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Budding Romance

Discussion in 'Civ3 - Demo Game III: RPG' started by Stuck_as_a_Mac, May 3, 2003.

  1. Stuck_as_a_Mac

    Stuck_as_a_Mac Aptenodytes forsteri

    Apr 4, 2002
    (OCC: I promise to keep it clean)

    While the fear of overgrasing had become a reality, romance was in the air. The four friends had gotten older, and their parents were putting more pressure on them to have children.

    Bobs Mom: Why dont you go out and get yourself a mate! Youre not going to live forever you know. Now, come here and try this kuggel!
    Bob: Mom... Leave me alone... and pass the kuggel.

    Well, Bobs mom was right. It was time to settle down... have a family. Who, though? He hadnt the slightest idea who. He decided to go for a walk to clear his mind. He would go talk to the guys down at the Rouge.

    Bob: If I had some cattle... dadedeldel dadeldedai... No, seriously. If I had some cattle.

    Bob finally gets to the Rouge. There he meets with Jackie.

    Jackie: Hey Bob. She hugs him
    Bob (akwardly): He..ey Jackie...
    Jackie: Lemme guess.. Parents pressuring you to settle down. Same here. "Go find a mate! Have some children!" Same old, same old. Anyway,
    Bob interupts her. Suddenly, out of no where, he kisses her. She does nothing at first, but then she responds. It is a passionate kiss.
    Bob: Jackie...
    Jackie: Bob...
    They walk out of the Rouge, hand in hand..
    [Stage Directions- Fade to black to keep self from getting banned]
    Soon to come: a birth!
  2. Taé Shala

    Taé Shala Prince

    Nov 23, 2001
    50°47'51 N 8°45'50 E
    Somewhere in the shadows a small woman has taken notice of the two lovers.
    It is Leskaria, who has been in love with bob for a long time.
    Now she feels unhappy to see them. But wait. There is an order of the ruler, that all have to get his blessings before they may live together.
    With a feeling of anger, Leskaria turns to the the tent of the ruler to tell him, what she has seen....
  3. Stuck_as_a_Mac

    Stuck_as_a_Mac Aptenodytes forsteri

    Apr 4, 2002
    Jackie, after her romantic trist with Bob, heads to see her best friend Jenna. She discusses her lovely... (OCC: This is normally the part where a certain thing Im afraid to mention due to forum rules would be discussed)
    Jenna: How was it?
    Jackie: It was great!!! Ill never forget it.. He took me into my arms and...
    As the girls talk (OCC: Would love to continue, but forum rules...), a knock is heard on the plank of wood outside the hut.
    Jenna: Who is it?
    Elders: It is the elders. We have a decree for Jackie to apear infront of the Despot. She has been commited... hanky-panky!
    Jackie: Hanky-Panky? Youre a town elder and thats the best you could come up with..
    Elders: Ignore what what we say... just come with us.. the Despot will deal with you soon
    Jackie (screaming): Jenna! Get Bob and SaaM and come up with a plan.
    Jenna: If you die, can I have your stuff?
  4. Civanator

    Civanator Deity

    Dec 18, 2001
    As Anthony and Nicole are walking to their hut, they hear the commotion.

    Anthony: Elders, what is going on?

    Elder1: Jackie has commited a act against the rules. She must be punished immediately.

    Elder2: She did not get a blessing before engaging in love.

    Elder3: She will be tried before the Despot, and eventually executed.

    Nicole: That is wrong. You can't do that. We won't let you.

    Anthony: I stand with my wife, you cannot do this. He pounds his crutch in front of him, a show of disobedience infront of and elder.

    Elders: Than you too will be executed.

    But Nicole has already opened the back hatch, and Jenna, Jackie, and Nicole are slipping away, Leaving Anthony to fight the elders. But the elders know they are too old, and he too strong, so they walk away, and go to the despot. Anthony then joins them.

    Jackie: Thank you. Anthony, it is your name? and Nicole?

    Anthony and Nicole: Yes

    Jenna: We must get Bob and SaaM before the Despot does. Will you please help us?

    Nicole: I will help you.

    Anthony: Me too.

    The four of them hurry to Bob and SaaM's huts, praying that the elders haven't gotten to them.

    OOC: Saam, is this ok? I hope there was a back hatch.
  5. Taé Shala

    Taé Shala Prince

    Nov 23, 2001
    50°47'51 N 8°45'50 E
    Leskaria is sitting on her feet in the tent of Markus of the viviano clan - ruler of the known world.
    She doesn´t know when she has been here the last time before. The elders say that no women were allowed during the ting (meeting) of the tribe and so she will have to tell her story and leave.
    Inquisitive looking she turns around and stops because she is seeing a fur of the great desert boar Markus hunted last winter.
    As far as she can remember, Markus was hit hard by the boar and since then he couldn´t use his left leg like before (AG: 5 you know :) ).

    After a while an elder comes running in the tent shouting: :aargh:
    Let us see Markus of the Viviano clan. Something very strange happend. There seem to be unrest within the younger folks of the tribe. It seems that they even don´t want to be nomads any more an settle down!
  6. Chieftess

    Chieftess Moderator Retired Moderator

    Feb 10, 2002
    Everyone! Please look in the event thread to see if your character has died or not. 13 turns have passed in the demogame.
  7. Mariner II

    Mariner II Chieftain

    Nov 9, 2002
    Montreal, Quebec
    I propose an, umm...character creating session, where we get all our characters together and...make more characters.
  8. Bootstoots

    Bootstoots Deity Retired Moderator

    Mar 2, 2003
    lol, Mariner
    Aza walks around the plains to get in some much needed hunting
    Aza: I need to get some leather to defend against barbarians. What's that?
    Aza sees Anita Bath taking her first bath in a long time. He invites her to get dressed and take a walk with him
    Anita: Sure, just let me get dressed.
    Anita gets dressed and follows Aza. They go back to Aza's hut, where something occurrs
    Aza: Anita, I will, as my last act as despot, promote you to High Gentry, so that you will give birth to a good child.
  9. America444

    America444 Coming Back To Life

    Feb 19, 2003
    on day when Joe II was walking home he was stopped by Melessa
    Melessa: hi Joe how are you doing
    Joe: good how bout you
    Melessa: ok but i wish i was doing better
    Joe gets a slite grin his face and takes of his leather shirt
    Joe: i can arrange that
    Joe tackles Melessa into the forest

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