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Jan 2, 2007

“Enhancing the graphics of Beyond the Sword”


Cultural Diversity Mod

This is the mod I've been working on lately. At the moment it is basically just Varietas Delectat v3.3 with a few extra unit graphics. ;) However in the future it will be taken in a different direction from VD in that it will be more realistic and less "what if".

I should also mention that this mod does not modify the core game rules in any way, all it does is improve on the graphics and add more diversity to each civilisation.

Installation Instructions

First make sure that Beyond the Sword is patched to Version 3.13. Then delete any previous versions of Cultural Diversity that you may have on your computer. Then all you have to do is extract Cultural Diversity v1.0 from the archive (unpack with WinRAR or 7-zip: http://www.7-zip.org) and place the extracted folder "Cultural Diversity Mod" in your BTS "Mod" folder.

I also recommend downloading and installing Blue Marble terrain graphics. This will be included by default in future releases of Cultural Diversity.

Version Information: 1.1

In version 1.1 of Cultural Diversity a couple of bugs have been fixed and more units have been added. :)

See the changelog for details.


Spoiler V1.0 Cultural Diversity Screenshots :

Also be sure to check out the Varietas Delectat thread for screenshots of the units from that mod.


This mod was based on Varietas Delectat, so thanks to avain for all his hard efforts. :)
Spoiler Credits from Varietas Delectat :
avain said:
The author used the units found on www.civfanatics.com,
so all credit due goes to the creators of these brilliant units -
including danrell, Chugginator, Bakuel, bernie14, asioasioasio, Rabbit, White,
sepamu92, Zerver, GarretSidzaka, C.Roland, AlazkanAssassin, Ploeperpengel,
seZereth, Cham, GeneralMatt, Polycrates, snafusmith
and forgive me if left out someone(as I have, I'm sure), but pretty much all
of the civfanatics unit db was used, so thanks to all the unit makers!

Special mention:
- Gedemon - valuable error-findings!
- Polycrates for his insights and units!
- mamba for BtS 3.13 patch info
- Amuroray for his buttons fix
- RPG, President of the Varietas Delectat Fanclub ;)



- Added Asian Explorer
- Added Mexican SAM Infantry
- Added Mexican Anti-tank Infantry (Credit to asioasioasio for creating the RPG weapon)
- Added Mexican Marines
- Added Mexican Infantry
- Added Mexican Cavalry
- Added Mexican Modern Great General
- Added Aztec Musketman
- Added Aztec Medieval Worker
- Fixed missing texture bug for the European Explorer (thanks avain and mamba)
- Fixed animation path for Greek Swordsman (thanks avain)
- Fixed critical error with German Settlers (thanks avain)
- Removed some art files that were unneccesary


- Added Mesoamerican Great Prophet
- Added Asian Great Prophet
- Added African Great Artist [may change later]
- Added Mesoamerican Great Artist [may change later]
- Added French Modern Great General
- Added German Modern Great General
- Added English Medieval Great General
- Added French Medieval Great General
- Added German Medieval Great General
- Added Italian Medieval Great General
- Added African Great General
- Added Roman Great General
- Added Arabian Great General
- Added Mayan Great General
- Added Incan Great General
- Added Aztec Great General
- Added Incan Pikemen
- Added Mayan Footmen
- Added German Footmen
- Added European Explorers
- Added Greek Swordsmen
- Added Mesoamerican Warriors
- Added Native American Warriors
- Added Arabian Warriors
- Added Turkish Warriors
- Added African Warriors
- Added Celtic Warriors
- Added Slavic Warriors
- Added Hellenistic Warriors
- Added Germanic Warriors
- Added Incan Workers
- Added Germanic Settlers
- Renamed Phalanx to Hoplite
- Renamed Praetorian to Legionnaire
- Renamed Heavy Footman (Originally Maceman) to Footman
- Based on Varietas Delectat v3.3

Spoiler Changelog from Varietas Delectat :
avain said:

- added some Iroquis units to Native set by bernie14
- reskinned Native Grenadier and Cannon by me
- added Spanish Marine, Paratrooper and SAM Inf by zerver (some reskins by me)
- changed Roman Rifleman to 1880's variant (Bakuel)
- added some medieval middle east troops by sakhr
- merged back some buttons and data from Modern Era Expansion to keep them
more in line


- added Inca, Italy(for Holy Rome), Mali Units and the Roman Elephant by Bakuel
- added Iowa Class BB, VIIC German WWII U-Boat, Graf Zeppelin
German WWII Carrier, Essex Class Carrier, San Antonio transport by GeneralMatt
- added Ancient European Spearmen by Chugginator
- added Dassault Mirage 2000, FFVS J22 & Saab 18, WW2 Royal Netherlands
Air Force planes, F15 by snafusmith
- added Hawker Fury by Nsftpoeopas
- added Khmer modern units, some Ethiopian units, Carthagian Musketman,
Holy Roman Musketman, Korean Musketman, Viking Chariot and some Ottoman
modern units by zerver (some reskins by me)
- removed some obsolete units
- repacked the FPK


- added some brilliant reskins by Polycrates: Renault R35, HMS Hood,
Zuikaku, Kuznetsov Carrier, Viking units
- added corrected animation of the Modern Settler by Chugginator
- added African Modern Settler by Siam
- added Dragon Ship Galleon to various Far East civs (found by RPG)
- corrected Longbowman icons (Roamty)
- corrected some Heavy Footman icons
- corrected some Cuirassier icons
- removed some unneeded animations
- some more icon corrections
- merged art into one FPK


- tanks, mech. inf. and planes galore! Most modern units by snafusmith
- added African Explorer, Mali Cuirassier and Spearman (siam)
- added Roman Quinquereme, Canoe, Dragon Galley,
Native American Horsearcher and some teamcolor modifications by me
- added Junk Caravel, light cruiser, wargalley,
brooklyn cruiser, Early Monitor, Kobukson, Zuikaku
- added modern settlers by Chugginator
- added siux units by bernie (crossbow reskin by me)
- added african technical (asioasioasio and Polycrates)


- cleaned up changed/unused units - one combined .FPK file for v2.0
- added Infantry and Marine for India (Zerver)
- added Monk as a Japanese Warrior
- added Native American Longbowman, Crossbowman, Pikeman, Musketman and Cuirassier (bernie14)
- added much needed Viking units (The Rohirrim by Chugginator)
- fixed: atl-atl missing texture
- fixed: made the vanilla cuirassier a tad bit bigger
- fixed: Roman Axeman for later eras in XML
- VD_SouthAmerica_CIV4UnitArtStyleTypeInfos.xml removed
- added the following ships (GeneralMatt, Refar, Rabbit, White ...):
-> asian War Junk and Large War Junk
-> Nosail Trireme for the old american civs
-> Carthagian galley ( two sails - sadly does not animate )
-> English Galleon, Man'o War, HMS Avenger and HMS Hood
-> French Galleon
-> Spanish Galleon
-> German Bismark Battleship
-> Chebeque for some Mediterranean nations, Middle East, Africa
-> I-400 submarine and Yamato(late) for Japanese civ
-> Akula and Typhoon submarine, Kirov Corvette, Kuznetsov Carrier for Russia
-> Vikingboat
-> Battleship Dreadnought for the Zulu (sorry, I couldn't resist!:))


- Complete African noncombatant set by Polycrates
- Zulu units by Polycrates
- Roman Industrial Unit Pack by Bakuel
- European Cuirassiers by bernie14
- Asian Cuirassiers by Chugginator
- Cannons, cuirassiers by Zerver
- Babylonian modern units by Zerver (reskin by me)
- German units redux by bernie14
- Native American units by bernie14 and Zerver
- Amuroray's buttons fix
- CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml and CIV4UnitInfos.xml updated to BtS 3.13


- patch for BtS 3.13 compatibility (thanks, mamba!)


- over 30 units added or changed across the board!
- Roman units by bakuel added
- European Cuirassiers by bernie14 added
- Polycrates units and reskins added: Zulu Maceman, Babylonian Axeman,
English Rifleman, Russian Strelets
- some Musketmen, Cannons and a Cuirassier by Zerver added (some reskins by me)
- Ottoman Rifleman, Egyptian Rifleman, some Korean reskins,
Indian Longbowman and Crossbowman(based on Polycrates units) by me
- the Russian Axeman is now represented by the Falxman unit
- some Portugal units added on popular request:)


- added French Cuirassier (bernie14)
- Sumerian Archer, Mali and Ethiopian Cuirassier, African Spearman and the
Celtic WarElephant reskinned(thx, Polycrates!)
- Celtic and Persian Warriors changed
- Japanese Grenadier changed (for the sake of diversity)
- Russian Swordsman added
- added Asian Cuirassier by me
- added Egyptian Pikeman by me
- Greek Archer, Spearman, Phalanx and Chariot changed
(original by bernie14, some minor reskins by me)
- Khmer Rifleman, Grenadier and Cavalry added (Zerver, reskin by me)
- bugfix: added CIV4PlotLSystem.xml corrections for Ethnic Artstyles 1.05
- bugfix: Celtic Worker now correctly uses FastWorker animations
- bugfix: American Infantry's flag on arms - facing corrected :)

- Incan set heavily updated
- Native American set updated
- Aztec set updated
- Celtic set updated with a rifleman and a knight
- added a new grenadier (used for Khmer and Mongols)
- There's a separate Mayan set now
- Falxman now uses samurai animations
- African War Elephant gloss issue fixed(and also made it's skin lighter)

- name change: Varietas Delectat - meaning "Diversity is delightful" or
"Variety is the spice of life"
- revisited unit packs: over 50 units changed across the board!
(some minor, some major changes - some retexturing by me)
- updated to Ethnic Artstyles mod v1.04
- added bernie14's excellent grenadiers
- included some cool units from EDU v3.14
( african elephants, can you believe? )
- included most of danrell's Industrial Units
- some units from Total Realism mod
- african sets separated
- added teamcolor to russian horseman's and knight's shields
- removed unused units
- more xml restructuring

- updated Japanese set with danrell's units
- updated China set with danrell's and bakuel's units
- updated Khmer set with bakuel's units
- updated Babylonian set with danrell's units
- included Chugginator's workers
- russian marines changed
- russian SAM inf. changed (back to vanilla)
- some messing with unit textures by me
- CIV4UnitArtStyleTypeInfos.xmls' units restructured (well, mostly:) )
- bugfix: Byzantine chariot animation fixed (thanks to Lord_Phan and Gedemon!)

- Corrected findings by Gedemon(thanks!):
...removed references to Carthage Horse Archer since it causes crashes in Worldbuilder
...changed Japanese Musketman to use Rifleman animations
...changed Aztec Axeman to use Egyptian Axeman animations (was AXEMAN_SOUTH_AMERICA from EDU)

- improved Arabian, Persian and Ottoman sets (mostly danrell's units, some minor reskins by me)
- separated unit FPK files - so updates could be smaller (at least I hope)
- added multiple languages support to changed unit class names (thanks Gedemon, I only changed the italian for horseman:))

- bugfix: Chinese Archer animations

- updated Ethnic Artstyles to 1.02
- added Byzantine units from danrell

- Portugal added
- Netherlands added
- Middle Eastern civilizations separated
- changes to Rome, Greece, Celts, Egypt, China, Japan, England, Carthage
- corrected some typos

- initial version

Hope you enjoy the mod. ;)

Please report any bugs in this thread. :)
< Germanic Warriors

< Slavic Warriors

< Celtic Warriors

< Hellenistic Warriors

< Turkish Warriors

< African Warriors

< Mesoamerican Warriors

< Incan Quechuas

< Barbarian Warriors
Very cool! The great generals are fantastic!

In your change log, you mention European explorers, how many have you added?
Outstanding! All of your units are always high quality. I look forward to all future revisions. :goodjob:
finally here excellent work Chugginator
i think you should replace shinigami title by hollow now;)
Thanks! :) Unfortunately at this time there's only one new explorer:

And I still need to add some team colour to him. :lol:

Well it looks good for a Greco-Roman explorer, but for French-English-German-Viking-Dutch explorers may i consider basing it of the Couriers de bois?

They were English and French explorers who went inland to bring Fur and Beaver Pelts that the Native Americans captured back to there trading Posts.

You could also use it for a Native American Explorer because sometimes the Couriers de bois were native American and the Couriers de bois also married Native American women.
Great mod Chugginator! I promise at some point I'll get you some graphics for more late-era units... this mod looks awesome!

Thanks, that sounds great! Let me know if I can return the favour some time. :)

finally here excellent work Chugginator
i think you should replace shinigami title by hollow now;)

Done. ;)

Well it looks good for a Greco-Roman explorer, but for French-English-German-Viking-Dutch explorers may i consider basing it of the Couriers de bois?

It's based of Magellan who I just found out is Portuguese. :)

They were English and French explorers who went inland to bring Fur and Beaver Pelts that the Native Americans captured back to there trading Posts.

You could also use it for a Native American Explorer because sometimes the Couriers de bois were native American and the Couriers de bois also married Native American women.


The problem is that those ones are too modern for when you can first build explorers (a bit before gunpowder) ... I'm planning on making a few modern ones for the later eras though. :D

But for now I'm just going to try and finish off the medieval/renaissance ones..
Ok, first observations / questions ;)

- the readme is empty (size 0)
- the units in Assets/art/CD are your new units ?
- what units are in Assets/art/units then, units by other unit makers ?
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