BTS Pre-release Chat with Firaxis (CHAT LOGS)


Oct 25, 2000
The raw chat log for the Beyond the Sword Pre-release Chat with Firaxis is now available. The chat lasted about 1.5 hours, from 4:30 PM EDT to 6 PM EDT. It was delayed for about 25 minutes due to some connection problems Firaxians encountered.

EDIT: lord_joakim has posted a cleaned up version of the chat log. Thanks lord_joakim!

EDIT 2: Strider has posted a cleaned up version and also a Q&A version of the Chat After Party. Thanks Strider!

Check it out if you missed the chat (or want to mine the new info from it)! :)

Later today or tomorrow we will post a cleaned up version or a log in Q&A format, which should be much more readable.

Happy reading! A big thanks to all the Firaxians (Barry Caudill, Jesse Smith, Alex Mantzaris, and Jon Shafer) and everyone else for attending the chat! :goodjob:
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