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Aug 25, 2006
The World of Civilization
Standard for Modding

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The WoC Team
TAfirehawk, mrgenie, rockinroger, faichele, Fierabras, antarious,
NikNaks, mamba, johny, HG_CassiusA, Dom Pedro II

Designed for BTS 3.17

The World of Civilization, or WoC as we like to call it, is a PROJECT first and foremost, not a mod or module or modcomp. The project revolves around "fixing" the modular xml loading originally developed by Chinese American and then picked up by Impaler and finally released by Firaxis in Beyond the Sword, BtS.

After the WoC Core is downloaded and installed in the BtS\Mods folder, a player or modder can add/subtract game components simply by moving module folders from Modules to Unloaded Modules or vice versa. A special XML Loading file we have created can also be used to turn game components on/off but that requires editing XML.

This is a collaboration of Impaler and the ViSa Team at the start and has followed with many other modders from CFC joining the project...Impaler created the first Modular XML Loading system in Warlords and Firaxis picked it up and included it in BtS. Now the WoC Team has expanded/enhanced/fixed what Firaxis released and turned it into the WoC Standard.


The idea behind the WoC Project is to create a better and easier Modular XML Loading system for both players and modders. We have made a revolutionary upgrade to the system Firaxis released in BtS. This is something we saw a large need for while putting together 50+ modcomps into the ViSa Expansion Pack we made for Warlords. So this is really something we wanted to do for our own modding but soon realized this WoC Standard is great for every modder AND every player.

The premise for the player is to be able to select any and all Modules that he/she wants EACH AND EVERY GAME. So instead of looking at 10 different modpacks, you can choose them all or bits and pieces from each....or none at all. This puts the choice in the hands of the player. We believe the MAJOR ADVANTAGE of the WoC is to provide a system where the player can decide what he/she wants...not just what a mod maker decides to include in a mod.

We will have an "Front End Program" with v2.00 that runs before BtS and allows a player to choose Modules without actually interacting with folders/files, but using a graphical interface that also has the ability to save a configuration (needed for MP games).

The premise for the modder is to be able to use ONE FORMAT to allow for less work to be done....work shared amongst all other modders so we aren't re-inventing the wheel in each modpack. The "nuts and bolts" of it are that as a modder you supply only CHANGED/NON-DEFAULT tags in your XML, which makes it infinitely easier to fix/change/add things since it is only things you have changed from the Firaxis XML are in your Module.

The entire WoC package is needed to build your own mod upon...except the Modules. We would like to keep the same folder names in the Modules area just to allow easy install, but folder names are not required. One feature, Relative Art Paths, does make it easy to port over existing mods because the Arts folder setup used by Firaxis is maintained within each Module (this is easy to see once you have the files, or browse the SVN via a web browser).


Please use the "Module" threads to discuss specifics bugs/requests/misc things related to each group.

Please use the "WoC" threads to discuss the Modding Standard bugs/requests/misc things that are structure/python/sdk related.



WoC Team Manager
Aug 25, 2006
The WoC Core Full Mod Pack v1.20

Project & Mod Development Forum

WoC is not a mod but an extension of the Modular XML Loading Firaxis released with BtS

The WoC goal is to allow the player the choice of mod components from all BtS modders

This is only the CORE of WoC, see next post for separate Modules.

The WoC Core Installation and Configuration

WoC Full Mod Pack ver 1.20
  1. This mod is contained in an Automatic Installer, run the EXE and follow the directions.
  2. The default location for the installer to work properly is "Beyond the Sword\Mods".
  3. The Core by itself has no Modules and thus has very minimal changes from plain BtS.


WoC Team Manager
Aug 25, 2006
List of WoC Modules for 1.10

Project & Mod Development Forum

All of these Installers work the same as the Core, install in the "Beyond the Sword\Mods" folder by default.

Civilizations Installers

Spoiler :

1st Civs Module Pack Released 8/03/2008 Updated 9/21/2008

  1. Albania
  2. Canada
  3. Pirates
  4. Pirates Art Style

2nd Civs Module Pack Released 8/10/2008. Updated 9/21/2008

  1. Aborigines
  2. Austria
  3. Brazil
  4. Hungary
  5. Hungary Art Style

3rd Civs Module Pack Released 8/21/2008. Updated 09/10/2008.

  1. Iraq
  2. Nazi Germany
  3. Texas
  4. Tibet

4th Civs Module Pack Released 9/09/2008. Updated 9/21/2008.

  1. Cherokee
  2. Iroquois
  3. Sioux
  4. Native American Art Style

5th Civs Module Pack Released 10/11/2008

  1. Croatia
  2. Finland
  3. Poland
  4. Ukraine
  5. Polish Art Style

6th Civs Module Pack

  1. Confederate States of America
  2. Confederate States of America Art Style

Leaderhead Installers

Spoiler :

1st Leaderheads Module Pack Released 10/11/2008

  1. Babylon\Nebuchadrezzar
  2. Byzantium\Basil
  3. Carthage\Dido
  4. Holy Roman\Charles_V
  5. Japan\Hirohito
  6. Khmer\Jayavarman
  7. Korea\Sejong
  8. Spain\Franco
  9. Vikings\Harald III
  10. Zulu\Cetshwayo

2nd Leaderheads Module Pack

3rd Leaderheads Module Pack

Game Concepts Installers

Spoiler :
Game Concepts

1st Game Concept Module Pack Released 8/03/2008. Updated 9/21/2008.

  • Ranged Bombard

2nd Game Concept Module Pack Released 8/10/2008

  • Dynamic City Radius

3rd Game Concept Module Pack Released 8/21/2008. Updated 9/21/2008.

  • Unit Statistics

4th Game Concept Module Pack Released 9/09/2008

  • Commerce Percent Change

5th Game Concept Module Pack Released 10/11/2008

  • Inquisition

6th Game Concept Module Pack

  1. Air Experience
  2. Atomic Bomber
  3. Anti Air Combat

7th Game Concept Module Pack

  • Max War

8th Game Concept Module Pack

  • Military Bases

9th Game Concept Module Pack

  • Zoro Inquistion

Interface Installers

Spoiler :

1st Interface Released 8/03/2008

  • Blue Marble Terrain-Background

2nd Interface Released 8/10/2008

  • DarkBlueUI

3rd Interface Released 8/21/2008

  • Civ4lerts

Civics Installers

Spoiler :

1st Civics Released 8/03/2008

  1. Industrialism
  2. Seperate Powers
  3. Bid for Contract
  4. Manifest Destiny
  5. Secularism
2nd Civics

3rd Civics

4th Civics

Builds Installers

Spoiler :

1st Builds Released 8/03/2008

  • Ice Breakers

2nd Builds Released 8/10/2008

  • Mission Pillage Route

Corporations Installers

Spoiler :

1st Corporations Released 8/03/2008

  • Fashion House

National Wonders Installers

Spoiler :
National Wonders

1st National Wonders Released 8/03/2008. Updated 8/28/2008.

  1. National Airbase
  2. National Shipyard

2nd National Wonders

3rd National Wonders

World Wonders Installers

Spoiler :
World Wonders

1st World Wonders Released 8/03/2008

  1. Flavian Ampitheatre
  2. Magelan's Voyage
  3. Seti

2nd World Wonders Released 8/10/2008

  1. Art of War
  2. Bach
  3. Woman's Suffrage

3rd World Wonders Released 8/21/2008

  1. Arc De Triomphe
  2. Theory of Evolution
  3. World Trade Center

4th World Wonders Released 9/09/2008

  1. Cure for Cancer
  2. Copernicus" Observatory
  3. King Richard's Crusade
  4. The Gateway Arch

5th World Wonders Released 10/11/2008

  1. Hanseatic League
  2. Hungarian Parliament
  3. Longevity
  4. The Leaning Tower of Pisa

6th World Wonders

Events Installers

Spoiler :

1st Events Released 8/03/2008

  • JKP1187 Events

Buildings Installers

Spoiler :

1st Buildings Released 8/03/2008. Updated 8/04/2008

  1. Botanical Garden
  2. Hunting Lodge
  3. Museum Ship
  4. Musket Manufactor

2nd Buildings Released 8/10/2008. Updated 9/02/2008.

  1. Small Shipyard
  2. Large Shipyard
  3. Brewery
  4. Tavern

3rd Buildings Released 8/21/2008

  1. Highway
  2. Mill
  3. Ranch
  4. Tank Factory

4th Buildings Released 9/09/2008

  1. TNT Factory
  2. Mfg Plant
  3. Masonic Hall

5th Buildings Released 10/11/2008

  1. Commodity Exchange
  2. Craft Guild
  3. Merchant Guild
  4. Pottery

6th Buildings

  1. Natural Gas Plant
  2. Offshore Platform
  3. Sewer System
  4. Windmill

Resource Installers

Spoiler :

1st Resources Released 8/03/2008

  1. Apple
  2. Coffee
  3. Oat
  4. Tin

2nd Resources Released 8/10/2008

  1. Cloth
  2. Diamond
  3. Shrimp
  4. Tobacco

3rd Resources Released 8/21/2008. Updated 9/08/2008.

  1. Amber
  2. Potato
  3. Rubber
  4. Timber

4th Resources Released 9/09/2008

  1. Barley
  2. Clay
  3. Natural Gas
  4. Sulpher

5th Resources Released 10/11/2008

  1. Jade
  2. Rubies
  3. Sapphires
  4. Pearls

6th Resources

  1. Citrus Fruit
  2. Cotton
  3. Olives
  4. Shrimp

7th Resources

  1. Cocoa
  2. Flax
  3. Papyrus
  4. Salt

8th Resources

  1. Hemp
  2. Lead
  3. Opium

Promotions Installers

Spoiler :

1st Promotions Released 8/03/2008

  1. Medic3
  2. Heal1
  3. Heal2
  4. Heal3

2nd Promotions Released 8/10/2008

  1. Improved Radar
  2. Range1
  3. Range2
  4. Range3

3rd Promotions Released 8/21/2008

  1. Air to Air Missles1
  2. Air to Air Missles2
  3. Air to Air Missles3

4th Promotions Released 9/09/2008

  1. Air Forces
  2. Air Torpedo
  3. Chaff
  4. Gatling Gun

5th Promotions Released 10/11/2008

  1. Multiple Target Acquisition 1
  2. Multiple Target Acquisition 2
  3. Multiple Target Acquisition 3

6th Promotions

  1. Morale 1
  2. Morale 2
  3. Morale 3

7th Promotions

  1. Naval Torpedo 1
  2. Naval Torpedo 2

8th Promotions

  1. Sea Soldiers 1
  2. Sea Soldiers 2
  3. Sea Soldiers 3

9th Promotions

  1. Depth Charges
  2. Scout Planes
  3. Sonar

Units Installers

Spoiler :

1st Units Released 8/03/2008. Updated 9/21/2008.

  1. C130
  2. Modern Paratrooper
  3. Flamethrowing Paratrooper
  4. Chinnok Camo

2nd Units Released 8/10/2008

  1. Lancaster
  2. Lancaster Nose Art
  3. Light Bomber
  4. Stealth Bomber

3rd Units Released 8/10/2008

  1. Attack Aircraft
  2. Early Jetfighter
  3. Jetfighter
  4. Stealth Fighter
  5. Strike Fighter

4th Units Released 9/09/2008

  1. AA Gun
  2. Battering Ram
  3. Flamming Pig
  4. Space Marine

5th Units Released 10/11/2008

  1. 2nd UU'S for default BTS Civs

6th Units

  1. Guerilla

Animal Units Installers

Spoiler :
Animal Units

1st Animal Units Released 10/11/2008

  1. Bengal Tiger
  2. Camel
  3. Elephant
  4. Gorilla

2nd Animal Units

  1. Cave Bear
  2. Cave Lion
  3. Cave Lioness
  4. Cheetah

3rd Animal Units

  1. Dire Wolf
  2. Lioness
  3. Polar Bear
  4. Siberian Tiger

Naval Units Installers

Spoiler :
Naval Units

1st Naval Units Released 10/11/2008

  1. Default BTS Units with ranged Bombard

2nd Naval Units

  1. Cog
  2. Galleass
  3. Siege Quinnquereme
  4. War Galleon

3rd Naval Units

  1. Dreadnaught
  2. Ironclad Battleship
  3. Ironclad Cruiser
  4. Merchantman
  5. WWI Cruiser

4th Naval Units

  1. Aegis Cruiser
  2. Battlecruiser
  3. Stealth Destroyer
  4. Steamer
  5. WWII Cruiser

Techs Installers

Spoiler :

Ancient Techs

1st Ancient Tech Released 8/03/2008. Updated 8/10/2008

  • Boating

2nd Ancient Tech Released 8/10/2008

  • Tools

3rd Ancient Tech Released 8/21/2008

  • War Art

Religion Installers

Spoiler :

1st Religions Released 8/04/2008. Updated 8/28/2008.

  • Zoroastrianism

Art Styles Installers

Spoiler :
Art Styles

1st Art Styles Released 8/04/2008

  • Ethnically Diverse Units (EDU)


Jun 6, 2006
So the core is WOC?


WoC Team Manager
Aug 25, 2006


Jun 6, 2006
ok... so when you get a working game I can play, will you let us know please? I am a novice... so be patient.


Jun 6, 2006
ok, so if we download it with the module, it is more like we are playing WOC now?


Aug 23, 2007
ok, so if we download it with the module, it is more like we are playing WOC now?

WoC is not a mod, it is a modding platform. Its intent is to make modding and the merging of mods easier. The core provides the platform, the WoC is not a mod with a fixed set of features however (like all previous mods were). So there is no one way to 'play WoC'.

The modules provide some changes to the CIV game, think of them as small mods. You can use whichever modules you want (or whichever parts of the modules you want to use), thereby creating a CIV game which follows your ideas of what CIV should be like (instead of playing a mod with a fixed set of features, determined by its creator).

For WoC to be different from regular CIV, you install modules. The more modules you use, the more the WoC changes from regular CIV. Whatever set of modules you like to use, that is WoC for you. As I said, there is not one way only to 'play WoC'.


Jun 6, 2006
ok... I installed the core, but where do I get the modules from exactly? Sorry if I am being too dumb... but I never claimed to be a rocket scientist. Thank you guys for all the help and explanations.


Aug 23, 2007
ok... I installed the core, but where do I get the modules from exactly?

You get them here (at least the officially released ones, there are more on SVN).

Each underlined module is released (for the time being that is the 1st module of each category), click on its name (e.g. 1st Civs Module Pack) for the download link.


Jun 6, 2006
Thanks... I downloaded them all and will install them


Feb 15, 2002
Is there going to be a cat. to change amount of turns per game or tech research times options as you find each mod usually adjusts these? For example epic setting---slow research mod, ect...tia.. I would like to see the abililty to add-in turn times that allow you just to play a specific era (example epic turns during the middle ages ) with very slow tech advancement, ect..
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