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Broken Link Help!

Discussion in 'Civ4Col - Age of Discovery II' started by Gargosa, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. Gargosa

    Gargosa Chieftain

    Jan 6, 2013
    Hi, I just got Civilization 4 Colonization and I was looking around for mods and I came across this mod and got really really really excited to play it, but when I tried to follow the download link I found it broken. I tried to look around Google to find another download link but the only ones I found were from really early versions. I was wondering if anyone could help me get this mod?
  2. SR-71

    SR-71 Terminator T850 model 101

    Apr 28, 2009
    Seville, Spain
    The DL link it's not broken. I've just downloaded two minutes ago. Try again :cool:
  3. freethink

    freethink Chieftain

    Dec 17, 2011
    Great Light House
    The mod link works but not the addon
    I have a question?
    IS 1.12 required to play some of the custom maps I got an error for Columbus's dream saying the directory was not recognized

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