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Brick Wall crashes


Jan 13, 2002
Rochester, England
Grrrn! How many times have I started completely new games with all versions of patch available, only to reach a point where the game just drops out half way through cycling through the cities after pressing return..?

I tried going back to the previous turn, and doing some of my moves differently, and did notice that on not founding a new city (I've got quite a few!) the game crash then occured one city later in the cycle - dunno if this means anything, but it might.

No problems with graphics, and other problems I've read about on here, but my prob means I have reached a finite point in game progress (one turn after steam power?) where I just cannot go any further, no matter what I try. I even tried going back the maximum number of moves possible in case I had a corrupted game save file, but also to no avail.

Any help would be appreciated folks.

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