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[R&F] Bunch of ideas

Discussion in 'Civ6 - Requests & Ideas' started by circeus, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. circeus

    circeus Chieftain

    Jan 1, 2005
    Any of these ideas may be applicable through any mean (unique abilities or buildings, policy cards, religion beliefs etc.), they are just game aspects I'd like to see implemented in some ways (though admittedly I'm no balancer, so some concepts might turn out OP).

    • Proper dialogue for when human players reject a deal offered by the AI. Half the time the line makes no sense since you're not making an offer back in the first place!


    • If one game event triggers multiple timeline event, they are combined for score (i.e. allowing the Taj Mahal to affect them)
    • A timeline event for settling/being the first to settle on all continents. (Why is there no such event?! it seems so obvious.)

    More ways to mess around with loyalty pressure in general, so as to recreate the old "culture bomb" tricks of earlier games via wedge cities
    • City is immune to foreign pressure...
      • from larger cities
      • from smaller cities
      • from cities it has trade routes to
      • from cities with certain relationship status (unfriendly or worse etc.)
    • Ways to create increased loyalty pressure or pressure farther away (Amani +2 is just useless, and this requires 2 promotions?!) via projects or special buildings
    • Increased loyalty pressure through trade routes
    • Have religion and loyalty interact somehow
    • "Iconoclasm": religious unit can pillage improvements and buildings that generate faith.
    • Extra religions: Civs (or one civ through a unique ability) can found more than one religion (now that would make Dharma actually useful! Also could allow trolling though the religion cap.)
    • Ways to destroy foreign religious units with military ones in peacetime (possibly without the religious pressure loss to compensate?)
    • Evangelizing on some tiles is more powerful (owing to appeal, or resources or district etc)
    • Ways that Belief evangelization and inquisition can be initiated with less than three charges
    Custom ability
    • Ways that unique building/distracts are kept when capturing a city
    • If building a district would clear out a feature, it's automatically harvested.
      • I originally came up with this for a Canadian civ (I'm not a fan of the existing custom one, since I don't think it's appropriate to characterise Canada as a primarily maritime nation), but I'd play the hell out of a civ with that ability.
    Last edited: Apr 12, 2018

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