Bug help: Hundreds of gold per tern to other civs when when at war with everyone.


Mar 11, 2023
I'm being forced to give enormous amounts of money to other civs as a bug. No trade deals or anything have me spending money, and as a last resort I have declared war on everyone. Interestingly, the amount has gone up as I declared war. After waiting a turn, I'm currently spending $218 per turn on other civs even though there is literally no one I could possibly have a trade deal with, as they are all at war with me. I always use the following mods and have never faced this bug before, though this is my first game on Windows 11 (previously Win 10). Does anyone have any ideas?

My mod list is:
  • (1) Community Patch (v. 89)
  • (BNW) Leugi's Barbarian Inmersion Enhancements (v. 01) - Note, barbarians were turned off for this game.
  • Capture+ (v. 7)
  • Extended Eras (v. 10)
  • InfoAddict (v. 22)
  • JFD's Civilizations - Germany (Adolf Hitler) (v. 11) - Hitler not in this game
  • Less Warmonger Hate (v. 10)
  • R.E.D. Modpack (v. 27)
  • Slower Science Longer Eras (v. 01)
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