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Bulgarian Cities


Dec 28, 2004
Heidelberg, Germany
This is part of a secret project of mine: A medieval Bulgarian city. Should be suitable for the Serbians and other orthodox Balkans countries, too.


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    Bulgarian preview.jpg
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This looks very nice. The only thing I could say is that maybe the size 1 contains fewer buildings than it should.
They look so cute :) - i like the well in the center.
SUWEET! Vielen Dank nach Berlin! :)
Looks pretty good. :)

@Kyriakos: Mrs. Mayumi?
Ok, so what does Mrs. Mayumi have to do with secret plots? Maybe I don't wanna know.
Aion said:
Who knows, maybe medieval Bulgarian towns did consist of four houses, two churches and one well. Can you prove the opposite ;)?
No, I can't prove the opposite. Also I'm not saying your cities look bad. Not at all. But I don't know if the average medieval Bulgarian towns had a population of 10 people.
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