[BtS] "Extra"


Jun 9, 2006
Limburg, The Netherlands
Welcome to the official thread for the core version of the Extra mod. Extra is a mod that that combines a lot of material from various official Firaxis mods (including Civ4 - Colonization) into one, big playable package. The majority of the content comes from the following mods: Warlords' Chinese Unification, Warlords' Peleponessian War, Warlords' Alexander the Great, BtS' Charlemagne's Wars, BtS' Next War, BtS' Final Frontier, BtS' Road to War and of course Colonization.

I was very selective in the process of adding things, for a number of reasons. First of all, I didn't want to unbalance anything. Secondly, I want players to have the feeling that they are playing 'old-fashioned' Civ4, so I left out anything that - in my opinion - didn't suit the main game's theme. I tried to make as little adjustments as possible, only when I thought it was really necessary for realism/balance reasons.

Download links

Newest version: 3.19h: April 5th, 2011

Download "Extra" version 3.19h Full-Corp here! - Full version of Extra, with "extra" Corporations
Download "Extra" version 3.19h Full here! - Full version of Extra, without "extra" Corporations
Download "Extra" version 3.19h Full here! - Full version of Extra (download mirror)

Optional add-ons and scenarios

Extra Add-on - Nostalgia: adds various technologies, units, wonders and other content from the other games in the Civilization franchise - included in Extra 3.19x by default
Extra Add-on - Lords: adds even more additional leaders and civilizations - included in Extra 3.19x by default

JEELEN's Scenarios & Maps: this topic contains several scenarios especially designed for the Extra Mod

Contents (version 3.19d)

All these features were first by type, and then by their date of being added. All religious units and buildings are not mentioned separately, but of course the new religions do have them. Red items are added through the Nostalgia add-on, blue items through the Lords add-on. Green items were introduced in my 'reworked future era' project.

Please note that even though almost all of these features were originally found in an official Firaxis mod, the effects have been modified in certain situations. These changes are not included in this list of contents, since they would make the list look very messy - check the version history for more information.

Also, note that for the new civilizations and resources, I had to rely on "external" material from this site to complete them. The same applies for most leaderheads of the new leaders.

- Biological Warfare, from Next War (BtS)
- Shielding, from Next War (BtS)
- Cloning, from Next War (BtS)
- Bionics, from Next War (BtS)
- Cold Fusion, from Next War (BtS)
- Cybernetics, from Next War (BtS)
- Advanced Shielding, from Next War (BtS)
- Advanced Sailing, from Peloponnesian War (Warlords)
- Improved Formations, from Peloponnesian War (Warlords)
- Crop Rotation, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Stirrups, from Alexander's Conquests (Warlords)
- Astrogation, from Next War (BtS)
- Bowyers, from FfH: Age of Ice (BtS)
- Chivalry, from Charlemagne's Wars (BtS) *also known as Courtly Manners
- Desert Subsistence, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
- Elephant Domestication, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
- Tracking, from FfH: Age of Ice (BtS)
- Ceremonial Burial, from Civ, CivII, CivIII, CivRev
- Trade, from Civ
- Invention, from CivII, CivIII, CivRev
- Metallurgy, from CivII, CivIII, CivRev
- Espionage, from CivII, CivIII
- The Automobile, from Civ, CivII, CivRev
- Sanitation, from CivIII
- Globalization, from CivRev
- Archaeology, from CiV

- Quantum Control, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Orbital Engineering, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Squadron Focus, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Capital Ship Focus, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Nano-Construction, from Final Frontier (BtS) *also known as Advanced Nanite Construction
- Alloy Frames, from Final Frontier (BtS) *also known as Alloy Frame Construction
- Smart Weapons, from Final Frontier (BtS) *also known as Fusion Cannon
- Artificial Intelligence, from Final Frontier (BtS) *also known as Intuitive Computers
- Planet Colonization, from Final Frontier (BtS) *also known as Galactic Domination
- Terraforming
- Antigravity
- Antimatter
- Mutability

- Biological Warfare Missile, from Next War (BtS)
- Clones, from Next War (BtS)
- Automatons, from Next War (BtS)
- Dreadnought, from Next War (BtS)
- Cyborg, from Next War (BtS)
- Assault Mech, from Next War (BtS)
- Peltast, from Alexander the Great (Warlords)
- Prodromoi, from Alexander the Great (Warlords)
- Heavy Swordsman, from Charlemagne's Wars (BtS)
- Horseman, from Charlemagne's Wars (BtS) *renamed from Light Cavalry
- Raider, from Crossroads of the World (BtS)
- Colony Ship, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Alpha Cruiser, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Alpha Battleship, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Alpha Carrier, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Fighter Squadron, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Bomber Squadron, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Inquisitor, from Charlemagne's Wars (BtS)
- Future Gunship, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Guildmaster, from Crossroads of the World (BtS) *acts as a lesser version of the Great Merchant
- Siege Tower, hidden unit in Warlords
- Caravan, from Civ, CivII, CivRev
- Freight, from, CivII
- Guerilla, from CivII, CivIII (Conquest) *also known as "Partisan"
- Crusader, from CivII, CivIII (Conquest) *building King Richard's Crusade will give you one of these every few turns
- Victoria, N/A *building Magellan's Voyage will enable you to build one of these: an early ship with access to oceans
- Fanatic, from CivII *there are two versions of these: one medieval, one modern
- Falconer, N/A *roughly inspired by FfH's birds

- Construction Ship, from Final Frontier (BtS) *now as an antigravity unit
- Invasion Ship, from Final Frontier (BtS) *now as an antigravity unit
- Alpha Destroyer, from Final Frontier (BtS) *now as an antigravity unit
- Defense Ship, from Final Frontier (BtS) *now as an antigravity unit
- Starbase, from Final Frontier (BtS) *now as an antigravity unit
- Antimatter Bomb, from Final Frontier (BtS) *renamed from Anti-Ship Missile
- Mutant, from Afterworld (BtS)
- Supermutant, from Afterworld (BtS)
- Sentinel, from Afterworld (BtS)

- Desert Adaptation, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
- Upgraded Engines, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Improved Engines, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Advanced Engines, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Upgraded Storage Bay, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Improved Storage Bay, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Advanced Storage Bay, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Swamp Fox I, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Swamp Fox II, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Swamp Fox III, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Looter, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Encirclement Technique, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
- Feint Attack, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
- Tracking Equipment, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Assault Munitions, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Kamikaze, hidden feature in Warlords
- Upgraded Armor, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Improved Armor, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Advanced Armor, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Repair Facilities, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Capital Ship Tactics, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Squadron Tactics, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Antigravity Tactics

- Biological Warfare Lab, from Next War (BtS)
- Arcology, from Next War (BtS)
- Arcology Shielding, from Next War (BtS)
- Advanced Shielding, from Next War (BtS)
- Cloning Factory, from Next War (BtS)
- Mind Control Center, from Next War (BtS)
- Well, from FfH: Age of Ice (BtS)
- Archery Range, from FfH: Age of Ice (BtS)
- Shipyard, from Peloponnesian War (Warlords) *renamed from Ancient Drydock
- Military Encampment, from Peleponnesian War (Warlords)
- Military Fortress, from Charlemagne's Wars (BtS) *renamed from Military Encampment
- Capital Shipyard, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Squadron Factory, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Nutrition Facility, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Mining Plant, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Stardock, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- School, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Textile Mill, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Museum, from CiV
- Solar Plant, from CiV

- Training Compound, from Final Frontier (BtS) *also known as School of Zealots
- Commercial Satellites, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Particle Accelerator
- Antimatter Plant

National Wonders
- Centers for Disease Control, from Next War (BtS)
- Trading Company, from Rhye's and Fall of Civilization (BtS)
- High Walls, from Peloponnesian War (Warlords)
- Squadron Defense Network, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Olympic Park, from Rhye's and Fall of Civilization (BtS)

World Wonders
- Sun Tzu's Art of War, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Underground Tomb, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Wembley, from Rhye's and Fall of Civilization (BtS)
- Plato's Academy, from Peleponessian War (Warlords)
- Theatre of Dionysus, from Peleponessian War (Warlords)
- Leaning Tower, from Rhye's and Fall of Civilization (BtS)
- Ishtar Gate, from Greek World (Vanilla)
- Reichstag, from The Road to War (BtS)
- Big Ben, from The Road to War (BtS)
- Torii, from The Road to War (BtS)
- White House, from Road to War (BtS)
- Channel Tunnel, from Rhye's and Fall (BtS)
- Mission to Mars, from Next War (BtS)
- Leonardo's Workshop, from CivII, CivIII, CivRev
- Trade Fair of Troyes, from CivRev
- King Richard's Crusade, from CivII, CivIII, CivRev *also known as Knights Templar
- Copernicus' Observatory, from Civ, CivII, CivIII
- Himeji Samurai Castle, from CivRev
- SETI Program, from Civ, CivII, CivIII
- The Silk Road, from CivII *originally known as "Marco Polo's Embassy"
- World Bank, from CivRev
- Tower of Babel, from CivRev
- Sydney Opera Hall, from CivRev
- The Sphinx, from CivRev
- Magellan's Expedition, from CivII
- Arc de Triomphe, from Road to War (BtS)
- The School of Confucius, from CivRev
- Brandenburg Gate, from CiV
- Circus Maximus, from CiV
- The Louvre, from CiV
- Machu Picchu, from CiV

- Theory of Evolution, from Civ, CivII, CivIII *also known as Darwin's Voyage
- Cure For Cancer, from Civ, CivII, CivIII

Terrains & Features
- Marsh (terrain), from Civ4 - Colonization
- Volcano (feature), from FfH: Age of Ice (BtS)

- Olives, from Peloponnesian War (Warlords)
- Cotton, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Tea, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Salt, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Hit Football Event, from Rhye's and Fall of Civilization (BtS)
- Hemp, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Citrus, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Jade, from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Titanium, from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Tobacco, from Civ4 - Colonization
- Bison, from CivII
- Rubber, from CivIII
- Pearls, from CiV

- Olive Press, from Peloponnesian War (Warlords)
- Lodge, from Civ4 - Colonization

- Absolutism (Government), from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Judicial (Legal), from The Road to War (BtS)
- Barter Economy (Economy), from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Shamanism (Religion), from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Authoritarian (Legal), from Road to War (BtS)
- Technocracy (Government), from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Mechanized Workforce (Labour), from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Industrialism (Economy), from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Animism (Religion), from Chinese Unification (warlords) *renamed from Daoism
- Militia (Military), from Chinese Unification (Warlords) *Military is a new civic group
- Feudal Levy (Military), from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Capital Ship Doctrine (Military), from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Squadron Doctrine (Military), from Final Frontier (BtS)
- Meritocracy (Labor), from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Professional Army (Military), from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Fundamentalism (Religion), CivII *included to support the Fanatic unit
- Suzerainty (Legal), N/A *included to replace Legalism, because Legalism was plain weird

- Zoroastrianism, from Greek World (vanilla) and Alexander's Conquests (warlords)
- Hellenism, from Greek World (vanilla), Peleponnesian War (warlords), Rise of Rome (warlords) and Alexander's Conquests (warlords)
- Amun-Ra, from Greek World (vanilla), Rise of Rome (warlords) and Alexander's Conquests (warlords)
- Asatru, from Vikings (warlords)
- Mesoamericanism, from MesoAmerica (BtS)

- Agricultural, adapted from CivIII
- Scientific, adapted from CivIII
- Seafaring, adapted from CivIII
- Diplomatic, included to enable more combinations
- Nomadic, included to enable more combinations

- Polish Empire, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
---> Leader(s): Casimir and Sobieski
---> Unique Unit: Winged Hussar (replaces Cuirassier)
---> Unique Building: Fabryka (replaces Factory)
- Hungarian Empire, from Genghis Khan (Warlords)
---> Leader(s): Arpad
---> Unique Unit: Huszar Cavalry (replaces Cavalry)
---> Unique Building: Jurta (replaces Stable)
- Mamluk Empire, from Genghis Khan (Warlords) and Crossroads of the World (BtS)
---> Leader(s): Baibars
---> Unique Unit: Mamluk (replaces Knight)
---> Unique Building: Maristan (replaces University)
- Vatican Empire, from Charlemagne's Wars (BtS)
---> Leader(s): Leo X
---> Unique Unit: Templar (replaces Pikeman)
---> Unique Building: Knights Templar (replaces Castle) *required to build Templars
- Macedonian Empire, from Greek World (Vanilla) and Alexander's Conquests (Warlords)
---> Leader(s): Alexander
---> Unique Unit: Hypaspists (replaces Axeman)
---> Unique Building: Agora (replaces Market)
- Judean Empire, from Greek World (Vanilla)
---> Leader(s): David and Solomon
---> Unique Unit: Maccabee (replaces Swordsman)
---> Unique Building: Kotel (replaces Walls)
- Sioux Empire, from Civ4 - Colonization *this is basically the former Native American Empire
---> Leader(s): Sitting Bull
---> Unique Unit: Dog Soldier (replaces Axeman)
---> Unique Building: Totem Pole (replaces Monument)
- Cherokee Empire, from Civ4 - Colonization
---> Leader(s): Oconostota
---> Unique Unit: Cherokee Rifleman (replaces Rifleman)
---> Unique Building: Casino (replaces Bank)
- Iroquois Empire, from Civ4 - Colonization
---> Leader(s): Logan and Hiawatha
---> Unique Unit: Tomahawk (replaces Axeman)
---> Unique Building: Longhouse (replaces Barracks)
- Apache Empire, from Civ4 - Colonization
---> Leader(s): Mangas Coloradas
---> Unique Unit: Apache Scout (replaces Explorer)
---> Unique Building: Horse Pasture (replaces Stable)
- Scythian Empire, from Greek World (Vanilla)
---> Leader(s): Atheas
---> Unique Unit: Skuda (replaces Horseman)
---> Unique Building: Scythian Stable (replaces Stable)
- Phoenician Empire, from Greek World (Vanilla)
---> Leader(s): Hiram I
---> Unique Unit: Bireme (replaces Galley)
---> Unique Building: Seaport (replaces Harbor)
- Tupi Empire, from Civ4 - Colonization
---> Leader(s): Cunhambebe
---> Unique Unit: Blackwood Archer (replaces Archer)
---> Unique Building: Cannibalistic Altar (replaces Granary)
- Arawak Empire, from Civ4 - Colonization
---> Leader(s): Agueybana
---> Unique Unit: Canoe (replaces Galley)
---> Unique Building: Tobacconist's Shop (replaces Grocer)
- Nubian Empire, from Crossroads of the World (BtS) *renamed from Kingdom of Makuria
---> Leader(s): Piye
---> Unique Unit: Medjay (replaces Archer)
---> Unique Building: Kuhorsehockye Pyramid (replaces Observatory)
- Hittite Empire, from CivIII (Conquest)
---> Leader(s): Mursilis
---> Unique Unit: Huluganni (replaces Chariot)
---> Unique Building: Iron Forge (replaces Forge)

- Italian Empire
---> Leader(s): Vittorio and Mussolini
---> Unique Unit: Alpino (replaces Rifleman)
---> Unique Building: Guild House (replaces Grocer)
- Austrian Empire
---> Leader(s): Franz Jozef and Maria Theresa
---> Unique Unit: Jaeger (replaces Rifleman)
---> Unique Building: Opera House (replaces Theatre)
- Swedish Empire
---> Leader(s): Gustav Adolphus and Karl XII
---> Unique Unit: Karolin (replaces Musketman)
---> Unique Building: Riksbank (replaces Bank)
- Bulgarian Empire
---> Leader(s): Stambolov
---> Unique Unit: Bagatur (replaces Horseman)
---> Unique Building: Chitaliste (replaces Library)
- Canadian Empire
---> Leader(s): Samuel de Champlain and Trudeau
---> Unique Unit: Mountie (replaces Cavalry)
---> Unique Building: Microwave Station (replaces Broadcast Tower)
- Australian Empire
---> Leader(s): Curtin
---> Unique Unit: Digger (replaces Infantry)
---> Unique Building: RFDS (replaces Airport)
- Brazilian Empire
---> Leader(s): Dom Pedro
---> Unique Unit: Bandeirante (replaces Musketman)
---> Unique Building: Estadio de Futebol (replaces Colosseum)
- Hunnic Empire
---> Leader(s): Attila
---> Unique Unit: Tarkan (replaces Horse Archer)
---> Unique Building: Tribal Council (replaces Barracks)
- Gothic Empire
---> Leader(s): Alaric
---> Unique Unit: Huskarl (replaces Axeman)
---> Unique Building: Treasury (replaces Jail)
- Vietnamese Empire
---> Leader(s): Ho Chi Minh
---> Unique Unit: Viet Cong (replaces Guerrilla)
---> Unique Building: Floating Market (replaces Levee)
- Siamese Empire
---> Leader(s): Mongkut
---> Unique Unit: Kwaan Chang (replaces War Elephant)
---> Unique Building: Ho Trai (replaces Library)
- Majapahit Empire
---> Leader(s): Gajah Mada
---> Unique Unit: Silat Adept (replaces Heavy Swordsman)
---> Unique Building: Caitra Tribute (replaces Courthouse)
- Assyrian Empire
---> Leader(s): Ashurbanipal
---> Unique Unit: Battering Ram (replaces Catapult)
---> Unique Building: Royal Library (replaces Library)
- Songhai Empire
---> Leader(s): Askia
---> Unique Unit: Mandelaku (replaces Knight)
---> Unique Building: Julla (replaces Customs House)
- Polynesian Empire
---> Leader(s): Kamehameha
---> Unique Unit: Koa (replaces Spearman)
---> Unique Building: Fishery (replaces Lighthouse)
- Finnish Empire
---> Leader(s): Kekkonen
---> Unique Unit: Hackapell (replaces Cuirassier)
---> Unique Building: Sauna (replaces Colosseum)
- Danish Empire
---> Leader(s): Christian IV
---> Unique Unit: Guard Hussar (replaces Cuirassier)
---> Unique Building: Manor House (replaces Castle)
- Romanian Empire
---> Leader(s): Mihai
---> Unique Unit: Vanatori de Munte (replaces Marine)
---> Unique Building: Armuarie (replaces Forge)
- Maghreb Empire (Marocco, Tunisia, Algeria)
---> Leader(s): Idris II
---> Unique Unit: Black Guard (replaces Musketman)
---> Unique Building: Ribat (replaces Castle)
- Mexican Empire
---> Leader(s): Juarez
---> Unique Unit: Villista (replaces Cavalry)
---> Unique Building: Charreada (replaces Broadcast Tower)
- Argentine Empire
---> Leader(s): Jose de San Martin
---> Unique Unit: Granadero a Caballo (replaces Cavalry)
---> Unique Building: Dance Studio (replaces Theatre)

Additional leaders
- Hitler (German Empire), from Road to War (BtS)
- Hirohito (Japanese Empire), from Road to War (BtS)
- Franco (Spanish Empire), from Road to War (BtS)
- Wilhelmina (Dutch Empire), from Road to War (BtS)
- Epaminondas (Greek Empire), from Peleponnesian War (Warlords)
- Dido (Carthagian Empire), from Greek World (Vanilla)
- Nebuchadrezzar II (Babylonian Empire), from Greek World (Vanilla)
- Ibn Saud (Arabian Empire), from Road to War (BtS)
- John Adams (American Empire), from from Civ4 - Colonization
- Johan de Witt (Dutch Empire), from Civ4 - Colonization *originally as a Founding Father
- George II (English Empire), from Civ4 - Colonization
- Charles V (Holy Roman Empire), from Civ4 - Colonization
- Tamerlane (Mongolian Empire), from Crossroads of the World (BtS)
- Taizong (Chinese Empire), from the Chinese version of Civilization IV
- Obama (American Empire), on special request
- Pachacuti (Incan Empire), from CivIII
- Smoke Jaguar (Mayan Empire), from CivIII

- Marcus Aurelius (Roman Empire)
- Leonidas (Greek Empire)
- Xerxes (Persian Empire)
- Meiji (Japanese Empire)
- Basil II (Byzantine Empire)
- Selassie (Ethiopian Empire)
- Kim Jong-il (Korean Empire)
- Philip II (Spanish Empire)
- Henry (Portuguese Empire)
- Ataturk (Ottoman Empire)
- Akbar (Indian Empire)
- Pol Pot (Khmer Empire)
- Amenhotep (Egyptian Empire) *replaced Ptolemy I Soter
- Wu (Chinese Empire) *replaced Cixi
- Richelieu (French Empire)
- Ivan IV (Russian Empire)
- Sargon the Great (Sumerian Empire)
- Kossuth (Hungarian Empire)
- Maurits van Nassau (Dutch Empire)
- Constantine the Great (Roman Empire)
- Chandragupta (Indian Empire)
- Cethswayo kaMpande (Zulu Empire)
- Adenauer (German Empire)
- Atototzli (Aztec Empire)
- Lorenzo the Magnificent (Italian Empire)

Changes to existing content
- Swordsman (unit) renamed to Light Swordsman
- Pacifism (civic) moved to the Military civics group
- Nationhood (Civic) moved to the Military civics group
- Alexander (leader) moved to the Macedonian Empire
- Leadership (promotion) helps making cities less likely to revolt
- Imperialistic (trait) makes your vassals slightly stronger
- Several of the new buildings assigned to traits (to build them faster)
- Several of the new resources assigned to buildings (for happiness/health bonus)
- Alexander's leaderhead replaced with a more accurate one

- Diplomacy text and complete pedia entries for everything, in all 5 languages!
- Many new diplomacy music tracks (for existing and new leaders alike)
- Unique unit sounds for several civilizations
- Main Menu from Chinese Unification (Warlords)
- Ethnic flavour graphics for the new units
- Porges' Attitude Icons modcomp
- GeoModder's Ethnic City Styles modcomp
- Avain's Varietas Delectat modcomp (version 7.5)
- Avain's Terraforming modcomp

Credits & Acknowledgments

In the first place, credits go to Porges, Geomodder and Avain because I incorporated their modcomps in my mod. Secondly, credits go to to Amra, ripple01 and tsentom for their mods (respectively Amra Advanced, CivFusion and Thomas' War), because those were the mods I mostly turned to when I needed leaders/buildings/units for the new civilizations. Thirdly, credits go to all the amazing artists here on CivFanatics (too many to mention them all) who made the unit and structure models and leaderheads which I gladly used in my mod. I also want to thank all the players of this mod for all the feedback and appreciation they've shown through the years. And finally, I want to thank Sid Meier and Firaxis for their games and their mods, because without those, this mod wouldn't even exist in the first place ;).
Yes, Chiyu your mod is an ideal mod without too much changes

What about add religions from Rise of Rome...

Because ancient polytheism should be cool...
This is a great mod :) Incorporating the Ethnic Diverse Artstyles (shouldn't be too hard ;)) would make it even better.

P.S: The file isn't available it seems :(
@Sword of Geddon:
Yeah it is a good idea, but I would rather wait until that mod comp is completed so I don't have to keep updating my mod everytime there's a new version of Ethnic Diverse Artstyles :).

I agree, I tried to put these in but soon realized that they don't have their own original missionaries and buildings.. Sadly, none other than the 7 standard religions has been finished properly.

It is available.. When I click on the link, I get a pop up asking me where I want to save it. Maybe it would help if you just copied the full URL into your navigation bar? It's www.craccoclan.com/downloads/Extra2.1.zip
:cool: eh reading the posts on geomodders ED units and city art, he is done, but he does want to add onto his current mods, but i have to agree with the others here, what he has now would be a GREAT thing to merge with your awesome mod,
i tried doing it myself, but i keep getting errors, BLAH

btw, thanks though for adding in the futuristic units and buildings and all that, it rocks and totally reminds me of call to power, but in a great way!
First of all Chiyu, I'm a fan of your "Expanded mods". They are simple, yet add new content, and are balanced as much as we can ask of you.

Infantry and Mechanized Infantry
I think it would be neat if we separated Mechanized Infantry from Infantry and let infantry advance to the more advanced future infantries (Cyborgs and what not).

Rifleman -> Infantry -> Digital Infantry (a modern infantry of some sort) -> Cyborgs

Mechanized would be separate

New Events
Solver has released a mod adding new events. Perhaps those you can add? See it here.

Flavor Units
I love flavor units. I like seeing civs unique from one another and not cookie cutter. Please don't fear them!

Just for reference:
Ethincally Diverse Units
Ethnically Diverse Graphics

I believe Geo intends to add an African American style but it shouldn't be to hard or much of a hassle to update if you really needed to.
I was very selective in this process, for a number of reasons.

That's good thinking, I would be happy if you would stick to your basic idea regarding this mod, which as I understand, was to merge the official content into one playable version. All I ask is that you keep updating the mod as new patches are released.

Keep up the good work!:goodjob:
I would be very greatful if you could add 34 Civilization support into this mod, I had the following in mind:

From what I understand this wouldn't be a problem for those who prefer less then 18 Civs so I can't see a reason for why this couldn't be included.

I also think that Willowmound's "ActualQuotes" mod would fit very well together with everything you have included:

Thanks for the mod.
Some ideas I've had.

1) A Bombard Unit. Quite simply, one problem I'm noticing in my games so far- is that castles tend to take too long to wear down- and the sight of Cuirassiers and sometimes even Riflemen going to war with Trebs is kinda ridiculous. Bombards should be like trebs but require Gunpowder and Military Science perhaps? , be STR 5, and a little more then Trebs.

2) Torpedo Planes to bomb ships lethally?

3) Advanced economics- should allow for a federal reserve- which halts inflation. (Maybe have it do different effects based on economic civics?)
National Wonder- first to discover gets great merchant?

4) I think the internet should change as a wonder as well. Should give its tech thing to all civilizations with computers, but give the player a massive boost in espionage (free infiltrator to each civ perhaps)?

5) Solver's events mod seems nice

6) Perhaps a "terror bombing" mission (think Dresden/Blitz) -1 Pop , increases war weariness on both sides?

Just some ideas off the top of my head
Next plans ?
Your mod seems great but I have problem running it. It would be loaded normally but in game, on my city screen, it doesnt have 2 side information about building, trade routes, health and happiness bonus. Outside when I hover the mouse on some resources, the food and commerce bonus would appear in weird character ( like E but the other way around) + the event log has a weird 'i' before every line.

any idea how to fix this? I really wanna try your mod.
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