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[BtS] Rise of Mankind 2

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Modpacks' started by zappara, Apr 29, 2008.

  1. Lomion

    Lomion Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2005
    @zappara: You probably already know this but if you install the more civs mod it breaks 2.5 :) (to the point it doesn't even load :)
  2. Axil

    Axil Prince

    Jul 28, 2006
    from the land of the Ddraig coch
  3. Webrider

    Webrider Prince

    Aug 1, 2004
    How stable is this mod these days? It has been awhile since I have played CIV IV. I'm going to play a coupld of games over the holidays, I might like this one.
  4. konradcabral

    konradcabral Prince

    Jan 17, 2008
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    We were experiencing some CTDs in the previous versions, but the beta 2.5 version seems to be totally free of it. Play it and enjoy, it's an almost perfect mod.
  5. genine

    genine Warlord

    Oct 12, 2005
    I have a problem, whenever another leader try's to contact me I take about 10 sec untill I finally view the dialog, same thing for all the screens, otherwise the game goes very fast I play on gigantic maps snail speed without problems. does anyone have a solution?
  6. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    Version 2.4->2.5 patch uploaded. :)

    RoM 2.5 full mod download

    Patch notes:
    Spoiler :
    Version 2.503 (official 2.5 release)

    Mod components
    - Disabled: Active Defense (superseded by Better BtS AI logic)
    - Disabled: DCM Air Bombing (superseded by Better BtS AI logic)
    - Updated: Inquisition component updated to RevolutionDCM addon version 1.2
    - Updated: RevolutionDCM 0.97 (supports now up to 50 players), earlier beta saves no longer compatible with this version
    - Updated: Better BtS AI 0.45h
    - Updated: BUG mod 3.51 (should fix interface problem)

    - Changed: Inquisitor max amount 3 now, can not use Inquisitor when player has no state religion or when player is using Secular religious civic.

    - Updated: several files with Inquisition mod changes
    - Updated: BarbarianCiv file (bug fix)

    Game defines
    - Added: New inquisition defines, by default player can found only 1 religion (see GameDefinesAlt.xml file for all options)

    Pre-made maps and scenarios
    - Changed: All maps support now up to 50 players

    - Changed: Siam uses now South East Asian artstyle
    - Changed: Hittites use now Egypt artstyle

    - Changed: Barter food and production bonus from traderoutes 25%->35%, -75%->-50% commerce from trade routes, -25% bazaar, market and grocer cost
    - Changed: Aristocracy renamed to Nobility
    - Changed: Oligarchy renamed to Junta

    - Changed: Financial gives now +1 commerce on plots that have at least 4 gold (was 2), gets now +1 gold per trade route

    Version 2.502beta

    Mod components
    - fixed: Battle effects should work correctly now with all terrain feature types. Battle effects are off by default (enable it from GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file), recommended to use only on high-end computers

    - Changed: Feudal negative improvement modifiers removed (AI will replace cottages, hamlets, villages and towns with farms anyway if it uses this civic), -25% Castle cost (-50% if Monarchy is active too)
    - Changed: Liberal improvement upgrade rate 50% -> 25%, removed culture bonus (unlimited artists allows huge culture increase anyway), +1 happiness from Broadcast tower
    - Changed: Aristocracy +1 culture per specialist instead of +1 gold per specialist, more specific info about Manor
    - Changed: Patrician +1 gold per specialist
    - Changed: Bourgeois -1 happiness from Barracks and Garrison (military presence in city causes some unhappiness), no longer give happiness from Factory, builds Jewellery, Theatre, Colosseum and Brothel -25% cheaper
    - Changed: Liberal -4 happiness from Slave Market, -2 happiness from Barracks, Garrison, -1 happiness from Military Airbase, Intelligence Agency (slave/military/spy presence in city restricts freedom)
    - Changed: Fascist +1 happiness from Intelligence Agency and Security Bureau
    - Changed: Barter gives now +25% food/production and -75% gold from trade routes, -10% culture rate and no foreign trade (trade happens locally rather than across great distances)
    - Changed: Laissez Faire renamed to Free Market and moved to Banking tech (to expand economy civic choices for early and mid game)
    - Changed: Caste removed 10% food and hammer bonus
    - Changed: Divine cult -25% gold in all cities, +50% gold in capital (leader takes part of the sacrificed goods), no more give free experience to units (too many AIs using this civic so it needs less bonuses), local rebelliousness 0->+2, switch to +50 to revindex, more violent rebels if revolution occurs, -50% Great People modifier, no longer prevent non-state religion spread (f.ex. Maya had divine cult by the time europeans entered the continent but their cult didn't stop christianity from spreading there)
    - Changed: Paradise +1 gold per unit cost added, bonuses from improvements Treefarm, Hybrid Forest, Forest Preserver, Green Facility and Desert Windmill, feature happiness +1 from forest/jungle, -2 from Fallout
    - Changed: Subsidized removed gold bonus
    - Changed: Socialized removed gold bonus
    - Changed: Free Church has now Low Upkeep cost (government doesn't interfere private religion's affairs much)
    - Changed: Folklore allows you to build Monuments 50% cheaper
    - Changed: Prophets -25% Missionary unit costs
    - Changed: Private removed -5% gold modifier (this should have lower upkeep than Public Works)
    - Changed: Survival +10% military production bonus
    - Changed: Public Works can build Paved roads, Sewer System, Public Transportation and Personal Rapid Train 25% cheaper, no longer give health bonus to those same buildings
    - Changed: Monarchy -25% castle cost (-50% if feudal is active too), culture bonus 35% -> 25%
    - Changed: Despotism -25% Barracks and Garrison cost
    - Changed: Bureaucracy no longer give 50% production bonus in capital, instead it gives +10% production, +10% science, +10% gold in all cities
    - Changed: Proletariat -25% Granary, Butchery, Fisherman's Hut, Artesian Well and Bakery cost
    - Changed: Corporate removed building health changes from corporation HQs, can construct corporation specific buildings 25% cheaper
    - Changed: Technocracy +1 science per specialist, new units get free Sensors I promotion
    - Changed: Superhuman +25% great general, +25% production in all cities
    - Changed: Post-Scarcity +1 gold per specialist, lower unit support costs

    - Changed: Walls DCMAirbombMission type 2 (destroy building mission)
    - changed: High Walls DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - changed: Castle DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - Changed: Radar Station DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - Changed: Anti-missile Batteries DCMAirbombmission type 2
    - changed: Bakery DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - changed: Irrigation canals DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - changed: River Port DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - changed: Harbor DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - changed: Fisherman's Hut DCMAirbombMission type 2
    - changed: Rubber Factory DCMAirbombmission type 3 (bombard factories mission)
    - changed: Chemical Plant DCMAirbombmission type 3
    - changed: Personal Rapid Train DCMAirbombmission type 2
    - changed: Convention Center DCMAirbombmission type 2
    - Changed: Coal Plant requires coal
    - Changed: Shale Plant (japan UB) gives +1 Oil Products (that's what the building actually did, made fuel for ships)
    - Changed: Nuclear Plant requires Uranium
    - Fixed: Khmer Baray maintenance modifier now same as in Aqueduct
    - Fixed: Ottoman Hamman maintenance modifier now same as in Aqueduct

    - Changed: Divine Right requires Constitution

    Game defines
    - changed: NUM_BATTLE_FEATURES increased from 5 to 7
    - changed: NUM_GAME_FEATURES increased to 8
    - Changed: USE_GET_UNIT_COST_MOD_CALLBACK from 0 to 1
    - Changed: USE_GET_BUILDING_COST_MOD_CALLBACK from 0 to 1

    - Fixed: Religious victory change from earlier patch included again (file wasn't included in the patch), now 75% instead of 85%
    - Changed: Cultural victory requires now 5 cities with Legendary culture instead of 3

    - Changed: Civics pedia in RoM Concepts expanded with better descriptions what each civic option represents
    - Added: Folklore pedia
    - Added: Survival pedia
    - Added: Federal pedia
    - Added: Oligarchy pedia
    - Added: Superhuman pedia
    - Changed: Aristocracy pedia
    - Changed: Prophets pedia

    - Added: Gameutils building and unit cost modifiers when certain civics are active
    - Changed: CvCivicScreen.py removed civic specific building and unit text elements (done now through civic help entries)
    - Changed: Sevopedia civic screen removed civic specific building and unit text elements (done now through civic help entries)
    - Fixed: Info Screen's Statistics page works correctly again, shows now also Improvement info

    - Changed: Alexander Vassalage -> Despotism
    - Changed: Asoka Secular -> State Church
    - Changed: Augustus Ceasar Republic -> Senate (he surrendered his powers to the senate)
    - Changed: Churchill Nationalist -> Parliament
    - Changed: Cyrus Vassalage -> Aristocracy
    - Changed: Darius Secular -> Bureaucracy
    - Changed: Frederik Federal -> Aristocracy
    - Changed: Gandhi Federal -> Proletariat
    - Changed: Hannibal Free Market -> Despotism
    - Changed: Isabella Divine Cult -> Intolerant
    - Changed: Justinian Divine Cult -> Free Church
    - Changed: Kublai Khan Bureaucracy -> Proletariat, religion Buddhism -> Confucianism
    - Changed: Lincoln Liberal -> President
    - Changed: Mehmed Vassalage -> Despotism
    - Changed: Pericles Republic -> Democracy
    - Changed: Peter Bureaucracy -> Vassalage
    - Changed: Ragnar Monarchy -> Vassalage
    - Changed: Ramesses State Church -> Slavery
    - Changed: Roosevelt Mercantile -> Public Works
    - Changed: Saladin Divine Cult -> State Church
    - Changed: Stalin Planned -> Communist
    - Changed: Suppiluliuma Monarchy -> Republic
    - Changed: Suryavarman religion Nagualism -> Hinduism
    - Changed: Washington President -> Federal
    - Changed: Zara Divine Cult -> State Church

    - Changed: Sensors I-III get bonuses also on Marsh terrain
    - Changed: Fanatic -25% defense on Marsh terrain
    - Changed: Berserker I-II negative defense bonuses on Marsh terrain


    Version 2.501beta

    Mod Components
    - Merged: RevolutionDCM 0.961
    - Fixed: Start as Minors, moved patch file to correct folder so it overwrites old file

    - Changed: Exotic Foreign advisor, changed civic category names
    - Changed: Autolog (BUG mod feature) should work correctly if enabled (event onChangeWar was causing errors)
    - Changed: Rebeltypes (revolution mod) includes now new 5 civilizations: Abyssinia, Assyria, Iroquois, Hittites, Siam
    - Changed: Sevopedia civic's pedia shows info if civic is required to build certain buildings or units, shows info about rebelliousness
    - Changed: Civic screen shows now info if certain civic allows you to build certain buildings (f.ex. Manor) or train certain units (Inquisitor), shows info about rebelliousness
    - Changed: Sevopedia Building's pedia page show info if building is part of building upgrade line
    - Changed: Sevopedia Building's pedia page show info if building requires hills within city radius
    - Changed: Sevopedia Building's pedia page show info if Great Wonder can not be built in same city which has already certain Great Wonder
    - Changed: Sevopedia Building's pedia page show info if building requires certain active civic
    - Fixed: Main interface division by zero error in getMaxRow. The following functions also seem to be "bugged" as they use MaxCol when actually it should be using MaxRow but when fixed, unit icons on main screen get aligned incorrectly?!? These code segments are part of BUG mod's Plot List Enhancements...

    - Changed: removed mipmaps from all buttons in the patch (they don't resize or get blurry anymore when using low graphics level)

    - Fixed: Prophets allows now State Religion
    - Fixed: Folklore removed laborfreedom modifier (revolution mod) and changed it to religion freedom
    - Fixed: Secular no longer give happiness from state religion, there's bug in the game engine and can't enable modifiers State religion = 1, state religion happiness > 0 and non-state religion happiness > 0 at the same time, happiness penalty with civs without Secular
    - Changed: Communist gets +1 hammer from workshop
    - Changed: Republic available now at Philosophy tech (same as Senate)
    - Changed: Chiefdom gets now +25% distance modifier from palace to maintenance
    - changed: Despotism -20% science bonus
    - Changed: Bureaucracy available now at Civil Service tech
    - Changed: Vassalage Great People negative modifier removed, moved to Constitution
    - Changed: President, removed number of cities maintenance cost and war weariness modifier changed from +20% to -20%, +1 free experience, moved to Representative Democracy
    - Changed: Keynesian renamed to Regulated
    - Changed: Corporatist gets +1 trade routes, -50% corporation maintenance costs and 2 unhappiness in largest cities, increases now revolution indexes (unhappiness)
    - Changed: Intolerant has now -9 religious freedom modifier (was -7) to enable DynamicCiv names on Theocratic nation (Holy prefix)
    - Changed: Oligarchy removed free experience modifier
    - Changed: Aristocracy moved to Bronze Working, +1 free experience
    - Changed: Patrician +1 happiness from Bazaar, Market, Treasury, +10% war weariness
    - Changed: Senate +1 happiness from Agora, largest city happiness +1
    - Changed: Proletariat +25% corporate maintenance modifier added, +1 health in all cities instead of -1, Happiness from Agora 2->1, +1 happiness from Colosseum, Guildhall and School, available now with Democracy
    - Changed: Bourgeois -1 happiness from Agora, happiness from Slave market 3->1, +1 happiness from Brothel, Factory and Casino
    - Changed: Caste system -20% science removed, -10% culture, production bonus 20%->10%
    - Changed: Barter maintenance modifiers removed
    - Changed: Feudal added AIWeight = 5 (calculation multiplies it with number of cities) to help AI players choose this civic (since improvement modifiers have both positive and negative values and AI sums them up)
    - Changed: Church moved to Meditation tech (this tech enables Monasteries too)
    - Changed: State Church gives happiness from Spiral Minaret, University of Sankore, no longer give happiness from Chichen Itza, unlimited priests
    - Changed: Slavery production and worker bonuses removed, improvements' modifiers added
    - Changed: Planned moved to Communism, corporations have no effect, production bonus in all cities lowered from 50% to 30%
    - Changed: Corporatist decreases corporation maintenance, production bonus removed, commerce bonus from Well, Offshore Platform and whaling boats, +1 hammer from workshop
    - Changed: Divine Cult -25% war weariness, gives happiness from Palace, Forbidden Palace, Pyramid (it's a tomb), Mausoleum of Mausollos (tomb also), Taj Mahal (tomb) and Pyramid of the Magician
    - Changed: Intolerant gives +3 happines from King Richard's Crusade
    - Changed: Atheist gives +2 happiness from Theory of Evolution, +1 happiness from Einstein's laboratory, -2 unhappiness from University of Sankore
    - Changed: Survival no upkeep
    - Changed: Charity no upkeep
    - Changed: Private moved to Usury tech (currency is full), corporation maintenance modifier from -15% to +5%, +1 happiness from Arena, Colosseum and Movie Theatre, Broadway and Hollywood, +2 happiness and health from Red Cross
    - Changed: Public works high upkeep, +1 health from Pont du Gard, +1 happiness from National Courier System and Three Gorges Dam
    - Changed: Subsidized +1 happiness from Hospital, School and University
    - Changed: Socialized +15% maintenance costs from distance to capital and from number of cities (30% total)
    - Changed: Corporate moved to Assembly Line, +15% research in all cities, +25% maintenance from number of cities, all Corporations' HQs give +2 health to city

    - Changed: Philosophy made cheaper, cost from 800 to 500

    - Changed: Workboats no longer use ATTACK_SEA, ESCORT_SEA, RESERVE_SEA and ASSAULT_SEA unit AIs because AI players are stupid and build them even if there's barbarian ships near (though not sure if this helps to this problem)
    - Changed: Mounted Infantry uses now COUNTER, CITY_COUNTER and RESERVE unit AIs
    - Changed: Light Cavalry uses now COUNTER unit AIs
    - Changed: Heavy Cavalry uses now COUNTER unit AIs

    - Changed: Liberal
    - Changed: Proletariat

    - Fixed: in BuildingclassInfos Obelisk class was referring to text element Obelisk instead of Monument which is actually the default name
    - Changed: civic specific buildings' strategy texts
    - Changed: Event text elements refer now to new civic names
    - Added: Many building and unit strategy texts

    - Changed: "BugPath (MissingUIFix).zip" includes newer BugPath.py file

    Version 2.5beta

    Mod components
    - Updated: Revolution 1.64b (python 1.65c)
    - Updated: Better BTS AI 0.41B (includes Solver's Unofficial Patch 0.21)
    - Updated: Super Spies 1.3
    - Updated: RevolutionDCM 0.96beta (bombard fixes)

    Missing UI Fix
    - Added: in Rise of Mankind -folder there's 'BugPath (MissingUIFix).zip' which contains older BUG mod's BugPath.py file. If you are experiencing Missing UI problem when running the mod, unzip this file and overwrite the BugPath.py file in 'Rise of Mankind\Assets\Python\BUG\' -folder with the file inside the zip

    - Changed: categories renamed to new settings
    - Changed: Government civics, Majority Rule and Corporatism removed
    - Changed: Removed Martial Law option from Power category
    - Changed: Power civics (previous Legal category)
    - Changed: Society civics (previous Labor category)
    - Changed: Welfare civics (previous Healthcare category)
    - Changed: Future civics (previous education category)
    - Changed: Religion civics
    - Changed: Corporatist allows training of Executive units without Corporation Headquarters building ie. you can build them in all cities instead of one city (like Missionaries without Monastery)

    - Changed: all leaders who had Nationhood as favorite civic, swapped to Nationalist
    - Changed: all leaders who had Emancipation as favorite civic, swapped to Liberal (adjusted in future)
    - Changed: All leaders who had Free Speech as favorite civic, swapped to President
    - changed: all Universal Suffrage -> Federal
    - Changed: all Police State -> Despotism
    - Changed: all Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - Changed: all Free Market -> Laissez Faire
    - Changed: all State Property -> Planned
    - changed: all Free Religion -> Secular
    - changed: all Representation -> Republic
    - changed: all Organized Religion -> State Church

    - Changed: in traits pedia, all Nationhood links swapped to Senate (will be changed later)
    - Changed: in traits pedia, all Representation links swapped to Republic (will be changed later)
    - Added: Improvements pedia to RoM concepts
    - Added: Religions pedia to RoM concepts
    - Added: Strategy text for many units
    - Added: Mapscripts pedia to RoM concepts
    - Added: Civics pedia to RoM concepts
    - Changed: "can build Missionaries without..." changed to format "can build special units without..." because the civic option uses same text entry for both Missionaries and Executives no matter what the specialbuilding type is set in civic option

    - Changed: city screen bonus columns adjusted slightly so that overlapping with scroll bar or with Citizens doesn't occur
    - Changed: Tried to reduce Marsh plot generation from Mapgenerator
    - Changed: in random events Emancipation replaced with Liberal (need to check later?)
    - changed: in random event billion and billion Free Speech swapped to President civic
    - changed: in random event billion and billion Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - changed: in random event carnation revolution Universal suffrage swapped to Federal
    - changed: in random event Fiat money Decentralization to Barter
    - changed: in random event THE_GENERALS_PUTSCH Police state -> Fascist
    - changed: in random event CURE_FOR_CANCER Theocracy -> Divine Cult
    - changed: in GameUtils should AI use inquisitor Theocracy -> Intolerant
    - changed: in random event Napalm Bombs Pacifism civic check disabled since it no longer exist in mod
    - changed: in random event Darwin's voyage Free religion -> Secular
    - changed: in random event Carnation Representation -> Republic, State Property -> Planned
    - changed: in random event Free Enterprise Free Market -> Laizzes Faire
    - changed: in random event Noble Knights Organized Religion -> State Church
    - changed: Civic screen settings adjusted
    - Fixed: BUGMilitaryAdvisor, Military advisor screen now shows Strategic Advantages correctly (wasn't showing them at all)

    - Changed: Partisan event uses now Liberal instead of Emancipation
    - Changed: Electric Company uses Liberal instead of Emancipation
    - Changed: Nuclear protest uses President instead of Free Speech
    - Changed: Laboratory event uses President instead of Free Speech
    - Changed: Interstate Universal suffrage -> Federal
    - Changed: Too close to call Universal suffrage -> Federal
    - changed: Charismatic event Police state -> Fascist
    - changed: Controversial Philosopher Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - changed: Heresy Theocracy -> Divine Rule
    - changed: Rogue Station State Property -> Planned
    - Changed: Federal Reserve Free Market -> Laissez Faire
    - changed: Freedom Concert Free Religion -> Secular
    - Changed: Crisis in Senate Representation -> Senate
    - Changed: 40 thieves Organized Religion -> State Church

    - Changed: Starting civics swapped to new civic options
    - Changed: Vikings use now viking unit artstyle

    - Changed: Emancipation swapped to Liberal civic
    - Changed: Free speech swapped to Parliament
    - Changed: Universal suffrage swapped to Democracy
    - Changed: Free Religion swapped to Secular
    - Added: Vote for Welfare civic option (Socialized)

    - Changed: All eras train and construct (building) costs stay now at 100%
    - Changed: Renaissance research % from 70->75
    - Changed: Industrial research % from 60->70
    - Changed: Modern research % from 50->65
    - changed: Future research % from 40->60

    - Changed: Factory production changed from 25%->15% and with power from 50%->35%
    - Changed: Manufacturing production changed from power 50%->40%
    - Changed: Nanofactory production with power changed from 75%->25%
    - changed: Steel mill production from 25%->15% and with power from 20%->10%
    - Changed: E-Bank gold bonus from 50%->25%
    - Changed: Manor requires now Aristocracy
    - Changed: Irrigation Canals no longer require Granary (because Granary is part of building upgrade line)
    - Changed: Glassmith no longer require Forges (the building itself usually has the required furnace)

    Great Wonders
    - Changed: Sphinx obsolete at Architecture
    - Changed: Parthenon can be built still on medieval era (was set to classical)
    - Changed: Silicon valley no longer give commerce or culture bonuses in all cities, gives +20% research in all cities
    - Changed: Edison's Workshop science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Isaac Newton's College science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Copernicus Observatory science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Platos' Academy science bonus 100% -> 50%
    - Changed: Universal Translator all commerce bonuses 25% -> 15%
    - Changed: All Corporations belong now to Specialbuilding Corporation Headquarters group (to allow more complex corporate civic option)


    - Added: Flamethrower
    - Added: Longboat UU for viking, replaces Trireme
    - Added: Great people names (scientists, merchants, engineers)
    - Changed: Trade Caravan trade mission profit increased (does AI player ever build these?)
    - Changed: Freight trade mission profit increased
    - changed: Inquisitor requires Intolerant civic
    - Changed: Caravel units bonus against Galley and War Galley dropped from 50% to 25%
    - Changed: Galley may pass Ocean once player has discovered Astronomy
    - Changed: War Galley may pass Ocean once player has discovered Astronomy
    - Changed: Trireme may pass Ocean once player has discovered Astronomy
    - Changed: V1 upgrades to Guided Missile
    - Changed: Executives can now built only in cities with corporation headquarter building unless you have active Corporatist civic

    Unit artstyles

    - Added: Viking artstyle
    - Added: Viking Frigate
    - Added: Viking Galleon
    - Added: viking Ship of the Line
    - Added: Viking warrior
    - Added: viking archer
    - Added: viking Arquebusier
    - Added: viking Axeman
    - Added: viking chariot
    - added: viking crossbowman
    - added: viking longbowman
    - added: viking heavy pikeman
    - added: viking pikeman
    - added: viking mounted infantry
    - added: viking swordsman
    - added: Native American Cannon
    - added: Native American Cavalry
    - added: Native American Chariot
    - added: Native American Crossbowman
    - added: Native American Cuirassier
    - added: Native American Grenadier
    - added: Native American Horse Archer
    - added: Native American Infantry
    - added: Native American Knight
    - added: Native American Longbowman
    - added: Native American Machinegun (south and Meso-american styles use this now too)
    - added: Native American Marine (south and Meso-american styles use this now too)
    - added: Native American Arquebusier
    - added: Native American Pikeman
    - added: Native American Heavy Pikeman
    - added: Native American Elephant Rider (used for South America and Meso american style too)
    - added: Native American Light Swordsman
    - added: Native American Rifleman


    - Changed: Coal may appear on Marsh plots
    - Changed: Deer may appear on Marsh plots
    - Changed: Silk +1 happiness (should affect AI players to value this resource?)
    - Changed: Dye +1 happiness (should affect AI players to value this resource?)

    Terrain features

    - Changed: Ice provides freshwater source


    - Changed: Treefarm +2 bonus to all yields (balanced to other late game improvement yield rates)
    - Changed: Hybrid Forest +4 bonus to all yields (balanced to other late game improvement yield rates)
    - Changed: Desert windmill gets bonus from Weather Control tech +1 hammer, +2 gold
    - Changed: Quarry gets bonus from techs Explosives (+1 hammer) and Civil Engineering (+1 gold)


    - Added: Looter


    Note! Use only mapscripts that start with text 'RoM_', all default Civ 4 and BtS mapscripts most likely won't work correctly with Rise of Mankind mod. All 'RoM_...' mapscripTs can be found from Single Player->Custom Game page.

    - Changed: Arboria renamed to RoM_Arboria, added init fractals for Marsh and Desert
    - Changed: Archipelago renamed to RoM_Archipelago
    - Changed: Balanced renamed to RoM_Balanced
    - Changed: Big_and_small renamed to RoM_Big_and_Small
    - Changed: Boreal renamed to RoM_Boreal, added some Marsh plots to map and prevented some tropical resources from appearing in the plots
    - Changed: Continents renamed to RoM_Continents
    - changed: Custom_continents renamed to RoM_Custom_continents
    - Changed: Donut renamed to RoM_Donut, added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Earth2 renamed to RoM_Earth2, script can now use marsh terrain (still could use some adjustments on Marsh placement)
    - Changed: Fantasy_realm renamed to RoM_Fantasy_Realm, added RoM resources to script, added init fractal for Marsh terrain
    - changed: Fractal renamed to RoM_Fractal
    - Changed: Global_highlands renamed to RoM_Global_highlands
    - Changed: Great_Plains renamed to RoM_Great_Plains, made the mapscript to put new RoM resources to map
    - changed: Hemispheres renamed to RoM_Hemispheres
    - changed: Highlands renamed to RoM_Highlands, script can now use marsh terrain
    - changed: Hub renamed to RoM_Hub, added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Ice_Age renamed to RoM_Ice_Age
    - changed: Inland_sea renamed to RoM_Inland_Sea
    - changed: Islands renamed to RoM_Islands
    - Changed: Lakes renamed to RoM_Lakes
    - changed: Maze renamed to RoM_Maze
    - changed: Medium_and_Small renamed to RoM_Medium_and_Small
    - changed: Mirror renamed to RoM_Mirror
    - changed: Oasis renamed to RoM_Oasis, added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Pangaea renamed to RoM_Pangaea
    - changed: Rainforest renamed to RoM_Rainforest, added init fractal for Marsh, slight changes to resource placement
    - changed: Randommapscript added init fractal for Marsh
    - changed: Ring renamed to RoM_Ring, added init fractal for Marsh and for Swamp
    - Changed: Shuffle renamed to RoM_Shuffle
    - changed: Team_Battleground renamed to RoM_Team_Battleground
    - changed: Terra renamed to RoM_Terra
    - changed: Tilted_Axis renamed to RoM_Tilted_Axis
    - changed: Wheel renamed to RoM_Wheel, added init for Marsh and swamp
    - Added: Tectonics mapscript (renamed to RoM_Tectonics), added marsh terrain init but script doesn't know yet how to place that terrain type
    - Added: PerfectWorld mapscript (renamed to RoM_PerfectWorld), added marsh terrain init but script doesn't know yet how to place that terrain type
    - Added: Smartmap mapscript (renamed to RoM_Smartmap), generates terrain with Marsh

    Mod settings

    - Changed: NoCustomAssets = 1 in Rise of Mankind.ini (prevents possible conflicts with custom assets, like older BUG mods)
    - Changed: NoCustomArt = 1 in Rise of Mankind.ini (prevents possible issues with custom graphics mods)
    - changed: AllowPublicMaps = 0 in Rise of Mankind.ini (only maps/mapscripts specifically made for Rise of Mankind will be shown in game setting lists)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, BarbarianCivs NewWorldPolicy = 1 (was 2), this change makes barbarians settle to full civs on New Worlds (ie. on continents without other starting civs)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, 10% chance to odds that civs accept rebel offers (all was 0%)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, IndexModifier = 0.8, this should make revolutions happen little bit less to AI players than to human players (human can cope with revolutions better than AI)
    - Changed: Revolution.ini, increased slightly turn amounts between revolutions TurnsBetweenRevs = 12 (was 8), DeniedRevs = 9 (was 5), AcceptedTurns = 14 (was 10), AcquiredTurns = 14 (was 10), BuyoffTurns = 14 (was 10)
    - Changed: Religious victory requires now 75% religion percent (was 85%)


    - Changed: All pre-made maps updated to v2.5 civic changes

    Merry Xmas to all! :)
  7. Froptus

    Froptus Chieftain

    Jun 15, 2008
    Northern California
    Merry Christmas to you Zap and thx again! Gonna start a fresh snail game over Christmas. ROM rules!
  8. Freakwave

    Freakwave Warlord

    Jun 9, 2006
    Deventer, The Netherlands
    Thanks and Merry Christmas :)
  9. BigBaldDaddy

    BigBaldDaddy Chieftain

    Jul 12, 2007
    I installed the 2.5 patch on 2.4 (and tried again on 2.41) and can't get my workers to build roads. I tried once as Germans and once as Japanese. Science advisor says I have the Wheel, but I can't build in my city limits even on grasslands.

    Any clue?

    Thanks for the wonderful mod!
  10. digitCruncher

    digitCruncher Emperor

    Oct 28, 2007
    Roads cost 2 :gold: (+ inflation, which normally doesn't factor into it). Railroads cost more... around 10 :gold: + inflation...
  11. yuizaki

    yuizaki Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2006
    I get an error on start-up, when initiallizing XML file.

    it says "UNIT_ARTSTYLE_BARBARIAN in info class was incorrect. Current XML file is: xml\Civilizations\Civ4CivilizationInfos.xml" any clue what is going on?
  12. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003

    Check if you have enabled modular loading in civilization ini (in BtS folder).
  13. yuizaki

    yuizaki Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2006
    thanks Zappara,
    the file civilization.ini does not exist in my version. there must be something different in complete version. the closest file I found is civilizationIV.ini is this what you are talking about?
  14. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
  15. yuizaki

    yuizaki Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2006
    thanks Zappara,

    I have just enabled modular loading, but the problem persists.

    also, I started the game anyway, then an error message came up "BugInit - cannot find xml file for mod int" unable to open civilopedia too for same reason.

    *where is the directory of the civilizationIV.ini you are talking about?
    in mine, it is under c:/users/(*my user account name*)/documents/mygame/beyond the sword/
  16. zappara

    zappara Mod Designer

    Dec 19, 2003
    Hmm, that sounds like a problem which doesn't require you to edit CivilizationIV.ini. Did you rename Rise of Mankind -folder to anything else? If you did, that's one reason why BugInit fails. Since civilopedia fails to open as well, this is most likely python related problem. During testing I once had same error (ie. BugInit) and thought I had fixed it by editing modname.py file - that file now holds modfolder information and it's set to "Rise of Mankind" so renaming the folder causes BUG mod to fail during init.

    I might not be able to answer for some time after this message - christmas and all so spending time with family/relatives...
  17. Boris Badinov

    Boris Badinov Pain is Inevitable Unhappiness is Optional

    Jan 19, 2002
    Third star on the right
    To Everyone who has helped Zappara and to the great man, himself.... MERRY CHRISTMAS!
  18. yuizaki

    yuizaki Chieftain

    Sep 15, 2006
    Thanks Zappara, I managed to fix it.
    So thanks for the new version of RoM. Wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
  19. Taurendil

    Taurendil Second Banana

    Jan 18, 2003
    Brussels, Belgium
    How did you solve this problem? I seem to encounter the same thing.
  20. rwglaub

    rwglaub Prince

    Oct 27, 2005
    Anybody having problems with the mod loading *very* slowly or just stopping to load???

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