Sep 23, 2014
Hi all, just tried my first colonization game, and noticed 2 problems.

First, why is it that once I grow a settlement to 26 population, I cannot add further people to that settlement?

Second, it says in the civilopedia that, after declaring independence, you only need to destroy all the land units for your king to win. However, this is what happened to me. The king had about 50 land units but only 8 ships, so I decided to build a navy and fight him at sea. I destroyed his transports as they spawned, and brought his numbers down to 2 ships with 8 units in them which slipped through my blockade, in addition to whatever he had back in Europe. Those 2 men-of-war managed to get close enough to attack one of my settlements amphibiously, losing 7 of the 8 units in the process. I identified the ship which still had a land unit in it, and took it out on the following turn. However, it was not until I sank the other ship that the game declared a victory. What's going on? If the units back in Europe don't count, why was I not victorious the moment I sank that last land unit? If units back in Europe do count, why did it declare a victory the moment I sank the last transport?


Feb 23, 2002
Auckland, New Zealand
Did you have enough food in that colony? For some reason the game prevents you adding more colonists if the settlement is starving - even if you just want to add a farmer to correct the problem!

You win the game when you have defeated all the REF land units (whether in Europe or in the New World) or all the ships. In your case there was still a single ship left so it could have returned to Europe to collect more troops.
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