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Bunch of of Ideas

Discussion in 'Rise of Mankind: A New Dawn' started by Hydromancerx, Nov 5, 2010.

  1. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Ok so while Civ5 was being discussed I came up with a bunch of ideas as well as bring up some old ideas. In short I will attempt to post them all in an organized way so they can hopefully make their way into AND (or add-on)
  2. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA

    Here is a master list of techs from Civ4, Civ5, RoM, AND, AToM and ones I made up for the prehistoric and golden ages.

    Prehistoric Era
    Spoiler :

    Basketry (New)
    Bone Working (New)
    Canine Domestication (New)
    Cave Dwelling (New)
    Ceremonial Burial (RoM)
    Clothing (New)
    Cooking (New)
    Exploration (New)
    Fire Making (New)
    Fishing (RoM)
    Flint Knapping (New)
    Gathering (New)
    Hunting (RoM)
    Language (New)
    Marriage (New)
    Mobile Dwellings (New)
    Mysticism (RoM)
    Naturopathy (RoM)
    Oral Tradation (New)
    Petroglyphs (New)
    Pigments (New)
    Pottery (Civ5, RoM)
    Prehistoric Music (New)
    Prehistoric Dance (New)
    Ritualism (RoM)
    Scavenging (New)
    Sedentary Lifestyle (New)
    Shamanism (New)
    Shelter Building (New)
    Singing (New)
    Spear Fishing (New)
    Spear Making (New)
    Stone Tools (RoM)
    Tanning (New)
    Tracking (New)
    Trapping (Civ5)
    Weaving (RoM)
    Woodworking (HAND)

    Ancient Era
    Spoiler :
    Acupuncture (New)
    Agriculture (Civ5, RoM)
    Ancient Music (New)
    Ancient Surgery (New)
    Animal Husbandry (Civ5, RoM)
    Apiculture (New)
    Archery (Civ5, RoM)
    Bronze Working (Civ5, RoM)
    Caste System (RoM)
    Chariotry (RoM)
    Copper Working (New)
    Divination (New)
    Dualism (RoM)
    Elephant Riding (RoM)
    Fermentation (RoM)
    Folk Dance (New)
    Horseback Riding (Civ5, RoM)
    Masonry (Civ5, RoM)
    Massage (New)
    Megalith Engineering (New)
    Metal Casting (Civ5, RoM)
    Military Training (RoM)
    Mining (Civ5, RoM)
    Monotheism (RoM)
    Naval Warfare (RoM)
    Natya (New)
    Polytheism (RoM)
    Priesthood (RoM)
    Rock Sawing (New)
    Sacrifice Cult (RoM)
    Sailing (Civ5, RoM)
    Sculpture (RoM)
    Seafaring (RoM)
    Slavery (RoM)
    Stargazing (AtoM)
    Sundial (New)
    Terracotta (New)
    The Wheel (Civ5, RoM)
    Trade (RoM)
    Wax-Casting (New)
    Writing (Civ5, RoM)

    Classical Era
    Spoiler :

    Aesthetics (RoM)
    Alphabet (RoM)
    Ancient Cement (New)
    Ancient Electricity (New)
    Ancient Steamworks (New)
    Aristocracy (RoM)
    Astrology (AtoM)
    Athletics (RoM)
    Calendar (Civ5, RoM)
    Canal Systems (RoM)
    Carpentry (HAND)
    Charcoal (New)
    City Planning (RoM)
    City Plumbing (New)
    Code of Laws (RoM)
    Combat Sports (AND)
    Construction (Civ5, RoM)
    Currency (Civ5, RoM)
    Democracy (RoM)
    Drama (RoM)
    Floor Heating (New)
    Glass Blowing (RoM)
    Horse Breeding (RoM)
    Insurance (AND)
    Iron Working (Civ5, RoM)
    Irrigation (New)
    Kabuki (New)
    Lead Working (New)
    Literature (RoM)
    Machinery (Civ5, RoM)
    Marble Working (New)
    Mathematics (Civ5, RoM)
    Meditation (RoM)
    Mirrors (New)
    Monarchy (RoM)
    Mosaic Working (New)
    Mounted Archery (RoM)
    Music / Early Music (RoM, New)
    Philosophy (Civ5, RoM)
    Plough (New)
    Poetry (New)
    Quarrying (New)
    Salt Processing (New)
    Sanitation (RoM)
    Siege Warfare (RoM)
    Ship Building (RoM)
    Smithing (RoM)
    Stirrups (RoM)
    The Anchor (New)
    The Razor (New)
    Vassalage (RoM)
    Weather Lore (AND)
    Wootz Steel (New)

    Medieval Era
    Spoiler :

    Agricultural Tools (RoM)
    Algebra (RoM)
    Anatomy (RoM)
    Armor Crafting (RoM)
    Armored Calvary (RoM)
    Architecture (RoM)
    Banking (Civ5, RoM)
    Cartography (RoM)
    Chivalry (Civ5, RoM)
    Civil Service (Civ5, RoM)
    Clockworks (RoM)
    Compass (Civ5, RoM)
    Court Dancing (New)
    Constitution (RoM)
    Crop Rotation (RoM)
    Education (Civ5, RoM)
    Engineering (Civ5, RoM)
    Feudalism (RoM)
    Fire Brigades (HAND)
    Fundamentalism (RoM)
    Guilds (RoM)
    Heraldry (RoM)
    Invention (RoM)
    Martial Arts (AND)
    Medieval Music (New)
    Mountaineering (AND)
    Optics (Civ5, RoM)
    Papacy (RoM)
    Paper (RoM)
    Perspective (RoM)
    Surveying (New)
    Theology (Civ5, RoM)
    Tournaments (AND)
    Usury (RoM)

    Renaissance Era
    Spoiler :

    Acoustics (Civ5)
    Archaeology (Civ5)
    Astronomy (Civ5, RoM)
    Battlefield Medicine (RoM)
    Biology (Civ5, RoM)
    Baroque Music (New)
    Calvary Tactics (RoM)
    Chemistry (Civ5, RoM)
    Classical Music (New)
    Corporation (RoM)
    Cotton Gin (New)
    Divine Right (RoM)
    Dueling (AND)
    Dynamite / Explosives (Civ5, RoM)
    Economics (Civ5, RoM)
    Fertilizer (Civ5)
    Flintlock (RoM)
    Free Artistry (RoM)
    Gas Lighting (New)
    Gearpunk Engineering (New)
    Geology (New)
    Grand War (RoM)
    Gunpowder (Civ5, RoM)
    Humanism (RoM)
    Jurisprudence (RoM)
    Leadership (RoM)
    Liberalism (RoM)
    Matchlock (RoM)
    Military Tradition (RoM)
    Merchantalism (RoM)
    Metallurgy (Civ5, RoM)
    Nationalism (RoM)
    Naval Cannons (RoM)
    Naval Tactics (RoM)
    Navigation (Civ5, RoM)
    Oil Painting (RoM)
    Paleontology (New)
    Photography (RoM)
    Physics (Civ5, RoM)
    Political Philosophy (RoM)
    Printing Press (Civ5, RoM)
    Realism (RoM)
    Renaissance Music (New)
    Replaceable Parts (Civ5, RoM)
    Representative Democracy (RoM)
    Rifling (Civ5, RoM)
    Romanticism (AND)
    Romantic Music (New)
    Scientific Theory / Scientific Method (Civ5, RoM)
    Social Contract (RoM)
    Spectroscopy (AToM)
    Stock Brokering (AND)
    Team Sports (AND)
    Weather Forecasting (AND)

    Industrial Era
    Spoiler :

    Agricultural Engineering (RoM)
    Amphibious Warfare (RoM)
    Animation (New)
    Armored Vehicles (RoM)
    Artillery (RoM)
    Assembly Line (RoM)
    Automatic Weapons (RoM)
    Aviation (RoM)
    Ballet (New)
    Civil Engineering (RoM)
    Combustion (Civ5, RoM)
    Communism (RoM)
    Compulsory Education (RoM)
    Cosmology (AToM)
    Electricity (Civ5, RoM)
    Electronics (Civ5, RoM)
    Fascism (RoM)
    Firefighting (HAND)
    Flight (Civ5, RoM)
    Guerrilla Warfare (RoM)
    Hydroelectric Power (New)
    Industrialism (RoM)
    Labor Union (RoM)
    Lawn Sports (AND)
    Logistics (RoM)
    Machine Tools (RoM)
    Marxism (RoM)
    Mass Transit (RoM)
    Mechanized Warfare (RoM)
    Medicine (RoM)
    Meteorology (AND)
    Military Science (Civ5, RoM)
    Modern Dance (New)
    Modern Music (New)
    Modern Physics (RoM)
    Modern Sanitation (RoM)
    Motion Pictures (RoM)
    Motorized Transportation (RoM)
    Nuclear Fission (Civ5, RoM)
    Organic Chemistry (RoM)
    Penicillin (Civ5)
    Plastics (Civ5, RoM)
    Plate Tectonics (New)
    Psychology (RoM)
    Quantum Physics (RoM)
    Radio (Civ5, RoM)
    Radio Astronomy (AToM)
    Railroad (Civ5, RoM)
    Refrigeration (Civ5, RoM)
    Refining (RoM)
    Rocketry (Civ5, RoM)
    Screw Propeller (RoM)
    Semi-Automatic Weapons (RoM)
    Sonar (RoM)
    Steam Power (Civ5, RoM)
    Steampunk Engineering (New)
    Steel (Civ5, RoM)
    Submarine Warfare (RoM)
    Telegraph (Civ5, RoM)
    Telephone (New)
    Thermodynamics (RoM)
    Theory of Relativity (RoM)
    Water Sports (AND)

    Modern Era
    Spoiler :

    3D Modeling (RoM)
    Applied Economics (RoM)
    Advanced Ballistics (Civ5)
    Advanced Rocketry (RoM)
    Aerodynamics (RoM)
    Astro-Environmental Systems (Replaces Lunar Exploration) (AToM)
    Astrogeology (AToM)
    Astronautics (AToM)
    Atomic Theory (Civ5)
    Biological Warfare (RoM)
    CCD Photography (AToM)
    Climate Models (AND)
    Communication Networks (RoM)
    Composites (RoM)
    Computer Networks (RoM)
    Computers (Civ5, RoM)
    Dieselpunk Engineering (New)
    Ecology (Civ5, RoM)
    Extreme Sports (AND)
    Fiber Optics (RoM)
    Fire Suppression (HAND)
    Fuel Cells (RoM)
    Gene Manipulation (RoM)
    Genetics (RoM)
    Geothermal Power (New)
    Globalization (Civ5, RoM)
    Guided Weapons (RoM)
    Ion Propulsion (AToM)
    Jet Propulsion (RoM)
    Knowledge Management (RoM)
    Lasers (Civ5, RoM)
    Legalized Gambling (RoM)
    Magnetic Levitation (RoM)
    Manufacturing (RoM)
    Mass Media (Civ5, RoM)
    Microprocessor (RoM)
    Modern Cosmology (AToM)
    Modern Health Care (RoM)
    Modern Seismology (RoM)
    Modern Sports (AND)
    Modern Warfare (RoM)
    Motor Sports (AND)
    Naval Aviation (RoM)
    Neural Networks (RoM)
    Nuclear Power (RoM)
    Radar (Civ5, RoM)
    Nanotechnology (Civ5, RoM)
    Recycling (RoM)
    Robotics (Civ5, RoM)
    Robotic Sky Surveys (AToM)
    Satellites (Civ5, RoM)
    Semiconductors (RoM)
    Solar Power (New)
    Space Flight (RoM)
    Space Stations (RoM)
    Space Tourism (RoM)
    Stealth (Civ5, RoM)
    Superconductors (RoM)
    Supersonic Flight (RoM)
    Superstring Theory (RoM)
    Tourism (RoM)
    Unmanned Air Vehicles (RoM)
    Vertical Flight (RoM)
    Virtual Reality (RoM)

    Trans-Human Era
    Spoiler :

    Advanced Astro-Environmental Systems (Replaces Lunar Colonization[Replaces Space Colonies]) (AToM)
    Advanced Computers (RoM)
    Advanced Shielding (RoM)
    Advanced Warmachines (RoM)
    Androids (RoM)
    Anti-Aging Medicine (RoM)
    Aquaculture (RoM)
    Artificial Evolution (RoM)
    Artificial Intelligence (RoM)
    Artificial Life (RoM)
    Automatic Traffic (RoM)
    Biofuels (RoM)
    Biomimetrics (RoM)
    Bionics (RoM)
    Brain Machine Interface (RoM)
    Cloning (RoM)
    Cognitive Robotics (RoM)
    Conglomerates (RoM)
    Controlled Plasma (RoM)
    Cryogenics (RoM)
    Cybernetics (RoM)
    Cyberpunk Engineering (New)
    DNA Computing (RoM)
    Ecological Engineering (RoM)
    Environmental Economics (RoM)
    Homo Superior (RoM)
    Hydroponics (RoM)
    Hypersonic Flight (RoM)
    Invisibility (RoM)
    Lunar Trade (Replaced Lunar Tourism) (AToM)
    Megastructure Engineering (RoM)
    Mesh Networks (RoM)
    Metamaterials (RoM)
    Micromechanics (RoM)
    Military Robotics (RoM)
    Mind Uploading (RoM)
    Nanobotics (RoM)
    Nanoelectronics (RoM)
    Nanomining (RoM)
    Nuclear Fusion (Civ5, RoM)
    Optronics (AToM, New)
    Orbital Flight (RoM)
    Orbital Megastructures (Replaces Orbital Manufacturing, Merged with Orbital Tourism (RoM)) (AToM)
    Organic Cities (RoM)
    Particle Physics (Civ5)
    Personal Robotics (RoM)
    Planetary Economics (RoM)
    Plastic Electronics (RoM)
    Powered Exoskeleton (RoM)
    Quantum Computing (RoM)
    Quantum Teleportation (RoM)
    Railgun (RoM)
    Rapid Prototyping (RoM)
    Regenerative Medicine (RoM)
    Replacement Organs (RoM)
    Sentient Earth (RoM)
    Shielding (RoM)
    Skyroads (RoM)
    Smart Drugs (RoM)
    Smart Dust (RoM)
    Superstrong Alloys (RoM)
    Terra Computer (RoM)
    Thought Scanning (RoM)
    Vertical Farming (RoM)
    Warmachines (RoM)
    Wearable Computers (RoM)
    Weather Control (RoM)
    Wireless Electricity (RoM)

    Galactic Era
    Spoiler :

    ACNP Propulsion (AToM)
    Advanced Seedships (AToM)
    Analyze Strings (AToM) [Replaces Future Tech]
    Antimatter Rocketry (AToM)
    Artificial Planets (AToM)
    Artificial Stars (AToM)
    Asteroid Extraction (Replaced Asteroid Mining (AToM)
    Astroanthropology (AToM)
    Astrobiology (AToM)
    Astroecology (AToM)
    Atomization Field (AToM)
    Attometer Engineering (AToM)
    Colony Arcology (AToM)
    Deep Space Probes (AToM)
    Dual-Flux Quantum Temporal Rift (AToM)
    Endogenous Euclidean Propulsion (AToM)
    Extraterrestrial Agriculture (AToM)
    Euclidean 5-Space Geometry (AToM)
    Folding Space (AToM)
    Galactic Federation (AToM)
    Interstellar Colonization (AToM)
    Interstellar Trade (AToM)
    Launch Arcology (AToM)
    Lunar Megastructures (Replaced Lunar Manufacturing) (AToM)
    Mass Driver Launcher (AToM)
    Magnetic Sails (AToM)
    Megastrong Alloys (Replaced Galactic Core Exploration) (AToM)
    Nuclear Pulse Propulsion (AToM)
    Optronic Satellites (Replaced Intrastellar Communications) (AToM)
    Planetary Colonization (AToM)
    Planetary Exploration (AToM)
    Planetary Extraction (Replaced Planetary Mining) (AToM)
    Planetary Megastructures (Replaced Planetary Manufacturing)(AToM)
    Planetary Terraforming (AToM)
    Planetary Tourism (AToM)
    Planetary Trade (Replaced Intrastellar Trade) (AToM)
    Planet Engineering (AToM)
    Singularity Stabilization (AToM)
    Solar Ordnance (Replaced Interplanetary RR Defenses)(AToM)
    Solar Propulsion (AToM)
    Space Creasing (AToM)
    Species Uplifting (AToM)
    Teleportation (RoM)
    Time Travel (AToM)
    Trans-Tangible Neutrino Accelerators (AToM)
    Transverse Euclidean Geometry (AToM)
    VASIMR Propulsion (AToM)
    Weaponized Antimatter (AToM)
    Weaponized Disintegration (AToM)
    Wormhole Communications (AToM)
    Wormhole Traversal (AToM)
  3. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA

    Residential (Homes)
    Basically who has housing and who is homeless. It would work where improvements such as cottages or buildings in the city would give you more houses. The bigger your population the more houses it would require for you to build. If you population goes over the amount of houses you have then they will get angry, unhealthy and increasing crime.

    Industrial (Jobs)
    This would depend upon your population and commerce demand. It would work where improvements such as farms, mines, or buildings in the city (such as factories) would give your population jobs. The more population you have the more workers you would have to fill those jobs. The more workers the more production you would have and the more resources you could produce and move on to the commercial jobs. Note that the industrial jobs would convert natural resources into "goods" that the commercial jobs could use.

    Commercial (Jobs)
    Places to sell "goods" and make gold. This would depend upon how much population and how much "goods" your industrial jobs are producing. These would mainly be buildings (markets, offices, malls, etc) in the city however I could imagine something like a trading post improvement providing commercial jobs too. The more population you have the more commercial jobs you can fill and the more commercial jobs you can fill the more money you can make.

    This would be not only the physical road but at what level of technology. Such as railroad, highway, ships, etc. This links up your natural resources and cities. These would help increase your trade.

    This would be the key factor in any city. Not only having water but their water use for people, crops, manufacturing, etc. This would effect food.

    This would come later in the game and only effect the buildings that need electricity. But also how much electricity usage.These would be produced by power plants such as coal, oil, gas, nuclear, wind, solar, dams, geothermal, etc.

    This would be determined by your population, specific buildings and civics. How much waste you produce would matter and buildings such as landfill or recycling center would help you reduce garbage and not make your people sick or angry.

    While indirectly tied to garbage this would effect the health of your cities. In addition if it got too out of hand it would cause global warming or make your water unusable.

    This would be how flammable your city is based upon the density, types of buildings (industrial would be very flammable) and how much fire protection you have. To counter this you could have water, fire departments, etc.

    This would be based upon how crowded your city is, how educated they are, what civics you have in place and of course how much law enforcement you have. The buildings to counter this would be police station, jail, prison, courthouse, etc.

    This would determine your science rate. How educated your people would also effect crime, happiness and possibly even what level of building you could build. Buildings for this would be schools, libraries, museums, etc.

    This would determine not only how healthy your population was but how long they would live. Longer lives means more production. To help with this you could make buildings like a hospital, healer's hut, etc.

    Parks and Recreation
    This would be basically your happiness and culture. Buildings for this would be parks, theater, landmarks, sports arenas etc.

    These would be things you get separate from wonders in which you only get via quest, unlocking building chains or other such non-standard stuff. Note you would not get these in every game you played.

    These would be in between wonders and civics. They would not be as major as civics but you give you a bit more control on the little things. Some examples would be carpool ordinance, nuclear free zone, power conservation, legalize gambling, etc.

    Non-Sim City Factors
    In addition you would have your standard stuff like Espionage, City Defense, Unit Production, Religion, etc.

    In short I think these main factors would fit well within civilization, especially when factors are on a national scale.

    I belive that's what my whole Sim City based idea would cover.

    Spoiler :

    Basiclly city buildings and improvements would provide either Residential, Industrial or Commercial. Cottages for example would provide places for the population to live. If the population went over the number of homes then there would be unhappiness and such.

    Meanwhile the Industrial and Commercial jobs would be determined upon which buildings you created and what improvements you made. Thus a mine would bring more industrial jobs the more you upgraded it. Note that industrial jobs would also be based upon resources available. Industrial jobs would be not only the factory buildings in the cities but the improvements on the board like mines, farms, lumber mills, etc.

    The commercial jobs would be based around the good that the industrial jobs made and like the industrial jobs have buildings and improvements that are on the board. Commercial improvements would be things like the trading post.

    Remember the more jobs provided by buildings and improvements the quicker your populations will grow due to people moving in for jobs. However if there are not enough jobs or houses then people will leave and your population will shrink until it meets the current number of jobs available (or happiness).

    Other factors like electricity or water would also determine what can be built be it improvements or buildings. Likewise each improvement of building would add garbage, pollution, flammability, crime, etc.
  4. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Golden Ages and Dark Ages

    Ok revisiting the era ideas ...

    Using the Ages from Civ4 RoM and then adding the much needed "Prehistoric Age" at the beginning and "Galactic Age" at the end. Note that the "Galactic Age" is more or less Civ Fuehrer's "accent of Mankind" project.

    Anyways this takes the idea of the "Golden Ages" and "Dark Ages" a step further. If you get a "Golden Age" you unlock even more techs for the age your in. For instance if your in the Renaissance you would unlock "Da Vinci Age" themed techs like this "cog tanks" or "Ornithopter" as a pre-flight aircraft. Likewise if you get a golden age during the Industrial Age you get "Steam Punk" themed techs like "Steam Robots".

    On the flip side if you hit a "Dark Age" you go to the dark age of that era and not only can loose techs from that era but not be able to research some techs normally available.

    Also if you get a 2nd "Dark Age" during a "Dark Age" you will go back to a previous era Dark Age. And if you have a 2nd "Golden Age" during a "Golden Age" you get to go the the next era's "Golden Age". Once you finish a "Dark Age" you will go back to your current era. And if you finish your "Golden Age" you will advanced to the next Era.

    Note that some techs will not be research-able once you have past an era. So it is important to research all of the techs in your era before advancing to the next era. Not doing so could result in not being able to have the prerequisites for the next era's techs.
  5. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Siege Weapons

    Yeah sappers would be good along with trench warfare stuff of say WWI to protect your troops.

    I also think there needs to be way more types of siege weapons simple catapults and trebuchets are boring. It would be nice to have ones like Rams (Hand Ram, Battering Ram, Capped Ram , etc), Balistas (Scopions, Balistas, etc), Catapults (Mangonels, Onagers, etc), Trebuchets, Siege Towers and Testudos. Then when you get to gunpowder rather than just a cannon you can have Bombards, Field Cannons, Falconets, Mortars, Howizers, Culveins, etc.

  6. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    Prehistoric Era

    Ok so have an updated idea on the Prehistoric Era.

    Nomads are a new unit that can do most everything, but will do it badly. They can fight like a warrior, explore like a scout, work like worker and even found "encampments" like a settler founding a city. However they suck at all of these tasks. Thus when you have the technology you will want to upgrade them into a warrior, scout, worker or settler. Note that when you start the game you will have 1 nomad and nothing else.

    Encampments are temporary cities. They can only be founded by nomads and have a limited radius of only the tiles that directly touch it. They cannot grow and can only work one tile. They cannot fight back like normal cities. You cannot garrison units inside the encampments either. Unlike cities they can turn back into nomads and be take off the map. Encampments can however research, work 1 tile and produce units. They cannot however build any buildings (except for special cases).

    I also am unsure if you could upgrade a encampment into a city once you had the right technology researched. If not then you could just upgrade the nomad into a settler and then found a city that way.

    There can still be buildings made in the encampments but once the encampment picks up and move then those buildings are lost (unless you research Mobile Dwellings tech). Here are some ideas for encampment buildings.

    - Basket Weaver's Yurt (Basketry)
    - Elder's Yurt (Ritualism)
    - Firepit (Fire Making)
    - Flint Knapper's Yurt (Stone Tools)
    - Potter's Yurt (Pottery)
    - Shaman's Yurt (Shamanism)

    I am sure I can think up more later.

    The prehistoric era techs would be extremely cheap due to the limitations of the encampment to produce research. Thus the key to reaching the next era quickly would be exploring to find "goody huts" to give you free technology. But even if you don't you can atleast still research them.

    I have some ideas for other techs such as Canine Domestication, Wood Carving, Ritualism, Shamanism, etc. But we can get into those later.

    Each unit would be unlocked by a specific tech.

    Gathering = Worker
    Hunting = Scout
    Stone Tools = Warrior
    Sedentary Lifestyle = Settler
    Canine Domestication = Hunting Dog

    In short if we use anything from this we should atleast use the Nomad/Encampment idea.

    Prehistoric Tech Trees
  7. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA
    City States

    Anywho I had another idea. I always loved the Assimilation feature in Civ4 AND where you get the special buildings and units that the city you took over had. However now we have the whole city state thing. Back when I was modding for Civ4 AND I was trying to implement a system where if you made a wonder you would get a naive tribe. Much like the Native Embassy system set up in "Age of Empire 3". However this city state system is even better!! If you take over a city state then depending upon what city state it is you can produce special units, buildings and maybe even gain access to hidden techs!

    Here are some examples from "Age of Empire 3". Note that icons would be already created from these and possibly even stats! I also tried to get it as close to the original game as possible but some bonuses had to be changed for Civ. Feel free to change them or think of new ones.

    City States as Native Tribes

    Special Unit: Apache Cavalry (Replaces Calvary)
    - Apache Cactus (+1 Food from Desert tiles)
    - Apache Raiders (200% More Gold from Pillaging)
    - Apache Endurance (Apache Cavalry get +1 Movement)

    Special Unit: Carib Blowgunner (Replaces Archer)
    - Carib Kasiri Beer (+10% gold from Brewery)
    - Carib Garifuna Drums (Archers do 100% more damage vs workers)
    - Carib Ambush Party (Explorers gain +50% attack)

    Special Unit: Cherokee Rifleman (Replaces Rifleman)
    - Cherokee War Dance (20% easier to gain relations with city states)
    - Cherokee Basket Weaving (-50% cost of Markets)
    - Sequoyah's Cherokee Syllabary (Get a free Settler)

    Special Unit: Cheyenne Rider (Replaces Horseman)
    - Cheyenne Hunting Grounds (+10% more Food from Deer Resource)
    - Cheyenne Horse Trading (Calvary build 40% faster)
    - Cheyenne Fury (Cheyenne Rider do +100% more damage vs Calvary)

    Special Unit: Comanche Horse Archer (Replaces Horse Archer)
    - Comanche Horse Breeding (Calvary +10% HP)
    - Comanche Trade Language (+10% more foreign trade)
    - Comanche Mustangs (Comanche Horse Archer get +1 Movement)

    Special Units: Cree Tracker (Replaces Scout), Cree Coureur des Bois (Replaces Settler)
    - Cree Textile Craftsmanship (10% more Gold from Sheep Resource)
    - Cree Kinship (Cree Tracker cost 50% less to build)
    - Cree Tanning (Infantry and Calvary get +5% more HP)

    Special Units: Huron Mantlet (Replaces Warrior)
    - Huron Fish Wedding (10% more Food from Fish Resource)
    - Huron Sun Ceremony (Huron Mantlet build 50% faster)
    - Huron Trade Dominance (Produces a free Huron Mantlet every 10 turns up to 300 turns)

    Special Units: Incan Bolas Warrior (Replaces Archer), Incan Huaminca (replaces Spearman)
    - Incan Road Building (Roads cost 50% less to build)
    - Incan Metalworking (10% more Gold from Gold and Silver Resources)
    - Incan Chasquis Messengers (Scouts get +1 Movement)

    Special Units: Klamath Rifleman (Replaces Rifleman)
    - Klamath Strategy (Klamath Rifleman do 25% more damage)
    - Klamath Huckleberry Feast (+1 Food to all cities)
    - Klamath Work Ethos (Workers work 5% faster)

    Special Units: Mapuche Ironwood Clubman (Replaces Warrior)
    - Mapuche Ad-mapu (All Units cost are 20% cheaper to produce)
    - Mapuche Tactics (Melee have +50% vs Siege Weapons)
    - Mapuche Treaty of Quillin (+100 gold every 20 turns up to 300 turns)

    Special Units: Maya Holcan Spearman (Replaces Spearman), Plumed Archer (Replaces Archer)
    - Mayan Cotton Armor (+20% HP for Melee)
    - Mayan Calendar (+50% Food from Farms)
    - Mayan Astronomy (Astronomy tech research cost 50% less)

    Special Units: Navajo Rifleman (Replaces Rifleman)
    - Navajo Weaving (+10% more Gold from Cotton Resource)
    - Navajo Shepherds (+10% more Gold from Sheep Resource)
    - Navajo Craftsmanship (-10% Maintenance)

    Special Units: Nootka Clubman (Replaces Warrior)
    - Nootka Bark Clothing (Workers get +50% HP)
    - Nootka Potlatch (Nootka Clubman build 50% faster and 10% cheaper)
    - Nootka Woodcarving (Fishing Boats cost 50% less to build)

    Special Units: Seminole Sharktooth Bowman (Replaces Archer)
    - Seminole Guerrilla Wars (Seminole Sharktooth Bowman +300% vs City Attack)
    - Seminole Bowery (Archer attack +35%)
    - Swamp People (Seminole Sharktooth Bowman get no movement penalty for Marshes/Bogs)

    Special Units: Tupi Blackwood Archer (Replaces Archer)
    - Tupi Poison Arrow Frogs (All archers +10% Damage)
    - Tupi Animal Lore (100% vs Animal Units)
    - Tupi Forest Burning (Workers clear/chop forest or jungle 50% Faster)

    Special Units: Zapotec Lightning Warrior (Replaces Warrior)
    - Zapotec Food of the Gods (Farms produce 10% more food)
    - Zapotec Cult of the Dead (Zapotec Lightning Warrior do 20% more damage)
    - Zapotec Cloud People (Hills give +1 Production)

    There are more for the minor Asian and European civilizations but I will get to those later.

    EDIT: Ok here are the other "tribes".

    Bhakti Temple
    Special Units: Tiger Claw (Replaces Swordsman)
    - Yoga (Melee units damage +5% more)
    - Reinforced Gauntlets (Tiger Claws get +50% HP)
    - Vegetarianism (Farms produce 40% more food)

    Jesuit Temple
    Special Units: Conquistador (Replaces Knight)
    - Flying Buttress (City +20% defenses)
    - Smokeless Powder (Gunpowder Units have +30% attack)
    - Christian School (+15% more research)

    Shaolin Temple
    Special Units: Rattan Shield (Replaces Swordsman)
    - Clenched Fists (Archers +25% vs Melee)
    - Wood Clearing (Workers clear/chop forest 20% Faster)
    - Dim Mark (Rattan Shield have 50% more damage)

    Sufi Mosque
    Special Units: War Elephant (Replaces War Elephant) [Needs a Better Unit]
    - Pilgrimage (Mosques cost 50% less to build)
    - Fasting (Workers work 10% faster but -40% hit points)
    - Sharia (Workers produce 50% faster)

    Udasi Temple
    Special Units: Chakram (Replaces Swordsman)
    - Sikh Gurus (Explorers get 50% more hit points and damage)
    - Punjabi New Year (+10% more food from Rice Resource)
    - Army of the Pure (Chakram can see 20% farther)

    Zen Temple
    Special Units: Sohei (Replaces Pikeman)
    - Zen Meditation (Meditation tech research cost 50% less)
    - Master Lessons (Melee unit damage +10%)
    - Meritocracy (Unit upgrades are 20% cheaper)

    *phew* Ok so those were the rest I think.aybe not the best for a city state but perhaps a new type of map feature where diffrent regions can have their own far off temple in the middle or nowhere.

    I think the bonuses need a lot of work but this gives something for us to work on and improve. I could totally see this done for other minor civilizations around the world.
  8. Hydromancerx

    Hydromancerx C2C Modder

    Feb 27, 2008
    California, USA

    Ok on to another tangent idea I had ... Worker Upgrades! Basiclly it would work where the more improvements a worker makes the more XP they gain. Here are some ideas for promotions.

    Worker Promotions

    - Builder I (Builds Roads, Forts and Trading Posts 5% Faster)
    - Builder II (Builds Roads, Forts and Trading Posts 10% Faster)
    - Builder III (Builds Roads, Forts and Trading Posts 20% Faster)

    - Farmer I (Builds Farms, Plantations and Pastures 5% Faster)
    - Farmer II (Builds Farms, Plantations and Pastures 10% Faster)
    - Farmer III (Builds Farms, Plantations and Pastures 20% Faster)

    - Lumberjack I (Builds Camps, Lumber Mills and Chops Forest 5% Faster)
    - Lumberjack II (Builds Camps, Lumber Mills and Chops Forest 10% Faster)
    - Lumberjack III (Builds Camps, Lumber Mills and Chops Forest 20% Faster)

    - Miner I (Builds Mines, Quarries and Oil Wells 5% Faster)
    - Miner II (Builds Mines, Quarries and Oil Wells 10% Faster)
    - Miner III (Builds Mines, Quarries and Oil Wells 20% Faster)

    In addition they could possibly get existing promotions such as Scouting (I, II,and III).
  9. Hydromancerx

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