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[BtS] Amra's Modpack v3 for Beyond the Sword

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by Amra, Mar 16, 2008.

  1. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
    (for Civ4: Beyond the Sword v3.13)
    A fun mix of real world and fantasy civilizations.
    Advanced & Basic versions are available

    Previous versions of this modpack (for Vanilla and Warlords) are no longer supported. I'm really sorry but I just don't have the time anymore. I advise you to buy the BtS Expansion pack if you haven't already, it really adds a lot to Civ4 and is well worth the money.


    Note that this modpack includes mostly real world civs & leaders but I have also included a handful of "Fantasy" civs & leaders such as Conan. Also, the Transylvania civ is a mix of real & fantasy worlds. It is NOT intended to represent the real Transylvania and is in the game purely for entertainment purposes.



    This modpack is temporarily on hold until (hopefully) August due to personal reasons.

    Both modpacks listed below are suggested for players with high-end computers. Each modpack is very large and adds a lot of new graphical items to the game that can bog down older computers, especially ones with not much video or system memory.

    Each download may require 7-Zip to extract the modpack. It is free & can be found HERE.

    :bts: DOWNLOAD AMRA ADVANCED V3.10 :bts:
    ** ~283MB ** Scroll down if looking for the Basic version. You do not need both, just one or the other.

    ** ~3MB ** Install this AFTER version 3.10 in order to get the latest fixes. Click the spoiler below for a list of changes.


    ** Amra Advanced v3.11 (Beyond the Sword v3.13) **
    - Fixed Revolution mod initialization popup error regarding Start as Minors component
    - Fixed DCM Bombard conflict with Route Pillaging in MissionInfos XML
    - Fixed DCM Battle Effects SDK coding error in CvGlobals.cpp and recompiled DLL
    - Compiled and included alternate DLL without Influence Driven Warfare (IDW) component
    - Tweaked a few play balancing items (thanks Alkyon for suggestions)
    - Added/converted varous premade maps to work with Amra Advanced (with random civs and resources)
    - Added Rhye's Earth map converted for Revolution Mod by jdog5000 (tweaked to work with Amra Advanced)

    Extract this file to your Beyond the Sword "Mods" folder within the Beyond the Sword game directory. For example, C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\MODS. It should create a folder called "Amra Advanced" that will include all of the modpack files. In game, click on "Advanced" and then "Load a Mod" to play.

    If the fonts do not display correctly for the modpack's new theme, simply copy the contents of the Amra Advanced\Resource\Fonts folder (the *.ttf files) into your Windows\Fonts folder.

    If you want this mod to load automatically every time you play Civ4 Beyond the Sword then edit the "CivilizationIV.ini" file in your "\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword" directory. Search for "Mod = 0" and change it to "Mod = Mods\Amra Advanced".

    Please see included readme files for more info on each
    - 44 new civs and 70 new leaders (for a total of 78 civs and 122 leaders)
    - New Religions, Corporations and Leader Traits
    - New Units, Buildings and Wonders
    - New Resources and Technologies
    - New color theme
    - Actual Quotes v4.20
    - Bhruic's Unofficial Patch v1.21
    - BUG Mod v2.22
    - Civilopedia Index by fitchn
    - Civilopedia Unit Upgrade and Promotions charts by Vovan and Progor
    - Dale's Combat Mod v1.5 by Dale (additional code from RevolutionDCM by glider1)
    - Enhanced Tech Conquest v0.6 by Grave, TheLopez, Jeckel
    - Great Person mod (updated to BtS by Roamty) with all new art by Amra
    - Influence Driven War v1.1 by Moctezuma (additional code from RevolutionDCM by glider1)
    - JKP1187's Events Mod v1.21
    - Pirates Mod v0.6 by Grave, TheLopez, Jeckel
    - Promotions and Perks mod v0.5 by Zuul (37 new promotions, updated to BtS by Amra)
    - Revolution Mod v1.52 (with Inquisitors) by jdog5000 (additional code from RevolutionDCM by glider1)
    - Route Pillage Mod v0.5 by Grave, TheLopez
    - TechWindow Mod v1.g by Roamty
    - Unit Allegiance Mod v0.5BtS by Snaitf and TheLopez (Updated to BtS by Amra)
    - Varietas Delectat v3.5 (Includes EDU v3.14, Ethnic Artstyles v1.09 and Cultural Diversity v1.1)
    - Water Animals Mod v0.4BtS by TheLopez (Updated to BtS by Amra)


    - Maximum civs in game increased to 34 (Existing maps will no longer work, special maps allowing 34 civs must be used)
    - Revolution Mod (can be turned on/off in Cutom Game Options)
    - Dale's Combat Mod allowing Ranged Bombardment
    - Influence Driven Warfare (Cultural boundries are now more fluid)
    - Minimum city range (distance required between cities) increased from 2 to 3
    - New Technologies, Buildings and Units
    - New Religions and Corporations
    - 12 new resources
    - 37 new promotions
    - Religious Victory condition (75 percent of world)
    - Religions can be removed via Inquisitor unit
    - Maximum experience on upgrade changed from 10 to 16 allowing the unit to keep an extra promotion
    - Animal/Barbarian maximum XP values increased (50/100, was 5/10)
    - Animals no longer disappear when Barbarians appear
    - Map Trading moved from Paper to Cartography (new tech)
    - Tech trading has been moved from Alphabet to Guilds
    - Ironclad moves 3 (was 2)
    - Transport now has cargo capacity of 5 (was 4)
    - Aggressive trait additionally gives the Combat promotion to Archer units
    - New Trait: Nomadic (Combat promo to Mounted units)
    - New Trait: Seafaring (Combat promo to Naval and Recon units)
    - Chopping down a Jungle now produces hammers (third of forest production)
    - Scouts/Explorers can build forts and explore Ancient Temples
    - Barbarians allowed to build Pikemen and Triremes
    - Routes can be pillaged/destroyed
    - Oceans can contain Pirates and Water Animals
    - More random events
    - Native Americans name changed to Sioux and city list changed
    - Start year moved back to 5000 BC and more turns added to each game speed (except Marathon) to accomodate new Techs, etc
    - Longbowmen upgrade to Musketmen
    - Chinook can travel over water
    - Add 2nd UU & UB for each civ
    - More Techs
    - More Units & Buildings

    :bts: DOWNLOAD AMRA BASIC v3.10 :bts:
    ** ~234MB - Updated June 11, 2008 ** No patch is available for this version . Major changes were made to the LH art which requires the Basic version to be downloaded and installed again in order to have the most current version, sorry.

    List of changes
    ** Amra Basic v3.10 (Beyond the Sword v3.13) **
    - Used reworked LH art and interface buttons from Amra Advanced (approx 125MB smaller)
    - Fixed Trade Base error in BUG xml as found by EmperorFool
    - Fixed Narbona First Contact dialogue and Sweden city text error (Thanks Rebakan)
    - Fixed Cardenas missing first contact dialogue (Thanks Kalimakhus)
    - Fixed BUG Mod GPUtil python exception when spawning a Great General (credit Kalimakhus for fix)
    - Added Lenin LH by Refar (new music by Common Sensei)
    - Added Adenauer LH by Refar
    - Added Selassie LH by bernie14
    - Updated Bhruic's Unofficial Patch to version 1.21
    - Renamed modpack and folder to "Amra Basic" to be more consistant with my "Amra Advanced" version

    ** Version 3.02 Basic (Beyond the Sword v3.13) **
    - Fixed Greek Axeman art path
    - Updated BUG Mod to version 2.22
    - Updated Taharqa to new version by Mourndraken
    - Updated Dido to new version by Refar (based on work by C Roland)

    ** Version 3.01 Basic (Beyond the Sword v3.13) **
    - Fixed audio problem involving Audio3DScripts.xml
    - Fixed error with ARTSTYLE_MESO_AMERICA in CIV4CityLSystem.xml
    - Fixed error with ARTSTYLE_WEST_EUROPEAN in CIV4PlotLSystem.xml
    - Changed Canada's city ArtStyle to European (thanks Fierabras for catching the error)
    - Changed Pirates city ArtStyle to European
    - Added more units to Siam Unit ArtStyle
    - Added Modern Asia City ArtStyle by GarretSidzaka
    - Added Modern Europe City ArtStyle
    - Added Fantasy city set by Hrochland
    - Updated BUG Mod to v2.21
    - Added Greek Axeman (for when playing as Troy)
    - Added more Hyboria ArtStyle units by StrategyOnly and FFH2 Team
    - Removed duplicate cities from Scythian list (thanks JEELEN)
    - Fixed Peltast name
    - Fixed error with Magyar Heavy Horseman unit art
    - Fixed error with Canada Chariot unit art
    - Fixed Aesir Flag
    - Fixed Hyboria Flag
    - Fixed Assyria Flag
    - Fixed icon for German Maceman/Heavy Footman
    - Fixed icon for Armenia Fedayee
    - Added Amra version info to Civilopedia Game Concepts
    - Added new Main Menu screen
    - Fixed icon for Hyborian Maceman/Heavy Footman
    - Changed Aesir Unit ArtStyle to Viking (Doh!)
    - Tweaked various Derivative civs in CivilizationInfos.xml
    - Changed Cuirassier strategy text to reflect VD name change
    - Fixed Franz Joseph Icon
    - Added Taharqa as 2nd Nubian Leader (LH art by Mourndraken/XML by CIV Gold Team)
    - Added 4 Babylonian modern units by Zerver
    - Added 4 Cartahge modern units by Zerver
    - Added 4 Magyar modern units by Zerver
    - Added 4 Roman modern units by Zerver
    - Added 3 Israel modern units by Zerver
    - Added Celtic Maceman by Bakuel
    - Added 12 Ethiopian units by Bakuel
    - Added African Unit ArtStyle (based on previous Ethiopian one by Avain)
    - Added 6 Mali units by Bakuel
    - Added Israel Unit Artstyle
    - Fixed Siam Knight

    Extract this file to your Beyond the Sword "Mods" folder within the Beyond the Sword game directory. For example, C:\Program Files\Firaxis Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 4\Beyond the Sword\MODS. It should create a folder called "Amra Basic" that will include all of the modpack files. In game, click on "Advanced" and then "Load a Mod" to play.

    If you want this mod to load automatically every time you play Civ4 Beyond the Sword then edit the "CivilizationIV.ini" file in your "\My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword" directory. Search for "Mod = 0" and change it to "Mod = Mods\Amra Basic".

    If you are using Civ4 Complete and have no game interface after installing my modpack please see question#1 in the FAQ below.

    - 44 new civs and 70 new leaders (for a total of 78 civs and 122 leaders)
    - Actual Quotes v4.20
    - Bhruic's Unofficial Patch v1.21 (SDK)
    - BUG Mod v2.22
    - TechWindow Mod v1.g
    - Varietas Delectat v3.5 (Includes EDU v3.14, Ethnic Artstyles v1.09 & Cultural Diversity v1.1)
    - Additional Unit ArtStyles for select new civs

    My goal with the Basic version of my modpack is to provide a free expansion pack with more Civs, Leaders, Ethnic Units, City Art Styles and Interface changes without changing the core gameplay (except for the new Civs). The Basic version is for those players who just want the new civs and leaders but not all the extras from v2.10 of my modpack.

    As with most large modpacks for Civ4, there is a possibility of receiving a "Memory Allocation Failure" or MAF on Large & Huge maps, especially when playing on Terra or similar maps with little or no water.

    This is, and has been, an ongoing problem with Civ4. It most often happens with large modpacks when the game is saved but some people have had it happen with unmodded, plain Civ4. More info can be found on this by searching for "Memory Allocation Failure" in the Civ4-Tech Support forum. A few of these threads are listed below as well as one claiming a fix.

    More info on MAF errors:


    This is not necessarily an exact recreation of recorded history right down to the last painstaking detail, as evidenced by some of the civs and leaders (ie: Conan, Odin, Vlad, etc). I have however tried my best to portray each of the new real world civs and leaders as accurately as possible but I am limited by the 3D models available and my lack of 3D modeling ability. Most of the reskinned leaderheads have swapped animations in an effort to set them apart from the retail leaders.

    Please note that one of my early goals with my modpack was to include as many new civs as possible without reskinning any particular 3D leaderhead model more than once so as to keep the new leaders from looking too familiar. While rebuilding version 3, in an effort to achieve this goal, I have taken the opportunity to remove a few civs that were in v2.10 and to replace some leaderheads with reskinned 3D models from BtS. I am happy with the mix of civs and leaders in this version and feel that I have now achieved my goal.

    This has only been tested in Multiplayer a little with inconsistent results. From what I have read on their forum, the included BUG Mod can cause instability in Multiplayer games. For best results, you may want to disable the "Advanced Scoreboard" option in BUG for multiplayer games.

    And last but not least... please don't ever forget that this is a game, have some fun!

    Spoiler LIST OF NEW CIVS and CREDITS :

    NEW CIVS (Original Civ Creators)
    - Aborigine (Wyz_sub10 and Civ Gold Team)
    - Aesir (Amra)
    - Armenia (Drtad and Levonardo)
    - Assyria (Amra)
    - Australia (Civ Gold Team)
    - Austria (Anima Croatorum)
    - Bulgaria (svetg/pataroka)
    - Canada (Wyz_sub10)
    - Cuba (bernie14)
    - Dacia (Aranor)
    - Denmark (Amra)
    - Etruria (CivArmy s.1994)
    - Goths (Alhwaric)
    - Hittites (PW90)
    - Hyboria (Amra)
    - Ireland (CIV Gold Team/Amra)
    - Iroquois (Wyz_sub10 and Civ Gold Team)
    - Israel (CivArmy s.1994, Keldath and Civ Gold Team)
    - Italy (Robo Magic Man and Throttle)
    - Kushans (CivArmy s.1994)
    - Macedonia (Amra)
    - Maghreb (CIV Gold Team)
    - Magyar (Anima Croatorum)
    - Majapahit (Civ Gold Team/Amra)
    - Mexico (Amra)
    - Minoa (Amra)
    - Navajo (Amra)
    - Nubia (Civ Gold Team)
    - Phoenicia (Amra)
    - Picts (Amra)
    - Pirates (Dogbeard/Amra)
    - Poland (civ.org.pl team)
    - Polynesia (Amra)
    - Scotland (WaxonWaxov)
    - Scythia (Amra)
    - Songhai (Amra)
    - Sweden (Wazdix)
    - Siam (Perseid)
    - Tibet (Amra)
    - Toltecs (Amra)
    - Transylvania (Amra)
    - Troy (Amra)
    - Vietnam (The Q-Meister and Civ Gold Team)
    - Xiongnu (Amra)

    (BIG Thank you to ALL civ creators and a special thanks to Wyz_sub10 for allowing me to include a few Civs from CIV Gold and for being such a big help)

    At least the ones I can remember

    - Adenauer by Refar
    - Alaric by C Roland
    - Arpad by iloveplayciv
    - Burebista by C Roland/Amra
    - Calgacus by GarretSidzaka/Amra
    - Cardenas by C Roland
    - Casimir by kodzi
    - Castro by bernie14
    - Charles V by C Roland
    - Collins by C Roland
    - David by Civ Gold Team
    - Dido by C Roland/Refar
    - Franz Josef by Civ Gold Team
    - Hector by Civ Gold Team
    - Henry Morgan by Dogbeard
    - Hidalgo by C Roland
    - Hirohito by chugginator
    - Kim Jong-il by bernie14
    - Lenin by Refar
    - Lorenzo by C Roland
    - Mackenzie King by C Roland
    - Margrete I by GarretSidzaka/Amra
    - Marti by bernie14
    - Matthias by esnaz
    - Nebuchadrezzar by esnaz
    - Patton by dutchking
    - Salamsina by Ekmek/Amra
    - Selassie LH by bernie14
    - Sobieski by kodzi
    - Stambolov by dutchking/Amra
    - Taharqa by Mourndraken
    - Trudeau by bernie14
    - Vittorio by C Roland
    - Vlad Dracula by Zerver/C Roland
    - Wilhelmina by esnaz
    - Yagan by Civ Gold Team
    - All other LHs are by Amra

    - Aborigine flavor units by Chugginator
    - Actual Quotes v4.20 by Willowmound
    - Additional Color Values by SimCutie (updated by Alerum68)
    - BUG Mod v2.22 by The BUG Team
    - Canada flavor units by Zerver/strategyonly/Wyz_sub10
    - Cultural Diversity v1.1 by Chugginator
    - Danish UB (Manor House) by Chamaedrys
    - Denim Modern Worker by Spindrift
    - EDU v3.14 by Rabbit, White
    - Ethnic Artstyles v1.09 by GeoModder
    - Frigate reskin by CdGGambit
    - Hyborian UB (Mitraic Temple) by woodelf
    - Ireland UU (Fiannoglach) by GarretSidzaka
    - Italy UB (Carnevale) by C Roland
    - LH Tweaks (Darius, Suleiman & Suryavarman) from Blue Marble 3.0
    - Macedon UB (Elephant Stable) by Total Realism Team
    - Mexico UB (Charreada Arena) by Woodelf
    - Mexico UU (Rurales) by C Roland
    - Modern Merchant reskin by Rufus T. Firefly
    - Navajo UU (Code Talker) by modfreak
    - New Era images by frenchman
    - New road texture by patgarr
    - Phoenicia UB (Dye Facility) by Woodelf
    - Pirate flavor units credited to Kael and the FFH Team
    - Poland flavor units & UB Sejmik by Asioasioasio & Kodzi Team
    - Siam flavor units by Zerver
    - Songhai UB (Griot) by Woodelf
    - TechWindow Mod v1.g by Roamty and Gaurav
    - Toltec UB (Venus Temple) vy Hrochland
    - Transylvania flavor units by Zerver
    - Unofficial Patch v1.11 by Bhruic
    - Varietas Delectat v3.5 by Avain
    - Various city lists by Calgacus
    - Various two color flags by yenemus
    - Xiongnu UB (Noin-Ula Kurgan) by TAM team
    - Xiongnu UU by bakuel

    See the included Amra v210 text files for the prior
    history and more detailed credits of this modpack

  2. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
    Amra's Modpack v3 Frequently Asked Questions

    Please read through this FAQ before posting questions on the Modpack's forum. It is very possible that someone else has already asked your question and the answer is included below.

    1.) I have Civ4 Complete and/or Vista and I've installed your modpack but when I play a game I can see the map & my units but not any interface or command buttons. Why is this & how do you fix it?
    This is a problem that can happen with modpacks that include the BUG Mod and Civ4 Complete installations. Basically, Civ4 Complete places its registry entries in a different location than the normal Civ4 installation & thus causes problems with the BUG Mod.

    The fix involves editing your Windows registry as described in the following link (Post#12):


    2.) Why are you making more than one version of your modpack for Beyond the Sword?
    When I set out to do my BtS modpack I had the option of trying to convert all the Warlords xml & python code to BtS format or rebuilding the modpack from scratch. I chose to rebuild the modpack from scratch and hopefully avoid any errors that may have occurred when converting the Warlords code.

    Now, since I was rebuilding from scratch I thought I would offer players a "Basic" and a "Full" version. The "Basic" version has 44 new civs with 67 new leaders, the BUG mod, Varietas Delectat, Bhruic's Unofficial Patch and Willowmound's ActualQuotes. That's it. Gameplay changes are limited to the new civs and leaders.

    The "Full" version will have exactly the same thing the "Basic" version has PLUS new techs, resources, religions, units, buildings, wonders, a 2nd UU for each civ, gameplay tweaks, more mod components such as Great Person Mod and others listed in my Warlords modpack (which ones, however, depends on how well the components work with BtS or even if they've been updated since TheLopez is no longer around). I also like the idea of adding more future techs, units, buildings, etc but want to explore that further.

    Both versions will have the same Civs & Leaders.

    3.) Alrighty then, when will the "Full" version be available?
    I just released the initial public version on June 8th, 2008 but it is a work in progress so there will be more updates to it.

    4.) Is this modpack, and are the included new civs "Modular"? If not, then why not?
    No, the contents are not modular but I have turned on modularity in the modpack's ini file and included a "Modules" folder so that you can theoretically add other modular files to it.

    I chose to build my modpack this way because BtS modular loading is not really modular and (I think) has some problems with it. For instance, if I had made all my civs modular as CIV Gold has done and you wanted to remove one or more civs you would need to still edit various xml files and not just delete the civ's module folder.

    As an example, let's say you wanted to remove the Cuba civ. The modular way would involve editing the DiplomacyInfos file (which is not modular) in several places to remove the diplomacy text for Cuba's leaders and then editing the CivilizationInfos file to remove Cuba as a derivative civ of Spain. Both these steps would be necessary in order to prevent errors when starting the mod after removing a civ.

    The alternative as I have set up my modpack is just to follow the instructions below in question#6, only editing one xml file and not having to delete any files.

    Another downside to using modular loading is the way new civs and leaders are shown in the Custom Game screen. With modular loading all the new content is listed randomly in any drop down menu such as the Civilization selection menu. In my modpack, the new civs and leaders are seamlessly integrated with the original Firaxis content in an organized fashion.

    On the flip side, I realize that there are benefits to modular loading such as the possibility of easier debugging. I am keeping an eye on the World of Civilization Development thread as they are striving to improve modular loading.

    5.) Why did you include the abc civilization and not the xyz civilization?
    I have mostly chosen which civs are included in my modpack based upon who I think I can reskin an existing 3D model to look like. Or, as with the Aesir, Hyborians and Pirates, I wanted to include some civs that are fun and different. This is a game, after all.

    6.) I don't want the abc civilization in my game. Is there an easy way to remove it?
    Yes. Simply edit the "CIV4CivilizationInfos.xml" file located in [MODPACK]\Assets\XML\Civilizations\ with Notepad, find the civ in question and change the values for "bPlayable" and "bAIPlayable" from "1" to "0"

    7.) Why don't some of the new leaders look more like their real life counterparts?
    I am not a professional 3D artist (or programmer for that matter) and am limited by my talent (or lack thereof) and the retail 3D models available. Basically, I've done the best I can.

    8.) How can I change the name of a Leader or Civ that is displayed in game (ie: "Vittorio" to "Vittorio Emanuele II")?
    With Notepad, open the "Amra_CIV4GameText_Civs.xml" file located in "[MODPACK]\Assets\XML\Text" folder and search (CTRL-F) for the name, as it is now, that you want to change. For instance, search for "Vittorio" and you should go right to the "TXT_KEY_LEADER" entry. From there, change the 5 entries for English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish to whatever you would like displayed in game and on the menus.

    9.) What is the difference between this and CIV Gold?
    CIV Gold adds many quality civs (more than double my modpack) but does not currently have any interface, gameplay, or SDK changes included. I have used various civs and LH's from them and vice versa so chances are that many of the civs will be similar. CIV Gold is well worth checking out whenever you get an opportunity.

    10.) I am getting an error message or CTD (crash to desktop) when playing. What do I do?
    I have tried to test this modpack as best as I can but I am only one person and not a team with a QA Dept so I apologize if this modpack causes any errors in Civ4. Anyway, if possible PM me or post on my forum the last savegame that you have prior to the crash.

    11.) Sometimes when I play I will come across two civs next to each other that have border colors very similar to the point where they blend together. Why is that and is there any way to fix it?
    Not without creating problems with other civs. I have tried my best to ensure that each civ has a different primary color but unfortunately, when you have 78 total civs, it is bound to happen.

    12.) Some of the new leaders in my game don't look as nice as the preview images, why is that?
    You most likely have a computer with limited graphics capability that can only display the "nonshader" versions of the new leaders. I have tried to make both the shader and nonshader versions of a leaderhead as similar as possible but invariably the nonshader version is just never as nice as the higher quality shader version, sorry.

    13.) All or some of the new leaders are only displaying in game as floating eyes and teeth. What's up with that and can it be fixed? It's just plain creepy.
    This is what's known as the "Cheshire Cat" bug. I was not aware until my Warlords modpack that a small minority (as far as I know) of users experienced this problem. If you are experiencing this problem then you can help me by letting me know if it is only one or two new leaders (please tell me who), all the new leaders, or all leaders in the game including the original retail ones.

    Basically, I need more information before I can post a fix. I am theorizing that as of v2.10 it is a non-shader problem with just Sobieski and Hirohito as those two leaders do not have a non-shader version. None was provided by the original creator and I need to create them from scratch. I, however, do not have any method of testing this as my computer displays all the leaderheads properly. Therefore, I need your help to gather more info, prepare a fix, and test it.

    14.) I see something that I created (Unit, Building, LH, etc) in your modpack but you didn't give me any credit. Are you a no good, dirty rotten scoundrel, or worse?
    Now, now, let's try to refrain from any name calling. I have tried to keep very meticulous track of the credits for my modpack, but I am only human and may have missed someone or two. If I missed your name then please let me know and I will include you in the credit list when I post any patch or update. In the meantime, thank you for your hard work. It is appreciated.

    15.) Can I use leaderheads, units, buildings, civs or other elements from your modpack in my own mod to be posted online?
    Of course. Please try to credit the proper person (see question #14) by looking through the Readme file. You will need a utility called PakBuild to extract the art files. This can be found in the utilities section of Civfanatics.com or by googling.

    16.) Has this modpack been translated into languages other than English?
    No. I only speak English and do not have the knowledge or time to complete such a massive undertaking. It should still work on alternate language installations though, as I have included XML entries for other languages. These new entries are just in English.

    17.) It's American Football season (Sep - Jan) and you are nowhere to be found on the Civfanatics forums. Are you dead or just in a Football, Doritos and Pepsi induced vegitative state?
    Probably the latter. I'm in my mid 40's and have watched the NFL for about that many years so it is my first hobby. I also play Fantasy Football and usually about mid August I start to find that I don't have enough time to split between my family, football and Civ4. And since I've enjoyed football for so long and I am contractually obligated to pay attention to my family, Civ4 tends to go on a back burner.
  3. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
    Reserved for Future Preview Images.
  4. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
  5. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
    Reserved for future use.
  6. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
    Hello everyone,

    As you can see I've posted a Basic version of my modpack. Please let me know if you run into any problems as I just couldn't get around to testing it as much a I would have liked. I apologize if you find any.

    Also, as you can tell from post#1, it is a rather large download of about 240MB and uncompresses to a whopping 876MB's! That's due to all the LH's and flavor units.

  7. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    :goodjob:Basically: cool, Amra! Will DL ASAP!:)
  8. snipperrabbit!!

    snipperrabbit!! Deity

    Nov 23, 2006
    Will be offline a few days but I dl right after I'm back ! Looking incredible ! ;goodjob:
  9. Sword_Of_Geddon

    Sword_Of_Geddon Mysterious Jungle Warrior

    Dec 21, 2003
    New England, USA
    Going to download now. I for one am eagerly awaiting the full version, I hope it contains elements of both the extra mod and Avain's modern era expansion pack...that would be cool. But I'm sure you have big plans ahead, and a great mod on the horizon.
  10. strategyonly

    strategyonly C2C Supreme Commander

    Mar 13, 2006
    I see i am finally getting some competition, HUH?:rolleyes:;)
  11. ambrox62

    ambrox62 Emperor

    Mar 24, 2005
    Just downloading... :goodjob:
  12. keldath

    keldath LivE LonG AnD PrOsPeR

    Dec 20, 2005
    thats it, i can stop modding......

    amra modpack has arrived!!!

    great work amra, as usuall, you put the "m" in modding.
  13. moopoo

    moopoo King

    Jan 5, 2008
    Adelaide, Australia
    bahahaha love the Faq. Limited room on the computer so i'm waiting for the full version, but this looks great :)
  14. Kalimakhus

    Kalimakhus Emperor

    May 8, 2007
    Have been watching your thread for quite some time waiting in anticipation for your next master piece. It sure feels so good to be able to download it now. I am already waiting impatiently for the full version. For the main time the basic release would be a much better and nicer way to play normal BTS. I can see from the list of included components that "basic" stands for essential parts for fun game. Have a good time of well deserved modding vacation. :goodjob:
  15. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    Amra, forgive me, you have done so much excruciatingly awesome work already...just one question...as I've already tried and failed miserably at this in the past...

    I would like to combine your mod with Dale's Combat Mod...I've tried editing the .ini to allow modular loading, then dumping all of Dale's stuff into a new folder, named "modules." However, I'm thinking that this wont work for the python files. Merging xml files has been a pain, but I think I have the hang of that now, that I've found a free utility that lets me fine the differences between two xml files, and merges the files with comments on the changes for me, and another utility that allows me to make my own xml files. However, I'm having doubts as to whether I should even need to be merging xml files, given than BTS is supposed to be "modular" and that the "modular loading" line in the .ini should allow for this...

    I guess, I'm pondering if you could give me a "quick, lol" overview of the process I would have to go through to get Dale's Combat Mod working in conjunction with your mod?

    Thank you again for your excellent mod!
  16. Amra

    Amra the Lion

    Mar 13, 2006
    Thanks for all the kind words everybody, I hope the modpack is error free & everyone enjoys it.

    Note that I posted the modpack very late last night and didn't notice until this morning that I had not updated Suppiluliuma's image in the first LH preview (the correct image has him wearing gold colored armor) so I will do that later today on my lunch break.

    Also, I recall reading posts in the BUG Mod Forum about a select few users who have no interface in the game screen after installing their mod. This had something to do with the version of BtS they were using & possibly Vista. They posted a way to fix this and I will track that down and include it in the FAQ as soon as I can.

    I still need to update the credits in post#1 so I will do that at some point this week. A lot more people's work went into this modpack than the few I listed and I want to give them credit on the forum thread and not just in a randomly organized readme file in the modpack.

    You have no competition, man. :cool: You've been extremely prolific and always do good work.

    Thanks and feel free to use any civs or leaders you want for your modpack.

    Thanks, I' have been accused at times of having a sense of Humor. :D

    I'm looking forward to the Full version also but, to tell the truth, I haven't really set anything in stone as to what I will be including in it other than that I'd like it to be similar to my Warlords modpack. Once I get going on it I will create a status update page including items I have planned and where I'm at on each one.

    Let me look at Dale's Combat Mod first before I comment further but I can say that the biggest problem will most likely be with the python files needing to be merged and they may or may not be compatible with the BUG Mod I've included.
  17. Seidrik_The_Gray

    Seidrik_The_Gray Seidrik The Gray

    Jun 26, 2006
    Thank you for looking into it. Looking at Dale's thread, it appears that many of the unit files, building files, etc...will have to have certain tags put in, plus the issue of the python files. Here is a link in his thread that speaks to the tags that are introduced. It's a start at least, look here for the tags.
  18. Kalimakhus

    Kalimakhus Emperor

    May 8, 2007
    After a quick test drive with Songhai. Nice LH (the animation of the sword - where this came from?).
    One note so far. Some sounds seem to be missing! ex. combat sounds, steps, fortify and sentry sounds.
  19. Kalimakhus

    Kalimakhus Emperor

    May 8, 2007
    About Dale's combat mod. It is already merged successfully along with BUG mod in Grave's History in the Making. BTW, I also would like to see it in the full version. Revolutions is another excellent mod that I hope you would consider. Glider1 has merged both, also Roamty got them in his Beginning mod.
  20. Pascal Renard

    Pascal Renard Chieftain

    Jul 19, 2005
    Provins (France)
    :eek: I was waiting for this version since.... many many month !

    Like we say in France : "chapeau bas" which means something like "big respect".

    Great work ! really ! :)

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