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Bug Reports and Technical Issues


Blue Period
Aug 23, 2009
I'm continuing on my efforts to abuse you as beta testers :D

This thread is to report bugs, crashes or simply things that don't seem to work as they're supposed to. I'm incredibly thankful for every bug report I get here, because that's the only way to effectively test everything, since I don't have the time to play out every addition I make :)

Note: I will acknowledge bug reports using the "like" function, unless I have something to add or a specific question. Posts I have liked have an associated note in my backlog and will be addressed eventually.

As it's in our mutual interest to get every problem located and fixed quickly, please follow the subsequent guidelines:

1) Check if the error was reported already. At least read the previous page to see if someone else already had your problem.
2) Please note which version (release or Git) of the modmod you're using, and the revision in case of the Git version. I'll assume its the current Git revision at time of posting unless noted otherwise
3) Enable Python exceptions and logging. The former shows an error message ingame whenever something's wrong with Python (and that's the reason for 95% of the errors), the latter stores these into a separate file. Both are disabled on default, to activate them, open your Beyond the Sword folder and open the _Civ4Config link. Then search for "HidePythonExceptions" and "LoggingEnabled" and set them to 0 and 1, respectively, i.e.:
; Set to 1 for no python exception popups
HidePythonExceptions = 0
; Enable the logging system
LoggingEnabled = 1
4) Make screenshots, often it's much easier to understand what you mean this way.
5) Keep savegames and logs ready. I need to locate the error and have an easy method to verify if the fix works; that's what those are for. You find your logs under "My Games\Beyond the Sword\Logs\", and I'm usually referring to PythonErr.log when I'm asking for one. Please keep in mind that logs get overridden once you start a new game, so better make a copy of it. Saves are usually the best way for me to reproduce errors, because engineering a proper situation for myself is hard and time consuming. They may not be necessary, but it's good if you have them. Savegames from before the problem occurs are more useful than those from afterwards (I want to reproduce the error and see if my fixes remove it), so it's for the best if you keep a previous autosave on hand.

Common problems:

I have downloaded the mod, but when I start it, the menu screen is empty.
It's likely that this is because you're playing BtS with a language other than English. This mod is only in English, and for some reason this affects the main menu for all other languages. Switching your language to English should take care of this problem and is highly advisable anyway, because most of it isn't translated.

I have installed the Git version, but the scenarios do not show up / when starting the scenarios it appears as if there are no changes compared to the latest download.
Make sure you have renamed the mod folder "RFC Dawn of Civilization" after downloading. Otherwise the scenarios won't find the mod they belong to.

I have recently reinstalled Civ4 BtS and the mod won't start.
Make sure that the game is updated to the latest version (3.19). The automatic patch process is not sufficient to get up to date, you have to download the patch from the download database here at CFC.

I am using the Steam version of Civ4 BtS, and when starting the mod I receive error messages along the lines of "unable to execute file".
There are some problems with the Steam version and its attempt to work around the shutdown of Gamespy. What you have to do is to switch to the original version of the game which is available on Steam as a "beta". See here for detailed instructions on how to do so.

I downloaded the Git repo as a ZIP file, now when I try to start a scenario it quits with the message "failed to read world builder file"
This may affect one or more scenarios and is unfortunately a consequence of how Github creates its ZIP files, so I cannot do anything about it. To fix the problem, get Notepad++ and open the scenario file ("open with Notepad++"), then choose Edit -> EOL Conversion -> Windows.

I have a problem or bug that happened in a Dawn of Civ modmod, but I am certain that the issue could not be caused by any of the modmod's changes.
Unfortunately there is not much I can do in such a situation. I would like to fix the underlying problem in DoC, but because I have no knowledge about possible changes that might influence the behaviour of the game in the modmod, and because I cannot open savegames from modmods in DoC to recreate the issue, it is not really possible to effectively do so. If modmods attract an increasing number of players (and playtesters) away from the main mod, they have an increased responsibility to fix bugs encountered by their players. If the bug goes back to DoC itself, the right thing to do is submit a pull request with the fix to the base mod.
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I'm playing 1.12 version with Varietas Delectat mod.

Spoiler :

I found that city nationality display bugged in both number and color display. Please check whether it works properly or not.
That happens when you do last minute changes! Fix will be up at some point today.
I thought I downloaded official 1.12 version :p Is it the problem of Varietas Delectat mod or you mean last minute change on 1.12 release?

Anyway I got another python error, related with stability check.

Spoiler :

Last minute in terms of release.

Can you upload a save from the turn before the exception is produced?
I have a save that is 7 turns before the error happens.


  • Frederick AD-1730 Turn 961.CivBeyondSwordSave
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Should be alright, thanks.
I got this just after a congress:
Spoiler :
Once again I have to ask for the save.

Edit: nevermind, will be fixed.
What are these flags?

It's a leftover from my histcol modmodmod. I don't know if the save is openable, since the modmodmod is partially incompatible with vanilla version and has unpredictable behaviour with VD module.
It seems like I cannot continue to play from auto saved files. It waits other civs turn quite long - I didn't saw it goes on properly, so practically forever. Any possible reasons?
It seems like I cannot continue to play from auto saved files. It waits other civs turn quite long - I didn't saw it goes on properly, so practically forever. Any possible reasons?
No idea, sorry.
I managed to win a chinese UHV in 1811AD. Is it intentional?
This may be a bug or a feature and it's from SVN765 (which I know is ancient history), but you (Leoroth) will know whether it's what you intended.

The text says that Chicago has been transferred from the British to the Americans but it's unmistakably in the hands of the French. The Congress proposal was a British-American transfer and all the voting was on this. The French asked for (and got) another city (Tete-a-la-Baleine). There might have been French forces in the area (expelled when their colony became Mexico), but I hadn't noticed them earlier.


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Do you have a save so I can play through that congress on my own?
Iran is starving in 1700 AD. It is generally understood that civilization must be able to maintain population points of all her cities 1 turn after the start. 1700 AD Iran cannot do it!
Roman roads would not provide any bonus in 1700 AD compared with the rest of the world and can be safely replaced with regular roads in eponymous scenario.
Do you have a save so I can play through that congress on my own?

Unfortunately I don't have a save from the turn immediately before. The 1840 save is the nearest I have to the Congress of Plymouth (above). I've also attached an 1898 save, because the same anomaly occurred at the 1900 Congress of Konya. This time the Vikings asked for their old city of Paarl (South Africa) from the English (me), but then this happened:

Something which may be relevant: the French (in 1848) and the Mexicans (in 1900) had both been awarded other cities. The Mexicans were supposed to, and did, get British Honduras from the English.


  • Curzon AD-1840 Turn 548.CivBeyondSwordSave
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  • Curzon AD-1898 Turn 586.CivBeyondSwordSave
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