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BUG: Multiple Space Race Bugs

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Bug Reports' started by shirleyrocks, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. shirleyrocks

    shirleyrocks Prince

    Oct 29, 2001
    1. Load the game. The human player is named Marcus.
    2. Open the event log.
    3. July 2009 shows that the Dutch had completed their Stasis Chamber immediately followed by a note that 'Marcus' had launched his spaceship (BUG #1). Marcus actually did not launch, and at the time of this save, was completing 2 spaceship engines in Delhi and Vijayanagara. As we will see later, I believe the event log should have stated that the Dutch had launched their spaceship. (I unfortunately do not have a save prior to this point)
    4. Note under Victory Conditions that there is no indication anyone has launched their spaceship (BUG#2a).
    5. Complete the engines being built in Delhi and Vijayanagara.
    6. Continue to note under Victory Conditions that there is no indication anyone has launched their spaceship.
    7. When Marcus has completed building engines, launch spaceship.
    8. Under Victory Conditions, aside from the fact that the screen now correctly displays an estimated arrival date for the player (which is 16 turns from that point), note that it suddenly also now reads that the Dutch are 16 turns from arrival (BUG #2b).
    9. Continue to play the game through July 2018. The Dutch are now 8 turns from arrival according to the Victory screen.
    10. Select next turn to move to January 2019. The Dutch win a Space Race victory.
    11. After all of the end game fanfare, select the "One more turn" option.
    12. Open the Victory screen and it reads the Dutch are 7 turns from arrival (BUG #2c).

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  2. H&K

    H&K Chieftain

    Aug 3, 2007
    3) Fair enough, but if you click on the message, it shows that it was the Dutch. But definatly a bug
    4) And why would it? You dont know how long their spaceship is going to take to get there. (Maybe it should tell you maybe it shouldnt:- The fact is you know someone has launched, and if youd clicked on the message you would know it was the Dutch, and you would know what parts their spaceship had)
    8) Doesnt on Mine, just shows that you have launched on what date and how long your ship will take to get there
    9) No, on mine you are eight turns to get there. It isnt saying at all how long it will take the dutch
    12) No, again YOU are 7 turns from getting there

    OK the 'Marcus' had launched his spaceship is a bug, and Maybe it should tell you how long the Dutch space ship is going to take. (But maybe it shouldnt) The other problems are just you thinking that the "Turns to arrive" date was for them rather than for you.

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