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Discussion in 'Civ4 - Strategy & Tips' started by henrebotha, May 28, 2010.

  1. henrebotha

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    I recently came to the realisation that I've never really learnt to truly leverage Bureaucracy. So teach me, O wise ones!

    1) What does a good bureau capital look like (in terms of improvements and buildings, particularly national wonders) under State Property?

    2) What does a good bureau capital look like when using a different economic civic?

    3) What else should I bear in mind (civics, other cities' composition, etc)?
  2. Ghpstage

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    Bureau only affects 1 city and has a high upkeep cost, SP is pretty much the exact opposite. I have never seen a situation where using both would be a very good idea, the only thing I can even think of is to use Bureau to get more :hammers: for a space win :confused:
  3. CerberusAlpha

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    a good bureau capital city is one that is running WAY before state property. get it first and build a wonder or two there and thats leverage.
    u can get civil service early in the game and its a great civic, esp. compared to decentralization or whatever the nothingness default is.
    u want a city that has lots of commerce (cottages and maybe a religion would be nice) and hammers. It's a good city for building wonders when it gets that super boost. Also capital cities
    are best when they are in the centre of your empire, so if your first capitol is on the fringes of the area you eventually conquer, you should rebuild your palace somewhere better suited to running bureaycracy.
    but yeah use it to get massive levels of commerce. build a forge there and then markets and banks and stock markets and academies and all sorts of nice things. Or it could churn out military units really quickly if u're doing that.
    Later in the game, like when u have state property... i don't know how often it would be more profitable than free speech, or more militaristic than nationhood. I guess if u need to get things built in your capitol, like a wonder or a spaceship then its the way to go. And it probably works with corporations if u have those (not in State property). yeah if u have state property its probably because u have a large empire, and bureau works best when u have a tiny state dependent on one super city to handle things.
  4. kossin

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    Dec 4, 2008
    1) Cottages or Workshops+Watermills+Windmills. If you want to spam troops, you don't need excessive hammers as the overflow hammers will be lost. For SS parts, all workshops and some food via watermills/farms.

    2) Depends what you need and the era... commerce/production... cottages/mines+farms/watermills+...

    3) Academy and getting CS as soon as possible.
  5. lymond

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    Mar 11, 2008
    Depends a bit on the land in your cap. I find my caps are often hybrid cities. If you have good cottagable land and hammers in your cap then Bureau is great. Caps are generally setup to take advantage of Bureau given the land in your start, but that's not always the case. If you conquer another civs cap and it has better land it may be worth moving it.

    I tend the run Bureau the first chance I get but it's good to prepare in advance by building the cottages and mines you need. The maintenance is usually offset by the extreme commerce and production you produce from the cap. Once this is setup and you are in Bureau, your cap has a lot of flexibilty while also single-handedly boosting your research and gold - however you see fit. You can build wonders, units, or wealth to effect based on your needs.

    To me, Bureau is ultimately used in a hybrid sense with your cap as it boosts commerce and hammers. However, you could focus on one or the other - for instance your cap is full of cottaged flood plains.
  6. deathturnip

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    Jun 15, 2008
    Religions provide gold, not commerce. Bureaucracy does not help religions.

    Anyway, I usually move my palace to my best commerce city, bureaucracy, academy, Oxford. Yep.
    Moving the palace can be a pain, but if it is possible this makes an amazing beaker output.

    State property bureaucracy can be a nice combination too, actually. Big grassland with a food resource or river or something to grow, mass workshops and watermills where possible. Ironworks, and heroic epic if you want a good laugh.

    With caste/chem/guilds getting you 4 hammers per tile with no food loss... total of 202.5 hammers if I am not mistaken. Mech infantry a turn with overflow. Not always practical, but hilarious.
  7. Mantic0re

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    Nov 19, 2008
    General question: (sparked by deathturnip's suggestion on moving to a commerce site)

    How many turns are you willing to spend to move the palace? I assume moving the palace is only considered in semi-hybrid cities with enough hammers to produce all the juice multiplier buildings and actually build your new capital.

    Cities surrounded by riverside grassland have such poor production that it seems multiplier buildings are hard enough to set up.

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