Broadcasting Corporation?


Jul 28, 2008
I was wondering if anyone has ever added a broadcasting/entertainment corporation to BTS? While reading and chopping up others' mods (I wanted to see why/how they worked), it occurred to me that a corporation completely based off of world wonders that give resources (musicals, singles, movies) could be an interesting addition to a mod that extends the modern/future period. I would probably add two more world wonders (news corp. [with mass media to make it harder to avoid] and video games [computers]) and decrease the amount of all resources from 5 to 4 (standard size) per wonder. In practice, I would want it to act like Civ Jewelers already does. Meaning I always want it to be profitable and I want culture produced.

Also, I was wondering if it's possible to have a rival's building produce a seperate rival's culture given certain conditions. Basically, I was thinking of having the broadcasting tower spread rival culture (slowly, maybe 10 points a turn) provided that the rival owned more "wonder resources" than the defender. So basically, if you build a broadcasting tower, but don't trade for the wonder resources, you are inviting rival culture into your borders. So you either don't build the tower, or trade for the resources. This could make interesting strategy decisions on whether or not to potentially end a trade and end the happiness bonus and the +2 happiness or whether to open such a trade in the first place (player is culture weak and next to a culturally strong opponent). Hell even canceling trades as the owner of the resources would have more implications (your culture stops spreading or spreads slower) which is nice because most of the time those extra movies/musicals/singles can just be cancelled and immediately traded to some other civ for roughly the same type of resources.
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