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[BtS] Rise of Mankind 2

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by zappara, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. The Turk

    The Turk Deity

    Jun 25, 2008
    me too, its really weird I have to use my keyboard for everything:mad:
  2. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    After 5 mins of loading RoM, I get a runtime error trying to load your SAV. Now there have been reports of late game CTDs (there's a thread on that as well in the RoM forum), but these are from early 20th century. Without any further info, all I can assume is that RoM 2.2 Huge Earth 18 civs v. 1.1 isn't compatible with v. 1.0 savegames.

    Please report any further errors on the appropriate RoM forum threads.:please:
  3. malikahsen

    malikahsen Chieftain

    Aug 9, 2007
    Great work... i love this mod
  4. malikahsen

    malikahsen Chieftain

    Aug 9, 2007
    Salam.... man i got a problem... "CTRL+R" Revolution screen is not accessable... ??? Any sugestions??? i mean that "revolution watch screen" i can't bring it on... clicking the punch button does noting... wat to do???
  5. Zakouski

    Zakouski Chieftain

    May 11, 2008
    No more news since a long time ?
  6. Agent327

    Agent327 Observer

    Oct 28, 2006
    In orbit
    Rise of Mankind has a whole forum dedicated to news, add-ons, updates, map, bug reports and general discussion. Check it out on the Creation & Customization page under the Project & Development section.;)
  7. truetom

    truetom Warlord

    Oct 23, 2002
    Hm, I hate looking for various threads on one forum for the same theme. Why can't it be all in one place? :confused:

  8. Bastian-Bux

    Bastian-Bux King

    Mar 29, 2006
    Easy: this thread is the showcase for the mod ... if you want to see all you have to enter the shop, and look for the correct department for your specific item.
  9. rwglaub

    rwglaub Prince

    Oct 27, 2005
    I'm getting something strange. When I click on a city, I cannot see all the units there in a line across the bottom of the screen, instead it's one at a time.
  10. tykemalcolm

    tykemalcolm Chieftain

    Jul 15, 2007
    Florence, KY
    I loaded and started the 2.2 mod and I do not get an interface at all. All I get is the map, which I can scroll, but no interface - any ideas?
    I'm using Vista 64bit Home Premium; 6 GB RAM; Nvidia 9800GT with 512MB; Dell 24" widescreen.
  11. Bastian-Bux

    Bastian-Bux King

    Mar 29, 2006
    What patch are you suing? Sounds like you are using the wrong BtS patch.
  12. dcatcher

    dcatcher Chieftain

    May 7, 2008
    I tried to compile the source code included in the RoM 2.2.
    But it seems some file is missing, cos the compiler cannot find definitions for a few class.(e.g "VoteTriggeredData")
    I use Visual studio 2008, and I am sure I put in all the file from civ4 sdk. I have succeeded compiling the original gamecore.dll.
    I copy and replace the src folder from RoM 2.2
    I want to merge Enhanced City Radius into RoM 2.2 patch 3.17.
  13. dcatcher

    dcatcher Chieftain

    May 7, 2008
    Something to add,

    Can I use Mister Giggles's ESC+UBTSP.zip which includes Enhanced Sized Cities 1.12 + Solver's 0.19 Unofficial Patch + 40 civs to replace the dll file in RoM 2.2? Is there something that will be lost?
    here : http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=241976&page=7
  14. Wallabulla

    Wallabulla Warlord

    Nov 9, 2002
    thanks alot for this great mod, having a blast so far :)
  15. xilr

    xilr Warlord

    Jun 22, 2006
    I see the religions give different bonuses. I dont have a problem with this and I figured Christianity would get the short end of the stick, but isnt it just a tad crazy that Islam's Holy City gets +3 gold, +1 Sci, +3 Culture and all other cities +1 gold and +1 culture, and Christianity just gets +2 culture to both?

    Is there any other balancing factors in play?

    From a glance it looks like Islam is the ALPHA religon, followed by Confucanism.

    Judaism, Hinduism, and Taoism all seem quite superior if you really want the extra culture.
  16. tykemalcolm

    tykemalcolm Chieftain

    Jul 15, 2007
    Florence, KY
    Thanks - you were right. I thought I had installed the latest patch, but hadn't. I'm now running 3.17
  17. stmartin

    stmartin aka. poyuzhe

    Aug 4, 2007
    In fact there are many other balancing factors in play. Try to have a look at each religion's holy shrine. Then try to have a look at each religion's unique world wonder or national wonder, in this case Confucianism doesn't have any and Islam has one that get obsolete real quick.
    However, I do agree that Christianity is pretty weak. Maybe it's because the majority of the world's leaders' favorite religion is Christianity?
    In each game I'd love to found three religions: Hellenism, Confucianism and Naugaulism. Love Hellenism for the science bonus The statue of Zeus gives, and for Parthenon of course. Love Confucianism for the free march promotion given by Kong Miao. Love Naugaulism for the pyramid of the magician. Taoism's free martial art promotion from monastery is also nice.
  18. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    Version 2.3 released, see first post on this thread for download link.

    Version 2.3
    Spoiler :
    - Added: 28 New events
    - Changed: Tower shield event active on 50% of games now, obsolete python check removed since python file didn't have that code block
    - Changed: At the Sword event expires later and can affect Light Swordsman as well
    - Changed: Man named Jed event can trigger with Adventurer
    - Changed: Blessed sea quest can be triggered on Hellenism, checks also presence of wargalleys, flyuts and brigantines because those can carry missionaries too
    - Changed: Tornado may affect many new improvement types (was only affecting BtS default types)
    - Changed: Bards tale trigger techs modified
    - Changed: Hurricane active in 100% of games (was 75%)
    - Changed: Volcano event active in 100% games (there's many active volcanoes on Earth)
    - Changed: Black Pearls event can be triggered with Pearls resource (duh!)
    - Changed: Apple Seed event actually reveals new apple resource
    - Changed: Mahdi Army event might occur earlier
    - Changed: Battle Lasers event applies to AH64 Gunships as well
    - Changed: Reactive Armor event applies to Early, Light and Heavy Tanks too, prereq. Oil Products instead of Oil
    - Changed: Greek Fire event occurs now in 35% of games instead of 15%
    - Fixed: Harbormaster quest text elements

    National Wonders
    - Added: Fusion Power Plant

    - Added: ITER (International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor)
    - Fixed: Reference to Manhattan Project removed from SDI since Manhattan project is now National wonder and not project

    - Added: Bauxite Ore
    - Added: Obsidian
    - Added: Ammunition button + font
    - Added: Oil products button + font
    - Changed: Aluminum is now manufactured from Bauxite Ore
    - Changed: Whale obsolete at Sonar tech (1969-1980 when whales were put on endangered species lists)

    - Added: Aluminum Factory, produces Aluminum from Bauxite Ore
    - Added: Modern Granary
    - Added: Sid's Sushi Restaurant
    - Added: Cereal Mills Factory
    - Added: Standard Ethanol Distillery
    - Added: Creative Constructions Contractors
    - Added: Mining Inc. Survey
    - Added: Aluminum Co. Research and Development
    - Added: Civilized Jewelers' Store
    - Added: Rubber factory graphics + button
    - Added: Archery Range graphics
    - Added: Vacation Resort graphics + button, gives now +20% commerce, -25% science, +20% culture
    - Added: Naval Academy graphics + button
    - Added: Press Agency button
    - Changed: Drydock requires Shipyard in city
    - Changed: Food Processing Plant requires Modern Granary instead of Granary
    - Changed: Orbital Factory requires Modern Granary instead of Granary
    - Changed: Security Bureau moved to Psychology tech
    - Changed: Irrigation Canals moved to City Planning (ancient egypt had these canals)
    - Changed: Military Airbase no longer add extra trade route to city
    - Changed: Accelerator's bonus to spaceship production reduced
    - Changed: Jewellery commerce bonus decreased, trade route modifier added
    - Fixed: Oil Power Plant requires Oil
    - Fixed: School of Scribes no longer available for free at modern or later starts (goes obsolete at Medieval age)

    Great Wonders
    - Changed: Pyramids no longer give access to all government civics. It gives now free Granary in all cities.
    - Changed: Alhambra no longer give -50% to damage to defenses on bombardment (avoiding % going below -100% with all the buildings which could lead to game crash)
    - Changed: Edinburgh castle no longer give -25% to damage to defenses on bombardment (avoiding % going below -100% with all the buildings which could lead to game crash)
    - Changed: Masada no longer give -25% to damage to defenses on bombardment (avoiding % going below -100% with all the buildings which could lead to game crash)
    - Changed: Petra gives +1 trade routes in all cities (the site was historically a center for trade), gives +1 free priest and can turn 1 citizen to priest
    - Changed: Global Stock Exchange no longer add commerce bonus to city where it's built
    - Changed: Technological Capital no longer have 100% science bonus, adds 1 free specialist per city instead of 2
    - Added: Alhambra movie
    - Added: Art of War movie
    - Added: JS Bach Cathedral movie
    - Added: Cure for Cancer movie
    - Added: Copernicus Observatory movie
    - Added: King Richard's Crusade movie
    - Added: Theory of Evolution movie
    - Added: Longevity movie
    - Added: Magellan's Voyage movie
    - Added: Petra movie
    - Added: Plato's academy movie
    - Added: SETI movie
    - Added: Woman's Suffrage movie
    - Added: Pyramid of the Magician movie (wasn't sure if it's exactly the same pyramid in the video)

    - Changed: Creative Constructions uses Bauxite Ore instead of Aluminum
    - Changed: Aluminum Co. accepts Bauxite
    - Changed: Sid's Sushi Co moved to Screw Propeller tech
    - Changed: Civilized Jewelers Inc. moved to Motion Pictures tech

    - Changed: Mine and Shaft mine Aluminum resource swapped to Bauxite Ore
    - Changed: Groundwater Well now carries irrigation
    - Changed: Quarry can be built on Obsidian resource
    - Changed: Camp get commerce bonus from techs Matchlock and Semi-Automatic Weapons (easier to hunt animals)
    - Changed: Whaling boats get extra bonuses from Naval Cannon, Corporation and Screw Propeller techs
    - Added: Extraction Facility (sea)
    - Added: Orchard icon

    Mod components
    - Added: Asphalt Roads
    - Added: Kalimakhus' RevolutionDCM+BUG addon 1.2
    - Added: Ethnic Citystyles 1.03 for BtS 3.17
    - Added: UN Forces

    - Added: Motorcycle
    - Added: Adventurer
    - Added: Extraction Facility, builds improvement
    - Changed: African knight unit graphics changed to new graphics to fix bug
    - Changed: Frigate can transport now 1 land unit
    - Changed: Ship of the Line can now transport 1 land unit
    - Changed: Manowar can now transport 1 land unit
    - Changed: Iron Frigate can now transport 1 land unit
    - Changed: Ironclad can transport 1 scout, spy, great people
    - Changed: Cavalry upgrades now also to Armored Car and Motorcycle
    - changed: Armored car cost increased, Flanking abilities increased, no longer start with blitz
    - Changed: Jeep cost increased, Flanking abilities increased
    - changed: HUMVEE cost increased, Flanking abilities increased
    - Changed: BTR80 cost increased
    - Changed: Mechanized Infantry cost increased
    - Changed: Gunship flanking abilities increased
    - Changed: AH64 Gunship flanking abilities increased
    - Changed: Cuirassier upgrades to Motorcycle
    - Changed: Police Squad is now gunpowder unit type
    - Changed: Flak88 negative modifiers against different unit types removed (these were used against personnel, tanks, planes, vehicles etc.)
    - Changed: Automatons upgrade to Cyborgs, requires now Cloning Laboratory instead of Cloning Factory (can be built earlier->helps AI), cost increased to 100
    - Changed: Clones require now Cloning Laboratory instead of Cloning Factory, can build now Silk Farm, Apple & Olive Orchard
    - Changed: Cyborg cost increased to 150
    - Changed: Great Artist can build Heroic Epic and National Epic wonders
    - Changed: Great Merchant can build Central Bank and Wall Street national wonders
    - Changed: Great Engineer can build Ironworks national wonder and Pont du Gard great wonder
    - Changed: Atomic Bomber requires now Aerodynamics and Fission, cost increased, air range dropped to 7, belongs now to Bomber unit group which gives access to certain Air promotions
    - Changed: Nanite Cloud removed from Hi-Tech unit group (has no longer access to promotions), strength dropped 70->64 (still strength 70.4 with Sensors I upgrade)
    - Changed: Spearman units no longer require resources, instead you can speed up production by having stone, obsidian, copper and iron resources (55% from cost removed if you have all 4 resources), moved to Stone Tools tech and requires Hunting
    - Changed: Axeman units can now also be built with Obsidian
    - Changed: Wardog unit can be built with Obsidian
    - Changed: Explorer upgrades to Adventurer
    - Changed: Aztec Elite Jaguar can now built also with Obsidian, fixed missing pedia entry
    - Changed: Dreadnought armor requires Oil Products and ( steel or iron )
    - Changed: plane FW190 retextured - nazi symbol removed
    - Changed: plane he111 retextured - nazi symbol removed
    - Changed: Mechanized Infantry no longer require Ammo because it should be the default Conscription unit if you start on Future Age
    - Changed: ACV SAM art define points to different animation file (no longer to scenario files)
    - Fixed: Maya Holkan no longer require bronze working, requires now copper, iron or obsidian
    - Fixed: Conscription units, Riotpolice removed from list, Arquebusier+Musketman have different values now, order fixed on late game conscription units
    - Fixed: Zero art file path define
    - Fixed: M60 art file define
    - Fixed: Aztec grenadier art file path define
    - Fixed: typo on flag units (BtS bug?)
    - Fixed: Light artillery animation define
    - Fixed: Light Anti-Air Gun animation define
    - Fixed: Flak 88 animation define

    - Fixed: Some 3D sound define was missing?!? Seemed like bug in BtS since mod has no actual references to that audio define
    - Fixed: AS3D_UN_SWDMN_FDGT_VOX define was missing? Units don't have this sound define anywhere so probably bug in BtS or typo in some custom unit nif file? copied and renamed AS3D_UN_SWDMN_FIDGT_VOX to add this define (I assume it's the same sound)

    - Added: 4 event only promotions
    - Added: New button graphics for several promotion lines
    - Fixed: Ambush I-II available again for siege units, requires now Drill II
    - Fixed: Charge I available again for siege units, requires now Drill II
    - Fixed: Heal available again for siege units, requires now Drill III
    - Fixed: Medic I-II available again for siege units, requires now Drill I
    - Fixed: Barrage I-II no longer available for Tracked, Wheeled, Mounted or Wooden Ship units
    - Changed: Accuracy I available to Diesel and Nuclear ships (only those that have collarateral damage ie. access to Barrage I promotion)
    - Changed: Combat 6 no longer available for Leader (there's already alternative)
    - Changed: Medic 3 no longer available for Leader
    - Changed: Woodsman I-III has bonuses now against Animal units (not wild animals but Animal unitgroup: guarddogs, wardogs etc)

    - Added: Granary -> Modern Granary upgrade line
    - Added: Barracks removed from city when Garrison is built (Barracks is obsolete at this point)
    - Fixed: when Steel Mill was built it didn't remove all required building types
    - Fixed: Inquisitor unit persecution
    - Fixed: River Port can't be built if city has Harbor, Port, Commercial Port or International Port
    - Changed: check added to EnhancedTechConquest so that Barbarian civ doesn't get tech advances from conquering cities.
    - Changed: in MapgeneratorUtil aluminum swapped to Bauxite
    - Changed: Anti-Missile batteries disabled when Arcology is built (can't shoot missiles through shield = prevention of arcology size bug), Anti-Missile batteries can't be built if city has arcology, arcology shielding or advanced shielding

    - Changed: Tribal Law increases local rebelliousness each turn by 1 (tribes want to control their city themselves)
    - Changed: Inquisitorial likes state religion Holy city, decreases rebelliousness
    - Changed: Emancipation diplomacy penalty for civs without it halved (400%->200%)
    - Changed: Government funded healthcare no longer cause penalty for civs without it (400->0)

    - Added: new button graphics for several categories

    - Fixed: DCM Concepts page (was not shown on sevopedia, python code was made for regular BtS so I converted it), includes Active Defense, Airbomb Missions, Archer Bombard, Battle Effects, Civ Changer, Civ Customiser, Combined Arms Stack attack, Opportunity Fire and Ranged Bombardment pedias
    - Fixed: Corporation prereqs are now shown on buildings that require specific corporation
    - Fixed: Some improvement pedia links
    - Changed: Many tech strategy entries have been corrected (some BtS entries still need to be changed)
    - Changed: tweaked Promotion Tree to be easier to read
    - Changed: button size on unit upgrade chart made smaller
    - Changed: DCM concept page renamed to RoM Concepts
    - Added: AI AUtoplay pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Revolution pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: BarbarianCiv pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Tech Diffusion pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Enhanced Tech Conquest pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Inquisition pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Ethnic Artstyles pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Dynamic Civ Names pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Influence Driven War pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Building upgrade lines pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Civic Specific Buildings pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Specialist Stacker pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Civ4lerts pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Better Espionage Screen pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Cultural and Great Person Turns pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Great Person Progress Bar pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: City Cycle Arrows pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Improved Glance Tab pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Great Person Technology Preferences pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: BUG Military Advisor pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Not Just Another Game Clock pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Raw Yields pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Reminders pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Whip Assistant pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Wide city bar pedia to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Maps and Scenarios to RoM Concepts
    - Added: Many Strategy entries for buildings and units
    - Added: All missing tech strategy entries

    Great People
    - Changed: Great General can build now also National Courier System and Secret Army Base

    - Enabled: DCM Opportunity fire
    - Enabled: DCM Active Defense
    - Enabled: IDW Auto draft
    - Changed: Barbarian cities may now appear on all eras. This helps Revolution mod component to form new Civs if game is started on Industrial or later era
    - Fixed: bug in Ethnic Citystyles 1.03 PlotLSystem files: Native_American.nif was spelled incorrectly
    - Fixed: reference to worldbuilder Peak button file (BtS didn't have that button so I made it to point to feature_peak button file)
    - Fixed: Global Warming message is correct now (no longer say there's nuclear fallout)

    - Fixed: Earth 28 preset civs converted to RoM 2.3 settings
    - Fixed: Earth standard size 12 preset civs to RoM 2.3 settings
    - Fixed: New World Colonization no preset civs to RoM 2.3 settings, renamed to Americas
    - Fixed: Mediterranean map to RoM 2.3 settings
    - Fixed: New Zealand map to RoM 2.3 settings
    - Added: Earth standard size with 23 preset civs
    - Added: Earth Ice Age
    - Added: Demographica map (mediterranean), probably requires 512MB graphics card due to huge size
  19. Freakwave

    Freakwave Warlord

    Jun 9, 2006
    Deventer, The Netherlands
    Its Friday and a there is a new version of RoM :D

    I checked in to finally post some findings from a RoM 2.2 game


    Giant map
    no tech trading
    Tech diffusion
    cityflipping allowed
    permanent alliances
    dynamic civnames

    I got hemp *from a sacrificial altar but did not have hemp as a resource *to start with

    zoroastroism icon wasnt shown in diplolist (righthandcorner mapscreen) for civs with that as state religion.

    The text from the Pantheon says it spreads hellenism which is weird if you dont have that as a state religion.

    We encourage you to stop trading with X but the civ who was asking is trading with X??? could be a vanilla thing?

    Merchantmen 12 strenght 221 gold to upgrade to transport
    Flyt 4 strenght 266gold upgrade to transport

    Cool the A-bomb mod is in :D!

    Great Merchant can help disc rocketry? I guess it falls under infrastructure :)

    Naval academy can be built at a city with a one tile lake
    same goes for dike.

    I think armored cars, jeeps and all recon units shouldnt be allowed to pillage same goes for helicopters since pillaging implies looting and how are you going to carry all that loot as a attack hellicopter for instance. It should be reserved for large bodies of men and material.

    Also those units shouldnt be able to occupy cities, since you can then do a jeep rush or somesuch. movement of 3 is just to powerfull for the jeep. The motorcyle can use enemy roads right? maybe an idea to use them like that for scoutcars/armored cars/ jeeps etc. Dont know if the units will look to similar then?

    The civic sacrificial cult is a favorite of many civs prob because you get lots of free units with that civic. Still seems stange that advanced civs still use "old civics" or revert to them in times of war. IMO new civics should always be better than its predecessor, unless you come to the modern age and beyond where societies can be ideoligical diverse communist/democratic/fascist.

    Do you know if there can be more than one favorite civic that way you can tweak a civs characteristic.

    medic only defend but has a 50% withdrawal chance

    medic has a men's voice but sprite is a woman.

    I had workers appearing in cities with starvation??

    Tannery doesnt get obsolete? The 10% bonus is then also used in modern units must be the comfy leather seats ;)

    you can't bombard enemy units in a civs borders with whom you have an open borders treaty i can understand for tiles but not for enemy units :(

    sonar promotion shouldnt be able to on Battleship and Cruiser and pretty much any non destroyer. AntiSubWarfare should be beheld to destroyers and planes.

    Ai doesnt use medic's.

    garrison 20% military production, that means ships aswell?

    I had the following crash reports;

    The exception Integer division by zero.
    (0xc0000094) occurred in the application at location 0x030bde85 0x03c2de85

    I have crashed earlier in the game didnt happen again untill now
    (now is 1992)

    Tried the latest DCM+BUG but didnt help. The game was getting boring anyway so on to 2.3 :)

    Moreover i think having the revolution mod in gives flavor but the game becomes so much easier. I know everybody can know for them selves to enable it or not. Still its funny some civs never seem to be affected by revolution. I guess i need to start a high diff level to even give me the danger of my own civ to revolt. Are there any tips anyone can give me here?
    Do i have to restrict myself by not touching "avoid city growth" button?
    Does the AI use this button?

  20. manooly

    manooly Warlord

    Feb 23, 2006
    Zappara, do you know off-hand if the multi-player fix you had for 2.2 will work in 2.3? My brother and I want to start a new Hot Seat game with this new version tonight.


    - manooly

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