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BtS running very slowly

What clockspeed is your CPU? Does it reach 50% usage when playing civ?

Isn't Road to War a fairly demaning mod? You have to expect it to be reasonably slow... can you lower your resolution?
You might be best taking this to the Technical Support forum. The problems you're describing don't sound like they can be explained by your hardware specs (which should be running the game better than that IMO).

Do you have any suspicions about what is causing the problem? After all it is more than likely specific to your machine as most people with computers similar to yours would not have the same issue.
is this just Road to war or also the core game?
the specs look fine - though one reason *might* be that the graphics card is eating all your memory (half of it actually) as shared memory and RtW starts using the page file a lot - but that is just a stab in the dark...
its just that the graphics card as 2048 MB of memory of which 1792 MB are "shared" i.e. taken away from your RAM if the card needs it - and BtS will make it need it - that just inherently makes the graphics calculations slower and takes away memory the game needs. I am not sure this is the real cause though - :hmm: did you try disabling animations (use "frozen animations" in the game options)?
Make sure your new RAM is not defective. Grab a copy of UBCD from www.ultimatebootcd.com and run Memtest86 from it.

A reinstallation of the game might solve the problem.

But the real culprit is the video drivers, I believe. Civ4 have issues with ATI cards, and that DXdiag log makes me suspicious. What would an X1950 want 2 gig of video memory for? That seems like an error.

Try installing the newest drivers. If the problem persists, try installing older drivers instead. You might also want to ask ATI (I believe they have been bought by AMD) is there are any known issues.
It's not an error or a problem with your video card hoarding system memory. In Vista your video card's total memory is dedicated memory + shared system memory, which is WDDM's way of handling available video memory. It can be used as either video memory or non-video memory. It is *not* the same thing as SMA where part of your system memory is dedicated as video memory for your onboard graphics chip

Faulty memory? Not likely. It would likely result in blue screens. It's probably a video card problem. Radeon X1 series seems to be horribly incompatible with Civ4
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