BtS GOTM & Direct2Drive...HOF Warning


Nov 7, 2001
I have been playing alot of Civ lately, and wanted to try out the HOF/GoTM stuff. I have the store bought copy of the original Civ4, and the Direct2Drive version of BtS. I dl'ed the HOF3.03.1 mod, loaded it up, and get the HOF Warning of the asset different than a standard install. When I look in advance, about the version, it has the correct versions, except that Save Version is 300 as opposed to 303 like the others. Some help would be greatly appreciated if possible, thanks very much in advance. Also, the asset checker ran with no problems indicated at all.
Since GOTM isn't supporting BtS yet, this is probably best discussed in the HoF support forum.

You are not be able to play W/GOTMs with anything other than the correct version of vanilla or Warlords HoF Mod, and we are seeing some issues with distributions of Civ4 and Warlords other than the original Firaxis versions with Firaxis patches.
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