[LP] Bug when a player gets eliminated by having their last city rebel (v. (899997))


Aug 10, 2012
Basically what happened was that after I pressed End Turn the usual cycling through the other players took place, with each one being highlighted as it was their turn; but then it got to the player whose last city succumbed to pressure and rebelled, thus eliminating that player, and once that player's avatar disappeared the highlight then jumped onto an adjacent player's avatar who had already finished their moves. And that's where the game STARTS getting stuck. The alerts keep popping up detailing what the remaining players did that turn, but the highlight remains on that one player that was adjacent to the one who got eliminated. The golden sphere in the bottom right corner continues spinning, while a small exclamation mark appears on its side which when clicked takes me to the next unit awaiting orders, which orders are now clickable and all the moves restored; except that none of the orders are executable, wherever I click it nothing happens, and the game just remains stuck like that.
It should be noted that this wasn't the first player that was eliminated by having their last city rebel, and I didn't have that problem with those, but it was the first time that the adjacent player to be highlighted had already completed their turn.
Thank you for your help!
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