Bulk Map creation tools?


Sep 25, 2022
I am looking for a way to run map generation outside of the game context. Ideally I could have my machine create thousands of maps with different seeds and then rank them by all kinds of metrics. Then when starting a new single-player game, filter through a list of maps made where I could rank starting points by what I was looking for. Sort of the opposite of advanced setup, just make thousands and rank them, then starting a new game should be more of a "browse the collection" step vs generating new maps.

Has something like this been done before? You could also upload all the maps to a central repo so a mod could be made that allows browsing the repo and ranking good maps. I am a software developer with a bit of Lua experience, but I think if I had the tools to run the map code, and a way to query properties of the map, all of this would be possible.

Thanks for any info!
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