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Deconstructing Minds
May 26, 2004
Hey all, its been a long time since I played but recently got BTS so starting again.

Am getting frustrated with this a common occurence? Why did they take away the nice Civ3 scenario editor, was that really necessary just because of the change to XML...?

Anyway, I want to create a scenario which uses the standard BTS rules (so no modding) on a specific map of earth I have. Is there anyway for me to choose the civs that will be played on the map without going into XML files...because at the moment I either create a custom scenario, in which case I'm limited to the civs the map was made for, or I create a normal game, choose my civs, then load the map via world builder, in which case it changes all the civs I've chosen to the ones loaded with the map.

For Civ3 there was just a Civilisation screen where you could set all the info about different civs...why'd they get rid of that (or if they didn't, where in WorldBuilder is it?) Is there anyway I can set the civs without XML modding, or am I going to have to go into that?
Make a map with the civs you want.
Open it (in any text editing program) and copy the players(/teams) to the other map.

Might be better ways to do it but that's at least one way.
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