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[BtS] Rise of Mankind 2

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by zappara, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Elrikk

    Elrikk Chieftain

    Dec 22, 2005
    No. Xp Pro, recent clean install.

  2. JosEPh_II

    JosEPh_II TBS WarLord

    Jun 20, 2007
    Western IL. cornfields
    Zappara has addressed this issue.

  3. Shogu

    Shogu Warlord

    Jan 19, 2008
    Is there any way of turning off diplomatic offers from particular Civs ?.

    I hate reciving them and saying no all the time.
  4. Sinapus

    Sinapus Defenestrated

    Jun 12, 2002
    Houston, TX
    Isn't there an "ignore" option in the scoreboard?
  5. Boris Badinov

    Boris Badinov Pain is Inevitable Unhappiness is Optional

    Jan 19, 2002
    Third star on the right
    @ Shogu: The easiest way to stop annoying offers from people you don't like is to go to war with them. Granted sometimes this backfires.
  6. joelrehel

    joelrehel Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2007
    Zap, I've been using your mods for a long time now with 6 other people online multiplayer, all of a sudden with this newest patch/mod we can't! Whats with that. We have all gone threw step by step installs the exact same thing, we meet on the Civ online multiplayer but can't see each others created games. This is usually because of different mods or version of a mod, but i assure you we all have the same game? What gives :( This has only been the case with the newest addition.
  7. Carwyn

    Carwyn Prince

    Apr 2, 2004
    Joelrehel - have you considered connecting by IP? That's how we play it multiplayer and we don't have any problem connecting. Haven't played the new version enough to see how well its going to work MP. We still have the revolution popup that everyone sees and it still goes out of synch when one of us bribes a city, but otherwise it seems to be playing ok. If anyone has a fix for those two problems, we'd sure love to know about it!
  8. James009

    James009 Warlord

    Nov 13, 2002
    Love the mod!

    However, I have a glitch where other nations cannot liberate cities to me. When the diplomacy window comes up and they offer to liberate a city I have no options (can't click accept or anything, I have to hit escape). Kinda sucks because Pusan is completely within my borders, the Native Americans don't want it, but I can't obtain it. It's hurting both our countries...

    I've always noticed that somebody else wants something when this happens, as in, another nation is in the diplomatic queue.

    Also, on a side note, is there anyone who just hates the futuristic "Special Infantry" unit? It looks so cheesy! Certainly there has to be a better futuristic looking infantry unit (something like the Cyborg from Next War or something from Starship Troopers would suffice).

    Lastly, I'd like to add that this mod is probably the most stable of all the mods I play (for singleplayer), which is ironic because of all the features it adds and comes with. :trophy:


    Can someone explain how RoM works in multiplayer? I know you have to disable some things like super settlers but what else? I like to play Civ with a group of friends but we've never tried multiplayer, is it advisable? That would be awesome... have I been missing out?
  9. joelrehel

    joelrehel Chieftain

    Oct 27, 2007
    It works if everyone installs the exact same game and load that mod up and then meets in the lobby of civ multiplayer, how ever since 2.4v this doesn't work anymore.

    Does anyone know where i can download 2.2 or 2.3?
  10. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    I have now released v2.5beta patch. This patch completely changes the civic system and some testing is needed (and feedback to me! ;)) until these new civics have been balanced. Post your feedback to this thread! More information about the patch is posted on that thread.

    Download v2.5beta patch

    On my own tests this patch seem to be more stable than v2.4 and so far the only way I have been able to get it to crash has been getting MAF error during late game (my poor graphics card just didn't have enough memory... :D)

    Do not use extra civ addon pack with v2.5beta patch - those civs won't work at all with it due to new civic changes!

    Version 2.5beta patch notes:
    Spoiler :
    Mod components
    - Updated: Revolution 1.64b (python 1.65c)
    - Updated: Better BTS AI 0.41B (includes Solver's Unofficial Patch 0.21)
    - Updated: Super Spies 1.3
    - Updated: RevolutionDCM (bombard fixes)

    Missing UI Fix
    - Added: in Rise of Mankind -folder there's 'BugPath (MissingUIFix).zip' which contains older BUG mod's BugPath.py file. If you are experiencing Missing UI problem when running the mod, unzip this file and overwrite the BugPath.py file in 'Rise of Mankind\Assets\Python\BUG\' -folder with the file inside the zip

    - Changed: categories renamed to new settings
    - Changed: Government civics, Majority Rule and Corporatism removed
    - Changed: Removed Martial Law option from Power category
    - Changed: Power civics (previous Legal category)
    - Changed: Society civics (previous Labor category)
    - Changed: Welfare civics (previous Healthcare category)
    - Changed: Future civics (previous education category)
    - Changed: Religion civics
    - Changed: Corporatist allows training of Executive units without Corporation Headquarters building ie. you can build them in all cities instead of one city (like Missionaries without Monastery)

    - Changed: all leaders who had Nationhood as favorite civic, swapped to Nationalist
    - Changed: all leaders who had Emancipation as favorite civic, swapped to Liberal (adjusted in future)
    - Changed: All leaders who had Free Speech as favorite civic, swapped to President
    - changed: all Universal Suffrage -> Federal
    - Changed: all Police State -> Despotism
    - cHANGED: all Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - CHANGED: all Free Market -> Laissez Faire
    - Changed: all State Property -> Planned
    - changed: all Free Religion -> Secular
    - changed: all Representation -> Republic
    - changed: all Organized Religion -> State Church

    - Changed: in traits pedia, all Nationhood links swapped to Senate (will be changed later)
    - Changed: in traits pedia, all Representation links swapped to Republic (will be changed later)
    - Added: Improvements pedia to RoM concepts
    - Added: Religions pedia to RoM concepts
    - Added: Strategy text for many units
    - Added: Mapscripts pedia to RoM concepts
    - Added: Civics pedia to RoM concepts
    - Changed: "can build Missionaries without..." changed to format "can build special units without..." because the civic option uses same text entry for both Missionaries and Executives no matter what the specialbuilding type is set in civic option

    - Changed: city screen bonus columns adjusted slightly so that overlapping with scroll bar or with Citizens doesn't occur
    - Changed: Tried to reduce Marsh plot generation from Mapgenerator
    - Changed: in random events Emancipation replaced with Liberal (need to check later?)
    - changed: in random event billion and billion Free Speech swapped to President civic
    - changed: in random event billion and billion Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - changed: in random event carnation revolution Universal suffrage swapped to Federal
    - changed: in random event Fiat money Decentralization to Barter
    - changed: in random event THE_GENERALS_PUTSCH Police state -> Fascist
    - changed: in random event CURE_FOR_CANCER Theocracy -> Divine Cult
    - changed: in GameUtils should AI use inquisitor Theocracy -> Intolerant
    - changed: in random event Napalm Bombs Pacifism civic check disabled since it no longer exist in mod
    - changed: in random event Darwin's voyage Free religion -> Secular
    - changed: in random event Carnation Representation -> Republic, State Property -> Planned
    - changed: in random event Free Enterprise Free Market -> Laizzes Faire
    - changed: in random event Noble Knights Organized Religion -> State Church
    - changed: Civic screen settings adjusted
    - Fixed: BUGMilitaryAdvisor, Military advisor screen now shows Strategic Advantages correctly (wasn't showing them at all)

    - Changed: Partisan event uses now Liberal instead of Emancipation
    - Changed: Electric Company uses Liberal instead of Emancipation
    - Changed: Nuclear protest uses President instead of Free Speech
    - Changed: Laboratory event uses President instead of Free Speech
    - Changed: Interstate Universal suffrage -> Federal
    - Changed: Too close to call Universal suffrage -> Federal
    - changed: Charismatic event Police state -> Fascist
    - changed: Controversial Philosopher Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - changed: Heresy Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - changed: Rogue Station State Property -> Planned
    - Changed: Federal Reserve Free Market -> Laissez Faire
    - changed: Freedom Concert Free Religion -> Secular
    - Changed: Crisis in Senate Representation -> Senate
    - Changed: 40 thieves Organized Religion -> State Church

    - Changed: Starting civics swapped to new civic options
    - Changed: Vikings use now viking unit artstyle

    - Changed: Emancipation swapped to Liberal civic
    - Changed: Free speech swapped to Parliament
    - Changed: Universal suffrage swapped to Democracy
    - Changed: Free Religion swapped to Secular
    - Added: Vote for Welfare civic option (Socialized)

    - Changed: All eras train and construct (building) costs stay now at 100%
    - Changed: Renaissance research % from 70->75
    - Changed: Industrial research % from 60->70
    - Changed: Modern research % from 50->65
    - changed: Future research % from 40->60

    - Changed: Factory production changed from 25%->15% and with power from 50%->35%
    - Changed: Manufacturing production changed from power 50%->40%
    - Changed: Nanofactory production with power changed from 75%->25%
    - changed: Steel mill production from 25%->15% and with power from 20%->10%
    - Changed: E-Bank gold bonus from 50%->25%
    - Changed: Manor requires now Aristocracy
    - Changed: Irrigation Canals no longer require Granary (because Granary is part of building upgrade line)
    - Changed: Glassmith no longer require Forges (the building itself usually has the required furnace)

    Great Wonders
    - Changed: Sphinx obsolete at Architecture
    - Changed: Parthenon can be built still on medieval era (was set to classical)
    - Changed: Silicon valley no longer give commerce or culture bonuses in all cities, gives +20% research in all cities
    - Changed: Edison's Workshop science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Isaac Newton's College science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Copernicus Observatory science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Platos' Academy science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Universal Translator all commerce bonuses 25% -> 15%
    - Changed: All Corporations belong now to Specialbuilding Corporation Headquarters group (to allow more complex corporate civic option)

    - Added: Flamethrower
    - Added: Longboat UU for viking, replaces Trireme
    - Added: Great people names (scientists, merchants, engineers)
    - Changed: Trade Caravan trade mission profit increased (does AI player ever build these?)
    - Changed: Freight trade mission profit increased
    - changed: Inquisitor requires Intolerant civic
    - Changed: Caravel units bonus against Galley and War Galley dropped from 50% to 25%
    - Changed: Galley may pass Ocean once player has discovered Astronomy
    - Changed: War Galley may pass Ocean once player has discovered Astronomy
    - Changed: Trireme may pass Ocean once player has discovered Astronomy
    - Changed: V1 upgrades to Guided Missile
    - Changed: Executives can now built only in cities with corporation headquarter building unless you have active Corporatist civic

    Unit artstyles
    - Added: Viking artstyle
    - Added: Viking Frigate
    - Added: Viking Galleon
    - Added: viking Ship of the Line
    - Added: Viking warrior
    - Added: viking archer
    - Added: viking Arquebusier
    - Added: viking Axeman
    - Added: viking chariot
    - added: viking crossbowman
    - added: viking longbowman
    - added: viking heavy pikeman
    - added: viking pikeman
    - added: viking mounted infantry
    - added: viking swordsman
    - added: Native American Cannon
    - added: Native American Cavalry
    - added: Native American Chariot
    - added: Native American Crossbowman
    - added: Native American Cuirassier
    - added: Native American Grenadier
    - added: Native American Horse Archer
    - added: Native American Infantry
    - added: Native American Knight
    - added: Native American Longbowman
    - added: Native American Machinegun (south and Meso-american styles use this now too)
    - added: Native American Marine (south and Meso-american styles use this now too)
    - added: Native American Arquebusier
    - added: Native American Pikeman
    - added: Native American Heavy Pikeman
    - added: Native American Elephant Rider (used for South America and Meso american style too)
    - added: Native American Light Swordsman
    - added: Native American Rifleman

    - Changed: Coal may appear on Marsh plots
    - Changed: Deer may appear on Marsh plots
    - Changed: Silk +1 happiness (should affect AI players to value this resource?)
    - Changed: Dye +1 happiness (should affect AI players to value this resource?)

    Terrain features
    - Changed: Ice provides freshwater source

    - Changed: Treefarm +2 bonus to all yields (balanced to other late game improvement yield rates)
    - Changed: Hybrid Forest +4 bonus to all yields (balanced to other late game improvement yield rates)
    - Changed: Desert windmill gets bonus from Weather Control tech +1 hammer, +2 gold
    - Changed: Quarry gets bonus from techs Explosives (+1 hammer) and Civil Engineering (+1 gold)

    - Changed: building Road costs now 2 gold
    - Changed: building Railroad costs now 10 gold

    - Added: Looter

    Note! Use only mapscripts that start with text 'RoM_', all default Civ 4 and BtS mapscripts most likely won't work correctly with Rise of Mankind mod. All 'RoM_...' mapscripTs can be found from Single Player->Custom Game page.

    - Changed: Arboria renamed to RoM_Arboria, added init fractals for Marsh and Desert
    - Changed: Archipelago renamed to RoM_Archipelago
    - Changed: Balanced renamed to RoM_Balanced
    - Changed: Big_and_small renamed to RoM_Big_and_Small
    - Changed: Boreal renamed to RoM_Boreal, added some Marsh plots to map and prevented some tropical resources from appearing in the plots
    - Changed: Continents renamed to RoM_Continents
    - changed: Custom_continents renamed to RoM_Custom_continents
    - Changed: Donut renamed to RoM_Donut, added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Earth2 renamed to RoM_Earth2, script can now use marsh terrain (still could use some adjustments on Marsh placement)
    - Changed: Fantasy_realm renamed to RoM_Fantasy_Realm, added RoM resources to script, added init fractal for Marsh terrain
    - changed: Fractal renamed to RoM_Fractal
    - Changed: Global_highlands renamed to RoM_Global_highlands
    - Changed: Great_Plains renamed to RoM_Great_Plains, made the mapscript to put new RoM resources to map
    - changed: Hemispheres renamed to RoM_Hemispheres
    - changed: Highlands renamed to RoM_Highlands, script can now use marsh terrain
    - changed: Hub renamed to RoM_Hub, added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Ice_Age renamed to RoM_Ice_Age
    - changed: Inland_sea renamed to RoM_Inland_Sea
    - changed: Islands renamed to RoM_Islands
    - Changed: Lakes renamed to RoM_Lakes
    - changed: Maze renamed to RoM_Maze
    - changed: Medium_and_Small renamed to RoM_Medium_and_Small
    - changed: Mirror renamed to RoM_Mirror
    - changed: Oasis renamed to RoM_Oasis, added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Pangaea renamed to RoM_Pangaea
    - changed: Rainforest renamed to RoM_Rainforest, added init fractal for Marsh, slight changes to resource placement
    - changed: Randommapscript added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Ring renamed to RoM_Ring, added init fractal for Marsh and for Swamp
    - Changed: Shuffle renamed to RoM_Shuffle
    - changed: Team_Battleground renamed to RoM_Team_Battleground
    - changed: Terra renamed to RoM_Terra
    - changed: Tilted_Axis renamed to RoM_Tilted_Axis
    - changed: Wheel renamed to RoM_Wheel, added init for Marsh and swamp
    - Added: Tectonics mapscript (renamed to RoM_Tectonics), added marsh terrain init but script doesn't know yet how to place that terrain type
    - Added: PerfectWorld mapscript (renamed to RoM_PerfectWorld), added marsh terrain init but script doesn't know yet how to place that terrain type
    - Added: Smartmap mapscript (renamed to RoM_Smartmap), generates terrain with Marsh

    Mod settings
    - Changed: NoCustomAssets = 1 in Rise of Mankind.ini (prevents possible conflicts with custom assets, like older BUG mods)
    - Changed: NoCustomArt = 1 in Rise of Mankind.ini (prevents possible issues with custom graphics mods)
    - changed: AllowPublicMaps = 0 in Rise of Mankind.ini (only maps/mapscripts specifically made for Rise of Mankind will be shown in game setting lists)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, BarbarianCivs NewWorldPolicy = 1 (was 2), this change makes barbarians settle to full civs on New Worlds (ie. on continents without other starting civs)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, 10% chance to odds that civs accept rebel offers (all was 0%)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, IndexModifier = 0.8, this should make revolutions happen little bit less to AI players than to human players (human can cope with revolutions better than AI)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, increased slightly turn amounts between revolutions TurnsBetweenRevs = 12 (was 8), DeniedRevs = 9 (was 5), AcceptedTurns = 14 (was 10), AcquiredTurns = 14 (was 10), BuyoffTurns = 14 (was 10)
    - Changed: Religious victory requires now 75% religion percent (was 85%)

    - Changed: All pre-made maps updated to v2.5 civic changes
  11. Sync

    Sync Warlord

    May 28, 2008
    Warrington, England
    Hi, when I try to play this mod with the 2.5 patch I get this message upon starting a new game - BugInit - Cannot find XML file for ModInit. The HUD is invisible too.

    Did I make a mistake when overwriting the 2.4 files?
  12. James009

    James009 Warlord

    Nov 13, 2002
    @Sync: Try a total re-install of the most recent version of the mod and then install the patch. Make sure you overwrite everything correctly.

    EDIT: I posted a huge list of comments here and, for the sake of maintaining this threads integrity, I have moved my post to here

    Great mod!
  13. az_raptor

    az_raptor Chieftain

    Jan 10, 2003
    I have two problems trying to play this mod , i really hope you guys can help.

    PROBLEM ONE - I can't use any of those new civs in the add on pack with anything but a custom game , why can't i use these civs in the scenerios on a decent earth map? Are there more maps that these new civs can be used on and is there a way to add the new civs to the scenerios.

    PROBLEM TWO- I can not load Giant or Gigantic maps , it crashes and says theres a runtime error. my system should be good enough to at least show the map on the first turn , oh and i tried it with only two civs selected and it still crashes when i try giant or gigantic.

    I sure hope u can help me solve one of these issues so i can enjoy your mod , thanks
  14. protontan

    protontan Chieftain

    Aug 24, 2008
    I don't like a mod with too frequent updates, especially when you cannot load games from an older version. It took me a month to finish the earth map with version 2.3. I really don't wanna repeat that so often, though some new features are so interesting.
    Let me wait for the final version...
  15. James009

    James009 Warlord

    Nov 13, 2002
    @Az Raptor-
    I think Zappara said that the civ add on pack isn't compatible yet with the new version of the mod.

    So, I'd wait a while until you attempt to use it with the update.

    As for the big maps, I'll go see if I crash.

    I love updates, however, I share your concerns Protontan. When installing an update why don't you not overwrite the original mod, separate them into two mods. That way you can get the update and still play your old savegames.

    My only concern is the new civics system, I don't think they are all accurate or balanced.
  16. Dancing Hoskuld

    Dancing Hoskuld Deity

    Jul 5, 2004
    Canberra, Australia
    I too have been having this problem. However there is a way to get the city. Talk to the leader and ask if they could spare the city for a good friend. It has worked twice for me. (I may have had to ask what they want for it first.)
  17. Fiat BIS

    Fiat BIS Chieftain

    Nov 7, 2005
    I'm getting a CTD "Initialize Renderer Failed..." error message every time I try loading ROM patch v2.41 with Extra CivPack v1.2 and also attempted without v2.4 Patch, I'm on xp btw.

    (If necessary) Step by step help would be appreciated
  18. Argroww

    Argroww Warlord

    Jul 20, 2007
    Hi, firstly, Great Game, I love to see what has been added in the next update and I'm always pleasantly surprised, especially as the last update (to 2.4) has now made the game stable for me during mid-late game.

    I recently tried 2.41 multiplayer with a friend on a local connection, I used the multiplayer fix to sort out the settler issue, however i missed this comment:

    "You must also disable all Revolution mod components (game options) before you start multiplayer game, but even then I can't guarantee that this modpack will work in multiplayer mode."

    While playing Mutliplayer I did notice that when clicking on the Revolution menu, both players saw the information at the same time, which I guess is one reason for the above comment, the revolution warning message also revealed the location (although on a black protion of the map) of one of my friends cities.

    This in itself is annoying, but not game breaking, I was wondering if there were any other reasons for needing the Rev mod turning off during multiplayer?
  19. turingmachine

    turingmachine Emperor

    May 4, 2008
    Any plan to add some of tsentom1's Python based wonders? They're really easy to merge and the Himeji Samurai Castle Wonder in particular is really well done.
  20. lloyd33

    lloyd33 Chieftain

    Nov 9, 2008
    it is really good but u need to make Europe much bigger like the one in rhy's rise and fall that came with bts

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