Bridges as improvements


Jun 28, 2022
One thing I'd love to see more of in CIV VII is more infastructure improvements. To this end, I posted a couple days ago on Reddit about an idea I had to make bridges an infrastructure improvement. So here it is.

Suggestion: Make Bridges Tile Improvements

Rationale: This would allow terrain, mainly rivers, to have a much stronger and more historical impact on wars. In particular, the various tiers would force the player/AI to strategize on the movement of armies, rather than a broad push forward. As such I think this would work as it add a greater depth of strategy to the game in regard to war.

Mechanics: Bridges would only be able to built on tiles with rivers, and can be build to no more than one other bridge. Additional, there would be a -30% debuff on attacking from one bridge tile to another, with an additional 10% bonus for defending on a bridge tile. (Meaning that if you hold the other side of the bridge, you could get a astounding +60% defensive bonus from defending on a bridge). Furthermore, units would have the ability in defensive wars to self-pillage a bridge, which would labeled "Detonate bridge". There would four tiers of bridges, with the first three be automatic upgrades, with the final one being an optional manual upgrade. To start, at the start of the game only units in the melee, recon, and support class would be able to cross rivers prior to sailing (via swimming). Thus, with bridges more unit classes would be allowed to cross bridges. The various tiers are as such:

Bridges unlocked at Wheel

Tier 1: Wooden Bridge (Ancient and Classical Eras: Most basic bridge. Allows Recon, Melee, Ranged, Religious, Civilian, and the "Other" unit classes to cross without movement penalty. May be targeted by Siege, Ranged, Naval Ranged, and Bomber units for "Strategic Strike". There is however, a 5% chance of these units taking 5 damage (to simulate the bridge breaking under the weight)

Automatic upgrade at Castles

Tier 2: Stone Bridge (Medieval to Industrial Eras): Better bridge, but still some limitations. Now allows Siege, Support, and Light/Ranged Cavalry Classes to cross rivers without unimpeded; however, these is still a 5% chance of units taking 5 damage. May be target by Siege, Ranged, Naval Ranged, and Bomber units for "Strategic Strike"

Automatic upgrade at Combustion

Tier 3: Cement Bridge (Industrial to Future Eras): Best non-industrial bridge. Now allows Heavy Cavalry to cross river movement penalty, also chance of units taking 5 damage is reduced to 2%. May be targeted by Siege, Naval Ranged, and Bomber units for "Strategic Strike".

Unlocked at Steam Power

Tier 4: Steel Bridge (Industrial to Future Eras): Most advanced bridge, must be manually updated with worker/builder. Allows all unit classes to cross rivers without movement penalty and no chance of damage. May only be target by Bomber Units for "Strategic Strike".
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