Bug with Egyptian UU?


May 22, 2001
Greensburg PA
I was just playing a game in which I used the Egyptians, and when my UU arrived at the borders of the enemy, I found that I couldn't move (either by numeric keypad or mouse) in certain directions into enemy territory. I could move up and right into enemy territory, but I couldn't move left or down in direction. I also couldn't move to one square of neutral territory. This seemed to only be happening to my UU as I could send a spear and worker into the territories, and in the down and left direction. I'm including a pic showing how it won't plot a course (or go into) enemy territory using my unique unit. Any idea what the problem is?


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The War Chariot is a wheeled unit, meaning it can't move through jungle or mountain squares unless you build a road through those squares.
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