Bug showing yields on desert tiles?


Jul 19, 2013
Recently I came across a bug where I saw random yields on desert tiles. There was a whole 6 or 7 tile island of all flat desert tiles, nowhere near a city or river or natural wonder. No hills, volcanoes, etc. Yet some had 1 production and others had 1 production AND 1 food. I think 1 even had like 1 of something else on top of that. I know graphical glitches exist but I scrolled over it and it said desert tile with 1 movement required (not a hill).

I thought nothing of it but then ran into a similar issue AGAIN in a different game. There were 2 desert tiles right by my city with iron on them, and one randomly gave food for no reason. Again, no nearby volcanoes.

I didn't take screenshots because I currently don't have the internet but I could take a picture with my phone if anyone is curious. I might do so later. I just now thought about saying something and not at the PC anyway.

Has anyone else encountered this lately?

No mods as active, GS, and I think I was using Apocalypse mode on both maps, but otherwise "normal".

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Jul 27, 2020
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I think a Desert Storm might have gone through those Tiles and fertilized them.
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