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[BtS] Rise of Mankind 2

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by zappara, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Alphacodex

    Alphacodex Chieftain

    May 20, 2008
    There is something I dont understand. Maybe its a bug -maybe I just dont get it. In certain civis you get like "5 free military units". However this count seems to rise as your civilization gets larger. For example by now the finance advisor tells me I have 23 free military units, then it tells me I have 23 military units at all and therefore I must pay 23 Gold...? A bug?

    - If it's only a wrong output I should pay like 18 Gold (23 military units - 5 free units)
    - Or if I really get 23 free units I should pay nothing at all...

  2. Moclippa

    Moclippa Chieftain

    May 31, 2008
    Hey, I love your mod but I've been having a problem with it. Every time I end the turn on this save file I get a hard crash. Could you please check and see if you can recreate it on your end and if there may be a solution? Thanks, I'd really enjoy ending this game.


    [Save File - http://www.mediafire.com/?lkdxmzdoqko] (File was too large to attach on the forum)


    Attached Files:

  3. Voltage

    Voltage Warlord

    Oct 4, 2006
    Great MOD. Once you install this you will never go back to vanilla BTS :)

    One massive problem i have with this so far is i think the civics are horribly designed and seem to be all down to someones preference without having any historical revelance. They have way too many neg and pos effects.

    I have not hit AD timeframe yet, but ive noticed each turn takes about 15-20 seconds longer than vanilla BTS to play out. I guess thats down to all the great things this mod brings so i cant complain about that :)

    If your a hardcore Civ fan and wish the Beyond the Sword had more, this is the MOD for you!
  4. Voltage

    Voltage Warlord

    Oct 4, 2006
    My personal preference would be to leave all the future techs and units out of Civilization. I think it ruins the feel of the game at the later stage. Future techs and units are all down to someones imagination and i prefer all realistic aspects of the game.
  5. rightfuture

    rightfuture Emperor

    Mar 11, 2008
    Personally, I think that a Near Future Era and even a Speculative Sci-Fi Era, extend the what-if exploration of history that CIV IV offers us. I for one am excited about exploring ideas such as sea colonies mining ocean methane or farming algae, the implications of peak oil/ alternative fuels on history, and the effect of eutopian / distopian policies such as religious fundamentalism and global cooperation have on our culture. However far someone wants to take this, I think it's interesting and entertaining. Your take is simply to explore existing history, that's fine. That what options are here for, I encourage us to explore more, and enjoy what is possible.
    Maybe we could have a option to turn off future eras for historical purists?
  6. brun58

    brun58 Warlord

    Dec 29, 2003
    I also enjoy playing into the future era so would agree on not limiting it.
  7. EricCrystal

    EricCrystal Chieftain

    Feb 26, 2008
    Any reason why a Galleon cost 144 production while a Fluyt cost 180 production?
  8. matter2003

    matter2003 Chieftain

    Jun 1, 2008
    I love the mod so far, but I find it a little strange that I have never been involved in a war over 500 turns into a marathon game. In fact there are very few wars to speak of. I was very surprised because the mod says it includes the Revolution mod which had lots of wars/battles in it, and it seemed I was almost constantly at war with another civilization or rebels that broke off...

    The only fighting I have done is against Barbarians that continuously attack my cities and are summarily destroyed.

    IMHO, some modifications need to be made to the AI aggressiveness so that more wars are being fought....
  9. Moclippa

    Moclippa Chieftain

    May 31, 2008
    First of all, be sure you downloaded the specific mod pack with Revolution in it. The standalone version of this mod does not include Revolution, and the versions that do, come in a few different flavors.

    As far as wars are concerned though, I recently just played a marathon game which was filled with wars, to the extent that it ended up becoming two specific blocs that were taking turns attacking me a few turns after I signed peace deals with the other. In fact, within or near the first 500 turns I had sparked a world war that was being waged almost purely against me. The save file for that is a few posts up, but it crashes if you end the turn.

    I haven't played enough games to make an accurate judgment, but I thought the AI Aggressiveness was balanced... wars weren't fought unless they were needed to, and I deserved almost every single war I was involved in throughout. I felt it was less aggressive then regular Civ AI, but more balanced. Though, that hover tank may perhaps be a wee bit overpowered... and some of the pricing and turns to complete on the naval stuff needs adjusting.
  10. Kalimakhus

    Kalimakhus Emperor

    May 8, 2007
    Type, and size of map determine how early the AI may get aggressive. Smaller maps specially Terra and Pangaea maps should witness early wars because the AI will fight once it finds no land to expand into.

    Another important factor is how advanced you are and how many units you have. The AI may be dump but it won't attack you if you are too strong for it. They will still attack each others if this will pay back.

    Religion also has a role. If it happened that one religion is dominant so all players adopted it then there won't be wars until late in the game when it is really imperative. The WW associated with waging wars against players of the same faith is quite high especially early in the game when less happiness sources are available.
  11. Boris Badinov

    Boris Badinov Pain is Inevitable Unhappiness is Optional

    Jan 19, 2002
    Third star on the right
    Zapp: Love 2.01 with all the addons, two problems arise... wonder movies don't play (OK, I can live with that) and I get a CTD when I attempt to build Pont du Gard (wich also does not have an icon, just a pink square).
  12. Vince_2000

    Vince_2000 Chieftain

    Mar 2, 2007
    Hamburg, Germany
    I have the same Problem with the CTD, can you fix it ?

    otherwise the best Mod of Civ 4... :goodjob:
  13. Loke.be

    Loke.be Chieftain

    Mar 12, 2007

    I agree with you..
    Which variables did you change exactly? I would like to give a try to your changes..
  14. Alphacodex

    Alphacodex Chieftain

    May 20, 2008
    Well to be honest I don't really understand every single line in the gamespeed file, so my changes might have any unwanted sideeffects. However until now everything looks fine and is a lot more fun. The file is on the other PC so I will post an excerpt as soon as I get to it again...

  15. darkedone02

    darkedone02 The Suggestor

    Mar 9, 2006
    Louisville, Kentucky
    if it's unrealistic slow, then it's best to change it on your own to whatever feel you like. However, I still see if you can increase it a bit to make sure it goes somewhat slow like Medieval: Total War. That will fit for most ages or you can take the speed up to a "Rise of Nations" feel if you wish too.
  16. Kaenash

    Kaenash Warlord

    Nov 13, 2001
    I LOVE this mod.

    I played the 28 civ as China and started really cranking technology wise.

    I am one of these kind of people who likes to get EVERY wonder and gosh, there are so many.

    As china, early on I kill all the civilizations around me. The mongols, korea, siam, india. Then I expand into their territory.

    At a certain point, maybe 1000 AD my tech lead was not so great and this is when the dog pile begins. Several Countries ally against me and go to war.

    What I think I want is a smaller scale world map with 8 civs, the game didn't take too long between turns but I got the sense that if I tried to control too much territory beyond traditional china it would be just too much for me.

    So then I play as Germany, Bismark...what a wonderful set of attributes. I am playing on hemispheres, I like this kind of map. Its a REALLY nice set up. I saved my scenario (noble/marathon) at 6,000 BC as a scenario because I absolutely love how the map looks and who I share an island with is only France and the Dutch.

    However, about 280 BC this is when the French who I can't imagine how they have this many troops, but they have sooooooooooooooooooooooo many swordsmen that I am like, huh? Even if I assume he started building up his force once he got iron working, I do not think unless he is cranking out 2 a turn would he have this many. It must be one of the civs like slavery or something that allowed him the ability to do this.

    Its an ungodly amount.

    I gave up out of frustration on what could otherwise be an incredible mod, but I think the downside is that if you mix and match civs just right the enemy AI will do nothing build up units and that to me doesn't sound realistic.
  17. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    There's rar file inside Kalimakhus' addon that makes Extra Civ addon and his addon compatible with each other. Perhaps you didn't notice instructions for this?

    You'll most likely experience Out of Sync errors once any civ can build Colonist units. Because these settler type units build cities with extra buildings it causes OOS error because the building info isn't updated to other Civs - I've tried to figure out solution for this problem but haven't found one yet.

    I've changed unit train and building construct times for Snail games speed in next patch. These new settings haven't been tested (slightly slower than on Marathon) so I'm not sure how it will affect Snail game speed's balance.

    Fixed on next patch. :)

    The free unit amount increases with the size of your empire (and maybe with some other factors).. I'm not exactly sure what makes that number grow. There are Civic options that make each military unit cost 1 gold and each unit cost 1 gold (2 gold total). While the military gold effect is negated with certain civics the 1 gold per unit is not. Basically it just halves your military unit costs. When I was making these changes, I had to make it this way because the game wouldn't accept values greater than 1 for military unit costs - it stayed always at 1 no matter how high amount I set it to - I think these xml tags are slightly bugged in BtS.

    Yeah, it's someone's imagination... :rolleyes: I think it's mentioned in the readme file that the mod is designed especially for myself and I do like to have extended future era. ;) But I can agree with you that I don't like some of the future techs that came from Next War mod - for example Cold Fusion / shielding techs are completely unrealistic and same could be said about Mech units. Those future techs that I've added myself (and not copied from Next War / SMAC) are closer to what we actually might find during the next decades and in my opinion are realistic choices. For example Nano technologies, Advanced Computers (Quantum/DNA/Optical computing etc.), Mesh Networks, Human/Machine Interface, AI and so on are techs that already have some kind of prototypes in real life. Of course units/buildings etc. are purely imaginative for these techs in this mod as there's not really real life counterparts that could be used as guide when designing those.

    Umm.. no... Have to check those values... :lol:

    If it doesn't have icon, sounds like the v2.01 patch hasn't updated files correctly. Maybe try install patch again?

    I'll try to upload next patch this week, probably on friday. Here's current changes list for v2.1:

    Spoiler :
    - Fixed: zCivics cannotDoCivic function was in wrong spot in CvGameUtils.py (luckily this wasn't used yet)
    - Fixed: GameUtils.py when AI player decides to build Inquisitor
    - Disabled: some obsolete code religion block from CvScreensInterface.py (was part of Limited Religion mod component)
    - Added: New Military Advisor screen component
    - Changed: Illyrian Pirates event checks for War Galleys
    - Changed: Espionage flavor color adjustments to Flavor coloured tech tree

    - Added: Rocket Artillery unit, req. Composites
    - Added: Medic, req. Battlefield Medicine, starts with Medic I and Heal promotions
    - Added: Special Forces, uses Navy Seal graphics
    - Added: Police Squad icon
    - Added: Special Infantry icon
    - Added: Modern Grenadier icon
    - Added: Elephant Rider icon
    - Added: Early Destroyer icon
    - Added: Battlecruiser icon
    - Added: SR71 icon
    - Changed: Light Artillery no longer upgrade to mobile artillery, stays always as cheaper artillery option for late eras (for new civs), icon added
    - Changed: Mobile Artillery moved to Logistics, requires Artillery & Radio, Oil bonus requirement changed to Oil Products, upgrades to Rocket Artillery
    - Changed: Transport Helicopter no longer upgrade to AH64 (which doesn't have transport capabilities), now only defensive unit, -50% bonus against ships, flanking strikes removed since it's now only defensive
    - Changed: Navy Seal uses now new American Marine graphics
    - Changed: AH64 helicopter has gained flanking strike against Rocket Artillery, -50% bonus against ships
    - Changed: Gunship -50% bonus against ships
    - Changed: Inquisitor isn't National unit anymore so there's no limit how many player can build them
    - Fixed: Transport Helicopter strategy and pedia entries were missing
    - Changed: All Wheeled units require now vulcanized Rubber or Synthetic Rubber
    - Changed: Hi-Tech APC requires vulcanized rubber or synthetic rubber
    - Changed ACV requires requires vulcanized rubber or synthetic rubber
    - Changed: ACV SAM requires requires vulcanized rubber or synthetic rubber
    - Changed: Mounted Infantry units upgrade now to Cuirassier (don't go obsolete so fast)
    - Changed: Pikeman units first defend against Mounted units
    - Changed: Heavy Pikeman units first defend against Mounted units
    - Changed: Bazooka targets first any Wheeled or Tracked units in combat outside cities
    - Changed: Anti-Tank targets first any Wheeled or Tracked units in combat outside cities

    - Added: Battlefield Medicine, req. Nationalism and Chemistry
    - Changed: composites requires now Organic Chemistry
    - changed: Space Flight requires now Modern Physics
    - Changed: Submarine Warfare requires now Military Science
    - Changed: Medicine requires now Battlefield Medicine, no longer require Optics (was already included in pre-reqs)
    - Changed: Dualism cost increased to match Monotheism cost, flavors adjusted (growth flavor added)
    - Changed: Polytheism flavors adjusted (gold flavor added)
    - Changed: Mass Media flavors
    - Changed: Radio flavors
    - Changed: Electricity flavors
    - Changed: Refining flavors
    - Changed: Explosives flavors
    - Changed: Steel flavors
    - Changed: Realism flavors
    - Changed: Photography flavors
    - Changed: Social Contract flavors
    - Changed: Juris Prudency flavors
    - Changed: Navigation flavors
    - Changed: Naval Cannon flavors
    - Changed: Education flavors
    - Changed: Mercantilism flavors
    - Changed: Corporation flavors
    - Changed: Liberalism flavors
    - Changed: Nationalism flavors
    - Changed: Replaceable parts flavors
    - Changed: Representative Democracy flavors
    - Changed: Steam Power flavors
    - Changed: Medicine flavors
    - Changed: Marxism flavors
    - Changed: Constitution flavors
    - Changed: Stirrup flavors
    - Changed: Chivalry flavors
    - Changed: City Planning flavors
    - Changed: Invention flavors
    - Changed: Guilds flavors
    - Changed: Democracy flavors
    - Changed: Monarchy flavors
    - Changed: Sanitation flavors
    - Changed: compass flavors
    - Changed: Optics flavors
    - Changed: Printing press flavors
    - Changed: Astronomy flavors
    - Changed: Political Philosophy flavors
    - Changed: Divine Right flavors
    - Changed: Leadership flavors
    - Changed: Calendar flavors
    - Changed: Naval Tactics flavors
    - Changed: Grand War flavors
    - Changed: Civil Service flavors
    - Changed: Labor Union flavors
    - Changed: Combustion flavors
    - Changed: Refrigeration flavors
    - Changed: Screw Propeller flavors
    - Changed: Railroad flavors
    - Changed: Agricultural Engineering flavors
    - Changed: Semi-Automatic Weapons flavors
    - Changed: Industrialism flavors
    - Changed: Motorized Transportation flavors
    - Changed: Communism flavors
    - Changed: Fascism flavors
    - Changed: Plastics flavors
    - Changed: Motion Pictures flavors
    - Changed: Automatic Weapons flavors
    - Changed: Rocketry flavors
    - Changed: Armored Vehicles flavors
    - Changed: Guerrilla warfare flavors
    - Changed: Literature flavors
    - Changed: Submarine flavors
    - Changed: Electronics flavors
    - Changed: Organic Chemistry flavors
    - Changed: Amphibious warfare flavors
    - Changed: Machine tools flavors
    - Changed: Sonar Flavors
    - Changed: Aviation flavors
    - Changed: Mechanized warfare flavors
    - Changed: Logistics flavors
    - Changed: Radar flavors
    - Changed: Modern Seismology flavors
    - Changed: Advanced Flight flavors
    - Changed: Manufacturing flavors
    - Changed: Laser flavors
    - Changed: Biological Warfare flavors
    - Changed: Tourism flavors
    - Changed: Microchip flavors
    - Changed: Nuclear Power flavors
    - Changed: Guided Weapons flavors
    - Changed: Jet Propulsion flavors
    - Changed: Ecology flavors
    - Changed: Computer Networks flavors
    - Changed: Space Flight flavors
    - Changed: Globalization flavors
    - Changed: 3D Modelling flavors
    - Changed: Fiber Optics flavors
    - Changed: Genetics flavors
    - Changed: Space Flight flavors
    - Changed: Communication networks flavors
    - Changed: Virtual Reality flavors
    - Changed: Recycling flavors
    - Changed: Magnetic Levitation flavors
    - Changed: Automated Traffic flavors
    - Changed: Knowledge Management flavors
    - Changed: Fuel Cells flavors
    - Changed: Gene Manipulation flavors
    - Changed: Military Robotics flavors
    - Changed: Mesh Networks flavors
    - Changed: Conglomerates flavors
    - Changed: Human/Machine Interface flavors
    - Changed: Nano Electronics flavors
    - Changed: Space Colonies flavors
    - Changed: Smart Dust flavors
    - Changed: Advanced Computers flavors
    - Changed: Bionics flavors
    - Changed: Fusion flavors
    - Changed: Superstring theory flavors
    - Changed: Weather Control flavors
    - Changed: Ecological Engineering flavors
    - Changed: Nano Mining flavors
    - Changed: Regenerative medicine flavors
    - Changed: Megastructure engineering flavors
    - Changed: Terra computer flavors
    - Changed: Aquaculture flavors
    - Changed: Environmental economics flavors
    - Changed: Homo Superior flavors
    - Changed: Shielding flavors
    - Changed: Sentient Earth flavors
    - Changed: Advanced Shielding flavors
    - Changed: Future Tech flavors

    - Added: Anti-Missile Batteries
    - Added: Radar Station
    - Added: Rubber Factory
    - Added: Chemical Plant
    - Added: Slave Market, requires Slavery civic to be active before can be built
    - Added: Manor, requires Vassalage civic
    - Added: Agora, requires Majority Rule civic
    - Added: Irrigation Canals
    - Added: River Port
    - Added: Paved Roads
    - Added: New icon for Opera House
    - Added: Townclock graphics
    - Added: Sewer system graphics
    - Added: School graphics
    - Added: Meeting Hall graphics
    - Added: Opera House graphics + button
    - Changed: Oil refinery requires river instead of coastal plot. This helps to build units that require Oil Products on maps where seas aren't present.
    - Changed: Weapon Factory AI weight value increased from 10 to 100
    - Changed: Bunker air defense decreased from 50% to 20%
    - Changed: Grocer gives +1 health from Apple, -1 health from tobacco and +1 happiness from Tobacco
    - Changed: Apothecary gives +1 health from Apple, -1 health from tobacco and +1 happiness from Tobacco
    - Changed: Supermarket gives -2 health from Tobacco and +1 happiness form Tobacco
    - Changed: American mall gives -2 health from Tobacco and +1 happiness form Tobacco
    - Changed: Market gives +1 happiness from Olives
    - Changed: Granary gives +1 health from Potato, now storages 30% of food instead of 50% (cities grow slower)
    - Changed: Terrace gives +1 health from Potato, now storages 30% of food instead of 50% (cities grow slower)
    - Changed: Weapon Factory renamed to Filling factory
    - Changed: Library science flavor increased
    - Changed: University science flavor increased
    - Changed: Healer's hut cost decreased from 60 to 40 (helps early game if player has lots of jungle near capital)
    - Changed: Buildings re-arranged so that the similar type buildings are "grouped" in city build list
    - Changed: Bomb Shelters moved to Fission, requires also Civil engineering
    - Changed: Conquest probability for all buildings that previously had 66% has been increased to 75%. This means these buildings are bit more likely to survive when city is captured.
    - Changed: Walls conquest prob 0 -> 20%
    - Changed: High Walls conquest prob 0 -> 30%
    - Changed: Castle/Citadel conquest prob 0 -> 40%

    - Changed: Cottage, Hamlet, Village and Town +1 food (since the food cost per population is 3 instead of BtS default 2, AI didn't want to build these due to lack of food)
    - Changed: Watermill initial bonus is now +1 food +1 hammer
    - Changed: Forest Preserve gets bonus from techs Ecology, Ecological engineering and Sentient Earth
    - Changed: Oil wells can be built now with Refining tech

    - Changed: Corporatism no longer give +1 free specialist per city
    - Changed: Caste System no longer give unlimited artist/merchant/scientist
    - changed: Global Market gives +15% food instead of 25%
    - Changed: State Property gets now +1 espionage per specialist
    - Changed: Hereditary rule no longer give food bonus
    - Changed: Police State no longer give food bonus
    - Changed: Vassalage no longer give food bonus
    - Changed: Bureaucracy no longer give food bonus
    - changed: Free Speech no longer give food bonus from Towns, gives now +1 hammer from Town and village, -2 happiness from Slave Market
    - Changed: Mercantilism gives +2 gold from Plantation improvement
    - Changed: Free market gives now +1 trade routes in every city, +1 gold from plantation improvement
    - Changed: Industrialism gets +1 happiness from Factory and Manufacturing Plant
    - Changed: Global Market no longer give food bonus
    - Changed: Private Healthcare gives now +2 health in every city and +1 health from Doctor's office
    - Changed: Government funded healthcare now gives +3 health in every city and +1 health from Doctor's office and Hospital
    - Changed: Universal Suffrage -1 happiness from Slave Market

    - Added: Palace of Potala graphics and button
    - Added: Temple of Heaven grapchis and button
    - Added: Edinburgh's castle graphics (some generic castle, not real Edinburgh's castle)
    - Changed: Pyramid of the Magician no longer add +1 gold for all state religion buildings (wasn't restricted to Nagualism), gets +50% trade route bonus in this city
    - Changed: The Temple of Heaven no longer give +1 culture from all state religion buildings, gives now +25% culture in all cities
    - Changed: Pont du Gard gives now +2 area health instead of +1
    - Changed: Isaac Newton's College, Leonardo's Workshop and Copernicus Observatory can't be built in same city
    - Changed: Edison's Workshop and Einstein's laboratory can't be built in same city
    - Changed: Marco Polo's Embassy no longer allow all economic civics, instead it gives +3 trade routes in city and +1 base gold from all merchant specialists
    - Changed: Masada no longer give +1 culture from all state buildings, gets +2 free Priests, Priests in all cities yield +1 hammer
    - Fixed: King Richard's Crusade had wrong icon and building graphics

    National Wonders
    - Changed: Ironworks no longer require forges due to forges being part of building upgrade path
    - Added: Central Bank graphics and button

    - Changed: SDI gives now 50% intercept chance against nukes instead of 75% (in real life these projects weren't that successfull)

    - Added: Olives
    - Added: Tobacco
    - Added: Apple
    - Added: Rubber
    - Added: Vulcanized Rubber
    - Added: Synthetic Rubber
    - Changed: Coffee button
    - Changed: Lemon button
    - Changed: Sulphur button
    - Changed: Potato button
    - Changed: Hemp button
    - Changed: Pearls button

    - Changed: Illyrian Pirates use War Galleys instead of Triremes.
    - Changed: Taliban event spawns Guerrillas instead of Infantry units (more dangerous now)

    Game Speed
    - Changed: Snail game speed can now train units and construct buildings faster (not tested how big the effect is in full game)

    Game settings
    - Changed: Max experience after unit upgraded increased from 10 to 16
    - Changed: Max Great wonders per city decreased from 6 to 4 (back to original RoM default setting)
    Might get few more changes squeezed into that patch...
  18. manooly

    manooly Warlord

    Feb 23, 2006
    Hello all! My brother is coming over tonight to play some Civ (ok, while we consume a large amount of adult beverages). We really like to play in Hot Seat mode. If I just install RoM 2.0 then the 2.01 patch and then just the ExtraCiv addon I should be ok right? I'm not interested in the Revolution or Dale's Combat portions since I know they do not go with multi-play. Am I correct in just installing the main 2.0 file, then the 2.01 patch and the extra civs (300MB plus)? If you do not think this will work in Hot Seat play please let me know.

    Thanks for your time!

    - manooly
  19. Kalimakhus

    Kalimakhus Emperor

    May 8, 2007

    As Zappara mentioned the Colonist and Pioneer units cause OOSs in multi-player so even plain RoM2.0 should become MP incompatible once a player start being able to train these two units. You can try removing the two units by editing Civ4UnitInfos.xml file. This is in case you know your way around large XML files because this is really a large one.
  20. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003

    It should work up to renaissance era but when you get access to Colonist unit and try to build first city with it, you'll get 'Out of Synch' error in multiplayer mode. This happens because Colonist builds cities with extra buildings and that info isn't transferred correctly to other players and it causes error that will crash the game. Same happens with Pioneer unit since it works the same way. You could of course by pass this error by "disabling" extra building feature from those units. To do that you'll have to open CvCustomEventManager.py -file from folder 'Rise of mankind\Assets\Python'. From this file you need to disable 2 lines:

    import SettlersEventManager



    Just put # -mark in front of those lines and they will be disabled. Save the file then. Now multiplayer mode should work without those OOS errors. :)

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