Bullying City States

I've been thinking about tributes for some time, and my longer-term plan is to make it such that the negative penalty for recent tribute is removed, and instead the city state will build a 'pool' of tributeable resources every turn, based on their resource output. This pool would then be drained by x amount when you tribute, based on how much you can ask for (0-100%). This way, the waiting period would be tied to the city-state's output, instead of arbitrary penalty numbers. Does that make sense?

Okay I had some thoughts on this, here is my idea how it could work:

- Tribute builds up by the amount that a city state would give an ally per turn up to a maximum of 30 * current yield per turn (scaling with gamespeed) and then you can take a % based on tribute strength which will take away from the pool.

- Instead of City state yields scaling per era instead they go up by a certain amount each turn (either something like 0.1 per turn or 10% chance of increase by 1 each turn on standard speed)

- The amount/chance of yield going up each turn is modified by how full the tribute bar is and perhaps also whether city-state has taken dmg. This means a city state that is always getting tributed or attacked will develop much slower than one which doesn't so you have much more of an incentive to keep your allies safe so that you get more yields over time.

- I mentioned here https://github.com/LoneGazebo/Community-Patch-DLL/pull/7325 that it would be possible to include ally major civ's local military strength into the local strength calculation for tributing so you could actually stop your allies from being tributed by standing more troops near them.

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You can bully allies without that Autocracy tenet in the current version. Is it intended?
The same rules apply its just that you need more military if its an ally and you dont get any culture yields.
Btw is there a difference in how str counts when you want to bully a cs, ie does melee, ranged cav, navy etc count the same or do different types count less/more?
Btw is there a difference in how str counts when you want to bully a cs, ie does melee, ranged cav, navy etc count the same or do different types count less/more?

Last time I checked it just depended on the Melee value (and # promotions, unit health etc.)
I think they count for their cs/defense, right?

I think bullying is kinda tedious and micro-managy in an annoying way. Maybe it is just me but moving the troops around to bully just feels boring. Maybe I am too compulsive about getting the max amount etc, dont know if people agree with me here.
I feel it helps quite a bit in the early game but you need to be quick (and I dont play diety like you) until protection is up.
If I play Mongolia its borderline broken, the yields are so huge since Mongols ignore protections and allies.
Yeah I am actually playing Mongolia right now, I think there is a bug with the yields because I am pretty sure you get more like 4x than 2x the yields. But as mongolia it is an even bigger part of their game, which makes it not possible to ignore if u want to play optimally :)
Agree it is a bit fiddly but I do like how it gives purpose to building an army as authority without having to fight wars early game.

Pretty sure ranged units count defence, they certainly count for something.
What if tributing had more penalties?
If you heavy tribute you:
Can't send trade routes to them for 50 turns,
Can't enter their territory (without war),
Receive a lump sum of decaying war weariness,
The bullied city state receives one free military unit for every time it has been heavy bullied before(0 units first time, 1 unit the 2nd time, etc, with some upper limit),
Does that mean ranged/siege units counts for the defensive value or they dont count at all?

Defense Value. Was ambiguous with "Melee value". My bad.
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