Build ques in Demos, 5.3

Mr Spice

Oct 17, 2001
For a current summary of the cities, including current build ques, please check the sticky one. I added the two new cities Ormuz and Cambridge to this province. Deimos now includes 11 cites, outstripping both Luna and Phobos. We should really consider creating a new one, or perhaps shift some cities to Phobos.

Most part of Deimos. For a closer look on Dover, Marl Downs, Ormuz and Cambridge, please check here.

New things to consider this time are:


Is now size 9 and will soon experience unhappiness. I suggest we deal with this in the same way as Potpolia and Athenae ie by trade routes and a bank. Thus I suggest adding a bank to the current que of library and trade routes.

Unknown City

Building a second defender to replace the one used to capture Ormuz. After this I would like to see a factory here, followed by an engineer. We should also move one worker from non-shielded grassland to the fish, thus indreasing trade by one.


Current que is aqueduct and library. I suggest overriding it with a factory and an engineer (lots of things to improve on this island).


With only one shield of net production, this city desperately needs more production. I suggest we build a forest or two within its radius, after the engineer has built the fortress outside Ormuz. As for the build que, I suggest harbour and marketplace.

St. Leowind

It would be nice to squeeze in an engineer here, after the coastal fortress and before the harbour and temple.


Two more riflemen would be nice, one of them for the soon-to-be fortress. After this we could sure use another engineer in this area and with its excellent food surplus and fair production, Ormuz is a good place to build one. We should also home the riflemen regiment from Unknown City here.


Finishing that third rifleman would be nice. It could then be homed in Ormuz and used as a second defender in the soon-to-be fortress. After this an engineer is a good choice IMO. Then it could use a temple. Regarding micromanagement, moving a worker from the shielded grassland without road to the shielded grassland with railroad would be a good thing.

Any comments?
Spycatcher - I agree that a bank will improve happiness and would like to suggest that we built that instead of the library.

Unknown City - This is also sensible, but bear in mind that the Mongols and the English are starting to flood out territorial waters with ships. Maybe an ironclad could give them the right message? Fish from grassland is a good idea.

Joespaniel - Is this not the centre of our Chinese attack force? We should have a spy with the troops, assuming that we have a transport ready to take them over, and we will need a rifleman to defend our troops on arrival. And erm, an ironclad to defend the transport. Have we got all of these things?

Dover - A single shield is cause for concern indeed. A forest may improve things until we can build a factory there, and a harbour will help growth and allow us access to more shields.

St Leowind - I'd prefer to take the engineer from this city than the other on the island as it won't affect our trade as much while it's still small and we will get better growth in the long term with the improvements.

Ormuz - We're under pressure from the English here, but it's on a river so I don't think we need millions of defenders. An engineer is a project for the future, once we have relieved the pressure, but not just yet. I'd like to know how much Brighton would be to bribe..... :)

Cambridge - Once again, I don't think we need to pack all our cities with riflemen as we'll end up with some unhappiness problems. We should sort out which cities need how many troops and then only produce that many, rather than making riflemen with all our cities and then assigning them.
i agree that downprioritating the library in Spycatcher is a good idea.

The ironclad supported by Unknown City is currently in Ormuz, after having participating in the capture of that city. I don´t think we really need another one in this area, but of course we could build more if that is the wish of the majority.

The task force in Joespaniel currently consist of 4 cavalry, 1 ironclad and 1 transport. Joespaniel is building a dragoon, which will be changed to cavalry the next turn and completed in three turns. If we change to alpine troops (better defenders than riflemen), they will be completed in two turns. We don´t have a spy close by, so perhpas rushing one before attacking would be good.

About the extra riflemen in Ormuz and Cambridge, my idea from recently was to build a fortress on the tile with forest and river, to block further english attacks. This was the reason why Ormuz was captured in the first place. The two extra defenders are supposed to be stationed in that fortress and will not cause any unhappiness since it is within the three-tile limit.
I don't think we'll need 2 defenders in the fortress as it seems highly unlikely that we'll change from democracy in the near future and the defensive bonuses from the forest, the river and the fortress will mean that a single rifleman will be able to defeat a cannon easily, let alone the units with weaker attacks. Remember that the unit need not be fortified in the fortress to take advantage of its defensive strength and that fortifying won't make any difference to the defence. :D We can always replace the rifleman with the next best defender as it becomes available, although I'd hope that the battlelines will be pushed forward much further beyond Brighton in the near future.
I guess you are right, so no third rifleman in Cambridge then. We could change it to an engineer instead without any loss of shields. And only one more in Ormuz. Thinking about it, we should change both the one in Ormuz and the one being built in Unknown City to alpine troops instead. They take only a little while longer and are much better.
Very nice give and take duke and Spice.

I'm totally on board with all of this.

I have a feeling the Brighton could indeed be a bribery target. The English have not changed over to Democracy yet, and I have a feeling the English home cities (and capital) are to the East of Cambridge. This would mean that Brighton is even FARTHER away from the capital. If this can be done, we may not even need to set up the fortress spot...

Given that the Mongols, Romans, and Chinese are all Democracies, I would not be adverse to at least pricing out this city :).

With Joespaniel and St. Leowind, I'm thinking that I could rush alpine troops in Joespaniel and a spy in St. Leowind before I hit the "Return" key. This way, they'd be ready to go out with the ship the very next turn and head for Chinese waters! If we station an alpine troop in the fortress near Beijing, it can still reach the city the next turn even if there's no road there. If I recall, Alpine troops move 3 spaces no matter what the terrain - sort of like an explorer. Plus, the defense is better as well.

Thanks for all of the hard work. I like the idea of a 4th province as well. Any thoughts as to names? Since we're doing moons (for some reason), how about IO or something like that. At least the name is short... :)
I have updated the summary to reflect the discussions. :)
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