is strangling,''' Donna said.

Moulds said officers have fanned out looking for information on suspects, but no arrested had been made as of Saturday night.

Seriously, this is ****ing sick.
I can't stand it.
I am on the verge of tears when i hear what kids/people do to innocent animals.
This is..............Pathetic.
Why? You just don't do stuff like that.
If that ever happened to my dog i would pick up the biggest stick i could fint and first hit their legs so that they would fall then get my dog down and then smack their skulls in.

Why did you have to post this?
Now i get nautious every time i think about the forum


I MUST! Kill!

If that happened to my kid if I had one, I would just beat the crap out of the person I found.

Stupid people killing the animals... I swear I am going to find anyone who has ever abused an animal and beat them to a pulp...

SICK people!~
:cry: That is so SAD. I hope they find those little punks and show them what real pain is. :mad: :aargh3:
:satan: :rocket2:
I have a nephew around that age and somebody shot his dog. Miserable no-good sonofasoandsos.
where do you get these horrible topics from??? :rolleyes:
That is not cool. Hell that is sick. What kind of freaks would do that. If that happened to be I would get the hurley stick out and beat the living hell out of them
:cry: How can people do things like this? Animals are truly innocent....
****ing demented sickos... how the hell could anyone do that, especially with the kid sitting there watching... omg...

one question though: other than grossing us all out, and causing my faith in the human race to waver a little more (its been doing that a lot lately), what did you hope to accomplish by this post?:confused:
Sickening. These things, no matter their age or circumstances, have forfeited their humanity. Hunt them down, and ask them to kindly put their mouths on the curb...
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Sorry. :blush: I didn't mean it like that.
Alta. boy who claimed his dog hanged by three teenagers recants story

EDMONTON (CP) - A 10-year-old boy who had claimed a group of teenagers hanged his dog at a playground recanted the story Monday.

RCMP in St. Albert, a bedroom community north of Edmonton, issued a news release saying the dog "in fact died as a result of accidentally falling from the play structure while the leash was still on." They said they considered their investigation into the matter closed. Earlier reports of the boy's dog being hanged by bullies on a school playground had prompted people across North America to offer rewards to help find the culprits.

"We see things in the paper every day. There are all sorts of injustices, but this just rubs me the wrong way," said Clint Undseth, 37, a dog owner from Calgary.

"This young boy having to watch his dog hanged in front of him - I mean, my God, what's that?"

Const. Mike Moulds of St. Albert RCMP had said the detachment was swamped with calls about the case.

"We've received calls from all over Canada actually, people wanting to lend support for the boy or they want to set up a reward fund."

The boy, David Barney, had told his parents he was playing with Sheba, his German shepherd cross, at Sir Alexander Mackenzie elementary school Saturday afternoon when three boys approached and started teasing him.

David told his parents they hanged Sheba by her leash from a piece of playground equipment while he cried out for help.

Some men from a nearby skating rink tried to rescue the dog but when they pulled it down, it was dead.

(Edmonton Journal-Edmonton Sun)
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