[BtS MOD] Wolfshanze 1850-1920 Enhancement Mod v2.0


CFC Historian
Nov 12, 2001
NOW AT v2.85 (as-of 27-Oct-2008)
For Use with BtS v3.17
New custom DLL standard with download and full support for 36-Civ earth scenario (included)...

ATTN BtS v3.13 Users
Spoiler :
This version of the Wolfshanze Mod was made especially for v3.17 of BtS, it's time for you to upgrade!

Click Here to see the Wolfshanze Mod Video Introduction

See Spoiler section below for preview of flavor units included in the mod

Download Here (428MB):
BtS Wolfshanze Mod v2.85

This mod is an enhancement to the base gameplay of Civ4 BtS, and should be used as a direct replacement for basic random games... it focuses greatly on several missing unit classes between the 1850s to the 1920s (between Ironclad Monitors and WWII-style battleships), including many new naval classes and full support for WWI units, including a full WWI air war. Nuclear explosions have been enhanced. Also, Hitler, Hirohito, Ho-Chi Minh, Cleopatra, Caligula & Kim Jong-il are now available to fight for or against for their respective civs. Three all-new civs have been added in the Austrian, Polish and Vietnamese empires. New flags for most nations enhance the look of many civs. Countless new unit graphics have been added, most of which are nation/ethnic-specific... very little has been changed in game mechanics, mostly new looks or filling the gaps in the progression of units. In-short, this mod will play much like vanilla Civ4... but it will look a lot better and offer you more choices in units and civs to use. This mod is for Civilization IV: Beyond the Sword.


Using the graphics made by Refar, Elhoim, kodzi, Danrell, Hadrean, Snafusmith, Bernie, GeneralMatt, Houman and others (I lost track... lots of folks though!). Also, special thanks to Xenomorph for his help with both some artwork, and most especially his DLL, Python and XML help, and to Arian for his video introduction to the Wolfshanze Mod! I created this mod with a blend of new units to cover the 19th and 20th century in naval warfare, WWI units, and expanded unit/national diversity, as well as putting the leaders of Hirohito and Hitler into the game.

New Unit Classes
Battering Ram
Capped Ram
Ironclad Cruiser
Ironclad Battleship
Protected Cruiser
Destroyer Escort
Heavy Cruiser
Boomer Submarine
Early Tank
Heavy Tank
Early Fighter
Early Bomber
Light Bomber
Jet Bomber

New Graphics & Diversity
Too many changes to list seperately. Let's just say there's been a huge effort at unit diversity... Japanese will look like Japanese, Germans will look like Germans, Africans will look like Africans, etc, etc.

Sample of Land/Air units
Spoiler :

Sample of Sea/Misc units
Spoiler :

Hitler added:
Spoiler :

Hirohito added:
Spoiler :

Naval Unit Changes/Ages/New Units:
Spoiler :
After Frigates, Ships of the Line and Galleons (Age of Sail):

Age of Steam:
Ironclad Gunboat (12/2... coastal only) - Coal - [Military Science & Steam Power]
Ironclad Cruiser (15/4... ocean going) - Coal - [Steel & Steam Power]
Ironclad Battleship (18/3... ocean going) - Coal - [Steel & Steam Power]
Paddle Steamer (10/4 - 4 cargo capacity) - Coal - [Steam Power]

Pre-Dreadnought Age:
Protected Cruiser (22/5) - Coal - [Combustion & Rifling]
Pre-Dreadnought (26/4) - Coal - [Combustion & Rifling]

Dreadnought Age:
Destroyer Escort (26/6) - Coal/Oil - [Assembly Line, Combustion, Artillery & Physics]
Dreadnought (38/5)* - Coal/Oil - [Assembly Line, Combustion, Artillery & Physics]

Modern Age:
Destroyer (30/8) - Oil - [Industrialism, Combustion & Artillery]
Heavy Cruiser (34/7)** - Oil - [Industrialism, Combustion & Artillery]
Battleship (42/6)*** - Oil - [Industrialism, Combustion & Artillery]

All Naval Ages starting with Pre-Dreadnoughts get a 20% bonus against any previous ages.
*10% Bonus against Destroyer Escorts
**10% Bonus against Destroyers
***10% Bonus against Heavy Cruisers and Destroyers

The * bonuses are cumulative with "vs Age" bonuses... so a Modern Battleship would get a 30% bonus when matched against a Dreadnought Age Destroyer Escort.

New from previous versions of the Wolfshanze Mod:
Spoiler :
New in v2.85
Fixed "Pink Map" bug for Austrian Infantry
Fixed German Fallschirmjäger (Paratrooper) drop range to match default Paratroopers
Fixed Persian Scythe Chariot stats (no-longer gets defensive bonus)
Fixed Airliner Crash Event to only come after airports have been built
Updated/Modified Trafalgar Square to now require Military Science AND Astronomy
Updated/Modified Overwhelm Doctrine Event to include Cruisers and Subs
Hoplites now get free "Formation" promotion
Viet Cong no-longer get 2-movement... dropped-back-down to 1-movement
Castles now require "Feudalism" instead of "Engineering"
Swapped Chemistry and Military Science on the tech chart (along with some units) to make more sense
You can now no-longer "rush" Rifles by bypassing Grenadiers on the tech treee
Added new tech "Muskets" between Gunpowder and Military Science
Added Cog (Medieval naval transport)
Added Bombard (early gunpowder siege weapon)
Added Ronald Reagan as leader for America (new diplomacy music)
Added Emperor Meiji as leader for Japan
Added Emperor Napoleon III as leader for France
Added Vladimir Lenin as leader for Russia (new industrial-age diplomacy music)
Added Lech Walesa as leader for Poland (new diplomacy music)
New diplomacy music for Abe Lincoln (Battle Hymn of the Republic-based)
New construction movies for all seven world religion shrines
Tweaked several Age of Sail units' naval combat ratings and combat bonuses
Tweaked various transports (Ancient to Modern) to include AI routines for spies and missionaries
Korean Hwacha UU moved from Catapult to Trebuchet replacement with new unit stats
Air Superiority & Muskets Tech now get a new "quote reading" when discovered
Oxford University Movie gets new soundtrack (Pomp and Circumstance instead of a loud trumpet)
Destroyer & Pre-Dreadnought bombard rates tweaked
Missionaries can now enter rival territory

New models/skins for:
Leaderhead skins for Gandhi, Frederick, Bismarck, Mehmed II, Suleiman, Cyrus
Default Ironclad (Turreted) Battleship
European Explorer (now in team color)
European Industrial-Era Pikeman
Western-Sphere B-47 Jet Bomber
Soviet-Sphere Tu-16 Jet Bomber
Japanese Cannon
Japanese Rifleman
Japanese Cavalry
Japanese Machinegun

New in v2.84
Altered AI perception of MG use in field
Fixed bug with Khmer Axeman introduced in v2.83 (oops)
New Hitler LH model (improved by NikNaks)
New Random Resources Earth Scenario Maps (indicated with an "RR" in the map name)
Paratrooper drop range increased from 5 to 7 (same range as light bombers)
Machine Gunners, AT Infantry, SAM & Mobile SAM now in a new "Trench Unit" class
Infiltration Promotion added (+25% against Trench Units)
Urban Warfare promotion added for Gunpowder Units
City Raider promotions removed from Armor Units
Available promotions for Siege Units updated
Upgrade cost of Early Flyer to more modern aircraft fixed
Airport effects broken-up into two (cheaper) buildings: Airbase with Flight, Airport with Air Superiority
Harbormaster Quest fixed to effect all naval classes
Experienced Captain Event has been updated to include all new ship classes
Dreadnoughts will no-longer appear in the modern unit build que... Dreadnoughts can now upgrade to Battleships for an exhorbant cost

New models/skins for:
Team Color Rifleman (for some civs)
European Ancient Axemen (numerous)
American Medieval Set (v3.0)
American Paratrooper
Arabian MBT
Austrian Jäger
Babylonian MBT
Carthagenian Rifleman
Egyptian MBT
English Paratrooper
Ethiopian MBT
French Paratrooper
German Horseman (Ancient & Medieval)
German Axeman (Medieval)
German Swordsman (Ancient & Medieval)
German Protected Cruiser (Scharnhorst with gloss)
German Pre-Dreadnought (Brandenburg with gloss and damage states)
Japanese Marine
Korean Marine
Mali MBT
Persian MBT
Roman Infantry
Roman Marine
Roman Paratrooper
Roman AT Infantry
Roman SAM Infantry
Sumerian MBT
Vietnamese MBT
Viking Swordsman
Zulu MBT

New in v2.83
New Wolfshanze Mod main-menu screen
Barrage promotion removed from all Submarines
Modern naval units now require a source of metal... no more building battleships out of wood!

New models/skins for:
Default Protected Cruiser (new Pallada with team color)
Default Pre-Dreadnought (newly skinned Canopus with team color)
Asian Triremes (Dragon Triremes now come in Green, Gold, Black, Blue & Red)
Asian Caravel (Dragon Caravels now come in Green, Gold, Black, Blue & Red)
Asian Galleon (Zheng He's Treasure Ship)
Mid-East Infantry
American Carrier (Essex reskinned)
Austrian Protected Cruiser
Austrian Pre-Dreadnought (Erzherzog Karl class)
Austrian Main Battle Tank (Leopard 1 reskin)
Babylonian Marine
Egyptian Marine
English Protected Cruiser
English Pre-Dreadnought (Canopus reskinned)
Ethiopian Cavalry
French Protected Cruiser (Gueydon class)
German Protected Cruiser (Scharnhorst class)
German Destroyer (improved Z-class)
German Battleship (improved Bismarck hull)
Greek Cannon
Greek Rifleman
Greek Cavalry
Meso Galleass
Meso Marine
Mongol Warrior
Mongol Axeman
Mongol Chariot
Mongol Crossbowman
Mongol Heavy Footman
Mongol Knight
Mongol Explorer
Mongol Fighter (I-16 reskin)
Ottoman Marine
Roman Protected Cruiser (Vettor Pisani class)
Russian Protected Cruiser (Aurora class)
Russian Pre-Dreadnought (Bronenosets smoke and ropes removed)
Sumerian Marine

New in v2.82
Fixed AI bomber bug (AI would not bomb if enemy fighters were on intercept)
Fixed fighter intercept animation bug (intercept animation was not showing)
Added BtS better AI 0.35 mod (enhanced AI routines)
Ethnic Unit Art for Ethiopians and Mali corrected
Updated to Ethnic Citystyles v1.04

New models/skins for:
Asian Galleass (Kobukson Animation now with cannons)
Meso-American Trireme
Mid-East Trireme (Dromon)
Austrian Dreadnought (Tegetthoff reskinned)
Ethiopian Jet Fighter (MiG-21)
German Pre-Dreadnought (Brandenburg new wood deck)
Japanese Dreadnought (Ise reskinned)
Ottoman Dreadnought (Moltke reskinned)
Polish Main Battle Tank (PT-91)
Roman Dreadnought (Cavour reskinned)
Roman Heavy Tank (Fiat P26/40)
Russian Main Battle Tank (T-90)
Vietnamese Jet Fighter (MiG-21)
Zulu Jet Fighter (MiG-21)

New in v2.81
Fixed flanking attacks for horse-units, gunships and subs
Fixed combat animation for Ancient Celtic and Ancient German Spearmen
Galleass animation fixed
Galley animation fixed
Asian Junk animations fixed
Corrected Ancient Norse and Russian city walls (fixed in v1.04?)
Galleons now have a base movement of "3"
Base War Weariness Changed to "3" (BtS v3.13 was "5", v3.17 was "2")
Macemen now require Iron only (not choice of Iron or Copper)
Swordsman now requires Iron or Copper

New models/skins for:
Default Pre-Dreadnought (Charlemagne reskin)
Default Protected Cruiser (Olympia reskin)
Default Submarine
Asian Galley (Atakebune)
Asian Trireme (Dragon Ship)
Asian Galleass (Kobukson)
European Merchantman (replaces Galleon)
American Destroyer Escort
American Dreadnought (South Carolina reskin)
English Destroyer Escort
French Destroyer Escort
German Galleon
German Destroyer Escort
German Dreadnought (Helgoland reskin)
German Battleship (Bismarck reskin)
Japanese Destroyer Escort
Roman Destroyer Escort
Russian Destroyer Escort

New in v2.80
Full support for v3.17 of BtS
Added new civ: Vietnam
Added new ancient units: Battering Ram & Capped Ram
Added new aerial scout units: Seaplane & UAV
Added Mussolini Leader for Rome
New graphics for Persian Darius I leader (no longer creepy)
New 36-Civ Earth scenario (includes Austria, Poland and Vietnam)
New flags for Mongolia
New flags for Poland
New Civilopedia button for the Celts
Civ colors "tweaked" for Holland and the Ottomans
Updated to Ethnic Citystyles v1.03 (new Polish & Russian citystyles)
Spanish Conquistador is now a replacement unit for the Explorer (stats changed)
Spain gets a new UU, the "Royal Galleon"
Submarines of all ages now get 1 to 2 First Strikes
Destroyers of all ages now get First Strike Immunity
Light Bomber animations updated to drops bomb when attacking
Increased volume of Austrian diplomacy/city music
Poland now has a new UB: Sejmik (replaces old UB)
Cost of Dreadnoughts and Battleships raised
Suryavarman II favorite religion changed to Hindu
"Fission" is no-longer an industrial-age tech... it's now "modern age".
Closed the "not industrializing" during industrial-age loop-hole in tech tree... need to at least get assembly-line before proceeding to modern-age techs
Grave's Pirate Mod included (Barbarian invasions from sea more likely)

Custom Gamecore DLL changes (BtS v3.17):
Full support for 40-civs in a single scenario
Solver's 0.19 Unofficial Patch Changes
Lt.Bob's Nuclear Fallout instead of desertification in Global Warming
Aerial Recon Missions can now be intercepted

New models/skins for:
American Dreadnought (South Carolina class)
Asian Galley (Dragon Galley)
Asian Trireme (Kobukson)
Austrian Medieval Warlord
Austrian Dreadnought (Tegetthoff class)
Byzantine Musketman
Byzantine Rifleman
Byzantine Machinegun
Celtic Archer
Celtic Axeman
Celtic War Elephant
Celtic Grenadier
Celtic Horseman
Celtic Knight
Celtic Longbowman
Celtic Heavy Footman
Celtic Scout
Celtic Spearman
Celtic Swordsman
Celtic Warrior
Celtic Gallic Warrior
English Battleship (KGV class)
English Modern Warlord/General (Montgomery)
German Medieval Spearman
German Heavy Footman
German Knight
German Medieval Warlord
German Destroyer (Z-Class)
German Heavy Cruiser (Graf Spee updated to v1.0)
Japanese Dreadnought (Ise class)
Japanese Carrier (Zuikaku class)
Ottoman Dreadnought (Moltke class)
Paddle Steamer (all nations)
Polish Medieval Warlord
Polish Modern Warlord
Roman Dreadnought (Cavour class)
Roman Marine
Roman Main Battle Tank (Ariete)
Roman Modern General updated to v2.0 (Beretta 35 added)
Russian Dreadnought (Borodino class)
Spanish Light Bomber (Ba.65)
Spanish Bomber (SM.79)
Viking Paratrooper

New in v2.73
Fixed CTD bug with Ottoman and Mongol civs in Industrial Age
Fixed CTD bug with Horse Whisperer event
Changed the music to Brandenburg Gate & Heroic Epic wonder movies
Fixed minor typo-bug with Trafalgar Square
Fixed minor typo-bug with Celt Empire
Updated to Ethnic Citystyles v1.02

New models/skins for:
African Modern Warlord (faceglow fixed)
American Fighter (P-38)
Byzantine Modern Warlord/General
Carthagenian Modern Warlord/General
Celtic Crossbowman
Celtic Rifleman
Celtic Fighter (P-47)
Egyptian Fighter (Hurricane)
Egyptian Light Bomber (Battle)
Egyptian Bomber (Lancaster)
English Longbowman
French Longbowman
German Heavy Cruiser (Graf Spee)
Meso-American Cannon
Roman Modern Warlord/General
Viking Modern Warlord

New in v2.72
Hitler Leader received new AI routine
Francis I Leader received new AI routine
Custom music added for Austria Civ
Updated to Ethnic Citystyles v1.01
Fixed Heavy Hussar availability bug
Improved American Pre-Dreadnought animation... secondary turrets now rotate/fire
Improved German Pre-Dreadnought animation... central turret now rotates/fire
AI more-likely to use MGs for city defense
Early Tanks get a +25% attack vs MGs
Galleons and Privateers now have a light Bombard rate
Explorers can now attack & pillage (still have very weak attack)
New Wonder Movies for Brandenburg Gate and Trafalgar Square
New Wonder Movies for ALL the National Wonders

New models/skins for:
Asian Medieval Great General/Warlord
Austrian Chariot
Austrian Longbowman
Austrian Explorer
Babylon Jet Fighter (Mig21)
Carthagenian Marine
Carthagenian Paratrooper
Carthagenian SAM Infantry
Chinese Jet Fighter (Mig21)
Dutch Jet Fighter (F5)
Egyptian Jet Fighter (Mig21)
European Gunship (improved)
German Chariot
German Longbowman
German Caravel
German Galleon
German Frigate
German Ship of the Line
Greek Jet Fighter (F5)
Indian Jet Fighter (Mirage2000)
Ottoman Jet Fighter (F4)
Persian Jet Fighter (Mig21)
Polish Heavy Footman
Polish Musketman
Polish Grenadier
Polish Rifleman
Polish Cannon
Polish Fighter
Polish Jet Fighter (Mig21)
Portuguese Rifleman
Spanish Rifleman
Spanish Jet Fighter (F4)
Sumerian Jet Fighter (Mig21)
Viking Machine Gun
Viking Infantry
Viking AT Infantry
Viking Marine

New in v2.71
Corrected/fixed face-glow bug on Japanese General
Fixed CTD bug when human player attempted to build Polish Heavy Hussar

New models/skins for:
Austrian Opera House Unique Building (all-new model & button)
Polish Infantry

New in v2.70
Custom DLL removed for stability reasons, Custom DLLs now optional
Polish Civilization added w/custom units, sounds & music
New Civilization colors added/changed
Replaced Austrian Landsknecht (old Holy Roman UU) with new Jäger UU
Replaced Austrian Rathaus (old Holy Roman UB) with new Opera House UB
Replaced useless German Assembly Plant with Krupp Steel Works
Added Ethnic City Styles (thanks Geomodder)
Added Brandenburg Gate Wonder
Added Trafalgar Square Wonder
Added new (special) unit class... "Early Flyer"
Tech tree slightly altered... now impossible to bypass WWI units
Added "Anti-Air" upgrade ship promotion
New ship AA levels: DE-5%, Dread-5%, DD-20%, BB-25%, CA-30%
Reduce AA of Mech Inf to 10%
Added Cleopatra LeaderHead
Caligula LH updated to v3
Earth-map 34/35 player scenarios updated for custom city sets & Poland

New models/skins for:
African Warlord/General (Modern)
American Explorer
Austrian tank (Lt vz 38)
Babylon/Sumer Fighter (Iraqi Gladiator)
Carthagenian Cuirassier
European Gunship (Tiger Eurocopter)
French Submarine (Le Redoutable class)
German Submarine (VIIC)
German Warlord/General (Modern)
Indian Cuirassier
Japanese Cuirassier
Japanese Warlord/General (Modern)
Khmer Cuirassier
Korean Air Force
Meso Explorer
Ottoman Cuirassier
Ottoman Heavy Tank (Pz-IVG)
Polish Early Fighter (Albatros)
Russian Warlord/General (Modern)
Spanish Heavy Tank (Pz-IVG)
Spanish Fighter (Me-109)
Team Early Fighter (based on Sopwith Pup)
Team Early Bomber (based on Handley Page)
Viking Cuirassier
Viking Heavy Tank (Pz-IVG)

New in v2.69
The "I have power" penalty of -2 :yuck: has been dropped to -1 :yuck:.
Added Caligula as leader of Rome.
Added Ho-Chi Minh as leader of Khmer.
Added Kim Jong-Il as leader of Korea.

New models/skins for:
African Warlord/General (Ancient & Medieval)
American MG
American Submarine (Gato class)
Austrian Early Tank (FT17)
Austrian Heavy Tank (Panther)
Byzantine Submarine (Marconi class)
Chinese Bomber (Martin B-10)
Dutch Musketman
Dutch Submarine (Orzel)
English Early Tank (MkV)
English MG
English Warlord/General (Medieval)
English Submarine (T class)
French Early Tank (FT17)
French Early Tank (St Charmond)
French Battleship
French Warlord/General (Medieval & Modern)
German Warlord/General (Ancient, Medieval & Modern)
German Early Tank (A7V)
Global Early Tank (FT17)
Greek MG
Japanese Early Fighter (Ki-10)
Japanese Submarine (B1 class)
Meso-American Warlord/General (Ancient)
Middle East Explorer
Middle East Warlord/General (Ancient & Medieval)
Native Explorer
Ottoman Grenadier
Ottoman Bomber (Martin B-10)
Persian Tank (CKD TNH)
Roman Early Tank (Fiat2000)
Roman MG
Roman Submarine (Marcello class)
Russian MG
Russian Submarine (Shchuka class)
Russian Early Tank (FT17)
Viking Tank (Stridsvagn M/41)

New in v2.68
Corrected leaderhead Francis I background image

New models/skins for:
Ethiopian Unit Set (13 new units)
Malinese Unit Set (17 new units)
American Explorer (Davy Crockett)
German Explorer
German Heavy Tank (Tiger I)
German MBT (Leopard I)
French MBT (LeClerc & AMX30)
French Battleship
Roman Battleship
Russian Battleship
Russian WW2 Infantry
Russian Early Fighter (Nieuport 11)
English Early Fighter (Sopwith Camel)
English Explorer

New in v2.67
Francis I added as leader of Austrian Empire
Russian Early Tank changed to FT-17
Heavy Cruiser and Destroyer moved back slightly on the tech tree

New models/skins for:
French Loire-Nieuport LN.401 Light Bomber
French Dunkerque class Battleship
Russian Gangut class Battleship
Roman Littorio class Battleship
Roman Breda Ba65 Light Bomber
Roman M13/40 Tank
Commonwealth Fairey Battle Light Bomber
English Fairey Swordfish Light Bomber
English Ark Royal Carrier
English Astute Attack Sub
Egyptian Settler
Egyptian Warspite Battleship
Indian Queen Elizabeth Battleship
Indian Knight
Indian Swordsman
Indian Settler
Ottoman Rifleman
Ottoman Settler
Spanish Cavalry
Spanish Tank (Vickers-E)
Spanish Heavy Tank (StuG-III)
Spanish Marine
Mongolian Settler
MidEast Settler
Asian Explorer

New in v2.66
Stables now obsolete with Industrialism

New models/skins for:
European Explorer
German Fallschirmjäger (now properly animated... thanks GarretSidzaka)
German Archer
German Heavy Footman
French Heavy Footman
English Heavy Footman
English Marine (WWII)
English Bomber (Vulcan)
Mongolian Fighter (Polikarpov I-16)
Austrian Fighter (FW-190)
Austrian Tank (Pz38t)
Austrian Heavy Tank (Panther)
Japanese Submarine (I-400)

Gameplay Changes
Maceman renamed to Heavy Foot Soldier (for more varied flavor units)
Cannons now available with Chemistry
Airships now require Physics AND Combustion
Grenadiers now have city-attack bonus instead of Rifleman attack bonus
Submarines now available with Electricity and Combustion
Attack Subs now available with Fission and Rocketry and attack value raised
Stealth Bomber range increased to 16
Carrier combat value increased to 18
Rocketry Tech now requires Flight + Artillery
AT Infantry now require Rocketry
SAM Infantry now require Rocketry + Satellites
Global Warming will drop fallout on random tiles instead of turning random tiles into desert
Whaling becomes obsolete with Ecology instead of Combustion
One new tech "Air Superiority" as a tech-requirement for WWII aircraft
Paratroopers and the Pentagon now become available with "Air Superiority"
Naval vessels recategorized into six distinct ages of seapower
Two new promotions are available for the more modern ships... "Damage Control" and "Gunnery Control"
Holy Roman Empire renamed to "Austrian Empire"
Submarines and Attack Submarines now have "flanking attack" on transports.
Light Bombers and modern Jet Strike Fighters can now attack with "lethality" on ground/naval targets

Custom Gamecore DLL changes (BtS v3.17)... removal of custom Gamecore will remove these features:
Full support for 40-civs in a single scenario
Solver's 0.19 Unofficial Patch Changes
Lt.Bob's Nuclear Fallout instead of desertification in Global Warming
Aerial Recon Missions can now be intercepted

Officially compatible with version 3.17 of BtS (fully featured)... no support for v3.13 (you really should upgrade).
All graphics files have been PAK'd to dramatically decrease load time.
Not compatible with any previous saves, default or Wolfshanze Mod... just start a new game!


1. Remove any previous version of the Wolfshanze Mod from your Program Files\Sid Meier's Civilization IV\BtS\Mods\ directory.
2. Unzip the new mod files to your Program Files\Sid Meier's Civilization IV\BtS\Mods\ directory.
3. Start up BtS.
4. Go to Advanced-Load Mod.
5. Load the "Wolfshanze" mod.
6. You can now use all that is in this mod!

To ALWAYS load the game with the Wolfshanze mod
Spoiler :
In My Documents/My Games/Beyond the Sword, open CivilizationIV.ini and where it says:

; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
Mod = 0

Change it to:

; Specify a Mod folder (Mods\Mesopotamia), '0' for none
Mod = Mods\Wolfshanze


Download Here (428MB):
BtS Wolfshanze Mod v2.85


New Wolfshanze Mod Gamecore for BtS v3.17 only:
This is a link to the Wolfshanze Mod custom DLL that includes Solver's v0.19 patch changes and other enhancements (see below). Note this is a courtesy download only. You do NOT need this patch if you have downloaded the current full version of the Wolfshanze Mod, as it is already included in the download. This patch is also offered to folks interested in getting this custom Gamecore.DLL patch without downloading the full Wolfshanze Mod.

Wolfshanze Custom Gamecore DLL changes (BtS v3.17)... removal of the custom Gamecore will remove these features:
Full support for 40-civs in a single scenario
Solver's 0.19 Unofficial Patch Changes
Lt.Bob's Nuclear Fallout instead of desertification in Global Warming
Better AI 0.35 changes
Aerial Recon Missions can now be intercepted
Fixes for previously broken AI bomber missions and fighter intercept animations

This Download is 1.41MB



Attitude Icon Companion Mod v2.0 (for BtS v3.17)

Here's a little "companion mod" for anyone who may be interested... it is a stand-alone mod that neither requires the Wolfshanze Mod, nor replaces it (or any other mod). You can use this little mod with the default game, the Wolfshanze Mod or pretty much any other mod.

v2.0 adds the age-era (ancient, medieval, etc) to the top-left main screen financial menu

The reason for this as a seperate file is because I actually became aware of these little icons from I believe the BUG mod project that many people use... however the BUG Mod does more then just the icons, so for anyone who JUST wanted the attitude icons and nothing else, I whipped this little thing up... use it if you want to, or ignore it if you don't care or already use another mod that does the same thing... either way, this is a small mod... less then 200kb. It is fully tested and compatible with Civ4 BtS v3.17 (and of course works with the Wolfshanze Mod as well).

This is what it does/looks-like:

v2.0 updated pic, with age-era displayed in top-left corner:
Spoiler :

Attitude Icons Mod Download (updated 6 Aug 2008 for BtS v3.17)

German Flags

The Third Reich flag used in previous versions is no longer the default, but it and other German flags can still be accessed... click here for more info:
Spoiler :
*Germany's flag has been changed from the Swastika/Third Reich flag to the North German Confederation of 1871 flag... also the state flag of Imperial Germany (not to be confused with the war flag). I've had a hard time settling on one flag to cover the bulk of German history, so I chose one that was used for some time and/or had some symbolism of Germany. If you too are unsure which German flag is your favorite, I actually left three custom flags inside the mod to choose from...
1) 1871 North German Confederation with Cross (default)
2) Imperial German War Flag
3) Third Reich Flag (Nazi)

If you'd like to use a differant flag for Germany, this is how you change it:
A) Go into the Wolfshanze Mod Assets/XML/Art folder...
B) Find the "Civ4ArtDefines_Civilization.xml" file.
C) Open in Notepad.
E) Change this (from default):

to this for Imperial Germany:

or this for the Third Reich:

Alternate German Flag XML (for convienence, updated for current Wolfshanze Mod):


  • AltGermanFlags.zip
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I like the UNUSED Waffen SS better, looks more realistic, again , just my opinion.
Well, personal opinions are always just that... can't tell you what you do or don't like better, and I'll admit, the black trench coats are snazzy... however...

You said "looks more realistic"... well... maybe if the Waffen SS were ceremonial guards standing around the Chancellory... but the Waffen SS (not to be confused with the normal SS) were out in the field shooting and getting shot at... the Waffen SS actually wore spotted camouflage in the field, not black trench coats.... so technically, the spotted camouflage is more realistic, not the black trenchcoats when it comes to Waffen SS in combat.

But yeah... the black trench coats are snazzier... just not realistic for combat.

As for your other suggestions, there will be more changes down the line... probably do some national flag updates and more later... but truth-be-told, I've been doing 80-zillion changes for almost two months now and I'm burned-out on modding... so I wrapped-up what I had, released v2.0 and started playing again...

I'll wait a little while, let more flavor units come out, then do another update.

Thanks for the feedback... it's welcome.
How compatible would this mod be with the Diversica mod?
Haven't a clue... the Wolfshanze mod is it's own mod, not a module. I have my own "Diversification" included in here, though I don't claim it to be the most extensive one out there. You can see in the original post which nations I have changed/updated with flavor graphics. As much as I could stomach, I have updated each of those nations from ancient times through the jet age with unique flavor units.

The pictures provided are only a sampling of my diversification and are not all-inclusive of the changes made... It wasn't realistic to take snap shots of every unit and every nation that I graphically changed, but what you see is only a small sampling of the graphic changes.

My main purpose of the mod was to add missing units from 1850-1920 and to diversify the ethnic graphics (as well as add Hitler and Hirohito). I created it as a stand-alone mod, so I'm not sure how well it does (or doesn't) get along with other mods or modules... it's been tested by itself on v3.02 and v3.13 of BtS, but not with any other mods.
A question: does the galleas animate in your mod?
Depends on your defintion of "animate".

It sways in the civilopedia and in the "up-close" (bottom-left) screen in-game... it also fires it's cannons with smoke in combat... the oars don't move during movement... so I'm not sure if you'd consider it animated or not... it's not lifeless as it does sway and fire cannons... but the oars don't move, so call it animated or not animated... doesn't bother me at all in-game.
I think why he was wondering was because previously we were having problems with the it not animating as it should.

Anyways, looks great, was just wondering if it would be out soon. :)

Looks real fun though I may not get a chance to play for a while, you know, all the creating I am supposed to do. :)
Hey, nice mod!!

MUCH needed filler for the era you describe. Man, I love the ship diversity!

Couple things I noted.

When playing Ragnar, his early fighter has Italian Fascist markings.

His Heavy foot are Varangian Guards. These would be more appropriate for the Byzantine Civ as an elite unit. As this is where they were used under that name. The artist who made them (you?) even put small crosses on the shields mixed with the Raven (not eagle) symbols. A frequent motif for these particular Norsemen who came from as far away as Iceland. They were also famed for their axe (normal, long shafted small axe head types... not the warhammer gigantic two-bladed type. lol) wielding skills. The big mace portrayed just doesn't fit them historically to my eye anyway. They were after a time, mainly used for ceremonial purposes. Much like the earlier Praetorian guards (A Western Empire phenomena destroyed at the Milvian bridge). We often forget that the "Byzantines" called themselves the "Roman" empire.

Huscarls (Housemen), not the drugged Berserks, were the elites of the Norse. Noted for not "outliving" their commander in battle. This term was later adopted by the Anglo-Saxons.

In fact, I think a ravenesque shield/banner design is more appropriate for the Norse as a whole anyway. A coiled "dragon" was far less used beyond the prow of the long-ships. The Norse were an independent bunch, however, and didn't adopt any kind of uniformity until after being Christianized.

No offense meant, just observations. Since you put so much thought in the period you enhanced, I thought you might appreciate some additional tid-bits. Though by no means do I consider them absolutes.

Thanks for the time you put into your mod. Much appreciated on this end!
Thanks for the constructive feedback... I'll try and answer here...

Hey, nice mod!!

MUCH needed filler for the era you describe. Man, I love the ship diversity!
Thanks... I try!

When playing Ragnar, his early fighter has Italian Fascist markings.
Can't be helped. Here's the thing... When I made this mod, I went ahead and assigned WWII-era aircraft (and tanks for that matter) to any nation that I could accordingly with what they used during WWII. Much like the Soviets and Americans of the cold-war era, before and during WWII, the major European powers exported a large number of tanks and aircraft to other nations, including minor European powers. Sweden purchased a large number of Italian aircraft prior to and during WWII... including the CR42 Falco. Rather then do the generic "everybody has spitfires" thing, I actually gave the correct aircraft to the correct nations (or at least geographic area... Sweden = Vikings).

Most of the aircraft models available for the game have the original nations markings on them (Italy, Germany, etc), including the CR42. I'm not a 3D modeler, unfortunately, some small issues like that occur. Consider it a history lesson on what nations flew what (and from where) during the war.

Oh by the way... I originally was going to skip doing any Viking units... then I found a nice Pikeman and Warrior and decided to start filling-in the reast of the untis with new Vikings.

His Heavy foot are Varangian Guards. These would be more appropriate for the Byzantine Civ as an elite unit.
I'm well aware of the Varangian Guards and their heritage. I didn't want to use Berserkers, and Huscarls were known mostly for their axe-use... I didn't want two "Axe" units for the Vikings, so I found another unit to use instead... yes, the Varangians historically fought for the Byzantines (I know), but they WERE VIKINGS, not Byzantines... since every game of Civ4 is altering history, what's wrong with having Vikings fight for a Viking nation? Nothing wrong with that in my book... any way you dice it, Varangians were Vikings, not Byzantines. My two cents.

Huscarls (Housemen), not the drugged Berserks, were the elites of the Norse. Noted for not "outliving" their commander in battle. This term was later adopted by the Anglo-Saxons.
See above... just nothing really requiring yet another special unit... at least not at this time, and I didn't want two axemen units.

No offense meant, just observations. Since you put so much thought in the period you enhanced, I thought you might appreciate some additional tid-bits. Though by no means do I consider them absolutes.
No offense taken. I appreciate feedback.

Thanks for the time you put into your mod. Much appreciated on this end!
No problem... I really made this mod FOR ME!... I just decided to share my work with others for free... if they like it, that's great... if they don't, there's a zillion other mods out there for them.
Yep, I see your point.

I'd rather have an historically correct aircraft than the generic "Spitfire" despite the markings. Did anyone use the Spit besides the Commonwealth nations during WWII?

As to your Varangian point of view, perfectly acceptable as well. Especially if you aren't the modeler to begin with. We take what we can get and two axe units for "vikings" is a bit much. Though I think Long Ships and Huscarls would be enough UU's for the "vikings".

As to the comment I made about the "Varangian Guard", that particular unit was exclusively Byzantine. Though the Varangian (Varyag, norse who went east, Viking=west. Very generalized I know...) peoples were as you say of Norse extraction. First selected from the so-called "Kievan Rus" then from further afield. Even Anglo-Saxons joined their ranks. That was my only point.

It's generally accepted that the term "viking" became an occupational one used by the Norse themselves, then by their victims regarding the Norse as a whole. Relating to the Norse penchant for exploration, raiding and trade (somewhat in that order.) with various ideas about its exact origin. Regardless, the somewhat proper name of the folks we love so much (at least I do) is the Norse.

I have a degree in History and can get a bit pedantic at times. Not intentional mind you, but certain things (even minor) just find a way to get under my skin a bit. :) Even my co-workers think I'm a little nuts... lol.

I guess I need to remember that these are mods made to make the MAKER happy for the most part. I'm just glad that there are folks with the ability to do this kind of thing, and then allow the rest of us to have fun with it.

Thanks again for the mod. And whoever made the beautiful VG unit to begin with... outstanding.
I'd rather have an historically correct aircraft than the generic "Spitfire" despite the markings. Did anyone use the Spit besides the Commonwealth nations during WWII?
Not really... the Spitfire was pretty much kept for British and Commonwealth use... it wasn't exported much at all... which is annoying in un-modded Civ4 when every nation flys Spitfires. Heck... the Germans exported Me-109s to more nations then the British did with the Spitfire outside the Commonwealth.

As for British foreign sales... most of the fighters they sold to nations outside the Commonwealth were older planes like the Gladiator biplane and Hawker Hurricane... those were exported quite a bit.

Italy sold to pretty much anyone with a pulse and a checkbook... Italian aircraft (and ship designs too for that matter) were exported to many nations.

In my mod you'll find most nations with correct aircraft for the time... like the Ottomons/Turks who flew a variety of aircraft from France, Germany and the US (of course I am limited to only one fighter and one bomber), so I chose the MS406 (French) and He-111F (German) for the Turks... as they did fly both.

I also lumped the post-war/cold-war era nations into US or Soviet camps of equipment... for example, most Mid-East and Asian nations use Soviet equipment, while most European and native/meso-american nations use US equipment. So the Arabians will use T-55 tanks, Mig-21s and IL-28s in the modern age, while the Turks (US allies) will use M-60 tanks, F4 Phantoms and Canberras.

That's one of the goals with this mod... given the limited number of units (one fighter and one bomber per nation per time period) and the limited number of available 3D models for Civ4, I tried to keep equipment as realistic or at least "in-spirit" as I could... it was really annoying to see everyone flying Spitfires and F-16s or driving Shermans and M1-Abrahms.

Oh... and of course, adding a lot of missing naval units and WWI units to the game as well!
Can't be helped. Here's the thing... When I made this mod, I went ahead and assigned WWII-era aircraft (and tanks for that matter) to any nation that I could accordingly with what they used during WWII.
You know, I edited a lot of those WWII aircraft to remove the nation-specific markings and replaced them with generic "team color" circles or bars. If you'd like, I can send them to you. I even fixed the bug on the He-111H where you could see through the entire plane when looking through the propellers (a problem with the alpha mesh on the model).

There are a few other issues I think need addressing. The first is the use of the swastika. It's not that I'm against on moral grounds, I just don't think that it's as representative of the German nation as the Maltese Cross is, which has been in use for a long time (few hundred years?). The swastika was only used for a couple of decades, and hardly reflects Germany through the extended time period that most Civ games go through. Besides, who says Germany has to go through a period of fascism? Isn't Civilization all about "what ifs" in history?

A few nations also have more than one UU. Some are just flavor units with no actual difference except in name and description, but a few actually do have special abilities beyond what the base unit would have. The notables that I can list off the top of my head are Persia, Vikings, USA and Russia. Although slight, it does give them an unfair advantage.

Oh, and as a side note, Russia bought quite a few FT17s and licence-produced them as well. They even saw use during the civil war (mainly by White Russia troops).
Wolfshanze I'm playing this mod on epic speed just to enjoy the units for longer.

Next game marathon i think. One sad thing is that the naval units disappear on the map until I select them. Is this usual? I see it a lot with mods. Just thought I'd mention it.

Very nice, thanks.
Xenomorph... thanks for the feedback... maybe I'll offer two versions for Germany (would only require an XML swap). As for "alternate history", who's to say the 3rd Reich won't last for 1,000 years, making their emblem more used? Actually, it's a left-over from my original import of the Hitler leader head (it changed the nation flag without me paying much attention). My take was that most folks seem to think of WWII Germany anyways, and the special units were from WWII as well. Not wanting to get into a big debate... I'll probably just offer two versions to make everyone happy.

As for custom units that are generic without national markings, that would be great... feel free to send them to me or offer a link... PM sent with my e-mail.

Mice... glad you like the mod. I haven't noticed any disapearing units... please explain and/or show screen shots... also, system specs might help too. I've not had that happen in any of my games with the mod.
Wolfshanze I'm playing this mod on epic speed just to enjoy the units for longer.

Next game marathon i think. One sad thing is that the naval units disappear on the map until I select them. Is this usual? I see it a lot with mods. Just thought I'd mention it.

Very nice, thanks.

It might have something to do with your video settings. Most custom unit makers don't include the freeze frame for units that are used for low settings.
It might have something to do with your video settings. Most custom unit makers don't include the freeze frame for units that are used for low settings.
That's gotta be it... I have all settings for the game set to max...
A thanks for using DWOLF's Nazi Flag Button & Nazi Flag would have been nice... ;)

I was playing this mod on my laptop and the same thing happened to me...some boats would disappear but then I went home and played on my desktop and everything ran fine...
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